Monday 21 December 2015


Because she has so little else to do, Neet sent a couple of church kits for Jan and I. I should point out that by kit, I mean that all the cutting and scoring were done, even the stained glass windows were inserted. All we had to do was fold and glue. So....we did. Don't tell Jan, but she's done more paper crafting this year than she ever expected to do. Slowly, slowly catchee reluctants! 
Doesn't it look fab.

I couldn't leave it sitting on the bookcase...every passing body put in immediate danger of falling off - it's not hugely heavy, after all. So I did the logical thing and put it over one of the lights on the Christmas tree. I know it's not an original idea, but I am really chuffed with it. And on that basis, it shall remain. Safer there too...some of our tree decs may be corny and some are naff, but they all have a story attached to them, and I cherish them. It occurs to me that I should make up a couple of scrapbook pages about them.....for posterity. Hmmm.
Thank you Neet - it's just lovely. And not to have to do the fiddly bits in order to own one is just well, lovely of you! Helen has been reminding me that I haven't yet posted pictures of the tree. It's not because I'm saving it for a specific post, or because every time I photograph it at different times of the day it proves my rubbish photography. It's because I keep forgetting! So here it is Helen, same tree in different lights. It's utterly imperfect, and I think that's what I love most about real trees and having more than two people decorating them!

I seem to have mastered bokeh. Nah - I think it's more likely to be a trembling hand and bad light working in my favour! The uneven distribution of lights is extraordinary, we worked very hard on those. Ah well, classic imperfection. That's this house all over! Maybe you could share your trees sometime this week, if you haven't already? I might set off on a series of posts featuring various ornaments and what the story is.....there's a threat!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your tree looks fabulous. Wish I had room for a real tree that stood up. When I first bought my house, I had room in one of the bedrooms where I could roll my Grandmother's sewing machine. I always set the tree up there. Lost to bedroom to my craft room, so no place to hide the sewing machine now. I truly love that you have more than one person to share decorating your tree with. It makes all the difference in the world, whether it's friends, family, or loved ones.

That is one awesome church. I know Neet kept talking about her churches, and now I know what they are supposed to look like. You're going to drag Jan, kicking and screaming, into your stamping world, but will she drag you into her sewing world? Or will you end up sewing your stamped images onto cards? Only time will tell, I guess.

Barb said...

Hi Julia, Your tree looks very pretty and what lovely churches sent by Neet. It looks beautiful with the lights shining through the windows.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and everything good for 2016. Barbxx

Annie said...

Your wish is my command....I will do a quick post of it now....just for you of course 🎄
Annie x
Ps I love your imperfect tree. Mine is full of memories from over the matching colours just lots of love 😀😀😀

Annie said...

As's posted....hope you like it :-)
Annie x

Helen said...

Thanks Julia it looks fab and so does Neet s gift

Twiglet said...

Will snap mine in the evening light so you get it's full potential!!- (best option at my age -Lol) - well that's my excuse for what will probably be a rubbish photo but what the heck - I love my tree and Ben helped me to put our favourite decs on it. x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm running for the hills........ :-)

misteejay said...

I lovely your cute tree Julia and the church from Neet looks fabulous.
I'm a bit OCD with my own trees. The ones at work have been up since 30 November but I've yet to sort out my home ones.
Toni xx

Sue said...

Love the church and it is fab over the tree light.

I like your tree.

Take care

Helen said...

oh phew, my comment from my phone has worked, I really wasn't sure! Had to come back and get a decent look at the tree (as you went to such trouble with the photos!) on a proper sized screen.. I was right, it looks gorgeous.

Christine said...

love your tree.... the lights really transform the church.
I think I might join you in listing the stories behind the ornaments.... for those that don't help Grandma decorate the tree!

Christine said...

love your tree.... the lights really transform the church.
I think I might join you in listing the stories behind the ornaments.... for those that don't help Grandma decorate the tree!

Neet said...

Oh heck! Julia, I am going to have to make some more for MY tree now I have seen yours on there. What a great idea.
Might be after Christmas at the rate I am progressing though.
Hugs, Neet xx

RosA said...

The little church is lovely!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I love your tree...but I love all trees, big..tall...fat..short..odd...perfect. It is the final way it ends up that intrigues me most. The lights, the collections, the oddities or even nothing. Just a shape and color. Guess that's why I have so many in all my rooms and nooks and crannies. Jolly, Jolly, Merry, Merry.
You did a great job on that church too.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

What a beautiful church, all lighted up!
Oh, you had me laughing at how you worked very hard on the extraordinary uneven distribution of lights! A blessed Christmas to you and your family, Julia!