Monday 14 December 2015

Getting ready..

I made two Christmas cakes some months ago. Haven't thought about icing or anything before now, but as one of them is for my beloved parents, I think I need to. I'm a tiny bit afraid that I'll have put them away somewhere too safe and won't remember where, to be honest. I have to do this. If they are even vaguely within eyesight, they are eaten. There have been many Christmases without a whole or indeed, any, cake in this house. We cannot resist fruit cake!
A gift to me from Sandra, who comes to my card workshops. Isn't it fabulous. We're badgering her for a workshop now...
 Every time the oven is on, I make a dozen mince pies. Don't judge me, I often use pre-made pastry. I ALWAYS use ready made puff pastry. I don't favour them, but Mr Dunnit does, so I make flaky and shortcrust alternately. I roll the pastry till its really quite thin. I use a small amount of Icing sugar instead of flour for dusting the rolling board. We like it. So far since Thursday, I've made four dozen. The first lot went straight into the bin. I let them burn. Oddly enough, I was at my desk and utterly distracted until it was too late. 'I thought I could smell burning' was the infuriating and unhelpful comment. Never mind. The others are fine. And believe me, there aren't 3 dozen of them now.
Floristry is Sandra's thing, craft is her hobby. Talk about a brilliant combiation!
The Christmas bedding is ready. We're currently sleeping like children with visions of candy canes and toys under some very everyday bedlinen. That will change on Sunday. I'd really like a Christmas comforter too, but storage is a problem for something we'd only use for one month out of twelve. Unless I ever find one in a sale, then I can find room somewhere, of course!
Beautiful detail. Special. You will see it in my house for decades of Christmasses.
The tree will be placed and decorated at some stage today. Really. It looks forlorn at the moment; we released it from the net and had to give it a day to relax into whatever shape it was going to have, and slightly acclimatise. And then we were lazy/busy, so we gave it another day. And today is definitely the day because it's in the way where it is, as is the box of decorations and well, you know, possibly straining my Christmas cheer.

Not much else is ready. I find that I still have gifts to wrap. Yawn. It will happen - I'll be in the mood at some stage between now and the big day, I'm sure. I am starting to feel quite festive though. Or is that just hysteria? I don't know yet. Good thing.


Sue said...

I love mince pies. I usually buy a box of iced top ones and a box of the ordinary ones.

That snowflake decoration is beautiful.

Hope you've had a good start to the week. Sue

Helen said...

I want Christmas in your house!! Mum used to make loads of mince pies, (indeed, even made her own mincemeat for a long time) ah, memories! I have to be in the mood for a mince pie though! I have at last bought some gifts.. nowhere near wrapping any yet, loads of time left.....

Ali H said...

Ho Ho Ho ! Hope the festive spirit got to your house in the end !
Ali xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

AH to be British at Christmas. My grandmother always made mince pies around Christmas, and she made a type of fruitcake, too. I say "type" because it didn't contain citron, something I can't stand, but most people use. I think she used rum in hers, and that's why it set for so long before we ate it. I've never found her recipe, so have no idea how she made it. BTW, I laugh when people ask me what type of MEAT is in mincemeat pies!

You got a beautiful decoration from your friend. I don't blame you for wanting a workshop. It's truly a keeper.

Laughed at your tree story. I've procrastinated like that before when I had real trees. Now I don't worry because mine don't even shed needles. BTW, to answer your question about if I place the trees in the same place each year, only the one in the bathroom lives in the same spot each year. I bought it specifically for that room. All the rest get different spots each year or so.

Robyn said...

love reading of others burning , sneak eating and procrastinating! I'm thrilled that i mailed out all my Christmas packages today( at horrifying cost- more than the contents) and have christmas cake hidden somewhere!

voodoo vixen said...

I love that snowflake dec, indeed, it is a keeper and would make an appearance for many years into the future! I wonder if she would do a how to cheat sheet? LOL
I wouldn't be able to move if someone baked fresh mincepies all the time! I prefer a mince pie to Chrimbo pudding so always do both for Christmas dinner... but they are the bought kind... as is the cake!
Tree is up and pressies are wrapped underneath so I am making headway!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Loving the snowflake ornament. Lots of lovely layers and embellishments. And MINCE good thing to say about my ex mother in she made the very best Mince Meat pie...and I miss it.
She would NEVER share a recipe of any kind so I never asked, she's gone and no one will ever be able to enjoy a similar piece. Sad
I kept my Christmas comforter and got rid of my Christmas won't wash them by hand and want to use the divided paper ones. I am not doing ALL the dishes alone at these gatherings. So do it their way.
Enjoy a lovely week...and keep that Holiday spirit.

Bubbles said...

I was supposed to ice my cake 2 weeks ago - I keep forgetting (though I'll admit I haven't forgotten to 'feed' it brandy a LOT)... nothing like homemade KringleCake :)
Sandra's gift to you is just stunning - lucky you!
I totally agree with buying pastry - all the best chefs say to buy it because it is as good as homemade - and whose got time to make pastry inbetween all that munching of mince pies?

Lynn Holland said...

Absolutely fabulous. Love it xx

HeARTworks said...

Finally got the tree up, but it was not me! My maid decided it was time, and she got all the stuff from the attic, and set it up. All I did was hang the pictures. I have what I call a "Memorabilia" tree- pictures of the family which I made. I should make one for this year but I am too lazy.

I won't judge you about the pastry and anything else. If anything gets baked in my house, it's usually my husband who does it!!! All I do is paint ha ha!!! Well, that's because I come from work and I need some time to recuperate. :^)))

misteejay said...

What a beautiful gift Julia.
You sound so organised with all you baking etc. I've done nowt.
Toni xx