Saturday, 19 September 2015

It's genetic...

On Thursday, I conducted my second Christmas Card workshops for this year. The low September sun graced us with a well lit table and the talk was of everything, almost to the exclusion of Christmas. Even though we were making cards for the occasion. I like to think that this is because we are practical and sensible crafters who recognise the need to make time for all of the quality hand made greetings we want to send. Others, I've noted, think we're nutters. And they resist hard and usually very vocally. 
Sizzix dies, Hobby Art stamp
I was trying to rationalise our position to a protestor; if we can only carve out time for a workshop once a week where we make 4 cards, then starting now is a must, really. One needs the opportunity to pick and choose over workshops so that the cards you make are actually cards that you like! And..getting the cards made sooner leaves time to enjoy the season and have time for other things.
a slightly doctored stamp...I had to snip the nose to make it less cartoony
lovely stamp from Chloe Stamps
But these rationales fall on deaf ears, and to be honest, I'm a bit sick of hearing the 'not till at least the end of October' and such. For me certainly it's true..the sooner I do them, the better. No, I don't feel Christmassy, no I don't feel it brings on the winter too fast, I'm just trying some time management. I don't want Christmas to last 4 months, nor do I want the stress of trying to squash it all into a week. I think it's called balance. 
Marianne die mittens (I think) and the snowflake is from a Spellbinder set
No doubt that the people who 'accuse' me of contributing to the super extending of 'the Season' are the ones who 'don't get' the paper crafting thing anyway. And in some cases, are the ones who were surprised last year because they didn't receive a hand made greeting from us. Because I was super busy and hadn't made them early enough. But they don't get that. Let's face it - I'm relatively impatient and can't get involved with the wonderful cards and techniques that take ages to set up, layer, dry. Its all about fairly instant gratification for me. And even when I have a plan and know exactly what I'm doing, one of my average makes takes about 20 minutes on a good day.  
Woodware stamps - the robins are a set and the holly die is erm.....a green one
Understandably, if you don't make 'em, you have no idea how long it takes. And on that basis, their argument isn't really going to stand up in a logical and technical way to us who do the making.  But that's not a good counter argument because time spent on something is very much measured in 'worth' to us crafters. The pleasure of using the stash, playing with paper and colour, making something to give away is worth far more than the minutes spent. Each side of this opinion has different genes, frankly, and never will understand the others need or lack of need to play with paper and ink. So I give in; I'm not going to make the case any more. When people pop in to the shop to see what we're up to and exclaim that it's too early for Christmas, I'm going to agree. And get back to the glittering.  


Sue said...

Love the cards, especially the blue deer one.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue

voodoo vixen said...

Mentally I feel it is early to be playing with Crimbo cards but then the sensible head thinks that the reason I end up buying them is because there isn't enough hours in day to do it all! LOL Love the blue reindeer one, its so different it stands out!

Helen said...

you are right in every respect, Julia! I really need to start my cards now, and even used some Christmas stamps in my demo today (lol, get me!!) I love your workshop cards, btw, they look fabulous. Bring it on!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

For YEARS I resisted and waited till the last minute, then ended up making frivolous cards. I would love to make beautiful detailed cards, but I don't have the stamps, the knack, or the know how, so I make ones I, too, can make in about 20-30 minutes.

But I also like to make all mine at once, or at least an entire set in one sitting (or standing in my case). I try to make them all alike, because, having come out of industry, I understand an assembly line and the importance of it.

I like all the cards you make, and I recognize they are truly individualized and, I have to add, lovely.

Read your comment and wanted to say ERA is a liquid laundry detergent. Think liquid Tide, which I'm sure you have in the UK, because it seems to be everywhere. The ERA made/makes for a very soapy, runny, and difficult to clean mess. I'm still working on it. Can't seem to get the slick soapy feel off my hands with each rag full. But you are right. It's got a wonderful scent to it, which is one of the reasons I buy it. That and the fact it cleans my clothes very well.

The first thing I had to do was get a clean sand box for Squiggles. I'm sure the soap was good for the sand box, which probably needed a good scrubbing anyway. The problem was trying to empty the mess into a trash bag. I could have used about two more hands or four paws!

BTW, I lost my patience with Sally today when she was sitting watching TV and I was cleaning her kitchen and taking things to the basement that she didn't need at the moment, or food she had purchased and had no room for in the kitchen. I got a bit tart and said something about her sitting while I was trying to get her kitchen in order. It actually got her off her bottom, at which time, she actually was more in the way, than helpful. So much for holding my tongue.

Andrea said...

Great cards love that they are all so different cute plump robins and the blue deer,I love the colour combo of the blue and craft card a great combination,these are my favs at the minute. I have been making Christmas cards,I'm having a little break for now,and the plan is I will have them all finished in good time so I'm not rushing any. then there's the bonus of enjoying coming across stash I forgot I had (I love this bit, it's like getting pressies every time you open a box of stamps or go through pile of papers)I love christmas so would be happy to make them all year round.Asthey say to each their own you can't keep all of the people happy all of the time....But you can do what makes you happy .... hugs Andrea x

misteejay said...

Lovely collection of cards Julia.
I have good intentions every year to spread my Christmas crafting across the whole year so there isn't a last minute panic - but every year I get side tracked LOL
Toni xx

Japonica said...

It is common sense that often prevails, however there are many contributory factors regarding just how many Christmas cards I make in time...I make loads, but always end up adding various greetings at the last minute. This year will be the same I know...well done for making a good start Julia.

Whimcees said...


Thank you for the kind comment! The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs are all made of wool felt - as are their clothes - which is my fabric of choice for my dolls, and they are all needle sculpted, including the dwarf's beards. Snow White is bout 21 inches tall and all of the dwarfs stand about 18 to the tops of their hats. The set took me about 3 months to make and photos are on my PictureTrail, which I am so behind in updating, where you can see the progress.

Wishing you a great Sunday!


Barbara Diane

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Last year I worked on Christmas cards on and off all year round. I really enjoyed doing that and was happy to watch my box of cards to send fill up as the year progressed. It was such a relief come holiday time when they were all done and I didn't have to scramble. Any holiday cards I made then were just because I wanted to, no stress. So I totally get it. This year however I just can't get in the mood. I try and it feels so forced. I'm sure it means lots less cards will be sent. Truly when people ask me how many cards I send it depends on how many I make. I have a small list of must-send cards and it can expand out to everyone I know (except that dentist of mine. He's so getting coal).

Beverley Baird said...

What gorgeous cards Julia! I wish I had the patience and skill to create such lovely cards for my family. Alas, they get a newsletter instead!

Nikki said...

Sweet cards and I think it's always a good idea to start early and to try and keep ahead of it this year I'm feeling the crunch as I'm far behind as other things have take my attention away from creating them perhaps I just needed a real break from it lol who knows

Lisa-Jane said...

We chop wood in summer so we are warm in Winter.