Tuesday, 17 March 2015

T Tuesday: C China

I'm drinking my second coffee of the day and rather than showing you that, which you see a lot of, I thought you may like to see a section of my unused china. I don't consciously  'collect' china, but there is something about practical and beautiful (sic) that I really am attracted to.
Inevitably, I have a glass fronted cabinet.  You don't live with a Joiner and Cabinet maker (one person, by the way) without owning the odd bespoke piece. If we ever move, this unit will be entirely out of place. It was made for the space it lives in and I can't imagine it anywhere else! Anyway....here's one of the side shelved cupboards.  
From top to bottom - Royal Albert Flower of the Month cup and saucer - this is July, and it's a Forget Me Not. I used to use it, but although I love it, the style and pattern aren't really me. The middle shelf is very exciting for me. Those are Wedgewood teacups which mark the arrival of the new Millenium. I love them. Classic profile, beautiful semi translucent bone china, traditional methods for production and painting and a modern pattern. Fab.  I've never used these. Not because they're too precious though - but because there's only two of them, and when I think to use them, there's always more than two of us who want a cuppa!  The colourful florals area again on bone china, they are coffee cans. Demi-tasse. Call em what you will, they're for an after dinner coffee...and we've used them. But again, they are a (non-matching) pair and so have to be used when my table is eclectically dressed in all sorts of mis-matches! It makes my teeth itch to use them when the rest of the meal has been served on a matching service of some sort. And yes, because of a genetic pre-disposition to the love of china and ceramic, I do have a choice!
Joining Elizabeth while she sups a cup of tea..


Ohhh Snap said...

Love your china collection : ). I deal with oddly mismatching issues by only looking at the cup I'm using lol.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You DO have an eclectic collection of beautiful china pieces. Each is a beauty in its own right.

Had to laugh at the joiner/cabinet maker comment. Mr. Dunnit does lovely work with the joins, too. Really compliments your tea cup and china collection.

I collect old wood furniture. I learned a long time ago, I'm too klutzy to have expensive delicate breakables. But I would be delighted to sit and enjoy a cup with you from your collection, OR from your everyday mugs.

Thanks for making this week's T post possible. That tea was wonderful. I actually got two cups out of the one bag. And thanks for joining me for T this week, too, dear friend. I promise to be back at WOYWW as soon as this AB I'm making is finished. Right now, it's taken on a life of its own and I feel guilty if I don't visit those who visit my desk.

Lynne Mizera said...

Julia ... I LOVE these Coffee Demi-tasse, they are totally MY style! and I giggled when I read your "makes my teeth itch" comment - Grin MY table is mostly always eclectic and these would fit in beauuutifully! TFS (thanks for sharing) Your Canadian Friend

J said...

Julia you have some lovely China , I always use a mug as I really love my early morning tea.
I have some love,y China mugs our DIL bought us on a trip to Germany years ago with teabag strainers and lids to match, and a lovely cup and saucer from Poland, a gift from our other DIL aunt.
Our Polish DIL is a use it or lose it girl, I bets she grinds her teeth at me.

Sue said...

I love your china. It's nice to have a few things you like. I really like the Forget-me-not cup and saucer.

Hope you've had a good day. Sue

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh so cool, I don't know if you know this because, I think you only see me for the WOYWW posts but, my screen name is JBgreendawn ( johnsons brothers greendawn ) from when I needed an AIM screenname and it stuck. but, I have so much china and depression glass that this was a totally fun thing to find on your blog today Julia :) (and we use ours)

Bridget Larsen said...

Your china collection is far better than mine. Sometimes furniture just has their place in our homes and would not fit anywhere else.
Bridget #4

misteejay said...

Love the cabinet & the china Julia. Mr D's beautiful work has created the perfect home for your lovely collection.
Toni xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Had a good chuckle that you were compelled to point out to us that the Joiner and Cabinet maker were one and the same person. Lovely cabinetry here but the China is definitely the star of the show! I'd like to request a plastic cup in advance in case I ever make an appearance. Trust me on this one.