Friday 24 January 2014

Please sit, there will be questions

The thing about being Mr Dunnit's apprentice is that I get to do a lot of repetitive work.  And that suits me fine - because I feel I'm being very noble and freeing up his skill set for something more worth while.  (I know, ego, huh!).  But really, the other thing is that the repetitive stuff gives one plenty of thinking time.  And over the last week or so I've made some lists in my head, one of which I went to the trouble of creating a page for in my phone notebook. It's entitled 'blog ideas'.  And is just that.  Ideas for Blog posts.  I thought it would be amazing to write a view posts on this topic, that topic, this idea, that project.  Perhaps even schedule a few for when time is at a knicker busting premium.

Turns out it doesn't work like that for me.  Today I have spent an hour or so in front of the PC with that list.  I can't do it.  It's not spontaneous enough.  I like this one sided chat we have, and when I'm writing in advance it seems pretty contrived.  I shall practice, and probably get over it.  But meanwhile, if you read one of mine, know that it's fresh post, and therefore probably not very considered.  Sorry and all.  

How do you write yours?  Are you a discusser and a scheduler?  Do you have posts ready? If I have something I'd like to discuss, it pops into my head.  I may walk around it for a couple of days before sitting at the keyboard, but then it's all out in a splurge and I have to edit frantically.  Spelling, tenses, repetition, rubbish - oh yes, it all gets put in and largely, taken out!  

Is yours a hobby only blog?  Do you try to only blog when you have a project or technique to show and share?  I did intend Stamping Ground to be that sort of blog, but when you're a heart-on-your-sleeve-bragger, it's hard not to make it a 'life' blog.  Although there's a lot I don't blog about, of course.  Real life..we all have one, and reading about mine isn't going to improve yours. 

Having spent a teeny amount of my advanced years in a print and publish workplace, I'm aware that breaking a post up with photos doesn't hurt.  Do you keep this as a rule for your blog?  Are you not bothered?  Do you only publish photos of your own stuff/people or do you use web based stuff to 'decorate' a post?  I used to try to only use pictures relevant to the post.  Because I thought it would always be about my prolific crafting.  Turns out I was utterly wrong on all counts there!  
Do you have rules about revealing too much - using photos, showing pics of your house....?I have managed to maintain the rule that the family made about their real identities in terms of names...Dunnit is not my real name, and those that know that are generous enough not to blab, for example.  In fact, Dunnit is a seriously good nom de plume.  I used to sell my cards. I used to stamp the back with a 'Handmade by' stamp and write my name - Julia Dunnit.  Because I did do it.  And it's just about good enough to pass as a real name and my gorgeous postman thinks it's great that I have a double identity..I told him I'm a ghost writer.  He didn't believe me, he assumes I can't let go of my maiden name.  He assumes a lot about me actually.  He assumes I'm a nutter.  I can tell that from the way he laughs at my jokes.

Do you schedule any of your posts...and why? Do you have that writing in advance skill...and if you do, do you do a week's posts at a time or just the odd one? At this time of year I schedule our WOYWW posts. I write them at about 11pm on the Tuesday night. I'm being generous and schedule the post for about 2.30 in the morning; it shakes the list up a bit for our transatlantic and southern hemisphere dwelling friends.  As Spring arrives and the mornings aren't freezing and dark, I shall stop scheduling them.  It's like hibernation! 

What else do you do that I don't?  What do I do that you don't like?  Do you like to post regularly or intermittently?  Do you worry if you haven't posted for a few days?  And how do you arrive here, for example?  Do you have this blog in your reader?  Do you just pop by to see if there's a new you wish bloggers generally had a routine and stuck to it for posting?  It's fascinating to me. 
Here's the biggie - take your top five favourite blogs and tell me why you visit them.  Information?  Breathtaking photography/design?  Escape?  
I excel at random photos though....

And then..what about 'celebrity' you read some, many, none? I tend to hook into the 'names' blogs and then after about 8 months, decide I've had enough of reading about their lives, their art, their upcycling, their etsy, their whatever. Share, please, I may be missing someone really important!  
And then lastly..are you a reader or a participant?  If you can comment, do you?  Or do you just look. Not here - I'm hoping you're OK to leave any comment you like here, especially as I'm being nosey with all these questions! I mean at the famous blogs...

And for homework and due consideration: Why do you blog?  
I can't give you my definitive answer.  But 'validation' comes up a lot.  See, and there we are back at the beginning....argh, the ego!


My name is Cindy said...

Oh my, where to start - so many questions!! I am an intermittent blogger - if I'm busy or got nothing to say (it happens, altho some people would disagree) I can go weeks without posting and I have kinda got over the panic that used to give me. Who cares? Alternatively I can bore the bejesus out of you with a post once (or sometimes twice) a day. I love your chatty posts, it always feels like we are having a conversation (altho you can't see me nodding my head and giggling) and I can always seem to relate to whatever you are waffling on about. I am intrigued that you have an alias though (took me a minute to get the significance of Julia Dunnit - doh). With regard to scheduling, I've never managed to get it to work yet and the only things I do in advance are my DT posts because otherwise I would forget. You did realise you were going to get long replies when you posted all those questions? Have a good weekend. (MNI)Cindyx

Sue said...

I use my blog like I would a diary, but a diary that I wouldn't mind other people reading:)

I post when I have a photo, video or something I just want to tell others about. Sometimes I post hoping others will offer advice.

My mum passed away last October and I debated whether I should put it on my blog, but I did and I had so many lovely messages it helped me through a very sad time.

Blog land is a lovely place with beautiful people.

mamapez5 said...

I love your blog because, like me, you chat. My family say they can hear me talking when they read my posts, and that's how I think it should be. Hence my use of ten words where someone else would use one - that's how I talk! I enjoy photography so I use a lot of my own photos on my blogs, but not usually anyone else's. I have two blogs. One is about my life in Spain, and was started originally to keep my family up to date. I post regularly as most of my sisters are now in their eighties and they like the routine! (That is also why I write it in large print!) Linking up to Rocking My World and Annie's Friday Smiles, help me stick to that plan, plus I like the positive attitude they both encourage.
I post on my craft blog when I have something worth showing (in my humble opinion anyway). I have almost had to give up on WOYWW because I am busy both in the mornings and the afternoons, so I do not have anything on my desk to talk about. But if I happen to have done something on the Tuesday and have remembered to take a photo, then I sometimes post it and schedule it for the next morning. I sometimes forget to go back and link it the next day though! Also I only blog, enter challenges etc. when I know I will have some time to comment on other participants. That is only fair, and it was another problem with the Wednesday posts.
I do have a few blogs that I follow regularly, mainly because the people who write them have become 'real people' to me, and I consider them friends even though I have never met them. Usually they have gone out of their way to help with a question, or sent a little something to me, and I really appreciate the time they have taken to do this. I also follow my sister's craft blog as she does mine. I know I waffle on, and some folk can't face reading it all, so I do make a point of splitting up long text with photos. And I do always go back and edit several times. I was taught to use our language correctly and I hate bad spelling and grammar, but I am almost a dislexic typist, so my posts need lots of editing. (I can't see what I am doing in this tiny comment box, so there are probably loads of mistakes in this).
And finally, I realised the name difference when you e-mailed me. I am still waiting for you to send me your details. I hope you saw in my post that 'it' had arrived safely. Thanks again. Kate x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

My blog started out as a hobby blog. I had a couple friends (probably the only ones reading it back then) tell me they liked it when I told my little stories, so I started telling them from time to time. My readership picked up but it was people there to see the crafts not the stories. I think those will fade away unless there is something inside my head that simply must come out. Sometimes I had these stories in my head, pestering me so I wrote up draft posts thinking I could use them when I was too busy to write something. Yeah... they are still drafts. They just don't work for me anymore. One of the topics I have since posted about in a totally new post, that was much better written and had a purpose, unlike the previous rambling. I schedule some posts but usually they are only written the night before. I don't really worry too much about giving out personal information. I don't think anyone is out to get me and I think between the house alarm and the fact we have enough weapons that even the cats can participate should discourage anyone. Not to say I'm naive, having had both a stalker (a male friend's father, it turned out) and an abusive ex in the past. I work for a publicly funded entity so they splash my name, phone number, and location all over. If you're out to get me, work is a much better location, except for that slippery fact we do have our own police force. Um... and are you implying that you're NOT a nutter? Those postmen you know... they know stuff. I look at paper crafting blogs more than another other. I'm more into card making so I drift away from blogs that are into journals and canvases. I found WOYWW on someone's side bar. They had a bunch of "challenges" listed and that one just caught my eye. I totally love looking around people's houses. I've gotten great ideas from WOYWW and spent lots of money on crafting gear because of it. I've been making it more of a point to comment these days so people will come visit my blog and maybe leave comments too. This year so far I've done quite a number of challenges both just to stimulate my creativity but also to find other interesting blogs and have some people find me. I do a card for one challenge. I don't do a card and then find all the challenges it fits. That's dirty pool to me. I don't know how long I can keep that up. I'd like to, but sometimes it gets busy. My recent blue challenge card was actually made for a blue swap I was in a couple weeks ago. My goals this year are to do more stamping, use stuff on hand, and send more snail mail. So doing things on my blog helps me meet that goal. When I do cards for challenges I then have a card I can snail mail. Thanks for reading all the way through this! Top 5 blogs in another comment.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Top 5 Blogs I like to visit:
Love Susan's crisp clean CAS cards. Whenever I tell people her blog is a favorite they look at me funny because her style is not me at all.
The Crooked Stamper-
I've admired and seen inspired by her blog for a long time. I only recently started commenting there though.
A Little Bit of This and That-
this is a new blog for me, her style reminds me of me.
Stamp Scents-
Lori is a fellow A Muse person and I've taken classes from her before. I like seeing what she is up to crafting-wise.
Donna and I go way back, she was an A Muse person as well. I like her style. She always shows stamps I either have to must have!
The only "Celebrity" blog I follow is The Bloggess-
Well, and you, you got a write up in a magazine, no? That makes you a celeb!!!!

Belinda Basson said...

You do realise that these comments will be almost as long as your post? As for the Dunnit, I think that is pure genius! Julia Dunnit! Brilliant! I so GET THAT!

How do I write mine? I mostly only write on Wednesday (occasionally on Tuesday night and schedule it if I know Wed will be manic - but then the link up flaws me) cos of WOYWW...looking back I don't post much about the techniques I thought I would, though I do try. That was what my blog was supposed to be about...kind of like a "how to" in the scrapping and crafting world, but I seldom scrap any more except for the classes I teach once a month and was considering changing the name of my blog!

Yes mine is a hobby only blog, though my hobby is my work...does that make sense?

I blog to connect with other crafty folk and I have made the most amazing friends through WOYWW. Don't think it would have happened as much if I did not do this weekly post. Even my friends look forward to my WOYWW post though they don't participate. Everyone says they read it. I get to see Ali H again next month as she loved my city so much she is bringing her hubby to see it! I would not have met her without blogland.

I try not to reveal too much about my family and real life as mine is a "crafting blog", but sometimes I feel it necessary to share when things are tough and why. We all can relate to that I think.

Unlike this reply, I try to keep my posts short and to the point, well worded and using good English and grammar, interspersed with relevant photos.

I do tend to write how I would talk, but more so, how I think about things in my head.

I follow crafty blogs I find the work interesting on or style of work I like. I have a sidebar with the blogs I follow set up with them in recently updated order so I can see who has just posted and about what. Then I go visit their blog if it appeals to me. I don't have a top 5, more like 35!

Why do I blog? Because (and yes I know you should not start a sentence with because...) I have found a community who "gets" what I do and it is rewarding to share my crafts with like-minded people.

I always try comment if I can or have an opinion about something, otherwise why bother reading it? I don't look at famous blogs, unless you count Tim Holtz? (qualify famous?) I follow companies on Twitter rather to see what is trending.

Crafting takes time, the Internet steals time and blogging uses up valuable time too...I try to balance it all. I seldom win, I spend far too much time on the PC. If I spent more time at my desk I would have so much more to show for my time. But then Pinterest draws my like a moth to a flame and time flies and then it is bed time and I have done no crafting, but drooled over tons of pretty things or good ideas. I do try make at least one thing I have liked off Pinterest a week. Though I digress...that is not blogging, but it is also a thief of time!

Yo don't do anything I don't I said, if it were not for you and your blog, I would not have a very active blog!

So thank you for this blog and what it means to so many of us across the globe!

Carole Z said...

I really like your chatty blog and i think I tend to be a bit like that too. My posts are mostly written when I post them, sometimes the night before. I try and blog daily, but only if I have something I've created to blog or maybe now and then..not! I do tend to get a bit chatty a lot of the time. Sometimes I will draft blogs in advance and then actually finish off the writing when I post. I use my blog as a diary of my creations, a chance to share with others and to also see what they do and 'chat' to them..I think it's a great community and I'm pretty addicted to it :) Carole Z X

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Blimey I think I need to write a blog post to answer all those questions. Watch this space or rather my space. But you knew that, right?

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, to those of us who WOYWW, you come across on the blog as warm, chatty, friendly, interested & interesting. Just like you turned out to be.Reading your posts is like sitting down with a friend for a while- cosy & comfortable. I'm so with you on the editing after writing- what really amuses me is when I've made such a mess of spelling something, even the spell checker can't figure out what I was trying to put!None of the word options in the list have anything to do with my subject, lol.
No, I rarely schedule, only WOYWW, which I usually write Tuesday evening, and schedule for Weds am, then link up with you before I go to bed. If I tried typing at 6.30am, spellchecker would go into meltdown.
Mainly, not entirely hobby. Beloved Hubby suggested I did a blog- so its all his fault. I like to share ideas & things I've discovered/tried out/successes & failures. I like to read those things on others blogs too. too. I'm happy to share life as well on my blog( you may have noticed), just careful not to reveal mine or anyone else addy/phone number/ car reg etc. Mainly because having been victims of card/bank fraud in the past, I'm very careful with any personal info that can be used that way. In a way, this is a fast, modern version of pen-friends, but you can have a lot and the postage costs don't kill you! Best thing about joining the blog hop is all the friends I've made- and I do count you all as friends, whether I've physically met you or not. There is so much inspiration,encouragement and a real sense of community amongst the WOYWWers.
I used to worry if I didn't post two or three times a week, not so much now. I do it when I have something I'd like to share- so it stays a pleasure and doesn't turn into a chore. The only cards I don't blog/post pictures of are ones colleagues have asked me to make, that feature photos of the person concerned. I like Bloglovin, for showing you blogs you like that have new posts up, and thats one good side to FB- catching peoples posts.
Celebrity blogs- not so much. Tim Holtz is probably the only one I go have a look at.I'm probably missing some interesting stuff somewhere, but I spend far too much time online as it is- another Pinterest addict here.
Most of my most visited blogs are fellow WOYWWers, all for obvious reasons. I do pop over to a few DT blogs for stamp companies, but that always involves me seeing something I NEED to buy!
Generally I leave comments, the only time I skip that is when they have word verifications- sometimes that takes forever to get a readable one.
Why do I blog? Like I said, it was Hubbys idea in the first place, and,lol, he would say my ego too!I try to keep a reign on it, but occasionally it escapes. Good job I can laugh at myself- I can never take myself seriously- I'd be unbearable!
Just proof read this, do you notice I ramble a bit?
Just keep doing what you are doing, 'cos we all love it.
Hugs, Shaz xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blimey, you've opened a can of worms with this one! Made me think though and it's made me realise that while I can talk the hind leg off a donkey, my blogs are written fairly sparsely...I prefer the pictures to do my talking for me!
Some fav blogs are:
1. Attic 24, for bursts of colour and great crochet tutorials
2. Sandra Cherry Heart, as above
3. Diana Taylor, from WOYWW, for her gorgeous photography
4. Debbie Shore: a recent discovery. She is the only Celeb I have looked at. She has some useful tutorials. Interestingly, she only gets a couple of comments
5: 4 Bars Rest: a brass band site, for all things banding!


Helen said...

Golly moses this is a bit deep for a Friday after a long week at work... let me think.
I blog when I've got something to share - stuff I've bought (ahem!) things I've made either just for me or for challenges.. I do some scheduling for DT stuff, but otherwise if I blog, I post.
Why do I blog? I was told to, to share my "art" - and I always (!) do what I'm told, I was well brought up... I do love it though.

Favourite blogs? Too many to name.. yours, of course. hang on let's try a proper list (in no particular order...)
1. Stamping-ground (any day not just Wednesdays!)
2. Paperartsy
3. Words and Pictures (such amazing projects)
4. Papillon sur la branche - fabulous journalling.
5. Whoopidoo..ings

There are gazillions more - they are in my reading list on my blog so I visit when I see a new post. I do click on links for other blogs within blogs I read, and find some gems like that.

"celebrity" blogs - yes, read lots of them too, try to ignore any that are "buy buy buy" but hey, I'm shallow at!
Have I answered all your questions? Can I finish my glass of wine?! Have a great evening .

Annie said...

Well you have certainly given us lots to think about. It might take me a bit of thinking time to come up with some answers but one thing for sure is I have made some wonderful friends thanks to blogging.
So for now...thanks for being you and sharing a little of your world with us.
Annie x

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

As Cindy said, so many questions to answer. Definitely a thought provoking post this one. I started off just blogging about crafting, then gradually spread out to other things in my life, especially over the last few months. I do some scheduling, but only if I need to fit in with someone else's timetable.The Wednesday blog is usually done on a Tuesday evening before I either go out or have visitors. That just allows me more time to visit on Wednesdays. I also schedule my posts for Craft A Scene so that the info is there for anyone who wants to see how I have done something.
As you will have noticed, I do sometimes post on things that really amaze me or annoy me - when I get on my strop box.

I think we all enjoy reading about other people's lives, and it is good to give some support to others and to receive support when you are in need yourself.

I very rarely show pictures that are not mine, but if I do occasionally, I always try to give credit to the originator.

As far as privacy is concerned, care is needed. If I show pictures of my house or car, I try to remove all identifying features. Although I do show pictures of my family, I try to make sure that they cannot be identified to their homes or anything else.

I would like to post more regularly. I did have a week this month when I posted every day, but then life got in the way.

Your blog is on my list of favourites and just keep an eye on that list to see who has posted each day.

Apart from the obvious WOYWW blog, I do have several favourites, Pixie's Crafty Workshop, Craft A Scene because that is my DT blog. I am enjoying Paul Church's blog ( ), a relatively new one, which amazes me at the different way he looks at stamps, and the fantastic way he uses a cutting blade. Finally, my top 5 has to have Barbara Gray's ( it. I do not know how she has the time to do it but since she started, just before Christmas, she has blogged every single day, even Christmas Day. she writes about so many things, but does have a system to it. Her tutorials are brilliant and so easy to follow. I suppose you could consider Barbara a celebrity, but she is a lovely as she seems to be on the telly, and is always happy to help anyone.

Why do I blog? Because I enjoy it.

Sorry this answer is so long but you did ask, didn't you. As far as I am concerned, keep going as you are. xx Maggie

Krisha said...

When I first started rubber stamping the Yahoo groups were the only source of intranet interaction along with a few local stamp stores. I took a long hiatus and got into scrapbooking, by the time I had come full circle everybody was blogging. LOL
Once I got a blog set up and figured how to do it all I pretty much just posted stamp work. Now you are liable to see most anything on my blog.....including a dirty Betsy!!! Yes, you are also liable to see some pictures of my home from time to time, but only right after I have cleaned that room! Oh! and trips we take in the Playhouse, and my Grandies of course!

Krisha is a nickname that I have had for over 50 years, I wasn't as clever as you! My real name is on my side bar.

The only times I have scheduled a post is if it is DT work, I do like to TRY and keep a set ahead on those. I, too, have tried the other way and end up with a lot of drafts hanging around. Even just up loading pictures to blog about sometimes get left dangling, unless I am out of town and need to post from my laptop.

WOYWW opened up a new world to me and I love it and T Stands for Tuesday. If I take the time to open a blog, on either of those, or from my dashboard then I always leave a comment. I feel that is just common courtesy.

So why do I blog? I really enjoy the wide world it offers me and cause there is nobody near me to play with that have the same interests. Plus I just like to share. Even the stamp and scrapbook stores are closing down around here.

What kind of blogs do I follow? Mostly paper arts, crafting and some knit and crochet (usually WOYWWers)

I am not into celebrities period!
Well, all except for you (grin) I am about ready to bow out of some of the blogs that ONLY push products that I can't afford.

I am a Pinterest and You Tube junkie. But I only watch crafting and painting videos.

I know that's only a few of your questions answered, but you have quite a reading list of comments going on.

I don't have the energy to list my favorite blogs, just know that you are up at the top.

Lynn Holland said...

1. Blog when I've got something to blog about
2. Mostly blog on impulse
3. State of mind, time and health dictates frequency also
4. Look at reading list from my emails but only read a few blogs.
5. Schedule WOYWW.
6. Upload my photos to Flickr
7. Blog name came as a joke as I'm always saying "here's one I made earlier today"

Answers given in a totally random order without even looking back at what you had asked Julia haha xx

Jackie said...

What a lot of questions........ I used to blog when I ran workshops to show the project or to show the people in the classes take on the project!
I had seen WOYWW but had never commented or done a post.... Then my daughter got really ill, if anyone has been in that dark place waiting for results which will say will she live or die, you know how awful it is.... So I just tied my craft room for three days till we got the results that the 3% chance she would survive was with us! Well my craft room was so tidy I thought I could join WOYWW so I joined and have only missed two weeks in over two years I think!
I mentioned a little about her and fellow desk ears were always kind. I try not to bring or mention my nearest and dearest except for the odd bits like my daughter got married 18 months after and that she is now having a baby! I like to show a few step by step photos because I think it's good to share... A friend once said isn't that giving away your secrets showing how you do it ? I think fellow crafts like to know and sometimes it helps those who have got the said iteam and not used it yet to get. Going!!!!!
I only blog once or twice a week..... I visit lots of sites all craft related..... Would rather do that than watch tv!
All blogging / challenge sites/ u tube etc is craft related
I am lucky to have crafty friends I craft with weekly and a different set of friends I craft with monthly and other friends I meet up with at papercraft events !
I think less people blog now than a few years ago because they go to Facebook craft sites......
I hope I answered a couple of your questions!

misteejay said...

I was 'encouraged' to start a blog by the lady who used to run our fortnightly crop. As I'm not very techy it took some time work out the basics such as adding a photo but once I did the next problem was getting my photos onto the PC - oh the joys of obtaining a digital camera.

Whilst mainly intended as a place to record my crafting endeavours it has become an open diary where I am happy to share some of my life but am able to keep the rest private.

I visit the 'world of Dunnit' from my blog reading list and I do try to always leave a comment as I always enjoy my visits here.

I do follow a couple of celebrities but I don't always visit them - it tends to be a bit of an ad hoc dip-in just to see if there are any new goodies about to hit the crafting world and see what they have been doing with them.

I try not to have posts without at least one photo/image but if I don't have anything suitable or can't find something on the web I will go ahead and post text only.

Scheduling to meet deadlines tends to be a bit hit & miss for me - hence the fact that I was posting and linking up my latest challenge creations in the wee small hours.

I have made many friends in blogland - folk I would never have gotten to know otherwise - and I have learnt many new techniques and tried lots of new ideas. I love chatty blogs like yours because it makes you 'real' and as such it is nice to be able to think "oooo, I'm not the only one who does that" or "oh, I can just picture that".

I probably haven't answered all of your questions but I think that is enough to keep you busy for the mo....

Toni xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

PS I was inspired to start my blog by Shaz Brooks, who is my daughter's mother-in-law. I already used the name of Silvercrafter from things like logging on to Split Coast stampers.Quite interesting too that Shaz is Silverwolf and we also have Elizabeth who is Silverscrapper. xx Maggie

Eliza said...

OMG are you crazy woman, so many questions and you are going to get answers, I hope you don't want to relax and read a novel this week.
I write in the way my brain is thinking at the time, toned down quite a bit, after all if you read what my brain was thinking you would have me committed, seriously you would. SO
1. Yes photos are used all the time because they in themselves tell a story and we all love photos, but it is the other stuff in the photos that we seriously snoop for.
2. Yes I am bothered; it is a rule of thumb for me. I have to have photos, sometimes they are the best part.
3. I only publish stuff that I have done, or stuff that I have participated in and sharing the creation process with. I only use photos relevant to the post at hand.
4. Yes I do have rules about revealing too much, you will never see my face. You will see my family but never me. I have an issue with my face being shown and used elsewhere due to the nature of my trade. I don't do media stuff as I could be a target. Simple keep my face out of things. I have been known for sitting in an audience of a show and shown on TV but I just look like a regular audience person, little do the viewers know that I am actually working.
5. I don't have a problem showing pictures of my house, you just won’t see my undies draw ever or undies hanging on the line.

part 2 to follow


Eliza said...

part 2

6. As for pseudo names, nope don’t have one, I should really but hey the people that know me can't link me anyway so it all works out in the end.
7. As for your postie tell him that you are in witness protection and see what sort of response you get, it really is funny. Try it, I dare you. LOL
8. Let’s face it Julia, you must be a nutter you put up with our crap week in and week out, but then I really do want to go shopping with you to IKEA or anywhere it would be a giggle face it, we would have fun. Oh and LLJ and DeDe.
9. I never schedule it comes fresh as is, it is the only way to fly with my posts otherwise I get itchy feet and all hell breaks loose. Trust me, not a pretty place.
10. As for the regularity of posting. You my dear lady make me do it every week, it is all your fault and I love it. Otherwise I won’t get out and about. I figure most of the time, well here in Australia we are in your future so whatever I do is in advance anyway. We are so far ahead of you on time it is well worth doing it on the afternoon of the same day being Wednesday. I have such a busy life sometimes with work that I don't always have time to post first thing in the morning and that is good as I do need to sleep after working all night. It is all about what time I finish work that day or early morning.
11. I post about my pets and now have to talk about Yoda, so many people all over the world love him, if I don't post about him they get upset and send me private emails. I don't see any of your pets; do you have a cat of doggie Dunnit?
12/13/14. I don't post all the time, if I have stuff that I have done, then fine, lately the only posting I have done is for WOYWW but that is ok. Oh sorry I was really busy last Wednesday and missed the post. Otherwise I really am not stressed if I don't post, if I get stressed I do retail therapy with DeDe.

part 3 to follow


Eliza said...

part 3

15/16 Yes I do have you in my reader but sometimes I beat the reader to it and just drop on bye to see what you have been up to.
17. If everyone had a routine and stuck to it I would find them boring and try and move on. Too much of the same, same drives me to despair, we really don't want to go there, not now. I am in a happy mood.
18. Blogs and favourites, gosh that is really easy, you and mostly everyone on your list for Wednesdays, especially the ones that I visit regular and they return the visit happily. The list is a wonderful community that I really enjoy. I don't particularly care about some that rant about their Etsy shop or push for recognition. I don't appreciate people who push for numbers and hits and they don't reciprocate the visit. I really don't like the people that just post the same post answers on everyone’s comment list.
I think posting the secret top five might be damaging to peoples esteem the ones I like the most are the average person to me, the ones that I visit week in and out when time permits and they know who they are because I am always there to visit when I can. This last week has been really bad (sorry no posting or visiting has happened) I love the messy desks, because I used to be like that, I love some of the art that is created and generally love seeing what others are getting up to on the other side of the globe. I am intrigued by what purchases are made as to the worth, value and generally what people think of the item after using it for awhile, road testing items for me is very valuable information.
19. As for celebrities, nope don't go there, I work with them and to me they are average people putting on a show. All pomp and gaiety, I don't care what cake they ate and where they had it. The only celebrity in my life is YODA, he is cute, loving and gives such great cuddles and look where he has come from, now that is celebrity status that has not gone to his head.
I do have face book but that is to contact my son who won’t answer his phone sometimes. As for Twitter and Pinterest and whatever else is out there, nope not interested.
20. I do cruise blogs that are manufactures and designers but that is in product hunts.21/22. I am a reader and a participant, I always leave comments from the heart and I would hope that people give the same back to me.
I have been a person damaged my negativity and nasty people out there in the world of art and crafts. I have come into this WOYWW world damaged and I have managed to build my frail self up and start to feel better within myself. Negativity towards others is nasty, rumours and innuendos can be damaging, regardless if they are true or false and vicious storytelling, damages people beyond their hearts, this I would not wish on anyone. Thanks to you and your wonderful community, you have made me feel comfortable and bought the true fun loving self in me back and this I can never thank you enough for.
As for you being nosey, no way, you are you inquisitive naturally, like me, there is nothing wrong with that. As for your real name I know what it is and where you live LOL as you know mine. I do hope we can meet up in person one day I think it would be a blast.... you just never know what tomorrow brings. Today we have fun.
Finally and this is probably not the answer to question 21 or 22 it could be answer 32 I blog to stay in touch with this wonderful community that you have established. I am a nosey parker like you and I love to interact with others from the comfort of my home or workplace depending where I am at the time and time permitting. I have managed to find some really wonderful likeminded friends because of you, there can never be enough thanks for that.
Now my question for you or should I make it a statement LOL
Did you really think you would get short answers .........

Hugs Eliza

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just spent about an hour writing a thoughtful post. I got a 503 error. Now I'm off to write another one.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Dear sweet Julia DUNNIT, the first time I received a gift from you (and you are your own gift, by the way), I was surprised it didn't read DUNNIT. It was then and only then I realized how private we need to be. I no longer put my last name on ANYTHING. Everything I do now, including gifts, comes to Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

I started my blog to document how I made my art. People in the know kept saying you need to document how you made this or that or whatever. I hate to write by hand, so it was easy to take a few photos and document things via my keyboard. First it became a reference and an easy way to remember how I made something, then it became a way to share what I had learned, even if it was a failure. It didn't take long until I started writing tutorials, because there were crafters who, like me, couldn't find it on the web, and didn't have the money to spend on pricey workshops or online classes. And yes, I schedule tutorials, mainly so I can review them before they get posted.

One day I decided to do a “day in my life” post. I was surprised that I got so many comments, that I decided to continue with my “out and about” posts, which I try to have at least twice a month.

When I first set up my T(ea) posts, I scheduled them in advance, but didn't pay much attention to the time. After I started visiting Annie's Friday Smiles, I realized how great it was to know exactly when someone was posting. So now I schedule my T(ea) posts for Monday at 4 pm MY TIME, which lets people in places like Australia post on Tuesday, which it is by then for them.

I’m not really worried about showing my home. I don’t think I have anything special, since I certainly don’t have a showcase home, or one that would make it in a magazine. Of course, I only show the parts of my house that are public, although I consider my entire home a craft space. And of course, I never show my face, unless it accidentally gets into a reflection I haven't been able to crop out of a photo. I allow Bleubeard to be the "face" of our blog, since his is much prettier than mine, anyway.

In 2010 I featured a new blog every day. While hunting for good blogs to spotlight, I found a few “celebrity” blogs. The celebrity blogs only push their products, items they are selling, or workshops. They seem unwilling to share anything they can't sell. That was not what I was looking for, so I would never feature or follow one.

My favorite celebrity blog is YOURS. You are famous, so that's enough for me. As for others, they are any that are mixed media, collage, and fabric artists. I'm finally learning (thanks to you) how to stamp, so I may add some in the future.

If I visit a blog, I leave a comment. It's not polite, otherwise. And I'm not one who likes to read a canned comment that was copied, pasted, and left to many others. The only thing I copy is my WOYWW number. Everything else is always from the heart.

One thing I have started is a wish list. One of the top things on that list is to visit you. I hope that happens someday soon, too.

Long winded answer with no photos to intersperse (grin). Hope this gave you some insight, because it sure has me.

BTW, thanks to WOYWW, I have made many international friends I would never have known. And to think when I first contacted you, I thought I wouldn't fit into your "stamping" world. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Unknown said...

Somewhere I have your real name but I love the "nom de plume", very classy. My start in blogging was due to an online class through Hp where we had to make a blog. It asked for a and I had no ideas. technology always leaves me stunned. Hence the name "Material Pleasures", the other tried names were all taken and at the time fabric was medium of expression. The name is used by several porn sites and the address material media by web designers and the like.
When my Yahoo group started to use blogs to post swaps my blogging took off.
I follow who interest me and the only celebrities are from the Hobby crafting world. Whoops! I should have said ART world!!!.( you know the people who say in every blog I am an artist and were born with an art tool in their hand) are all being dropped as all they want to do is sell something and say how marvelous their work is. The UK art celebrities followed are more modest. other blogs never followed are ones with lots of religion, bible quotes and the like.
Favorite blog is Stamping Ground; it is so real and WOYWW is where you meet some of the nicest people on the planet. Life has interrupted my blog travels this month. The support from the group is incredible.
I try to visit as many blogs as possible usually do not comment or stay if there is too much religious stuff or I have to verify something or jump through hoops, or a sales pitch.
Privacy has never been an issue with me and my blog has had many personal entries, as well as photos of my home.
Lots more I could say Julie but getting notices that Blogger has cough fit or a seizure and needs to be killed.

Leslie Hanna said...

So many questions! :) I post when (1) I have a card to share, (2) something cute happened with the cat and I actually got a photo of it, or (3) I have an assignment due for one of my Design Teams.

I tend to stick to mostly stamping posts, though I have done a few with JUST the cat when I'm totally mojo-less. Or JUST the snow, like when it covered my front door a few years ago.

I do schedule ahead when I have a DT card that is due on a specific day, or if I make multiple cards in one day and want to spread them out.

Gramadonnie said...

Good Heavens! You certainly have opened Pandora's blog.. But I think that is why I love your blog. Your ramblings are just like we all talk. I get a cup of coffee and relax with a friend who I never seen and who does not know me from Adam. I like to hear what the Dunnit's have been up to. I like seeing your desk and what you are doing. Please stay the way you are, don't change. We all love you because we see ourselves in you. We are all over the world and that is absolutely wonderful. I don't blog, but if I did it would be about the drought in Kansas, US and how worry I am about my trees and flowers. Looking forward to your next chapter in the lives of the Dunnits.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Because I haven't said enough.... I like my craft blogs to have more than just the card recipe on it (this stamp, that paper, die cut by XYZ). I look at one blog like that but I never read the words because they don't say anything. So I guess I'm trying to say I prefer a little chattiness in the blogs I read. I like to get to know someone, or know the someone they are willing to show in blogland.

fairy thoughts said...

Cor blimey Julia, that's a post and a half (not to mention the replies) I might have to think about this and write a list..... check it out Wednesday ..... if you have time !!!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Having read everyone else's posts, it gave me lots of things to think about. You certainly stirred us all up well and truly, which is good. Like so many others, it was hard to pick 5 blogs as there are so many others that I value immensely for different reasons, and it was hard to leave them out.
I have found, over the last few months, that I have received so much support from my internet friends, and I can talk more easily to many of them. Some have been through similar traumas and understand me, others just listen and let me sort myself out. All of them are valued friends and I would hate to be without them, and I hope I can be a help in return.
The so-called celeb blogs that I visit and take part in are those belonging to people who have proved themselves to be good friends and not just out for the next buck. they are also willing to share their knowledge and tips for free (things that can be transferred to products from anywhere) when they could make a fortune from selling their ideas. One in particular spent hours in the middle of the night messaging me and listening to my problems. She is a friend who happens to be a celebrity.
I love the fact that I now have so many valued friends all around the world. As a teenager, I had pens pals in France, Canada and New Zealand, but I lost contact with them many years ago because none of us were much good at letter writing. Now I have loads of pen friends everywhere and probably know more about them than I ever did about my pen friends. When I receive messages from others about my blog, they are the first ones I would answer. If I visit someone else, I always try to leave a positive thought out comment, in the way I hope others would do for me. I try to be a "Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By". who recognises that as a character in The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley?
xx Maggie

Mary said...

Hello, I've been sitting on this comment for a few days. Trying to pick only 5 was quite difficult. Lets start with my blog. I do it mostly as a hobby. I don't worry if I don't comment for a day or a week. I want to keep blogging fun, not stressful. I think it's important to balance my life with craft, mental and physical exercise. I am on the Poppystamps Design Team, and that has been fun and also requires me to stick to a timeline posting for them. As of the first of this year, I became a member of the Sparkles Christmas Challenge Design Team. It also is fun and keeps me motivated toward Christmas. I'm not counting your blog as one of the 5 but you know it really is number 1. I look forward to Wednesday. That too makes me think I need to be making something, not just looking at blogs. There are two blogs that I follow almost daily: Pixie's Crafty Workshop and It's an Alien Life. I almost count those 2 as 1 as they certainly play back and forth and it's fun to see what they've created, but also what mischief they have gotten themselves into. A Scrap Journey is a favorite. I love her work. Linda's Works of the Heart is also one that has absolutely beautiful creations. Butlers Abroad is another favorite. Brenda's work with colored pencils amazes me. I'm just not good with those colorful pencils. I love seeing good photos, but more than that I am in love with the creations. I like knowing the names of tools and items used to create something, though I'm bad at linking. I enjoy the stories in the blogs sure makes the world a smaller and friendlier place. I limit myself to 1/2 hour a day of blog surfing. If I don't, I'm going from one to another and getting nothing else done. BTW.. thanks for keeping me moving forward! Off I go, have a creative day.

okienurse said...

OMG! Girl you weren't kidding about a quiz at the end of the post!
1. I am a blabberer and like to put parts of my life out on the web but keep a lot secret because people just don't have a need to know...some don't want to know. I have a second blog for various issues I have had with health and diet problems and use that more for a sounding board. I have more personal issues there.
2. I don't create blog posts on a routine basis except for the WOYWW each Wednesday and I have been deficient with that of late. I don't do scheduled posts very often but when I do it is usually because I am traveling or other reason.
3. I love adding pictures of whatever is appropriate to my blog post and usually post too many.
4. My favorite blogs today are Tim Holtz, Dyan Reavely, Wendy Vecchi, Balazar, and Tamora Laporte....I don't know what they will be tomorrow...I am a bit fickle
that way! I read a lot of the blogs from WOYWW on off days too so it is hard to say who I like best. I rarely comment on celebrity blog posts but always try and say a little something on "friends" blogs. I try to limit reading time to an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening...I don't watch TV.
5. DH says I use way too many ...or !!! in posts but hey that's me and I can't seem to change.
6. Why do I blog? It is a catharsis...I spew stuff out and I feel good about sharing! I think people like what I do and I like that. IS it narcissistic...maybe
7. Okienurse my "nom de plume" so to speak came out of trying to keep my real name off of the internet for privacy but after a while I decided I just didn't care and if someone bothered me then I would take action. I have had several old friends renew friendship because of it being out there. more or my comments will be as long as your post...

Hettie said...

Good Grief Julia! That is all too much for a Blogging Bear with very little brain to think about. I am sure Pooh would have blogged if he were still able to write!
I blog at the moment, though I do load up photos of projects whilst doing someat else as our t'internet is sooooo sloooooow. Then I write them up when I have the time or I want to. I tend to blog in lunchbreaks and when I get a spare bit of space in the evening. I don't as a rule blog in advance unless I am going away. I don't tend to announce beforehand when or where, same as FB, for security purposes, if you know what I mean. Not going through that upset ever again!
I always return visits if they comment, though not always as quick as I like. I too have a list on my phone of ideas that has cobwebs on, or would do if it was a written list. I try to keep personal stuff to a minimum as much as possible.
I fink that is all you wanted to know.
There I Dunnitt!

Claire Grantham said...

Aaah I typed a long comment and my machine crashed..
1 - I blog because I want to, I love it, I am addicted, I break out into a cold sweat if I go 3 days without blogging. Hubby thinks I am NUTS
1a - Fortunately the discovery of challenge blogs has enriched my life and given me a reason to make cray cray stuff that no one needs :) I give it all to charity! And it means I can blog at least 5 times a week!
2 - I like blogging about my craft world, but also about random stuff, hence why I love your blog..a focused blog about just one topic is nice, but dull...I want to hear about the misters, hubbies, cats, dogs, rocking horses, etc
3 - I do not like celebrity blogs
4 - I love surfing and reading blogs my current fave is
5 - I use photos from all sources, but only if they suit my post
6 - I keep people's full names and locations out of it, along with my actual home address / street location
7 - I have a stash of posts, some are for my DT entries - so they are ready to go, I have some filler posts - aka things I have made that I want to share, but I am busy entering challenges, etc so there is no space for them..I use these posts when I want a challenge blog entry break or if I am feeling lazy. I always have the next WOYWW ready (no pics) just the title and the WOYWW explanation
8 - I don't schedule posts, I don't trust this function!
9 - I love WOYWW and your blog and you, because you have given me a massive group of WOYWW friends that stop by nearly every day, they comment, send me stuff and generally make me feel like less of a weirdo :)
10 - I comment on blogs because it means so much to me when people comment on mine that I want to reciprocate where I can.
11 - I hate it when people try to sell me stuff 'slyly' on their blog, I just want to nose at the pretty things.
12 - I love YouTube tutorials and have learnt some great things this way..check this out..this is why I craft.


sara j said...

What a thought provoking post. Why do I do it? For a connection to other people who understand what I'm doing in my little Fun Room.

I post mostly when I'm busy and have things to show; a quick look at my blog will tell you I'm not overly descrining in this regard, lol, but there are lots of things I make that don't go up.

I love feedback. I don't really have a lot of people I can ask how would you solve this problem, or do you think this would be better if....?

I love WOYWW, which I generally write and post on Tuesday nights because for whatever reason I am less bsuy on Tuesday (sometimes) and the time difference allows me to do that.

Favorit blogs - it changes. I do like Tim Holtz, France Papillion - Journal on Monday series and watching her journey has been fantastic, Finnebair - because this woman is wickedly creaive and original, Pictures and Words - again watching her journey has been fun and her layering is amazing, Mixed Media Studios - more in the Finnebair vien - eye candy, Marjie Kemper Designs - Marjie was very kind to me and sent me something elarly in the bloggin life - I'm a lifelong fan...I usually check in with Simon Says Stamp....I know. I'll make a list with the links this week for WOYWW. A little slow on the uptake

And if you are still with me, I love your stream of is just like a talking to you. I tend to write in a similar manner, or at least that's what Jan told me! I considered it a GREAT compliment.

PS I think it's funny it never occurred to me to change my name in blogland. I figure Big Brother knows who I am, what I do, who I talk to, what I surf, etc.

See you in a couple of days.

Ali H said...

Hi Julia
Well what an indepth post - and the replies are amazing too !
I blog about my crafting but sometimes life creeps in & pops its head above the parapet !
I love WOYWW - it stimulates me to blog - and to craft so I have something to blog - and the crafting soothes my soul !
I love that there are crafters out there in Deskland all over the world - I love that sense of community from my front room - and meeting Deskers has been lovely too - Bella & I scheduled to meet up again in March at the opposite end of the world !
I don't put much personal detail in for security reasons and I know that employers check out the social media or current & prospective staff - so it is worth being careful what you say !
I don't schedule - never worked well for me !
And any bugbears about WOYWW - only to wish it would come up at a regular time each week - very frustrating to keep checking & checking before leaving for work at 7am (and ending up late some weeks !) - but if it's not there by then I can't join until the evening as we are banned from personal IT at work !
Anyway a great thought provoking post - and so great that you are prepared to be our gracious hostess each week !!

Nan G said...

Well I had a mini book written and I lost it. Ugh... Anyways, I follow Julia Dunnit and that's all that matters. She's a doosey! A real peach, a gem, a wonderful gabber and fantastic hostess! Warm hugs for you!

Dianne said...

Well Miss Julia this was a fabulous post and some fabulous answers.
I started blogging soon after I stopped working and began running an art group on yahoo, it saved my life, my job was my life so I didn't know what to do with myself after.. I now blog to share what I'm doing creatively and to share what ever I have learned, ( always wanted to be a teacher:O) ).. As how I write, with trepidation since English wasn't my best subject,( I did love the subject ) too many spelling and grammar errors, spell check is my best friend. Art is my hobby well passion and that is mostly what I blog about, might post some photo's if I do anything exciting, that isn't often. I have always used my name, I agree the government knows everything about us so can't hide. I do love to feature other artist and share there creative work. I had a wonderful postman when I had the group, I would always show him what the artist were doing, he enjoyed seeing it as much as I did, sadly he is retired now. As far as any tech things, can't do it, I did teach myself how to use the computer by reading almost everything on my computer, sadly I forget a lot LOL..
Well your blog is the best, WOYWW is fabulous,it's like you have Tea at your house and everyone is invited, now how kool is that. My other favorite blogs all inspire me
1, my Magpie cousin who is now designing, we Magpies are very proud of her
2. Miss Patty another magpie, a wonderful mixed media artist
3.Miss Alison, who is the BOMB, designer extraordinaire ..
3. Miss Gio, now she is the Recycle Queen and is a designer for The Craft Barn ,
5. Miss Lynne who art work is published in almost every paper magazine and the sweetest Lady ,, I could go on, my favorite blogs are all on my side bar. this has been great fun, thanks well for just being you, see you tomorrow, ((( BIG HUGS )))..

sandra de said...

I am so gullible I really thought Mrs Dunnit was your real name. How do I blog? on a wednesday for woyww and even then it might only be once a fortnight. I try to keep a lot of the family stuff out. I think I once posted a pic of my new kitchen. The teenagers are nameless and the DH is faceless. My favourite blogs are usually about art,craft,scrapbooking or books. Every now and then I just delete all my bookmarks and start again. I have NO interest in celebrities unless they craft and then they only want to sell stuff. Addicted to pinterest but can't schedule a post, that probably sums it up. If it becomes too technical I just go back to crafting and ignore the world. See you on woyww.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

You are asking for a ton of info and novel info for sure. You have a Pretty Rose Photo and a smart postman Ms Julia with a fake name. !!!! But I totally understand.
I started blogging 6 yrs ago after I retired and purchased a beautiful greeting card from ebay. I loved her blog and started following many of the same. But over the years, I've changed the ones I visit to more mixed media, unique girls from other countries, some design team members, who's card creations are unique, love the swaps, challenges, and some that offer a variety with cooking, gardening and JUNK...Rusty, Old Recycled JUNK or Antiques !
I could never be committed to a DT as I don't like committment to anything on a regular basis. I react, off the cuff, when time permits and creativity has been done I might post. I don't follow Celeb's their lives are too dramatic and day to day living don't exist.
Some of the blogs I visit, I am overwhelmed with all the things they do, but I tell myself, they are young, excited and have much to offer. I've been there, done that and enjoy the peace and quiet of what happens happens.
I usually always comment, as I enjoy my visits, I marvel at the talent and I enjoy the creativity of all designers. It's fun to see how new things develop and the way designs change. I LOVE new products, new papers, new fabric and old repurposed STUFF. My favorite visits are to "STUDIOS" or "CRAFTY WORKSPACES" and Karen at My Desert Cottage has a post once a year WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE that will take you a year to make your visits. It is here: Well Julia, it's a long post....but I want you to know I love your strait forwardness, your energy and the fun you have with WOYWW. After all it's my only regular post. As I have made many friends by following along. Enjoy and Thanks

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Julia thought would duck down and say my two cents worth... and think am mostly like you ... keep my name and home, peeps therein private... like that for everyone's sake..

My blog is "say what you want when you want blog" but aim is to be help and encouragement...

... .. and posts are scrappingly worked on..
I will put in post ideas for drafts to come back late, or photos of items not yet blogged but very few words..

But may if needs be schedule a post...
and so on.... have forgotten other questions short range memory!! Shaz in Oz.x

Carmen said...

Having to split this over 2 comments. Blogger told me off.

I love this post! I've opened another screen so I can work through your questions as I read them. You know how I like to ramble!

1. I have tried to schedule posts before and am the same as you - they come across contrived and not... me. So now I blog as and when but that might mean I have a blog every day for a week and then nothing for the next week so I should really learn to space it out.

"f I have something I'd like to discuss, it pops into my head. I may walk around it for a couple of days before sitting at the keyboard, but then it's all out in a splurge and I have to edit frantically. Spelling, tenses, repetition, rubbish - oh yes, it all gets put in and largely, taken out!" YES! This is my blogging practice EXACTLY!

2. Yes, I try to always include a picture. Even it means a picture I have previously used. It hurts my eyes when I visit a page of pure text. Even more so if there are no spaces or paragraphs. If I have no picture, I am not averse to 'borrowing' one. I always try and find it's source to link to and if I know the original source is I will usually ask permission too (like with the fella on my crow post. Asked his permission - if he hadn't replied I would probably still have used it but be doubly sure to link to him)

3. I would love, LOVE to be a 'proper' artist. To have a career out of it. For now the family especially the younger two have to take priority and I know that dedicating proper time to it will have to wait till Little Mister is at nursery. I knew that (didn't realise how frustrating it would be sometimes) but I knew that. So for now my blog was started for and is a record of, hopefully, how I am growing. To remind myself of that. I often wonder if I include to much personal stuff but I cannot tell you how MUCH Rocking Friday has changed the way I think. So I wouldn't and couldn't stop now. I just try not to reveal *too* much. I always ask the older girls if I can post pictures of them.

4. I wish I did post more regularly but as and when seems to be working for now. I arrive here the blog roll on my sidebar. I use that firstly and there are a couple of other blogs that I am not such an avid reader of but still like now and then that I have signed up to email subs. If you're on my roll though - you're one of my favourites ;)

I don't really mind if blogs post to a routine. There is only one that I check without fail on the day that it is published and that is Postsecret on a Sunday...

Carmen said...

5. Favourite blogs. that's a toughie. It changes so often... You are one obviously and you are responsible for so many friendships I now have. Basically - the ones in my sidebar are the ones I try and stay 'up' with. I don't always comment as often as I could or should, especially if there are LOADS of comments already but these are the ones I will try and catch up with when I've fallen behind. It's a hodge podge - some are informational, some are gorgeous art & craft & journalling, some are friends - ALL are inspirational.

The two who at the moment, make me spend my cash on yummies are helen (Stamping by H) and Shroo ( Oh blimey my wishlist contains mainly of stuff they have talked about! SUCH enablers!

6. Trying to think if I follow any celebrity bloggers. What do you count as celebrity? I don't follow the ones that are obviously just selling. That grinds my gears. OR if they switch off comments. Like they are far to busy to read my comment but I must have the time to sit and read? Nope.

The celebrity ones I read (celebrity to me) are Chris Cozen ( and Julie Prichard (, also Julie Fei-fan Balzer. ( I like them because although, yes, they do mention their products they are also incredibly generous with showing their art and saying how they did it as well. They aren't in your face.

7. I don't always comment. I should as I like comments myself. But, especially if I'm on my tablet and they have word verification enabled - it's really irritating. But I do try and comment. Just am naughty sometimes.

And finally. yes - validation. And like I said before - watching, hopefully, my personal growth.

Deb said...

Wow, some great questions, certainly gave me food for thought!
I try to blog at least once a week but life comes first so when I am busy it gets left behind!
I started blogging to participate in card making challenges and also have a place to keep a log of other blogs that I like.
I like pictures, I am put off by text only blogs.
I only blog about my crafting, occasionally adding something personal but always holding back on any identifiable information or anything that will embarrass my kids!
I mostly only schedule posts that are time sensitive just in case I forget to press go at the time!
My must read blogs are
1. Posy gets cozy
2. Ali Edwards
3. Nana Company
4. Teresa Collins
I usually don't comment on these blogs, just a stalker and a drooler!
I comment mostly on people that I consider friends or on people who have left me a nice comment and of course to as many as I have time for on WoyWW!
I probably continue to blog because I have had it so long it would be like losing something precious! I have a lot of friends through blogging that I would miss if I didn't dip in now and again!
I never knew that Dunnit wasn't your real name. For the first year or so I only had my name as crafty cardi higgins or Deb. I only revealed my surname once I joined a design team!

Ginny Maxam said...

Dear Julia, or who ever you really are (I am shocked)I love your blog. It is like a new magazine everyday. Wit, fun, color and composition - all things I love!!
Wish we were closer!!
Ginny Maxam - I really am Ginny Maxam - worked darned hard to get that man and oh so happy to be a Maxam!!

Unknown said...

I write my blog like a diary of my art work, and ideas. It validates me as an artist, and keeps me keepin on making things. I also wanted my kids and grabdkids to know that this grandma is hip to the tech world.
FaceBook kind of obliterates any privacy, so I don't worry about it too much. I do try to tell about our trips after the fact.
All though painting and making jewelry are my first loves, I make all of my own cards, and very much enjoy seeing what others are doing on WOYWW. There seem to be a lot of card makers there.
I follow most of my favorite blogs on my blog sight, however a few of them are emailed to me. I especially like to follow the girls from the UK etc. because I love the way they talk and the terms they use. They also have different supplies that might give me a new idea. Keep up the good work. We enjoy you Julie Dunnit!

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