Saturday, 22 September 2012


Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance

That's the current workroom mantra.  I'm doing my half of the preparations for the Card Marathon which has come suddenly upon us.  Indeed, this means that next weekend is the last weekend of September.  Don't ask me how that happened - I had my back turned too! 

Every surface is gainfully employed with erm, stuff.  Scrap Lady Ally and I make 12 cards each and kit each card for repeating by 20 odd people.  I don't mean odd people.  I mean 20 odd. This is the *ahem* cutting station chez workroom.  It's currently home to the basket of Christmas stamps and a storage box filled with bits that I've 'set aside' over the last month because I've learned that when I need them for PPPPP week, I won't be able to find them. Because I haven't learned to put things away in a properly designated way.  

The workdesk is where the counting and sorting go on.  Currently it's filled with envelopes and pre-scored card blanks.  This will change as the day wears on.  It will become filled with regular Christmas card making stamping paraphenalia.  Because  I've learned that I don't count to twelve terribly well.  I only have eleven cards ready for the Marathon.  Luckily, I was tempted to buy a beautiful new stamp when I was at Shopkeeper Gal's on Thursday.  See, I've also learned how to justify my impulse purchase. I'm working on the justification for the Kraft crepe paper, the Stickles in fab new colours, the new harlequin printed kraft 12 x 12 get it.
I have learned though, that you can't immerse yourself in what appears to be a shambles without having first a solid and relatively ordered foundation.  After all, PPPPP isn't really just for this week. (*ahem*).
Ta Na. It's pretty orderly.  The top shelf is photo quality and other printer papers that are accessed by others..which is why it's all just shoved in.  But you see, I am a closet tidy person, in some small way.  I've learned.  And it helps to have a furniture maker as a husband, I realise.  
PPPPP week is the key to our customers (friends) enjoying their day of card making.  I've been to a couple of workshops where I've spent more time in preparation than creating and that, if you ask me, is a waste of my money..I don't need lessons in scoring and cutting and I certainly don't wanna pay for the time I spend doing it.  No sir.  Yes sir, that's my opinion.  I know at this stage that Scrap Lady Ally is already finished and fully prepared.  She works full time and so has less time.  Go figure that though..way less time, and she's ready.  I don't know why.  But I've learned from this too.  I don't let it panic me; I simply moan about her efficiency to anyone who'll listen. I tell them that she only does it to show me up. And that it isn't enough to make me panic.  A distraction technique, naturally.  I'm not in a panic per se, but really, can you imagine that even with my PPPPP mantra, anyone will ever be moaning about me because I'm ready before I need to be?
Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Brilliant post Julia...I'd have lists of lists of things to do by now :-)
Good luck with the prep.
A x

Annie said...

Ps If you are in need of a laugh then find a minute to read my Friday's post :-)
A x

Monica said...

i have all the time in the world and now it is always last minute. Procrastination time has increased productivity declined and errors increased. there is something to be said for finite time slots.

Carmen Wing said...

I don't know how either of you do it. I remember all the kitted up calender pages - must have been so much work for you. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

Procrastination wins out way to often with me ;)

And yes - you are so very, very right about spending paid for time being taught to do stuff my 4 year old knows how to do!

Linby said...

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, was always drummed into me when I was first a trainer. Apparently someone I work with had a nightmare with me saying this the other week - maybe I need to let up a little!
Good luck.

Angie said...

Brilliant ...I love your 5P's ...I think it works for loads of tasks ...and exams too....not that the latter would apply to me nowadays lol xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can relate to the cutting, scoring, and folding. For our card making session, my friend Kathy and I spent a lot of time prepping and practically NO time making cards. Kathy made ONE and I made four. Her's was more formal than all of mine, though. If Kathy and I hadn't spent nearly 16 hours doing all this last week, I would NOT have understood what you were talking about. Now I can completely relate!!

Kyla said...

Planning is cool, whilst my craft room may look like total chaos I am a list ticker....I have a list of jobs to do...when I can find it under the creative expression that is my desk!

misteejay said...

When you have next to no spare time it is amazing how much you can get done. Sometimes, too much time gives a false sense of security...and it's surprising just how fast time flies.

Toni xx

Neesie said...

Isn't it right that you need your 5 portions to lead a healthier life so you're definitely onto a winner with your 5P's!
Good Luck :D

Hettie said...

You are right about the time flying. It will sooon be October!! Autumn has come on us pretty quickly too. Planning is always a good idea and lists are a good tool too. So why do we not always use them ey?!!
Have fun!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Fab 5 P mantra...and yet so difficult when time just flies!


Unknown said...

In our office, there was an extra 'P' in there... slotted in before 'poor'... e-mail me if you don't know what I mean lol!

Wow - you have got a lot of stuff there Julia... I like your thinking about not spending time preparing, folding, measuring etc... that's so refreshing and I want to say generous - because it is... it should be how it is!

Good luck with the remainder of the PPPPP! (or PPPPPP)

Paula x x x

Sarn said...

Ok, I can relate!
I can stick my hand up in the air and say, I STILL need to prep at least 2 more cards for my weekend class, plus a 3d item . . . I'll get there . . . eventually . . .

Sarn xxx

Tamika said...

I love that mantra it really makes sense. But how I get caught off guard once in the room puzzles me.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Amen, sistah! I'm with you--I don't want to spend my class time cutting and scoring unless there is something special about the card--like the stair step cards. The ones I really hate...really, really, REALLY hate are the classes I spent time waiting for the teacher to figure it out! Don't offer to teach something you don't know how to make yourself. Good golly, Miss Molly, you'd think that would be obvious but oh no! I'm pleased to learn you are the prepared to the hilt type of craft teacher. They are the best.

Sue from Oregon said...

Seems you are on quite a roll...and cutting all those projects! I have been using my Silhouette to help me with my last class...wonderful to have a machine do it while I watch TV!