Monday, 10 September 2012

Housekeeping : about WOYWW Crop day

Well, OK, it's a Custom's house in a small spanish port....but it's still a house!
Now then, at the risk of alienating a lot of bored readers with another post about something they aren't involved in, there are questions and info required from you if you are planning to join us at the WOYWW Crop on Saturday 13th October.  

We've had a change of location for improved parking and table numbers.  The nearest rail station is PEWSEY and collecting you from there will be no problem if that suits you.  Equally if you can only get to Andover station, it''s not a problem, but we'll definitely need to know so that you aren't ignored!
If you're coming, would you please email me :
Tell me if you're a vegetarian
Tell me if you need wheelchair access (different set of keys, see) 
Ask me any questions you'd like (that are pertinent!!)
Tell me your email address - this is important, you'll get an email in good time from Jan or myself which will have route directions for you drivers and any other info we think may help. Your email address is really the key here, leaving comments on your blogs is at best erratic and rather too time consuming!

If you're being driven by someone who isn't cropping, there's plenty around here to visit, look at and walking and outdoorsy stuff too.  I recommend a bit of research, based from the village of Burbage in Wiltshire.  

The last thing I have to say is a bit more bossy than usual and probably intensely cheeky...but please, don't bring gifts.  Times are tough; we're getting together to meet and have a fun day.  Pressure and stress over such things is not necessary, we have a few things planned to make the day slightly more memorable without breaking nerves and banks!  Right.  Go ahead and email me then. Thanks.


Lisa-Jane said...

Done! Very much looking forward to it.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Sounds like it will be an awesome day! I like your 'bossiness'. :)

Morti said...

Delegate, delegate, delegate. Whilst I am MORE than happy to stay well out of the communications stuff - feel free to lean on me (as a local) as much as you need.... will be emailing you later when I get home.

Anna Karlsson Widmark said...

Ooh, I envy all those who live close by and are going to this event... Sweden isn't close enough. =/

Will you be doing any challenges or other fun stuff on the blog during the day? I'd sure enjoy it, and probably some of the other WOYWWers from elsewhere. :)

See you Wednesday!

Hettie said...

Hia Honey. I will e-mail you now.
Looking forward to the day especially as it is now only next month!!

AliWade said...

Just checked train times and it is nearly 6 hours each way! I would only have 4 hours with you, as well !! Oh well, perhaps one day we will live closer 'to the action'. Ali x

peggy aplSEEDS said...

sounds like it's going to be so much fun. too bad i am oceans away!

MiniOwner said...

Darn it that's the same day as our crop ... otherwise I might have been tempted north. :o)
Sue x