Sunday 20 February 2011

Shape Up, Mrs..

Now then, you may have stumbled upon this WOYWW post very early last year. I'm not one for retrospective (or any other) analysis particularly, but was flicking through an album last night and thought it would be fun to update the situation.
I don't know if you can see the writing, but it lists my 10 top intentions for 2010:
1. Sort out my hair
2. Learn some camera skills
3. Improve computer skills
4. Develop the garden
5. Make the most of good weather
6. Keep workroom better organised
7. Be better at keeping in touch
8. Spend less
9. Cook more
10. Procrastinate less.

Well, would you like to know how it went? Lordy, if you have read this blog on anything resembling a regular basis (thank you) , you probably won't need to read any further! Well, here goes:
1. I did. It's back to short and will remain so forever. It's more 'me'. Even Mr Dunnit agrees about this and he loves long hair. Hey ho, can't please em all. But it has to please me, huh! There's a lot of discussion surrounding how short my short hair should be, and sometimes after a 6 weekly appointment Chez Sonia, I do have to wear a little more make-up to enhance...underline....OK, prove that I'm still a girly girl...but I like a bit of a spike after a trim!
2. I've learned a little more, particularly general as opposed to just about my own camera. It's quite hard to keep the rule of thirds, the angle of the subject, the light filtration and blah blah blah in your head when you have a point and shoot camera and one chance, but I am trying. Frankly it's a miracle that I can remember some of the rules, let alone remember to actually apply them.
3. I have. A bit. Mostly through the medium of panic. You know, when something goes horribly wrong and you have to learn how to make it un-horrible. I'm never going to be great at it - I think blogging and Mr Linky for WOYWW are my most complicated moments. Thing is, just like this craft habit of mine, there are a milllion billion people out there who have a computer habit and they're happy to help me and humiliate me in equal measure. And I let them, because it's easier.
4. Hmmm. This took a back seat in the summer. The garden was tended and tidier this year than others, but I don't have the will. And Mr Dunnit has the will and not the time. Big landscape plans were drawn up, but not exercised. No time when the weather was vaguely good enough.
5. I did, mostly. I had coffee in the sun in the garden and read in the sun in the garden and enjoyed it when the sun shone. I am British. I have now learned that it won't necessarily be nice tomorrow, so sit in the sun today. I also have since I turned 40, a huge respect for my skin (there's enough of it!) and so I urge you to consider Factor 15 as a minimum. S'all part of the service.
6. Yeah. This didn't happen. WOYWW is living proof of this, so I cannot lie.
7. I don't know - this is hard to judge. I've tried hard, but guess there's more to do. Especially as I have pretty much given up Facebook.
8. Achieved. The previous and present Governments have a hand in this. I am not offering them thanks. I believe I've exercised a better approach to stash too, I've become a more sophisticated consumer in order to make my money go further and my guilt lessen!
9. Loads. Second hobby. Trying to rescue week night suppers from tedium and repetition. Doesn't always work. Look forward to summer, but have to again applaud the slow cooker as an invention.
10. I can't answer this - I need more time.


Artyjen said...

I'm with you on number 6! You got to grab it when you can ;) Enjoy your garden this coming summer
xoxo Sioux

Simple homemade living said...

Love the post. You know I love your hair short it looks great and I am with you on number 8!!!!!!1

Sue said...

Hi Julia
great post i think you have done pretty well on most of them, we cant be perfect all of the time,num 6, it always looks in good use to me,num 8 well thats a non starter, lol, num 10 keep up the good work, lol, sue,x

Helen said...

So now I know what you look like.... Love your original list and your response to it now! Good luck with the remaining challenges! I would have failed miserably on no 8. You may even say, I follow the philosophy "you can't take it with you"!!

Scrapcat 1 said...

lol love the post at least you tried to keep them.

Ciara said...

I think all in all you've done rather well Mrs D :-) I'm totally with you on the skin one after having a 'skin scan' a year or so ago and realising how much sun damage my face has.

Nice to see your face, finally!

misteejay said...

Well done in your for No: 10 LOL

Toni :o)

Annie said...

Are your eyes really that blue? Also are we not going to see a picture of the shorter hair style?
Well done you for your efforts.
A x

Caroline Hallett said...

hi there.. well.. I think you should give yourself a pat on the back - thats a lot of achievements in one year - I too waiver on the whole short hair long hair thing - I am on a long phase at the moment but boy there are days where I wish it was just a short crop again! Well done for everything - and yes you might just get a better shot of my craft room on next weeks WOYWW! Caroline x

Sheilagh said...

I love this post, well done on being a trier, I am a procrastinor extrordinair, so completley understand No:10 lol

Anne said...

Love it - great post. I've never done a page like this, but I'd like to - it's the fear of not being able to tick anything off the list that stops me from making one!

I think that is the first time I've ever seen a photograph of you - you don't look anything like I imagined, pretty lady!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great post, really enjoyed reading and you have achieved quite a bit, def more than me anyway lol. Good luck with your other intentions. Tracy x

Carola Bartz said...

Very well done! Your list actually could be mine. My procrastinating needs some work, though - well, actually a LOT.

Angie said...

Loved the list and the update ...and I too could have made this list. ... maybe I should make a list for this year ...maybe I'll do it later. xx

voodoo vixen said...

Well, hello Julia, I had no idea what you looked like so we could have passed in the street none the wiser - if we were on the same continent at the same time... if you get my meaning! I did the grow it long thing for 7 months (mostly because I was horrified at the cost of a hairdo here) and then caved and got it cut short again... and I have to say it should really stay short. Love your list, you should be feeling pretty good as you achieved most of it!!

Paige said...

Loving it!!! and yes short hair is much more you :)

Carmen said...

Yep am sitting here nodding as I read this. Great idea for a post and a page.

Funny you should mention that about the skin as have taken to slathering the moisturiser everywhere lately where I've never bothered in the past.

Fiona said...

So what are your pointers for 2011 then? Loved reading through them and seeing how you got on. Hmm - no 7 though? Where's my coffee???? lol x

Fiona said...

psst - there's a little letter on my blog for you lol!

Twiglet said...

Great list and update - its good to reflect on our achievements! Thanks for commenting on our new crafty items. Yes we have thought about using CK fabrics etc. Once we feel we have got the design about right we might try out some new fabrics. At the mo we are managing to use some of our very ample stash!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

it's always a delight to read your posts, Julia. do you have a spiked hair photo in your blog that i didn't get to see?

Sue from Oregon said...

I am still laughing at #10!

Chrissie said...

Wonderful... and thanks for the update... I think you're brave to bare all!
I like you hair short too!

Lyn said...

Sowwy Jules - playing catch up as usual. Great post, really made me chuckle. It's funny to look back at previous (written as evidence) intentions. Of all of them I can relate to 10 the most, I think. I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure!