Friday 4 February 2011

Photographer extraordinaire

Here we are again, Los Gigantes harbour on Tenerife. It has very Austrian influenced architecture and is very pretty. So I took a few pics. First thing to say - I am lucky enough to be fully able bodied. No matter what this picture makes you think, my legs are of equal length and I do not suffer any sort of massively sloping shoulder problem. (Although there may be a chip or two, I dunno..) So why the lean? I have absolutely no idea. I don't even remember being so close to the water's edge that I should be careful. I think I was trying too hard to get the buildings into a shot that included the 'mountain'.
I do remember saying to anyone that cared to listen at the time (poor Mr Dunnit) that I would at some stage have to learn to change the colour of the red car or remove it all together - I felt even at the time that it was a bit glaring and detracted from my composition(!). Clearly I was so busy being up my own butt about the photography and the car that I completely failed to notice the nice lady in red shorts. She looks great, but is totally cluttering up my otherwise people-less picture! Why didn't I see her and give her another 3 seconds to stroll out of the way? I have no idea. Just goes to show how much detail you miss when you're constantly faffing over the bigger picture!
So this probably won't make it into the album. It will sit, like all my beloved-but-failure-type-pictures, on my computer until the computer or I die, whichever is tragically the sooner.

Talking of's Ludgershall Crop tomorrow. I must hasten away to chores-ville so that I can spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting on the floor in my workroom later, panic-matching papers to photos.
Have a good weekend!


Annie said...

Mine are usually just a quick snap with my mobile phone now so well done you :-)
A x

Scrapcat 1 said...

the lady in the shot just gives perspective, why worry so much about your papers and the pictures matching, I know when I'm looking at a scrapbook I'm more interested in the peole than the papers, maybe that's because I'm a card maker at heart :)
Have a great time at the crop

Chrissie said...

I haven't been to Tenerife for a couple of years I should think... we find it very relaxing ans stay away from the crowds.
We actually went there on honeymoon many moons ago and stayed in the ONLY hotel in Playa de las Americas... can you believe that? Los Cristianos was a sleepy fishing port.
I have just joined your illustrious ranks and am GD for Daring Cardmakers for Feb!

Helen said...

Great photo, "lean" or not! Have a great time at the weekend - if you get up from the floor with your papers, lol!

Anonymous said...

Email the pic to Gordon, he can photo shop it for you and tilt it so the horizon's level. How d'ya think so many of HIS pics are so good.....?!!!! x

LL Jan xx

Pam said...

Oh Julia, I always look to you to liven me up - much better than a 4th cuppa. Anyhow, it is Chinese NY and red is a very lucky color. Looks like you'll be very lucky indeed!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Like you, I try to wait for NO people in a photo. Then I see the photo after I get home and someone always sneaks in. My solution is to take about 100 pictures at each scene. I'm sure to get ONE I like. Well, most of the time.

Victoria said...

Thank you for the visit back, I will make you a HM card for you next week to see if I can change your mind. I like them as I don't like really cute animal images like PB. I am the same I don't like people in photo's either x

kelly said...

Already on the floor in my room but just seem to keep looking at the papers!!! might manage to just get orgainsed by 9 tomorrow morning!!! see you then x

Mrs disorganised!!

donnalouiserodgers said...

Julia I kid you not - and I shall post the evidence tomorrow- if I can find the external hard drive with the images on it- I went to Ronda and I decided i wanted a shot from inside the ring looking through the double arch - you know - eye of the Bull view...get the bastard the minute he steps in the ring a Spainophile you will know how popular the site is even in Christmas week - I waited two hours - camera and tripod poised, for the person free shot.

I emerged triumphant to find my family had done the full tour had lunch and were about to head for home,

The price we pay for our art.

You have two options -
1. Maintain ostrich position with head inserted somewhere worse than the sand, buy a tripod and lose your family

2. take head out of oriface & Give up on 'the shot'


voodoo vixen said...

LOL Julia, I think the red car just adds to general feel of the photo... ok, maybe you need to photoshot the lady in shorts out... especially as she is slim and looks reasonably tall and I hate slim/tall people in my pics as I end up looking even shorter and unslimmer!!

Elizabeth said...

Great photo even though you find so much about it to criticise - and we are our own worst critics, are we not? Can I recommend a great book which deals with 'turning sour photos into sweet scrapbook layouts' - 'When Life Give You Lemons' by Sherry Steveson. It might just be what you need. Elizabeth xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, I was so sure I had already commented on this post but it seems to have been swallowed up in cyberworld somehos. Anyway, what I said was that I like the photograph with all the faults you point out. However, I can recommend a great book that deals with 'turning sour photos into sweet scrapbook layouts'. It's entitled 'When Life Gives You Lemons,' by Sherry Steveson. It helped show me how I could disguise a hideous eyesore in a photograph that I wanted to include in a layout and be pleased with the result. Elizabeth x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The car's ok, a bit glaring as you say, but to have strangers so prominent in one's pics isn't what we want. Still I love the pic. Not as bad as one my sis took many many years aog when really the woman in the pic looks like she's the main subject and the rest of us inconsequential! I thought it was someone my sis knew and asked who she was - I dunno, was the repy LOL
Anne xx

Sandie said...

2011 Cherry on top award! Please come over to my blog to copy and paste your award to you won blog!