Thursday, 1 July 2010

You know Mr Dunnit cuts out the heart and other shapes for me in mdf and wooden offcuts? You know that he has a big ol' machine that we affectionately call the bol***cks machine? (The story is in December's archive if you're bothered!). It tends to be less productive during summer, and he suggested last night that instead of whingeing at him for dribs and drabs of stuff every now and then, he might well get a couple of 8 foot sheets and cut 'em into shapes of choice. Now, as exciting as that sounds, my mind kinda went numb; at his forethought, generosity and blah blah, yeah. But also the possibility. However. I don't want 8 kerjillion hearts (like the ones I posted about last week) in boxes in the garage - that would give me a perpetual guilt. OK, another perpetual guilt. So, if you had the choice for some shapes and sizes...what would be on your list? I can't give them away because the material cost won't magically disappear from the Joinery's purchase ledger....but I can sell them at a small price. Help me out here - make a bunch of suggestions so that Mr Dunnit continues to believe that I have a fertile and active creative imagination. (He doesn't read this, he'll never know about the lies. Although I may need therapy for the guilt).
And since my mind is a blank, would someone please explain what happened to June?


Deb Neerman said...

Birds, trees, clouds, the sun, stars, wings, crowns, flowers, alphabets ... including punctuation marks, numbers, cupcakes, candles, fruit, snowmen, snow globes, snowflakes ... umm, need more? I got a million of 'em ... !

paola said...

Well if you gonna be using them for scrapping you could have puzzle pieces and then call the page pieces of ......, you could have a few little alphabets, always good to have, perhaps a few splashes, they should be easy to cut as they arent a specific shape, a few flourishy bits are always beautiful, oy you gonna get a hole drilled in your head with all the suggestions. Hope mr dunnit can manage.

Sue said...

Hi Julia
aww he is so good to you, tell you what i have been looking for, some swirls or flourishes?? hope that helps, i would buy some of you, sue,x

Jane said...

Mmmmm I would definately buy some hearts from you! what about door hangers?

Paige said...

what about (5"ish) Triangles to make bunting banners??? I'd order some of those and some hearts from you :)

Diane said...

Hi Julia, Can't tell you what happened to June,cos I blinked and missed it!
As for shape suggestions:- Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, trees, button shapes, Swirly shapes, Stuff for men's cards like footballs, cricket bats, golf clubs etc,animals (pets), cupcakes, baby shapes, like ducks bottles rattles, cars, bikes, bows, tools like saw, hammer etc. There's a few to get you started!

Diane said...

PS. Read Decembers naming post and giggled away like a schoolgirl too!

Annie said...

I came here with some ideas but someone has already mentioned all I had and now my brain hurts from trying to think of others :-)
A x

Mummylade said...

hi there,
looks like you got a lot of suggestions already. Swirls would be my choice. But also frames (you know like spellbinder shapes). I don't know what kind of wood artist your hubby is but in my world different shaped frames sounds easier to make than bikes and ducks =). But then again, maybe you want suggestions that will keep him in his workshop the entire summer ;)
And June was yesterday, August will arrive tomorrow

Charlie said...

Hi there - I'm no help with June either - wonder if life will continue zapping away just because I am not working right now - sure don't hope so as I was planning on enjoying my 6 months of not working and right now they are slipping through my fingers. Happy JULY - nice summery colors you chose for your JULY page.

craftimamma said...

Hi Julia, I was going to ask for frames but Mummylade beat me to it and the swirls, flourishes sound good. I'd also love to buy some of those fabby hearts.

Lesley xx

Angie said...

You are so lucky to have a Mr Dunnit and his big machine .... you could get him to make loads of bits and sell them on an etsy shop ....maybe that would be pushing it lol.

Thanks for the encouragement ....yes chocolate and cake would help ...but I started a *** DIET a week ago and although I'm not actually hungry ...I am having withdrawl symptoms re the yummy things in life . Why a diet, lifes too short at my age ...I can hear you say ...I agree but I just thought it might help me find something that might fit and not make me look like a pumpkin ...for the wedding.

Kay said...

Think everyone has mentioned most of the stuff I would have said. Nestability style labels would be good, and shield shapes, trees maybe. No idea where June went, I'm still thinking Christmas wasn't that long ago and now we are half way to the next one!

Cardarian said...

Hi Julia! I think you have got more then enough suggestions for shapes, I just wanted to say thank you again for the lovely easel - thanks also goes to Mr. Dunnit! He is very good you you know???? Ha, ha....

Helen said...

Hi, Julia. Would love some tag shapes (cos I use a few, lol) your hearts are brill, most of the others have listed some incredible ideas. Think the poor man is gonna be busy busy busy!!
June - well, it flashed by in a whirlwind of WOYWWAC-ness!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here I am to put in my two cents worth and it's not worth the paper I didn't actually print it on. I love the idea of wings and hearts, but they have already been mentioned. Houses are pretty popular with an exposed window. And party hats are always a favorite among altered artists.

My life was quiet and boring until about two months ago. Ever since I joined WOYWW, the days have flown by. Seems I mark days of the week by starting on Wednesday. Things have really gotten crazy since I spend all day Wednesday at my computer.

I like that July calender. I bet it will be full by the end of the month.

Kaz said...

I saw some calendars the other day made of wood. They had blocks with the months on them and 2 cubes with numbers so that you can change them every day. They'd make fab gifts x

Unknown said...

Shield shapes definitely ... I have some very popular coasters if he needs a blank to start. And I know this sounds very dull ... but I would pay good money for different sized squares or rectangles ranging from 1" square to say about 8" square ... obviously the rectangles would n't be square ... but hopefully you kind of know me well enough by now to know what I mean ... and I would also like some manikin wood shapes ... without heads ... I have big plans for all these bits but sadly without my own Mr D and his Bo**ocks machine they are all sadly lacking around these here parts!

Hels Sheridan said...

I am with Linda... squares of different sizes...and houses too... like PlaySchool houses... or am I too old and you don't know what the chuff I am on about LOL
I need to get my Mr S to buy a Bo**ocks machine so he can make me some shadow boxes... he keeps saying they are simples... but never gets around to making them ROFL x

Milliesmarvels said...

A watering can - to make an 'In the Garden' door hanger.

cheryl said...

hi julia,hun great post,I have to aggree with the others,shapes,and swirls and things,some wee boxes,too,you could make some assortmant bags,too say hearts,shapes,butterflies,and then,you could buy those,if you wanted a variation or just buy a pack off all the same,shapes.
Oh as for the Cinch,hun its brilliant easy to use,i mean really easy I hated the BIA as could never line things,up right on it,so gave up but with this its so easy you just pull out a peg if you want,only a few holes,and the instructions,are printed onto the machine,easy,for the first couple of times You may get some oil on your paper but after that nothing, at all,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx
anymore info you can email hugs cheryl x

Darcy Marshall said...

I replied earlier and my comment was eaten, so I have come back lol

house shapes to use as covers for a book

animal shapes, large for kids walls, small for keyrings

words..peace,love,joy,family,home, family members names


door hangers

bookends with shaped tops

arrows, straight and wonky

flowers, really tall flowers to stand in a tall vase

and yes I have been known to hang off the bed, lol but mostly it is on my knee...after i put it on the floor I almost stepped on it 3 times before picking it up.

BTW the room had a good tidy and clean today and is now access all areas!

Minxy said...

Well i would say pretty much everything i'd thought of has been mentioned lol.. with the list from everyone it should keep him nice and busy for the forceeable future lol

Stressed Stamper said...

Please can I buy some hearts off you?...other ideas - door hangers would be another good one - but would be interested to see a selection - then I can say - pl can I buy so many of that one - and that one - and that one...crack the whip!

Kirsty.A said...

What about picture frames to decorate and sell? or get ahead and cut snowflakes etc for Christmas decorations

Lyn said...

I've always known that Mr Dunnit's large equipment was mouth-wateringly tempting to women crafters (and most men, probably, albeit for a different reason) but fancy him allowing a CHOICE.

Now me, I have enough trouble making a decision with only, say, three things on offer. But to be like a child in a sweetie shop, I don't stand a chance.

I am however sure that, whatever he produces (and what you do with it, of course) will be Very Impressive. I can't wait!

Victoria said...

no shape ideas from me today, my head is on overload with thoughts already!

Yes of course you can 'nick' the pen idea - it wasn't my idea, I cased them after seeing them somewhere else!

Pah - the brayer stuff was rubbish, bin was the best place for it!

Jane said...

Aw thanks for your comments Julia....I think I just worry too much that they won't like what I make!lol
I am packing for sure...we are off to Cornwall on Sunday for a weeks holiday! Can't wait!!

Karen said...

haha you have enough ideas there for Mr D to be busy for a while!!!! All that I was going to suggest has been done now....just shows us crafters all think alike really haha XXX

Kate said...

Would love some hearts and maybe the nesties labels 11 type shape with two holes...perfect for wall hangings :0) If you and mr d are selling let me know and bung on the pp.
Thanks Kate x

Claire said...

I would also like to know what happened to June, if you find out please tell me :)
How about gingerbread man shapes or little house shapes (sorry Mr D - you're gonna be busy in your workshop :))

Unknown said...

Oh My Mr Dunnit! *swoons* and *faints*
(said in a Jane Austin period drama Mr Darcy way ha ha)

What a handy man to have arround!

I would please like house's, tag shapes and also squares (so easy for your Mr Dunnit) a few hearts wouldn't go a miss and as October is looming (well may and June went so fast) how about some witch hats, cats and owl shapes?

Love Dawn xx

Kathy said...

I was really shocked to find June disappearing so quickly - especially as I knew I had craft samples to make, send and reach their destination by the 5th July - and then it was made even worse when I found out that the 5th was a Monday. I did some serious cuttin' & stickin' the first few days of this week I can tell you! just one of the reasons I missed woyww this week.

As for your shape question - could he do book covers/pages in Nesties type shapes - holes in the sides for book rings - they'd be fun to fill and display, I think
What about stars (the C thing is coming far too quickly for my liking),
Alphabet letters would be great to decorate and so would numbers.

Denise said...

Your hubby rocks!!! Lets see, I would ask for wings, suns, moons, flowers, houses, birds, and people.

misteejay said...

June??? I think they decided to cancel it this year so we could make a start on Christmas in July LOL


With weddings in mind - black cats, bells, horseshoes, churches, more hearts...single/cutout/linked.

Yep, I'm gonna say it again...Christmas...bells, stars, angels, boots/stockings, trees, parcels.

Summer - boats, sandcastles, buckets & spades, trains, planes, caravans, fish, ice-creams/lollies, crabs, cakes.

With everyone elses suggestions, I think you could keep Mr Dunnit busy right round 'til next year.

Toni :o)

Net said...

Hmmmm so if you haven't got June either I think that confirms my Alien theory....

As for shapes - well primitive hearts, you know the kind of uneven ones, primitive stars, crowns and tiaras, frames.... and yes I'd have some.

Tracey said...

oh mr D is a star.

Hearts and door hangers and everything else that everyone has mentioned.

I would definately purchase from you/him and if you/he needed me to make him endless cuppas whilst he is cutting away, just shout and I will be there in a shot.

Hope you have a lovely day and really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.


Lothian Crafts said...

Wow what a great frame. Ideas for Mr Dunnit I would love a ribbon storage system been trying to making one from paper but a wooden one would be much better.