Friday, 27 November 2009

Reality Check:

Here's evidence of an abandoned project. Honestly, those pom-poms are little...about as big as a 10p piece. No wonder I lost it. Even before it turned into a 'look what I made at Playgroup' end result!
So I have a bunch of small pom-poms and a part used ball of yarn (technical term) going begging. Seriously, if you can use it, let me know. Save it from the box of discarded stuff that I can't bring myself to throw away, but will never use.
So in the interest of balance, here's a shot of something to replace the silly pom-pom idea, but very much a work in progress. And I can only show you the painted backs of these hearts because rather inevitably, the decoration for the front is still trapped in my mind's eye. Just pray that I can realise it satisfactorily. If you're in the Ornament swap for which these are destined, pray hard.

And finally (as they say in worthy radio articles and such), I'd like to leave you with a shot of my stamp shelves. They've appeared before, the mess of stuff on the bottom shelf is different though. The bottom shelf is actually the worktop height of my desk and so becomes a residual dumping ground and a sort of work-in-progress holder. My go-to place, for sure. So why am I showing this when it's not Wednesday, or frankly, even interesting? Look at the stack in the bottom right corner. Those blue things. Bars of chocolate. For use in a workshop which I thought was next week, but so help me, turns out to be scheduled for the week after. Hmm, now just how strong do you think I am? Check back, I'll keep a photo diary, it may improve my chances.
Have a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing!


Kaz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I give those bars until 9pm tonight!!. I think your cheating using a small photo so we can't actually count how many bars are there.
I so want to rummage through your stamps! xx

Angie said...

If those were on my shelf it would be a mirical if they lasted longer than monday LOL.
SNAP ... I too have so many half used balls of wool and half made thingys ...cant be good at everything.
I am curious to see the final item you produce with your hearts

Paige said...

BE STRONG!!!!! you can do it!!! ;) I couldn't they would all be gone by Monday if that was my cupboard.

Carmen Wing said...

Send them to me. I'll look after them for you, I will, honest ;)

Smudgemakes said...

I reckon the chocolate will be gone by the end of X factor!!! The hearts are looking intriguing, and the wool looks lush!! At least your stamps are all on shelves! Mine are shoved in boxes so can't see them!! I can take care of your choccy if you have any problems!!

Unknown said...

If you need help with storage ... I have a big mouth ... I mean ... garage :0)
Those hearts are a fabulous shape ... Did Mr D cut them out????

Carmen Wing said...

Jans chilli - now what I wouldn't give for a bowl of that right now! Am frozen! If I didn't have to drive to Hastings tomorrow I woulda probably caved and came even if it was my arch nemesis... card making! Bet you had so much fun! Try and keep me away from your next event, which will be making... ????

Jo said...

Ok Julia, so if the bottom shelf is worktop height how on earth do you reach the top!!! Hugs Jo x