Tuesday, 17 November 2009

For the Ffrog.

Teresa, aka Ffroggie 'phoned and while we chatted, I tidied my desk. Really tidied. The sort of deep clean that it only gets when I'm in the mood - and I was in the mood alright; whilst the Ffrog and I chatted about the possibility of taking A Magnetic Year in a Day over to her magical place in Northern Ireland, I sorted, put away, discovered (!) and even got the dustpan and brush to finally clean off the surface. Well aren't I smug. You would be too if you'd found the essential packet of square glass beads that were just nowhere - and I had even been through the bin, so convinced was I that I had seen them teetering on the desk edge. They were actually on the edge - just the opposite edge, safely against the dreaded scrap box under a huge pile of discarded papers. Oh for heaven's sake! So huge thanks to Teresa for finding the beads - I think I need them. I'll show you if it turns out that I do! Meanwhile, part of our conversation touched on the buying stuff and not using it. We all know about that really, although I think that eventually, we mostly do use it - if not out of guilt then for reasons of pure economic logic. A little bell went off in my head when Teresa was bragging (yep, bragging) about some fantastic covered brads she had. Well, I've got some nice brads too. And I'm afraid to use them. Mostly because if I use them, I won't have them anymore! Does that make any sense? None at all, huh. Even the sensible and true 'use them on a scrapbook page and then you can keep them' hasn't quite reached me yet - I just like to see them on their foam storage shapes, hinting at the gorgeous things I could do with them. Don't let me be alone on this one - never mind about all the unused stash, I already know about that - what've you got that you can't use? Show and tell!


Chrissie said...

Hi Julia!
Well, it all makes perfect sense to me, I'm like this with so many things so you're definitely NOT alone! The latest thing was a K & Co 12x12 paper pad with the most stunning, elegant papers and perfect for a new project I wanted to do, just HAD to have it. So now I look at it, stroke it, picture how beautiful my project would have looked and put it away again! sigh...one day!
Actually having enlarged your piccy and had a good look at those brads, I'm not at all surprised you can't use them, they're far too beautiful, I could NEVER use them (although it does look like there are a couple missing?)

Carmen Wing said...

I'm the same, I have a hoard of halloween brads with cute little bats and spiderw ebds and skullies on them. I get them out and arrange them in pretty patterns on my desk and then they go back. I haven't yet found a way to use them to my satisfaction. I have been good though. My Once Upon a Time stack has been severely hammered the last few days, I have treasured that for at least 2 years. I'm already mourning the missing papers... I don't even get to keep them as it was for a swap. So, nope, definitely not alone :)

Anonymous said...

I hord special brads too. The basic ones get used but special ones I don't want to part with. Thats why I bought a brad maker so i can
make two one to use and one to keep!!!
Lady Nurse

Ann said...

My weaknesses are buttons and ribbons. I've just written my WOYWW post for tomorrow (which will load automatically while I'm at work) and that explains how very precious these are to me!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

That teapot and cup are fab ;) I'm sure I don't know what you mean about having stash and not using it, as if! Well maybe just the odd bit. Yes it's nice to know you're not alone with all the things we can't possibly live without and then never or hardly ever use. I suppose the main thing is my BIA though I have used it a little and fully intend to use it again at some point. Oh and another thing is that 'wand' thingy for adhering diamantes to fabric and card :-/ I thought I really needed it as I do like to jazz up t-shirts and jeans but though I have used it rarely I realised that an iron used with parchmentor greaseproof paper would've done; though I tell myself the wand does in fact work better (had it about 3 years and probably used it 3 times!)
I'm a little confused about the harlequin paper on the card, I thought it was Basic Grey Figgy Pudding but thought I'd check online to be sure and it doesn't appear to be :-/ I'm fairly sure it is Basic Grey though.
I'd love to join you if you do have a Magnetic Year to Ireland - I've never been and what a perfect reason to go :)
Looking forward to WOYWW tomorrow ;)
Anne x

Annie said...

Oh Julia...I thought it was just me :-) So pleased to read all the other comments too. I have loads of everything and if they are really special I don't like to use them in case i can't replace them.....daft or what? Between Twiglet and myself there really isn't much in the craft stock that we haven't got....and we dabble in sooooo many crafts too :-) A x

Unknown said...

Oh Julia I am with you on the point off not using things.....that just are too pretty to use, I am like that with my Anna Griffin papers, I touch them, feel them, love them and put them back in the box...LOL. I really need to do a clean up of my shed again, everything is all over the place and like you you want to use something and it is not where you think it should be....possible cos my daughter and grand-daughter were down, stealing my stash, I don't go in with them, as I want them to take what they want, not just the things I don't want if you know what I mean..

Thanks for your good wishes on my blog, I am still struggling today, but my Son is going to take me down to my shed and keep me in Coffee, LOL.

Hugs Avril xxx

Teresa said...

OK, I will now confess. I am normally quite good about using papers that I buy, I am even quite good about using embellies in general, but my downfall is buttons! I don't even buy them all, a lot are eh hem, donated, to the Ffroggie cause. (stands up ) My name is Teresa and I am a button-o-holic. There I have said it. Must be my Nan's influence, growing up playing with her button tin. Those are special memories, learning maths using buttons, oranges and pears just didn't work for me, but buttons! Then using the same methods with my own children to teach them addition, subtraction, colours shapes and even money, the buttons were a fantastic substitute for toy coins don't you know lol.

Confession No 2. I do have about 10 sheets of Teresa Collins that I have just NOT been able to use and by the time I do get to use them I am sure they will be so old hat that no one will be interested in what I have made with them, so perhaps they should just stay in the cropper hopper to be admired :)

Angie said...

Had to drop by on the way to doing WOYWW ... love that card. As for not using things ...well some just sits there because I have forgotten it,some because I wonder why I bought it and some ...like you .. I just LOVE. I tend not to use it on things that are to be given but if I use it for a LO I still have it ....IYSWIM.

Lyn said...

tidying up - impressive - and whilst talking to the Ffroggster doubly impressive. Whilst FlyLady and I are Proud, I am still panicked. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO USE STASH????? Actually I should have whispered when I said that, just in case hubby heard. I told him that my hobby was actually just organising and stroking and buying,using is not actually a major part of it. I'm going to sit down and pour something strong. I need it.

Anonymous said...

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