Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thursday is a Workshop day in these parts and rather inevitably, we're doing Christmas cards, and for a change, we're using acetate for a feature and also coz you need to practice with it huh - not least because some of the stuff is a bit fold resistant. I encourage people to treat it very badly and force it do whatever it is they want it to do. Works a charm.
It's also a bit of a *b* to my opinion. Not because of blunt blades or anything, rather - to cut straight...true. But I've decided that might be because my cutter of choice is still a guillotine style. I cannot, for the life of me, get on with a rotary cutter - (before Paige drops off her stool in a clean faint)-I've tried, really I have. However, ultimately, I don't get on with the rotary style because I'm a short fat crafter with arms of the same proportion - with some rotary trimmers, I can't actually reach the other end of the cutting line! And I had Mr Dunnit make my work surfaces at a perfect height. For me. Which rules out the need to stand up every 5 minutes to use a rotary cutter. I am not a crafter what stands. Having looked around a few (!) desks in the past 18 weeks, I'm hoping for some sympathy with this: if it's not within reach or even within line of vision - doesn't get used. Oh yeah. Which includes cutters. And of course, half the time I spend not using something is because it's buried under the last thing I used and 'decided' not to put away because I need to keep it within reach. Following this? Oh, crafting is such a conundrum, interweb. Bet you never thought your gentle paper hobby would end up giving away character traits like idleness and require physical revelations about height and weight! I always said crafting was revealing, and not just from sneak peek to full blown project!


Emilie said...

Ah AH! after days of wondering what was going on, I can finally leave a comment! it was the other half faulse (of course!). Anyway, those cards are GORGEOUS!!! I really like the acetate one! so original!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the acetate one ... really really love it ... I did type in ya lazy tart at the end of the comment and then thought I may cause offense ... not to you ... but to the other commenters behind me ... I still had to tell you coz I thought it tres funny!

Ann said...

Love the cards and like the other commenters I also like the acetate one best. Very unusual.

Ginny said...

lol at Linda

LOVE both these cards, what folder did you use for the embossed one it's GORGEOUS, have you tried embossing the acetate? it looks FAB!!!

you are SOOOO observant, yes yesterday was a lovely sunny spring day here after soooo many days of rain. My baby boy is home tomorrow from an 8 day bivouac, hope he's not tooo waterlogged!!

Kaz said...

I so could have written that whole post you did!! Can't get on with rotaries and if I can't reach it, I use something I can!!

Love the lazy tart, that too could be said about me, and would never cause me offence.

Love the cards, have made a note to try embossing acetate. I'm nervous of acetate cards in case I leave grubby fingerprints over it. xx

Carmen Wing said...

Do you know what? I never even realised it was acetate - I thought it was a diddy card! Have just scrolled back up quickly and you'll be pleased to know you do indeed have a rather splendiforous acetate card up there! :D :D Gorgeous.

You've seen my desk - you know how lazy I am. Say no more. Except... Craig painted the back room today, I'm holding my breath that I may have an Ikea vision of loveliness for next WuhOhYuhWuhWuh! (That's what Craig calls it and it's kinda stuck now *g*)

NormaJean said...

wow julia, there beautiful and I love that ribbon you used on the 2nd one..
Hugs Normajean

Yvonne said...

LOL, you did make me laugh. I have to say i am with you, i cannot use them cutters too.
Two stunning cards, and yes that stuff is a pain in the butt to work with. But you have done a fantasic card with this. ( note to myself, use it more)
the second, stunning. Just love the embossing on this card. such a classy one too x

Paige said...

Well it's taken me all night to pick myself back up off the floor ;) funny isn't it I can't use those chopper type cutters that you love...... too afraid i'll take my fingers off i think :) my new woodware arrived yesterday and it's lovely I was so cross with myself for dropping the last one. might have to glue this one to the desk :)

Annie said...

Sat here chuckling at your blog. You lazy? Not a description I expected. I have short arms too so sympathise. Have you tried a soldering iron on acetate? Love the cards. A x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great class as always.
I hate the gulliotine, as they never cut straight for me but was brave and did try and use it in class.
Looking forward to loads more lovely cards.
Lady Nurse

Bethan said...

oh Julia you're sooo funny! they should use you instead of anti-depressants!!
N.B. the cards are great. I loked the embossed one pretty!

Susie Sugar said...

Two totally stunning deluxe cards I love them both the acetate one is really unusual and I love the bow on the other one .
I didn't think you would visit me again after my dig at you about the moomims !!! Lol
But I didn't name and shame you now did I !! Lol
I have a Tilda Halloween mini candy on my blog for the weekend I think you should be brave and enter you will love the spooky little darlings !! He he
Have a great weekend see you next Wednesday for WOYDW!!
Love Susie xx

lyn said...

Love the card and i know what you mean about acetate can be very troublesome to work with.

Chris said...

I'm so glad I came to visit you tonight... I'm actually crying with laughter here and trying to do it silently 'cos they're all engrossed in the tv! I'm also glad I took your advice to read the comments on this post, Carmen's is priceless and what a lovely and funny group of commenter's you have. I'm also the owner of short arms, not incredibly short you understand, just short for the proportions of the rest of my body, this is entirely my Mum's fault, but only gives me problems when buying coats and jumpers, not with cutters, I stand up to do that. So you see I'm not a lazy tart but this does not mean that I can cut straight, acetate or anything else! Is this because I stand up and have short arms which would be resolved by being a lazy tart and cutting sitting down (I'd happily be the lt), or does this mean that most cutters are rubbish, rotary, guillotine, the lot, I've tried 'em all. I've been known to whittle down a nice piece of 12 x 12 to unusable! Your acetate card is perfection, I must bend some soon, haven't for a while. x