Wednesday, 21 October 2009

IIWA? What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I normally manage my life reasonably well, so that I can post my WOYWW within a couple of hours of Wednesday's workday getting underway, and before I have to start clearing or changing my desk to do something else, or clear up sufficiently to be able do anything at all! Well this week so far has been one of tying up loose ends and finishing jobs that really need to be just got out of the way. So first thing today, my desk looked rather grown up: -nothing like a month end deadline; I mean this 2 page tax return has been in my 'in-tray' since April. I only admit to this because I'm big enough to know that despite wishing and sort-of-trying, I'm not going to change. Luckily, Mr Dunnit didn't marry me with a view to changing me. Or if he did, he clearly hasn't given up yet, wonderful disillusioned man that he is! Well, because the desk was all grown up and study like, I did a bit of crafting on my lap -
it's been a long time, but yep - Fimo!! I've rolled and squished and cut and shaped and cooked, so last night, I stuck on magnets. Clue! Yeah, part of my preparations for A Magnetic Year in a Day...a week on saturday people! (2 Scrap Ladies - link if you're interested). These little magnets look a bit bright and blaaaagh, but I promise, for the most part, they work pretty well with the papers that they are destined to hold in the frame. Well I think so; ask me again a week on Sunday when I've had real live other people's comments! So there's another job to be finished. Then there's the domestic neglect, and a small matter of having not done any 'real' crafting so far....I need to rectify that. I'll start by getting all inspired by your desks.
Show us - upload a pic to your blog (or email me a pic and I'll load it here)...leave a comment or link and we'll all trot round to your place for a gander. Don't tidy up, we just want to see what you're up've seen much worse over at my place! Grab a button from the side bar and add it to your blog as a gadget if you want to be identified as a WOYWW-er - it's not exclusive, and to be honest, was born entirely out of my need to gently send up the celebrity scrappers who have PERFECT work areas....but it's fun!


Annie said...

Hi Julia. I will excise you for your late blog. Tax has to come first :-) Mine was done first thing before I hoovered as you will see and although I did hoover up straight away after it looks pretty messy again as I have had a busy morning sewing. :-) A x

Kaz said...

Ooeerrr a grown up desk?? That's not good. Loving the fimo rolly bits. I'm not brave enough to tackle that.

My temporary desk is on my blog now ~{here}~

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Julia,
I was starting to wonder if it was actually Wednesday! I was worried I had missed a day :-) Well done on being good and sorting out your paperwork.
I got a bit braver this week and am showing a bit of my mess. You can see my desk here!
Have a good week!

Unknown said...

I never bring grown up stuff in my craft room ... tis far too depressing ... and trust me I have stuff that is well over due too ... I keep thinking ... tomorrow ... and so it piles up!

I am loving your Fimo rolly bits too ... I have a drawer full of the stuff and the tools and ... well that is it ... I have no real idea whether I am actually capable of such things ... Don't we all just assume we are and buy them anyway :0)

As you know My WOYWW is on my blog ... but later visitors may want a gander too ... so Here is the link

I am with you on the fun thing ... still loving it and I played so hard to get originally :0)

SueH said...

I don’t know, one week I’m here and they I go AWOL for almost a month but hopefully you’ll understand when you read my blog.

Here’s What’s on my Work Desk today.

Anne said...

Wow - very grown up desk indeed! I like the look of your glasses.

Funny, I was looking at an online craft shop last night and I SO nearly bought some Fimo - haven't played with any for years and years, and fancy having a go. Somehow I resisted though - but I'd like a closer up look at your fimo magnets one day!

You should think about getting one of those Mr Linky things for your WOYWW posts...

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only procrastinator. I think we may be able to improve slightly but if you are one you'll always be one LOL There are worse things :)
Piccy of mine on my blog now :)
Anne xx

Susie Sugar said...

What a surprise I'm here early today !!! unlike my my nickname says (my nickname is ; !!lol)
I love your fimo magnets Julia what a fab idea, I am working on some chipboard magnet kits for my shop at the moment but I've got bored so its a half done work in progress for now !!!
heres a peek on my crafty Desk
for this week
Love Susie xx

Deanne said...

Hi Julia
My craft space is on my blog :) but you already know that lol
Why dont you make a collage of your woyww then you'll have tons of inspiration :) xxx

Paige said...

I'm off now to find my camera and take a photo of the total random'ness' that is my desk this week.

Kathy said...

oh my word! what a grown-up desk top you have there today! Wonder how long that will last.....
The fimo looks fun - C-word presents in the making, perhaps?
And you're right, Wendesdays are much more fun since I found WOYWW and got the chance to nose around all your desks each week!
My pics are on my blog

Angie said...

I have blogged but no photo ...sorry

That is a depressind desk fun at all ...hate things that need to be filled in ...all those words scare me. My late husband noticed that if a pupil had a piece to play that had lots and lots of black notes on the score, they froze and couldn't play it ... yet the piece might be as easy as a scale. He called it 'Black note phobia' and use to tease me when I had forms to fill in saying I was suffering the same phobia.

I love fimo but keep forgetting about it ...used to roll it out and stamp an impression on it ...trim it and then bake it. Makes fun embelishments.

Oops ..this is a bit long and rambly.

Pam said...

Thats much too grown up!!! Here is mine. Pam

Ann said...

Like the look of the fimo with magnets on the back. I've never tried it myself though - too much like cooking for me and I'm rarely in the mood for that!
Here's my desk and I'm cheating again!

Carmen Wing said...

Oooh! Does that mean I'll get to see said magnets in real life? Can't believe how fast it's zooming round. Had such a poopy couple of weeks, hopefully by then it'll all be sorted, sort of and I will be able to relax and enjoy myself :D

A much to tidy desk at mine I'm afraid - much prefer the look of your Fimo'd one ;)

NormaJean said...

Hi Julia!! I never tried fimo but seen some really neat stuff made with it, I hate doing taxes too specially when you make a mistake and 2 years later you get this bill...yeppers I did that. Im a late today dont know why Here is my desk for this , not much

Donna said...

Hi Julia,
Love the look of your little Fimo pieces, hate the look of the paperwork! I'm so last minute too, always waiting for the reminder letter before I even think about doing something!
Anyhow, I actually had my desk on earlier this morning, so have just got in from work, and mine is HERE
Donna x

Unknown said...

I shy away from grown up stuff lol. Love your Fimo - haven't used that for years. I used to love making badges.

Susan said...

Hi all, heres my midweek desk "mess"! HERE
Love seeing everyone elses creative juices at work!
Have a good week

lyn said...

would love to send you a pic of my desk as the week started ***************** its seems its going to carry on that way and my battery has gone in my camera oh well there is always tomorrow

Chrissie said...

I really, really meant to take a picture of my desk today, I mean I really did, but ... somehow I was too busy, or too disorganised, or too something or other, but I didn't get round to it. I'll be embarrassed whenever I get round to it, because I work in the biggest pickle ever. Even if I tidy up no-one would notice as my attempts at tidying don't make a huge difference.
I did go and have my nails done today, which took a couple of hours out of my workday, but it's really no excuse.
Maybe next week!

Pam said...

Hi Julia thanks for the comments about my tidy desk - Its not normally that tidy i did take the photo 1st thing this morning before I started making the 8 cards I've nearly finished and believe me its not so tidy now. As for where am I in Wiltshire - Swindon!


Anonymous said...

yay for fimo! you NEED to make little animals from it, it's like a 'must-do' kinda thing.

NormaJean said...

Hi julia I had to laugh when you asked what them too boxes are..well see I dont put things away very good, them are dry wall screws so I could hang some stuff and only got the letter words hung. I still have a shelf and couple pictures..

Ginny said...

i got a messy one this week

Nikki said...

Hi My desk isn't that bad but it does have VERY SCARY qualities to it because of Halloween
Here's Mine
hugs Nikki

Yvonne said...

Do you know , i have totaly lost it , really i have , i have been looking at desks ...only to find i am in the wrong one ... only the 9th , lol

mThink i will go back to bed and try again ...

So all i am so sorry , i will pop on over to your blogs a little later when i catch up on a week , lol

Yvonne said...

Well went back to work , and tried again , lol

Think i have not forgot any one , lol
Go on tell me off for loosing the plot!