Monday, 16 March 2015

the Jelly Roll thing...

I've talked about my button bag before, but had a lot of questions about it after it managed to appear on my workdesk a couple weeks ago, so here's a re-cap. Treat it as a confession, a warning and advice all in one!
This is a Jelly Roll. Or rather, these are Jelly Rolls. 40 strips of fabric, 2.5" wide. I do not know why they are called Jelly Roll and I don't much care. I just accept these things. It's a nice name to go on something that never fails to look as if I should buy it and make something impressive with it. Quilters use them, strip quilts are a lot easier I would imagine, if you can cut out the erm, cutting out of the strips.

Quilting Fabric

The thing about having a sewing machine and a little bit of stitch knowledge is that whenever you and your friend visit a fabric shop, you get a twitch and feel the need to get back into sewing. And then, after you've exclaimed over how the cost of patterns and lovely fabric has changed in the twenty odd years since it was your only hobby, you buy something because you can't bear to leave it in the shop.  For 'you' gentle reader, of course I mean 'I'. And there is evidence all over this blog of this problem.  

Anyway. I was visiting our local fabric/quilty shop with a friend who was on a mission to find something specific. It was about the time that I'd taken up crochet - say a couple of years ago - and I was in that lovely phase of thinking I cold do anything. I'd seen talk of people crocheting with fabric and tshirt yarn and I wanted to have a go.
I bought a Jelly roll. Then had to cut every strip in half - much too wide. Argh, fraying. Came to terms with it. Then I armed myself with the mother sized crochet hook and started work. After four stitches, I realised I had a lot of joins to make. Cue frantic internet searching for a better way to make a join than a bleeding great knot. Sussed. It was hard work. Made my fingers ache. A lot. And the little bobbles of frayed and fraying fabric stuck to me, the chair, the carpet, the...everything.  And I lost count in the circle and so my bag is slightly lopsided.

And it needs lining, because I use it for my buttons. But that hasn't yet happened. The large plastic ziplock seems to be just the job for now. Uck, not exactly finished then. But to do that, I'd have to go to the fabric shop with an intent...and I'm scared of myself!


Sue said...

What a fab idea. I love to see things made differently to usual.

Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

Annie said...

Thanks for that Julia....I had wondered what fabric you'd used. Sounds like it was hard going on the hands for you so I doubt I will be trying it any time fast [my hands would struggle I doubt].
Annie x

Kyla said...

Ah the great jelly roll stash uncover! I only have one left now, BUT I have had it for nearly two years and its meant to be a quilt for me!! On a crotchet course in May so who knows, I could end up with a button basket too!!! Looks great, but hard work on the hands I bet.

Ohhh Snap said...

I love your button bag! It reminds me of quote I've seen often (no idea who said and too lazy to google lol). She thought she could, so she did (or something like that).

Hettie said...

Great use of the jelly roll but I think I would rather sew it than crotchet it.
Not sure why they are called jelly rolls. But there are also layer cakes (10" square) and I cannot think what the 5" squares are right now.

Krisha said...

Who could resist a jelly roll of any kind?? I have seen something like this in the States and the colors and prints draw me in......but I resist due to price sticker shock, and run for my life out the door! LOL How can fabric and patterns have gotten so expensive??

Your story of the crocheting process makes my hands ache. It might be a little wonky, but it gives it more personality, and I am sure your buttons don't mind.

lora said...

Oh, very beautiful colours of fabrics.. I wish I had any ones to make a quilts for ny grand-child, Alice, but it is impossible to get any fabrics where I live, but to order through internet shops is not what I can do even - such a stupid grand-mother.. ha-ha..
I love the project you made with your fabrics. Very good job!!

jan spencer said...

Well that's a first for me, never seen crocheting done with material, love though and the strips of fabric are gorgeous.
I had to smile as I also have things in my craft room, well house too that I couldn't live without and there they lay unused or tried once and forgotten until the next bout of tidying of drawers
Jan s

Helen said...

It sounds an awful hard job to me (but then my one crochet lesson put me off forever and that was with wool!) and you'd really not know it was crocheted from fabric.. Thanks for explaining the process. it doesn't seem very logical to call them jelly rolls so we'll just accept it as you say!!

misteejay said...

Love your button bag Julia.
My sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day in just about forever and yet I'm still tempted by lovely fabrics (bought some fat quarters on Friday - too pretty to resist).
Toni xx

Clemencia R said...

How cool is that! I love it! I always wondered what those strips of fabric where for lol I thought they were for quilting. Now I learned something new. Thanks for sharing, it looks lovely :)

famfa said...

I love it. What a clever idea. Well done for getting this far, I'm sure your buttons are very grateful.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

So.... I mean Sew.... those jelly rolls look wonderful. I can see why you don't want to leave them behind in the store and I'm not even tempted to sew. I really like your fat lopsided button bag and the fact that you muddled through and made it is even more impressive. I had a good chuckle that you said you blog is proof there is a problem. Aren't all our blogs that way?!