Friday, 9 July 2010

Actively doing nothing.

Truly I am. Rushed around like a maniac this morning doing chores and changing bed linen and domestic stuff I haven't bothered with all week. Funny how it starts to drive you mad after a a new domestic goddess some 25 years ago I assumed that it would be bliss to just let it all go! So, we had a sandwich in the shade for lunch and are now actively chasing shade around the garden. I gave in and have decided to blog before the sun creeps into this room too!
I said I'd show you some of the Papermania range that I whinged about on Wednesday. This page is from the A4 paper pad. I love the character and the lovely casual outline style of the artwork...and there are three different designs, full page like this in the pad...that's 9 out of 36 sheets that I don't know quite what to do with. I shall of course use them to write a short note on when I next have a short note to send to someone, but as A4 isn't really a big scrapbook size, even her in Britain, what's the point please?

I would cheerfully buy a separate pad of these for letter writing, but I want background, useable papers in paper craft pads.

Wait though, for I fear I haven't finished whingeing.

Here are the stamps that I think are too small. The larger one on the right is the give-away on the cover of this month's Creativity! magazine, so a bargain at £2.50. And if anyone from DO is reading - you're welcome, the advertising is free if you'll note the whinges!

Lots of you where really kind and made lots of suggestions as to how to deal with smaller stamp images. I will of course. But I want them to be bigger. They deserve to be bigger, they are lovely, fun images that so so many of us will relate to; but at this size they aren't easy to colour or read. Waste. Shame.

Anyway, I've made a couple of cards; decided I don't like the pastel-y colours in the paper pad anyway so will move on and see what else I can conjure up.

This has been a lovely holiday week for us Dunnits, and we're going to try and pack in all of the things we said we'd do but haven't, over the weekend. It should be busy then! Hope you're able to enjoy the glorious weather.


Darcy said...

I would cut out the images, including the blobby circles and stick them onto a brighter background, make a journal page with them.

Spyder said...

I, for once, am lost for words.... 'Do' really didn't this time, did they!?

Wipso said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying chasing the shade :-)
A x

Diane said...

I totally see what you mean now Julia, Lets hope that someone in the know will see and take note!

Heather x said...

yes i agree, the paper does look nice, but as you say as an A4 piece its too big a design for a card and too small for a scrapbook....will they take note do you think?
Enjoy chasing the shade hun :)
*hugs* Heather x

mckinkle said...

oh its far too exhausting chasing the shade Julia, I'd just have to stay at my desk instead!

Sounds like youve had a wonderful week of doing 'what you will'!

Keryn x

Lizzybobs said...

I think you should craft under a big brella outside with a hat on and then you can craft and be in the shade. Love that paper too but far too big - I thought I had seen some smaller but it was a while back. Thanks for commenting on my blog ((HUGS)) Liz

SDCrafts said...

I really do enjoy a trip out to The Range (as opposed to interminable online craft shopping) but I rarely buy Papermania/Do Crafts after buying a huge QVC kit in my early crafting days...not my best idea as I ended up with loads of always-coming-unstuck sticker sheets that went to the great crafting landfill heaven.

I like some of their later clear stamp sets, (the earlier wooden backed ones were dire - rubber as uncut as the unstuck aforementioned), have noticed this Born to Shop brand but, like you, A5 & A4? Duh! Don't get it at all. Could they be aiming at two camps - the crafter and the casual buyer who may think, 'oh, lovely stationery'?

As for hot weather...anyone with a neurological condition such as MS will be hiding away like me - I love to see sun, feel warm but sultry humidity is a no-no. Enjoy your weekend Julia.

Angie said...

I agree with you re the paper and the stamps ...but yes it would make such fun notepaper. Enjoy the rest of your family time.

Helen said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend. It is TOO hot! (although you may be slightly better off were you are than here in Surrey, judging by the forecast). Keep on whingeing, it's good for you, and makes great reading for us, lol.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I always get a laugh when you "whinge." I don't even know what that word means, but I know you do it well and with lots of humor (grin).

Your posts (this and previous) do give free advertising to this company, but they also further support my choice to not be much of a stamper. It sounds like this company needs to do a bit of market research. The fact they don't have any examples of the stamps tells me everything I need to know. Maybe you could write a review and send it to them!! OK, that was a joke, but it would serve them right if you sent your blog url to them.

By now you have had a fun day in the sun and are lounging around getting ready for bed. I've had a near heat stroke mowing my yard, while you tell us how cool and lovely it is there. Please, please trade weather with me. And have a lovely rest of the weekend and "holiday."

Lothian Crafts said...

The papers look lovely. You could make A4 sized cards with them. The stamps are a bit small to do that with though.

Ann said...

I quite like your card Julia, and it proves you can make something out of nothing! I'm not a fan of Do-crafts either as quality of product has always been an issue for me.
Have a great weekend - last day of sunshine today maybe ;)

Claireliz said...

Great cards Julia, hope you enjoyed your week off :D

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh yes they are too small. As you say lots of people would identify with them; the sentiments are wonderful. Perhaps you could add some colour to the pastel backgrounds?
Anne xx

Devon said...

The paper does look nice and the stamps :) I have been trying to stay out of the sun too its just way too hot. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Enfys said...

Hi Julia,
I agree with you about that range of papers, there seems to be such a lot of waste on them. They are a bit delicious though.....

Doone said...

okay, missis, I finished my personal do it for free ragdolll challenge, how about a 'Beat the Manufacturers at their A4 game' or 'What am I Supposed to Do with This? challenge.

If you send me a sheet of the paper - if you can quit your whingeing to draw breath - I'm interested to see what a bit of of origami might do?

Kathy said...

Those stamps do look fun - small is cute, but wouldn't it be good if they came in larger sizes too - a bit like being able to resize them like you can with digi images

Not that I stamp of course, so what the hell do I know

Alisonw30 said...

You could stamp them, scan the image (if you have a scanner of course lol)and enlarge on your pc like a digi stamp?

claire-bears-cards said...

I like this new range- have seen it on C&C but haven't bought any yet.

Its a bit of a bummer that you have papers you can't use- could you maybe do some kind of decoupage with the ladies and then use the rest of the paper to punch with? Just an idea lol x