Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More about interesting ol' Me

Really, there is some sparkle on this..
the horrible grey colour is the Sakura sparkly pen which is applied rather too liberally in real life. Hey ho. It's an entry for Susie & Vicki's Christmas Club challenge - girly. I kinda knew - as I'm sure you did - that whatever I did, it wasn't going to be lacy or include an image of a young girl, either in a long dress or with a ginormous head!

Anne has shared a blog award with me, and there are rules for accepting:
I have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers, write a top ten list of things that make me happy and 5 pieces of trivia about myself. There is a risk of boring you to death with these, but as they change daily, at least you get a better idea of the confused and hormonal old bag that Mr Dunnit has to live with! So currently, these 10 things make me happy - and they are not in any order:
1. My marriage
2. The story behind my new cell phone; it's almost romantic!
3. The message alert on that new phone! Great sound.
4. My daughter.
5. Being part of an extended family that still includes babies.
6. March; feels like the year really begins this month!
7. Planning for the Crop this Saturday.
8. Cooking
9. My current hair style
10. Browsing junk mail at coffee time.
And five bits of trivia:
1. I don't eat seafood (unless you count fish fingers!)
2. I can't remember the last time I wore nail varnish
3. Or earrings, actually.
4. I have 36 watches. Most of them Swatch.
5. I was born in Hong Kong.
Man I'm so interesting. Now you just know I'm going to cop out of extending this award to anyone in particular; I can't: it makes my teeth itch. Maybe I'll come up with a way to do it and pass it on late in the week. OK? And thanks Anne...am sure the money will have arrived by now!


Wipso said...

36 watches? Do they all say the same time? Do you wear them all? Why 36? Different colours, shapes and sizes to match different outfits I guess? Thats pretty impressive.
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hehe, hope it's the full amount we agreed ;) You see you so deserved it 'cos you always make me smile/laugh plus you've enabled blogging friendships to develop ;) Love the card; afraid I'll be doing an image of a girl with a ginormous head - couldn't think what else to do to make a girly one but of course now I see yours I could've concocted (?) my own boots.
BTW will be blogging something I have 'altered' LOL
Anne xxx

Vicki said...

ooh such a cute card, love the boots.
why do you have 36 watches???? i'm hoping there is a reason LOL.
have a great day xx

LadyBug said...

Ex--Cuse me!!!!!! How many watches??????? 36!!!!! come on then spill the beans about the new phone story :)

Linda Elbourne said...

How many watches ... and I did n't know you were born in Hong Kong ... not that I would for any reason :0) What is the correct term for that ... you know like ... Hong Kongish ... I know that's wrong ... but I would like to know the right ... please?

Lyn said...

HOW MANY WATCHES???? Why, please, and do you wear all of them? (one at a time, obviously.....)

Of course you must spill the story of the mobile and explain what the message tone is!

Love the card.

Handmade with Love said...

I guess you are never late then, with 36 watches there is no excuse! Whats all this about the mobie phone? Do Tell! Tracey x

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Love it! girly and glamourous!

Neenie said...

Wow! I don't know what's the strangest, owning 36 watches or knowing that you own exactly 36 watches?? You never cease to make me grin.

Very glam card, btw missus. You're going to have to fess up on the mobile story - we could all do with some almost-romance!!x

Hels Sheridan said...

Only 36 watches??? Er, how many arms have you got ROFL??? And...following on from Linda's comment...I reckon she is talking....Phoeey...oh, sorry for that...you can give me a slap if you want :O)) BTW, great card! xx

kazzells said...

Gorgeous!!! thanks for you lovely comment on my blog (Will e-mail you instuctions for treat bag, when i get a mo) thanks

Paula Gale said...

LMAO - you're mad, funny, interesting, opinionated, creative, hormonal, exotic (re the hong kong thing) and an absoloutely great time keeper (well, you should be) - but boring? NEVER!!!!

Paula x x x

Angie said...

If people can have 50 plus shoes or handbags galore ...why cant you have 36 watches . I dont but then I have 18 cats lol

Sandra said...

ok, hate to say the same as everyone else ... but .... 36 watches!LOL Mind you I can't say much .. I don't own one! LOL. Really enjoyed reading your list and knowing more about you :)

Susie Sugar said...

Super card Darling, Love those sassy boots they are fab.
Thank you for joining in Susie & Vikki's Christmas club challenge and good luck.
Love n hugs
Vikki & Susie xx