Thursday, 15 October 2009

Yesterday was fun - your desks - really, they are worth more than the cars parked outside your houses I think! It's Workshop day here in Dunnit land, thought you might like to see what's going on at the shop today. I grandly call this workshop 'Paper Engineering' - never one to miss the chance of hyperbole, it makes it sound as if you won't be able to make the cards without my superior, logical and technically attuned brain. Which as you know, couldn't really be further from the truth! The bulldog card is another version of an acetate one I did yonks ago following a Daring Cardmakers challenge. They directed me to a You Tube video showing how to do this sexy partial cutting thing on the Cuttlebug. So no, this is not original. It's a minefield of a topic, this - but is anything these days? You are certainly kidding yourself if you show your work online and then think it won't be copied (or worse, improved!). This isn't a defence for me using this idea - if it's a tutorial on You Tube, it's kind of a given that it can be shared and copied, huh. When I throw together a Workshop, it's not with 'teaching' in mind. After all, I'm not a teacher, I have no qualifications in rubber and card stock. The Workshop is a chance to pass on some researched ideas, technical stuff possibly, in an environment where other people can have a go. I think my 'job' is to do the sort of product testing and investigation and see what I can come up with. Then at a workshop, the people with no time (or inclination) to try every technique and experiment with each product can simply find out how, and possibly the best way, to use or do something. I mean, how many times have you seen a waterfall card and instructions over the last couple of years? They're everywhere. This card is part of the workshop by request - someone doesn't want the faff of looking it up and working it me, she just wants someone to show her. So I will. If she's recognised that Paper Engineering is Dunnit speak for clever scoring and folding and actually booked herself a place at the workshop!
Oh and Ann, I work downstairs. I just have a flair for photography *cough* - that wall is actually less than a foot high, so the camera angle is um..incredibly clever!
And Ginny - I KNOW how old you are, but I forgive you because I can just about believe that the Mivvi never took Australia by storm: vanilla ice cream dipped in fruit ice lolly -all on a stick. Pineapple was my fave. Some of you youungsters may remember the Split. A copy of the mivvi. This copying thing, happens everywhere!


Wipso said...

Hi Julia.I'm please to say I have emerged from under my sewing mountain. Love your blog. I love the way most craft folk are more than happy to share their ideas and rarely try to keep their ideas to themselves. All ideas are coppied and changed and, in my case, improved on regularly :-) A x

Linda Elbourne said...

I am always copying and am quite happy for peeps to do likewise. The truth is I am never quite sure how my ideas develop and I am pretty sure it is a merging of several different ideas ... that is why they all look a bit hap hazard :0)I am rubbish at giving instruction too ... so Thank heaven for the Mrs Dunnits of this world ... that is what I say!
I have no idea how to make a waterfall card ... mainly because written instruction bores me so I lose interest before I can work out where the fall bit goes :0) And I can never find anything on you tube either! Apart from Timmy of course and that is only coz he tells you exactly where to find him :0)
I LOVE that Bulldog ... is he a stamp???? If he is ... I want him!

Angie said...

Sorry for missing WOYWW ...but I have done it today. I cannot believe how much I have to catch up on with only one day of not blopping.

Love your cards especially the waterfall one. It is so hard to say who copies who ... and where copy ends and inspiration starts. I read cook books and then as I cook, ideas of things pop into my head ...thats how scrapping works too ...I read and look ... and then combinations of ideas come into my mind when I'm working ... I would never remember from whence they came. xx
ps Mivvi's ....yum...the copy act ones are not quite right.

LadyBug said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Strawberry Mivvi!!!!! yum yum! I think anyone who posts their craftiness on on-line is up for it being copied and as you say sometimes improved. it's a sharing kind of hobby though and if we were all caged about our techiques how would we ever learn something new? Off to see Angie now.....missed her yesterday :(

Carmen said...

I have noticed a lot of blogs lately with that'do not nick my ideas or I will come round and kneecap you' statement... or words to that effect, maybe I'm reading between the lines ;) And I do wonder how exactly they would ever prove that someone had nicked their ideas or even if it was nicking or just inspired by... me? I would be over the moon if someone said 'you know what? I saw this on Carmens blog and it got me thinking and this is what I came up with' How cool would that be? Unless like you say theirs was way better - then I would be a bit miffed.

I have yet to do a waterfall card. I keep meaning to, I keep bookmarking the instructions. Never yet started one. I too love your little bulldog btw :D

Debsg said...

It's ages since I've seen a waterfall card. Great work.