Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday WOYWW

Am delighted that Carmen's household also refer to this 'feature' as WuhOhIhyWuhWuh; it's pretty much called that around here too! In the car this morning, Miss Dunnit reminded me that I had to post my picture - ah, slave to a routine my child! (Not slave enough to pick up her lunch box or phone this morning though. Ooops.)

So all this chatter is by way of a put-off exercise, really this week I've excelled myself: BRACE!

Gawd, even I'm not sure how I managed to do anything on that space yesterday, but actually, I did, as I bragged about it yesterday. Interestingly, the very foreground shows a button with white polka dots on....I was testing my new Signo white pen. Because I have time to sit around doing ridiculous doodling. Perhaps it's good for my mojo. I expect the moments spent contemplating and doodling could very well be considered mojo boosters. I can then justify quite a lot of staring out of the window too! I don't know if there's anything particularly interesting on the desk..just a mess. Maybe you like the look of my smoothie - Innocent - Pineapples Bananas and Coconuts...but with a twist. I add about a third of orange juice to it; makes it slightly more fluid AND it tastes just like a mivvi. Do not leave a comment asking me what a mivvi is. I am going to assume you're all at least my age and know your ice creams.

Also in view is my little calendar...with yesterday's date and wise words on. It's an American calendar with witty and wise words from famous women (some I've never heard of), and some of them I've kept and stuck in haphazard way to the wall.....Monday's among them: "I know why women die in childbirth - it's preferable". My race ahead favourite will appear on a canvas soon, so will come back to this before too long.

Yesterday's pumpkin muffins aren't going to go in the freezer. It's hardly worth freezing what's left, so I'll just have to do some more. I am rather glad that I had the presence of mind to use a plate, otherwise you'd be looking at crumbs too, and I think the desk is bad enough as it is! I used Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman) recipe for the pumpkin puree; if I tell you that it involves an egg and a tin of evaporated milk, you'll understand......even tasteless, forced pumpkin suddenly becomes rich and lush, I can tell you!

Y'all made me laugh again, commenting over yesterday's post. The Jingle card is sooo simple it's embarrassing, alpha stamps by Hero Arts and a piece of scrapbook paper, then a line of little jingly bells. Nothing to it. Actually, that could sum up quite a lot things round here!

Come on then - show us your work surface - we don't mind if it's a desk, the floor, a lap tray, a kitchen counter sewing, cooking, paper crafting - whatever, share with us today. And comment here, link or tell us where to come for a look see. And, don't worry - tidy isn't a bad thing - it's just something I can't do!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh first to comment ;) The desk looks fine to me Julia :) I must check out the recipe for the pumpkin muffins (or does that link only refer to the puree?) I was envious for a few seconds of the view from your workdesk as I face a wall when sitting at mine but then realised if I turn my head to the right I too have a nice view :) Piccy of mine is on my blog now x

yvonne said...

HaH i have a tidy one for a change.. Only cause i had no choice, could not push any more to one side before it fell on the floor.
Anyway , there is loads of room to craft there for at least another three projects, lol

Linda Elbourne said...

"I know why women die in childbirth - it's preferable"

What a fabulous quote ... I have n't seen the others ... but I just know that is my favourite ... ever!

I don't care how simple your jingle card is ... you designed it and made it and in M&S that card would cost a good 2.50 of anybody's money ... so stop apologising ... I still LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

That Stazon ink pad is a lovely colour ... I must look out for that one.

Adding juice to a smoothie is a good idea too ... I don't really like them ... love the taste but they are always too thick and gloopy ... you may well have solved this issue for me ... they do say the simple ideas are the best!

Must go ... I have a work space to photograph ...

P.S What's a Mivvi????? ;0)

Linda Elbourne said...

PPS Do they do Strawberry ones?

Carmen said...

I, yes me, have a tidy desk today for wuhohyuhwuhwuh :D

I hate smoothies, much like Linda, like the taste but the texture makes me do a little sick. It's not nice. Strange though that I love fruit juice with bits in.

Mivvi - I thought you were doing a chavvy pronunciation of Miffy there and wondered what smoothies had to do with a cute bunny... guess I must just be soooooo young. *running away fast*

Wipso said...

Aw the memories came flooding back for me reading your blog....when pregnant with our first daughter I had cravings for strawberry mivvis and poor hubby used to have to 'get me one NOW' on many occasions....our daughter was born with the most gorgeous auburn hair...a sort of strawberry colour! My piccies were posted early morning and I'm pleased to say the 'to do' rail is reducing rather well now :-) A x

Linda Elbourne said...

My piccies are here

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree on the stazon colour, delish. oh and i'm on time this week! probably because i'm not hacking up :)

Kathy said...

Hello again - lovely to see your wonderfully busy desk. You have a great view from your window. Must check out the recipe, I don't like pumpkin but just maybe there'll be a chocolate recipe there too!

I've taken a deep breath and done my photos - you can tut-tut at the state of my desk HERE

NormaJean said...

Hi Julia, happy wednesday and love your desk this week, whats in your glass??..LOL my desk is a mess this week!!
my desk

NormaJean said...

opps guess it would help if i read better, I love smoothies, but dont get them much im addicted to the frozen coffee

airing cupboard crafts said...

Your desk looks ok to me chic lol!! LOve the quote somedays I have to say I agree with it....

Ohhh the smoothie sounds yummy. You already probably know our local Tescos has them (innocent) on offer.


Debsg said...

Your desk is reminiscent of mine normally! Mine, today, though, is totally clear!

Susie Sugar said...

Ohhhhh Julia .....muffins, smoothies yummy yummy you are making me feel very hungry tonight
I better go and get the dinner on before I start hopping round all the desks
In the mean time .........Heres what’s on my Desk/s and wall today
Back in a bit to check out all the other desks
Hugs Susie xx

Ann said...

You have a lovely view whilst working at your desk Julia. Are you on the first floor? Just looks like it from the photo angle.
The desk gives the impression you've been really industrious and all those buttons loose - ahh. I just love buttons (and ribbons!
Sadly, I'm old enough to remember Mivvi ice creams, but being the perverse person I am, I don't actually like ice cream. And smoothies? Yuk. Too thick and gloopy! A plain glass of fruit juice is much nicer ;)

LadyBug said...

agreeing with Linda there about that stazon! I haven't seen one that colour befoer!!! think it might match my hair? I have finally finished packing and just have to bake all the cup ckaes now :) I wonder how many I can eat???

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

I'm sharing!
Heres my little space
I love looking at what everyones getting up to!
Thanks for sharing!
PS - link didnt work in my first attempt - hope this one does!

Susie Sugar said...

I have just had a phone call and a message for you girls from Vikki who normally likes to join in the WOYDW fun and has some interesting photos to show us this week but is without her computer as it died this morning but all is not lost her new laptop will be set up tomorrow and she will post her photos then and hope you will come back and catch up with her, so I said I would post this comment for her
Hugs Susie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Don't worry Vikki - we'll take the pictures on any day...but hurry, being nosey means I'm impatient too and Susie says your photos are intersting and I'm fit to burst already!

my5bratz said...

my desk is STILL a

Im either too young or not British enuf for a

windows are a great thing, mine looks out over the front yard but I have the trampoline and swingset up here so I can watch DD from my desk :0)

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Julia,
I have taken the plunge and here
is my desk. I had a bit of a tidy first, maybe next week I will be brave enought to show my mess!
I love your blog and have followed you for ages! I always look forward to WOYWW :-)

Nikki said...

Here's my 1st post here and my desk .. sorry I'm late. I love looking at everyone stuff/desks and thought it only fair to post my little mess Here
Hugs Nikki

Kaz said...

I missed yesterday's post, didn't make it online so I'm now catching up.
Love the saying, and love the desk. It's good to see stuff everywhere like that, it's good for the mojo. xx

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Im Late Im Late for a very important date lol. Hi Julia im so sorry this is late but i have now uploaded my piccy, i should have titled it "ever increasing circles" as my husband has just pointed out that i have taken a good shot of his growing bald patch lol. anyway here goes my desk

Love n hugs
Vikki xx

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Hi Julia, my storage boxes alas are not leather, which is just as well because with the way i treat them i would be in serious trouble if they were. I bought a set of 3 for £2.99 in a cheap shop in town and i must confess that the one on my desk gets used as a sticking place for all the little off cuts of double sided tape which i know not what to do with once stuck to my finger lol. The new lappy is also an Acer but a much better model im told my Dave... guess ill trust him on this one lol. The broken one is only 11 mths old so will be going back to Acer to be repaired and most probably kept as an emergency spair xxxx

Hazel said...

Mine's here I'm afraid I'm pressured for time, so can't look at many today x