Thursday, 22 October 2009

What else?

So what else do you do while you're slaving over your daylight-bulb lit craft space then? I'm in a downstairs room, seperated by a doorless doorway from the lounge. During the day, when I tend to do most of my crafting, this works really well. I use the tv as a mega big radio and flick between Radio 2, 4 and 7. In the evening (when, in my opinion, Radio 7 is just the business), I generally 'listen' to the tv. I do less and less at my table in the evenings, mostly because it takes so long to cruise all the blogs! I deliberately placed the PC in a corner of my work room which means that you sit with your back to the door and therefore any view of the tv in the lounge. I cannot, just can't follow a programme properly if I don't watch it, so I don't bother trying, the lovelies call me in to watch 'important' or interesting stuff. Although Top Gear is only a favourite of mine because there's no sound I like more than hearing those two enjoy a mutual laugh. During the day though, because I'm alone, (not lonely, I must add!) if there's nothing on the radio and I plan it fairly well, I listen to a book. Recorded novels are just the best! I'm an avid reader - well I would be if I made time. But I fear reading a bit, because if it's a really good book..I read until it's finished - which causes a noticeable neglect of my house, life, cookery, bathing understand. I like a story narrated by its author too, and particulalry I like a good autobiography. Do you think anyone will ever be asked to record their blog entries? Lots of people treat them like autobiographies - if you read a good 'un, do recommend it to me. The other thing that keeps me company is silence. Sometimes I'm so engrossed that I don't notice when the CD finishes. And I certainly don't talk to myself - well not just to break the silence anyway. Oh and of course, I eat. And drink. At the work table, as WOYWW has also proven several times. So what do you do while you craft?

And forgive me for being pushy - but you may need to know - a new post over at 2 Scrap Ladies.


Ann said...

Oh Julia! Neglect of your bathing issues? Whatever next? You make me laugh out loud.
I craft in the Lounge and the TV is always on if my husband's there too as he obviously can't find the 'off'button. I'm not one for endless TV programmes and if I'm on my own I'd much rather listen to the radio or a crafting DVD - yes listen to a craft DVD - I cannot possibly take my mind off what I'm creating to look at the screen, now can I? I am also a fan of silence and am never lonely when I'm on my own, which is something Hubby cannot understand.
I've never thought of listening to a book though. Now that's a great idea and I know my local library has loads to choose from. Guess where I'll be going Saturday morning?

Carmen said...

I have the tv on during the day too - I can't see it - it's in the next room and with my viewpoint I would have to lean right back in my chair and most likely knock myself out on the dining table if I tipped to far. I just like listening to whatever is on.

Don't ever ask me to record my blog entries, gad - the thought! I sound like I've got a permanent cold and most of the time I haven't. I'm fed up of people on the phone telling me I sound awful so now I just say yeah I'm bunged up when in reality I'm fit as a fiddle.

I keep meaning to check out audio books, Ilove reading too. Keep thinking about the Harry Potter audio books because Stephen Fry reas them doesn't he? Love his voice!

LadyBug said...

I tend to do a mix of listening to my iPod or the radio, half heartly watching re-runs of CSI on the telly at the other end of the lounge room or I watch endless films on my computer which is on my desk. I'm a nightmare for trying the craft and surf the net reading blogs and messing on FaceBook.

Anonymous said...

cool! i've done the 'end of the cd' thing aswell, i have dvds on the puter to listen to, but i love to listen to qvc also!

my5bratz said...

I usually have the tv on as it's in the same room but it's usually the kids channel in an attempt to distract

and in regards to the roses...I think it's more the miser in me trying to get my money's worth...:0P lol

Angie said...

I tend to have the TV on but it has to be something boring or a rerun that I know well ... csi...murder she wrote etc ... therefore there is no need to look. Music dosent really work for me now adays ... not sure why !!!!
DD loves the audio books ...she has a 2+ hr bus journey each way and get sick reading so they are the perfect answer. Stephen Fry is apparently brilliant

Wipso said...

Good morning Julia....and it IS a good morning cos it's my birthday wahooooooooo.
When I'm sewing I have radio 2 on in the mornings and then in the afternoon I listen to music to suit my mood of the day :-)
A x

Tracy said...

I listen to the radio during the day (or iPod in the evening) in my craft room; I am on my own all day too (but like you, certainly not lonely) - however I DO have conversations with myself (a bit worrying - think its getting worse with age!!) In the evening my hubbie steals my laptop and comes to sith with me in my craft room. I've even bought him a comfy armchair so that he didn't get bum ache on a hard office chair and spend the evening whining! Even when he's with me though, I find I still talk to myself - because he can't "surf and talk"!.
Love your blog posts!

CoventryAnn said...

I craft in a corner of the kitchen,(OH is not happy with this description.. he thinks i take over the kitchen....) no TV in there, so radio 4 keeps me company (and occasionally a son or daughter)

Pam said...

I craft in what used to be our study its more a cupboard but as I always say its my cupboard funnily enough my DH said a couple of weeks ago he hates coming into it as its always so untidy (clean freek I'm afraid!!)little does he know thats why its untidy otherwise he would work out how much stash I have hidden away!! I do sometime take a few pens and stamped images or do a bit of blog hopping down to the lounge is there is something I want to watch but usually loose the plot as I become engrossed in what I'm doing!! Hugs Pam x

Darcy said...

I craft in my craft room, which was my son's bedroom till he moved out..on his heels went the furniture,wallpaper and flooring and in came my craft stuff. I do allow him home occasionally. While I am in there, the tv is on, the laptop is on, sometimes the tv is on mute and music is playing, and I may even be texting. Multi tasking to the extreme.

I blame it on a short attention span.

I also eat drink and get merry in here.

Oh and if I am feeling super energetic I put on a workout dvd,though the success or failure of that largely depends on how much craft stuff is all over the floor.