Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Seasonal Revelations

This just about qualifies as a Christmas card so am gonna sneak it under the wire for the Funky Fairies challenge this week. Under the wire because the challenge changes tomorrow. Honest, I have barely managed any crafting this week..my routine has gone to hell..and I don't seem to care - I suppose a combination of better weather and the total certainty that the holidays are definitely drawing to a close has made me all about doing other stuff. I dunno!
Fascinating about the stamps isn't it - no doubt that I use them more because they are in my line of vision..that's why I want the clear stamps in really accesible storage....will report back if I crack it!
OK, so I've thought about the seven things that I'm meant to reveal as part of the Kreativ Blogger award...don't report me for not being the Kreativ-est will ya:
1. I've got a 'thing' for polka dots. I have to will myself not to buy ridiculous stuff just because it's dotted.
2. I seem to have a 'thing' for ribbon too. I must have at least half a metre of every ribbon that shopkeeper gal keeps in stock, and that's a lorra ribbon.
3. I don't work well in pastel colours and I really wish I did.
4. Although I'm untidy when I craft (Paige has just fainted - untidy doesn't really describe it!) I'm not messy - I don't alter and paint much because I can't bear the mess .....and
5. I'm useless at waiting for things to dry. Getting better -as in, I will at least use wet stuff now, whereas previously I wouldn't, however effective!
6. I don't love my handwriting but can contrive a slight style for journalling; I am frustrated by people who won't journal by hand. Why? Really, it's none of my beeswax!
7. I would LOVE to have the job of coming up with names for colours - Bazzill and Core'dinations for example. I could do that!


Carmen said...

You so could as well. I'm terrible with wet stuff. If any one takes a closer look at anything I've made there are fingerprints all over them where I'm 'just testing' to see if I can finish playing yet or not. Even Craig says "will you just LEAVE it!" :P

I just clicked your card for a close up. I love her little starburst crown and sparkly polka dots. She is adorable!

LadyBug said...

Rolling around on the floor here!!!!!!! LOL LoVe it!!! YOu a Messy Crafter????? Never :) I to love polker dots and adore anything red/blackor white and spotty!!! have you tried the paint dabbers?? they dry really quickly! I have wetwipes at the ready everytime I ink paint or glue and I always work on a scrap piece of paper which is why I manage to not get paint everywhere.

Craftyanny said...

Hi Julia
Thanks for playing along with the Funky Fairy's this week. A fabby card!
Anne x

Crafting Joanne said...

Love your Funky Xmas card Julia!!

Thanks for joining us this week at FFC.

Joanne x

Pam said...

Oh I love dots too. MY scalloped stamp is Kaiser-AND all theirstamps come in dinky see through wallets with ringbinder holes to keep in a ringbinder-fantastic way of storing stamps!!

Pam said...

stamp storage:

Angie said...

What better weather???? We have had a week of over cast blackened skies which are followed by torrential rain ..... and this is August ??????

That is a cute fairy but ... I hope you will forgive me if I'm honest and take this in jest ... she looks a little like Dennis the Menace in Drag ! lol xxxxx

Emma said...

Fantastic card....love the fairy and sentiment.
Thanks for joining us at Funky Fairy.
Emma x

Linda Elbourne said...

Fab card!

Anonymous said...

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