Friday, 9 January 2009

New Year, time to work!

These cards are a work in progress for a workshop at my local store, Kraft Crazy in Tidworth. It'll be on Friday 23rd January, morning and evening, same workshop. We've called it 'The Clash', because I wanted to try to use colours that normally aren't used together. You won't need sunglasses, but I think they're looking pretty cheerful!
You see, that's what I do. I used to own a small stamping and papercraft shop that I called Stamping Ground. It was in the village where I (still) live and was born from my hobby/habit/passion - it seemed a very sensible name! I closed it a handful of years ago but haven't quite shaken it off - now I demonstrate and conduct workshops. So mostly I work at home and venture into other people's fab shops on a semi-regular basis. It's just a fab arrangement for me - a SAHM with something to do.


Caryn said...

Whee hee - I'm the first one to comment!! Well done on getting your blog up and running. I will be watching closley for all your ideas and inspirations!! Looking forward to seeing what these cards look like!


Anonymous said...

*waves* from down the hill. so looking forward to this Julia your work and writing is fantastic. see you at the next crop

laura xx