Thursday, 29 January 2009

My darling daughter wouldn't cross the street to get involved in anything that might lead to paper-crafting-with-mother. She says she doesn't like it and it's boring. This could be a reaction to having to come to the shop after school every day for 5 years. Or it could be because it's an area of her short life over which I have no control; how DO you force someone to cut and stick and enjoy?
One of the habits we're in at Dunnit Towers is to leave notes; usually practical ones advising one or other of us of anothers whereabouts, post-it shopping lists - you know the sort of thing. Every now and then I like to add a note to a random page in a notebook so that the user gets a little surprise, and Miss Dunnit has fallen in with the lists and notes habit without me having to manipulate her much at all.
Despite her thinking that she's not into it, every now and then when I'm out, she'll rummage around in my workroom and fiddle about with scraps and so on - often I find a paper flower with a tag or some such note - it's a great way to use up my scraps, although she does still have a huge and possibly bankruptcy inducing obsession for sellotape..... Oh gosh sorry, another digression. How nice though, to come home and find that the the packet of foam letters that were strewn all over my desk had been fashioned into an orderly and sweet message. She may not think so, but I am of the opinion that her very being shrieks creativity. Probably why she won't craft-with-mother; she doesn't want to show me up. Figure I can do that without help!


Jay said...

That's so sweet Julia.

jay670120 said...

This post has put a smile on my face ! it screams TYPICAL KIDS !!!
thanks for sharing x
x jayne x