Wednesday 27 December 2023

What's On Your your Workdesk? Wednesday 760

Posting this early early...just remembered a ridiculous appointment at the gym first thing on Wednesday morning (seemed like a good idea last week when the gym was encouraging us to 'squeeze' one session in between Christmas and New Year!)

Happy happy betwixtmas gentle desker. I very much hope that Christmas has been kind to you; I must say it seems strange to be writing this so close to Christmas, it's been a struggle to keep the days straight...I wonder if it would be kinder on brains like mine if we could make Christmas always fall on a Sunday? You know, a moveable feast like Easter. Would certainly help me!
And because in the run up to it, I was confused by the whole Christmas on a Monday thing, turned out that Christmas Eve found us ready earlier than anticipated! So, we went for a walk and then, I made a couple of scrapbook LOs! Colour you surprised? Colour ME surprised!
 So here is how it looks right now. Not too bad actually! The sheet of tissue paper with the little charms in are a Christmas Day addition, a present from Elizabeth . I love them, thank you! The worktop sides are cleared and clutter free. Although, despite what you may think, it was just untidy; I do not feel the need to have a de-clutter in order to work better. What I've got, I like! The A3 paper has been successfully homed and all is well - even a little productive! 

Now as we turn our faces to the clean slate of a new year, there is some good news and I hope, a really fab way to start your new diary....A WOYWW CROP! On the 18th May. Save the date, details of course, will follow, but the date is set, and learn more over at Sarah's blog. a>,  as she is to be our hostess. Fab, huh!

So when you've taken all that in, please remember to show us your desk, table, worktop....whatever you're doing: baking, writing thank you letters, crafting, eating, booking a holiday....please show and tell! Our last desk hop of the year. All the cliches about time passing and speed of time apply. Just in case you don't venture back this way between Wednesdays - Happy New Year to you, may it be all it promises and all that you need. 

Saturday 23 December 2023

Happy Christmas

We are safe, warm and comfortable; looking forward to having family gather at our house for 
Christmas. We know how lucky that makes us.
Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, happy Christmas. 
Peace on earth.

Friday 22 December 2023

Across the miles.

Two or three weeks ago, I mentioned that I was making Christmas cards and had added embellishments to some. Specifically, buttons. This sparked quite a few comments to remind me about the cost of postage and worse, the cost of postage for items thicker than 5mm. I know, it's not cheap and because we are all over 21, so we are all old enough to have had to absorb quite a few rises to the cost of posting anything. Everything. 
Here's the thing though. Paper crafting is my game, and more specifically, I make cards. I really like to make cards and I really, really like to make cards to send to people. I know the postage costs are dramatic, and when there are a lot of cards to post, at Christmas say, it can be prohibitive. This is how I look at it; a second class stamp is now a pound, I think. I cannot, under any circumstance, deliver a card to anywhere outside about a 20 mile radius for a pound. I hand deliver a lot. I post worldwide and nationally, with a blink or two to be sure, but I do constantly remind myself that a card posted to the USA for 3 quid is about 696 pounds and a lot of effort less than I can deliver it for. For me, this cost becomes a part of the gift of the greeting that I've made.

Now I'm not telling you this to cause controversy. Cost is a consideration for all of us, and I know that there are plenty of people who choose to make a charitable donation rather than send cards. I've never thought of this as a method to avoid postal costs, rather a generous gesture at a busy time. Giving to a charity is connecting, just as sending a card is connecting. And my word, despite differences of opinion, we need to stay connected, don't we.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 759

I've moved back into my workroom for this week's photo, the dining table surface is still erm, busy. Fortunately now, it's small piles of presents or cards, or cake, chutney and fudge to be distributed as I go out and about in the next few days. But the desk....well of course it needs a btidy. 
But before I tidy that, which really isn't too daunting, I have to tackle this...
Because I need the work surface space - to at least lean on whilst I put baskets back onto the shelves! I'm driven to distraction by the A3 paper that we need for the printer. The tray won't carry even half a ream and when it needs refilling, it somehow is never put away properly. Interesting that actually, I haven't yet got a 'proper' place for it, so putting away isn't easy anyway. Argh. I think cupboard doors would make everything look tidier but I really prefer the way it all works without. 
Now, you don't need me to tell you that this time next week it will all be over, good grief. Nevertheless, there are still days to go, so if you've time and inclination, please show what you're up to. This is scheduled because I'm out in the morning, but it won't hold me up for long. So it may be tea, not coffee, but after a marathon making stint yesterday, we have mince pies...just ask!

Wednesday 13 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 758

Well, Deskers, I've moved from my real desk to the dining table. My real desk is the usual mess and the stuff on this table is more time sensitive at this point! Mr Dunnit has employed his skill and CNC machine to do some cutting for me, and I can safely show you because these presents are destined for people who don't read this.
Some explanation first, by way of an apology for the rude words.  You know the words that are often seen on very posh craft room walls...'live love laugh', 'wish' 'dream' 'create' - well these words are the antidote and are destined to fulfill orders from my sister and one of The Coven. Nice font though!
The baked bean container in the middle of the table has a couple of gnarly old brushes and some turps in it, fresh (stinky) from the workshop. I've been painting little wooden beads with red enamel paint to decorate these chopping boards...
Next they'll need a good coating of oil (cooking), and a day or two to absorb and then they'll be ready.  Hurrah! Over the next year we're going to cut a bundle of these sort of things and I'm going to have a go at a craft stall or two. Remind me, won't you?! 
Christmas decorations are still lacking, but I'm getting on it...I cleaned like a demon yesterday so the spaces for tree and such are now ready, so the next couple days will see some sparkle.
I sincerely hope that in amongst all of the hustle there is some fun and anticipation for you, if it's too much, step back for a while, seriously, having you whole and happy is more important than having anything else. See, I may be bossy, but it's caring bossy.
Meanwhile, please show and tell, I've got marshmallows now, so you non-coffe gals are at last able to have a melty hot chocolate when you come here. 

Wednesday 6 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk. Wednesday 757

Ha, and I thought the week before went quickly, I don't think I'm keeping up. Ably illustrated by my untouched desk....
In the pursuit of using things up, I found a handful of charity christmas cards from waaaaay back. I think I always intended to add to them, so at the weekend, I had a go. You can just about make out the ingredients, blue ink, silver leaf flakes, glue pen and stencil brush. can't see the ton of patience I had to use.......
Here's the progression...
I think I should have used gold leaf, and I had definitely forgotten about stamping on coated board - it's like a pigging ice rink! The only plus is that if you do skid or slide the stamp, with a fast swish of a wet wipe, the ink will come off. Then you have to dry it. Ask me how I know. The other thing I learned is that if you want to stamp on these highly coated boards, you have to emboss the Versafine. It will dry without being embossed, but not without heat and not without the amount of heat that warps and browns. You're welcome. 

Anyway, today's a day for clearing this lot and actually writing in some of these cards, a job that, given the time to do it, I really enjoy! 
Tomorrow we're away up to Yorkshire, sadly for a funeral....that old cliche about family reunions occurring at weddings and funerals has really rung true this year for me. Anyway, all that to say that my visits may be even more sporadic than usual! 
We want to see what's going on in your world though, please!  

Wednesday 29 November 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 756

Gee whizzzzzzzz. And that's all I can say about it, last week of November already!
I made a huge mess over the weekend making up some mini scrapbook pages for adding to the album I made for my Aunt last year; we'll be going up to Yorkshire again at the end of next week and I suddenly realised I could deliver in person if I got my act together!  The greater shock for you though, gentle Desker, is that I tidied up. Properly.
And yesterday I got back at about 330 and went straight to my desk. Started stamping and embossing and putting parts together to make a few more cards, so the pic shows the colour ways and I fully intend to finish these and get my long distance greetings in the post this week. Because to be honest, next week is so busy that I won't be able to, and then it's pretty much too late isn't it.
It doesn't take much to make a mess, but it's a vaguely ordered mess. I'm using buttons! Surprising myself, but trying hard to use stuff I've got and like, and buttons are certainly in that category. The gems are exploding from their box so they're getting some use too, gotta keep them properly corralled or they end up stuck to very random things. Like sleeves, soles, the know. 
So, if you're of a mind, please join us do, the show and tell moments are cathartic. can have a cuppa to help you round. I'll let you have the favourite mug too, if you like.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 755

Well I've definitely forced more desk time out of this week, and to a greater extent, it's been productive! 
I bought this kit in September and to be honest, had almost become so used to it sitting on the worktop in my space that I could easily have stopped seeing was a bit of a tidy up that made me realise that now would be a good time to make it up. It actually contained loads of ribbon lengths that I couldn't make work, the instructions weren't very clear to me. So, out came the glue gun and I made it up from the picture on the box (at left on my desk) and by missing out the ribbons that I didn't like. Was a nice couple of hours and only two sweary moments when the glue was too hot for fat fingers! She doesn't know it yet, but this wreath is for Miss Dunnit and I shall deliver it today. Which means I'm out again, so please bear with me on the visiting front!
I'm not sure why the mouse looks drunk.. he looks more upright than that to me...wonky eyesight! He might have to be a manipulated mouse! 
So whilst I'm out by the grey blue waters of the south coast, please show and tell, you obviously are an inspiration. And not just to me.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 754

The Kathys went through my Christmas stamps and in doing so reminded me that I have some beauties. And even better for me, most of the real beauties are wood mounts. I've spent a few hours making and enjoying. The spread out pieces had glitter glue drying. It's been a couple of days now so am guessing it will all be dry.....
Before I garnered the strength to cut out more houses, I made a batch of other cards - the stack with green envelopes you can see...very simple, but I hope, effective. If I remember, I'll show a proper view of one at some point. The paper piecing was a bit tedious, but the cutting was done whilst on the phone to the many people I've been in touch with in the last ten days or so, so that part was more productive than just sitting about cutting! I shan't repeat this idea though, incredibly time consuming and as I've mentioned before, really rather heavy on the embossing powder. A lovely image though, happy to have it in my collection. Not to be doom and gloom about it all, because I love making cards, but I also realised that if I post them, they will qualify as 'large letter' which is another consideration these days, huh.
So now, please expect me when you see me; going to Portsmouth today to see my sissy. If it miraculously stays dry, it might be quite nice!  

Wednesday 8 November 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 753

Home again, jiggety jig! I've had time to tidy my desk, take stock of what I was doing and decide to carry on, which is why you see it looking a bit similar to a previous WOYWW!
Those two little packets at the top left of the glass mat are tags, kraft and white. I ordered them in a hurry and inevitably, they are smaller than I thought they'd be, but nonetheless, are going to be used! Behind them at left are two card bookmarks from English Heritage, the text says 'step into England's story' and I snaffled them from my lovely Aunt for scrapbooking purposes - when the Kathys were here we went to a few 'old' places, so I can make them work! Also while they were here, we went to the Crafters Companion shop in Evesham. They had a bargain area where returned goods are sold cheaply. I bought two stamps from that section, the first of which is at the left of my desk...some smart text about coffee. I was going to make a bunch of cards with it but I think given my tortoise like pace, I need to stay with Christmas for a while! There's a folder and a plastic box of photos next to my cutter. Freshly unpacked from my crop bag, to remind me that I need to keep up the momentum! Blimey, making myself laugh now!
Please share and show, we like it. I made a fresh batch of biscuits, so get ready for a coffee break!

Tuesday 31 October 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 752

Consider this a decoy. I'm currently in beautiful Yorkshire, on fairly short notice visit, and didn't even think about needing a desk shot when I left home! This pic isn't too old - taken when I was actually working on a LO at our crop just a fortnight ago
I've no idea how old this paper is; the gold embossed leaf pattern is actually a pumpkin shape - but if there's a photo of our daughter describing one of her many childhood Halowe'ens that isn't on a LO, I'll be very surprised. And it's probably fifteen years since any of those Hallowe'en party shenanigans took place, so I think it's safe to hide the pumpkin shape a bit and get the paper used up! So you see here the stage where I rummage through my embellishments and ephemera to see what I can use up and yet make it look like a deliberate and arty choice. *cough*.
It doesn't look very different now it's all stuck down and called finished, but I quite like it. The two beauties pictured are my neice and great neice. *cough* *again*. They are not mother and daughter. Work that out! 
So Deskers, as we turn to face November and the seasonal crafting and it's inevitable deadline, please feel free to inspire and motivate at will! I am already thinking that I'll have so much to catch up on when I get home that I'll either go into overdrive, or procrastinate even more than usual as a reaction to self implied pressure. We'll see. Meanwhile, see you at yours, I'll bring Pudding and Parkin.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 751

Well gentle desker, I've decided to share the desk I've been working at since last Friday, came home Tuesday evening. I know it's called a 'retreat', but really, it's inaccurately named. I live a charmed life and have no need to retreat from it in order to make scrapbook pages. It is however, fab to get away with girlfriends. Previous years have been no different of course: we eat, sleep late, stay up late, eat, chat, and scrapbook. But each year it's just fab. American Kathy joined us via FaceTime for an hour of chat...she got up at 5am to see our mess, imagine! 
Now, here's another version of that picture, with some's important that you see that when I'm away, I don't take up all the space!
The red area is mine. The green area is Lolly's and it was much reduced within about an hour of this photo. She has been watching organisation videos on You Tube and spent a good couple of hours sorting through her large collection of ephemera. She wasn't brutal, but my word, the logic she applied was fab. She had pre-sorted her scraps (bear in mind they are from 12 x 12 papers, largely). Anything bigger than a quarter page was sorted into colour matched bundles. Enough pieces to make a page; patterns and plains that could be used together to make a LO. Not to think too hard about it, just gather some pieces that look good together. Separate them with a sheet of copier paper or some such and then do something similar with the embellies and ephemera. So you can take 3 boxes to crop and hey presto, your scraps and older stuff are being used. Genius to me, and I shall be attempting it before I put my weekend stuff away. 
I made up a good lump of LOs and really had a great time, polishing my's one straightforward page
Hope the mojo hangs around to help during the upcoming silly season! Show and tell yourselves please, it may be a great help to me if you want to write some motivational words about getting on with the upcoming seasonal stuff. Elizabeth, hope you're benefitting from some down time. 

Wednesday 18 October 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 750

Well I'm not surprised that it's week number 750. Except of course, I am. Staggered, actually. I type the number in each week and don't really give it a lot of thought, but because the last week totally got away from me I'm actually surprised to find myself here already. If you know what I mean. I've made a big effort to have a couple of hours at my desk if I'm at home. That led me to panic start some Christmas stamping last week as you know, and this week, I've over complicated it by deciding to paper piece a significant amount of each stamped image. 
So my desk is just a mass of stamped and cut up pieces....
I used up nearly a whole pot of silver embossing powder in the preparation, so I really have to make these cards up now! I will show you, but not for a while because I'm away this weekend with the Coven for some scrapbooking and staying up late kinda fun. My desk is safe, I'll tidy a little but still leave the card fixings out. And that lovely bottle. It was Courvoisier and it came from my Papa's drinks cabinet after he died, seven years ago. It wasn't full then, and it's taken 7 years of making two or three Christmas cakes every year since to use up the brandy! Then, when the Kathys were here, we had a sandwich and a cuppa in our local tea room and admired a selection of bottles that were decorated with decoupage and had little fairy lights inside. Good idea we thought. So I didn't throw the bottle out, but knew very well that if I decorate it, it won't involve decoupage. I've actually had an idea (!), so now I just need to get around to it! I can see you rolling your 👀. That particular phrase and I are closely acquainted and so my eyes tend to auto-roll when I say it!
Show and tell please, all as absolutely inspiringly usual.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 749

Well, I've tried to rally my mojo and remind it that this is a time of year when I could well do with a lot of productivity. We'll see. The last few days, post chores, I've made a bit of an effort. In the light of having missed two consecutive crops and an upcoming scrapbooking weekend, I felt the need to make a layout or two. To see if I still could, to be honest. 
This will probably give BJ even more vapours ...I've finally done a page about last years WOYWW Crop! Underneath that are a couple of other LOs referring to other events in my life last year. In fact, I'm not sure the box of photos (just at the left by the glue) actually contains any of this year's pictures yet! After I'd taken this photo, I got a chance to get back to it, so I cleared up a little and yes, broke out the Christmas stamps. Kathy declared that I had a relatively small collection (by comparison, that is, to hers), which rather pleased me. It was also nice to go through them and both Kathy and Kathy admired stamps that I haven't used for years. So I've started with those stamps; so, far just experimenting. This photo is literally how it looks this morning..
Gosh, clearly I need coffee, seems I've got a shake on! Ah well, you get the gist! 
Show and tell then gentle Deskers, it was great to catch up with you last week. My word, my week has been a lot less out and about without my Kathys. It's not the same!

Wednesday 4 October 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 748

My Kathy friends are enduring a long journey home. I really hope it was worth the travelling; I think we've had an epic week! We've visited loads, and realised that for first time visitors to the UK who don't know it at all, working out the 'must see' and trying to squash it all in can create sensory overload ! We scheduled ourselves a desk day.

#1 Kathy started it off by going through my Christmas stamps. I'm delighted to report that she doesn't think I have that many. She found a couple that she wanted to stamp and take images home. That led to getting the versa ark and PearlEx out to colour some solid images, something I haven't done for ages. Meanwhile, I fell seamlessly into demo mode and #2 Kathy learned the art of embossing. I pottered about and made a Christmas cake. I really did! Then I remembered that my few silicone moulds were to be loaned to a friend next week, and in the best tradition of not wanting something until you haven't got it anymore, I pressed some air dry foam into can see them there, looking a bit like overworked cookie dough. It's brown air dry foam and will have to be painted before use. There's some open packets of beads at left, #2 Kathy brought them with her and we made these really cute candle decorations. It has given me hope for beading.
As I type this, we are on the second day of no Internet provision.  Virgin Media send us a text message telling us when it will be restored. And then of course, as the time passes, so they just send another one! I'm using a teeny bit of logic and thinking that if I schedule this for the latest time we've been given, then it will post at any point thereafter when the connection finally resumes.

Wednesday 27 September 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 747

Well, this couldn't be a more appropriate number for this edition of WOYWW! A great big aeroplane has brought our friend Kathy Frantz to me for a bit of anglicising! Double whammy, because she's accompanied by her friend Kathy. We have a Kathy duo in our house and we're all coping well...probably because we're all answering to all names!
So my Workdesk is a little under utilised, I've cut up some papers into pennant type strips and foiled a border around some plain Kraft tags..I'll tell you why when that plan comes to fruition, it's part of a small collaboration that may or may not come to something! 
Yesterday was meant to be a slightly slow day on our itinerary because we decided to stay local and not rush about too much. So we did stay local, and we didn't rush about, but we did wear ourselves out!

It wasn't cold, but was very windy, which is probably what kept the rain away, we felt very lucky. We have plans for another day of reasonably local exploration today. It's fun, and because both of these wonderful Kathys are crafters, we have plans that involve beads, patience, magnifiers and patience. Oh, I said that. Well, probably if it gets hard, I'll distract them into stamping and colouring in, which as you understand, is easy and therefore what I do best! 
Please show and tell as usual, and I'll get the Kathys to chime in as I work my way round to your desk!

Wednesday 20 September 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 746

Well gentle desker, I thought things were getting back to normal. And then I laughed and laughed because there is no normal is there; and for that I'm actually very grateful. This is almost a throwback post because it involves a quick story about Miss Dunnit. I couldn't convince, cajole, bribe or force her to take part in my hobbies at any point. She used to dump stuff that needed my attention on my desk, and at most, sit at my desk to wrap the odd gift. With a LOT of tape. Dear me, she was a tapester. 
Anyway, she decided she wanted to make an outfit for an upcoming wedding, and found a pattern online. As she was at home, made sense to get on with it. Good grief, downloading and printing a PDF pattern for a jacket and a pair of trousers takes time, patience, a lot of cutting and a ridiculous amount of tape! There was a magical irony about seeing her at my desk (for many hours, I might add), cutting and erm, sticking! 

I don't know how much tape she used. But it took the better part of two days to put the patterns together. I'm definitely put off the PDF method for acquiring a pattern. Mind you, how often do I make any clothes nowadays! The real bonus of her work has been that she had to tidy my desk before use..and now it's empty tidy and waiting for me to make a mess! Please share and tell..this week I'm at home and have real internet. And it's raining, so actually, some things are normal! 

Tuesday 12 September 2023

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

 OK gentle deskers, here’s another post created on my phone. We’re on our way home from the airport and because it’s nighttime there are so many road closures that it could actually take us longer from plane to house than it did to get from hotel in Mallorca to car park at Gatport Airwick. Argh.

Oh well. For the first time in seven years. I didn’t add a single stitch to my travel embroidery. You know, the one I always show you. In my slightly improved, fitter shape, we are doing much less sitting about than I remember on previous holidays. Consequently he’s less bored and on the evenings I’m too tired to do much but erm, sit about and watch the world go by. Which is a legitimate hobby, by the way!

We’ve dived and snorkelled the crystal clear waters and eaten simple food that tasted like every happy memory you’ve ever had. 

We walked ancient city walls and visited bustling markets where we wanted to buy all the oddly shaped peppers and huge tomatoes to bring home and live on. It’s been great, with a healthy dose of bad photos, mosquito bites and rough Sangria to keep it all real!
As you’ve been holding the fort and showing the things I could have been making, please keep going. Non phone blogging will resume! 

Tuesday 5 September 2023

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday

 Not only scheduled, but put together on my phone, so please forgive if there are more than normal amounts of typos and nonsense that you can’t make sense of no matter how many times you read it! Anyway, to business…

I went to the Craft for Crafters fair at Farnborough last weekend. With the majority of The Coven. It’s about an hour away and we set off to get there not long after opening. It had a decent parking arrangement and unlike in previous years, was held in a dedicated exhibition space rather than a semi permanent tent with shuttering and metal flooring. Makes a difference in weather that can’t be guaranteed! Anyway’ it’s no longer a paper craft only show, there was plenty of all sorts to look at. As you can see, I’m trying new things. I bought a box of ribbons and stuff to make a wreath. The stand holder said if I could handle a glue gun, I could do the wreath no will of course hear about it! I bought a couple of heading kits to make a bracelet and necklace….intended to be a gift at the end of November. We’ll see. This purchase is ‘hot’ off the success I had last Christmas when I made each of The Coven a beaded star to hang on their trees. And swore that I would never do beading again!  It I have a magnifying lamp now, and hope springs eternal! Lastly, I did but some stamps; used from a Stampin Up! lady and a couple of new ones from Francoise Reade for Woodware. Well, new to me. Almost every paper craft stand was loaded with stencils and mediums and tools for stencilling. Some fab samples, and an amazing example of what goes around comes around if you ask me. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve been paper crafting for more than ten or fifteen years! Brother and Cricut had huge stands, as did Janome, which had me lusting after a new sewing machine that would take me the rest of my life to learn how to use, and to pay for….!

So with an eye on all things waiting to be put away, please show and tell as normal. I’m in foreign parts with very sketchy internet at the mo, so please bear with!

Wednesday 30 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 743

Credit for this scenario goes to my lovely Sissy, who drove from her seaside home (call it my beach house, if you will) to show off her fresh and rather beautiful tan after a lovely holiday. I sat her just slightly out of the way with a coffee and tidied while she told me all about it. It was marvellous. The holiday, that is. The tidying, well, much less tedious.
 The basket is full of cards to be delivered to my friend's new shop. It's been fifteen years at least since I made cards to sell and I have no idea if they even will sell. There's a mix of styles and occasions. I'm more than happy to have them back if they don't sell, I figure that I'll know within a couple of weeks. I plan to change them quite frequently. There's four of each style, in two colours, so if any do sell, then I might be able to get a feel for popular styles. Who knows. Next to my glasses are two of the small brushes from an invaluable set that Kathy gave me -  they were in the kitchen after a hair wash, now drying nicely. Honestly, if you use ink in a direct to paper way, I can't recommend this type of brush enough, and as Kathy knows, you need at least one set. Not one brush. One set.
Here's a drawback holiday gardening, some decorating, month end and a trip coming up mean that the desk will probably stay tidy! Ridiculous! Show and tell please, all absolutely as usual!

Tuesday 22 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 742

Well, this will set you up for the day. It'll make you glad it's not yours. It'll help you to appreciate your attitude to clearing up in between things. It'll relax you when you approach your stash, knowing you can actually find something. I've just realised, I'm doing a public service! You're welcome.
This taken at about six yesterday, isn't the sunshine lovely. I had decided to start tidying up but got totally distracted. Made an ATC that I've been mulling over for a long time. Frankenstein theme. In the end, I just sat down and did it, but it's amazing how many times I thought about how hard it would be! And...I didn't think to photograph it before I put it in the envelope and trotted it to the postbox. Doh! Ah well. Then, instead of tidying up, I got stamping again...and now it's all waiting for my return for a lot of fussy cutting! The only thing that isn't in the photo that was on the desk is the empty glass that I used to hold the brushes I was using to apply Distress Oxides to the ATC. I have actually taken them to the kitchen and washed them properly already. I know, I'm untidy but not neglectful. Here's a close up of my I inability to be tidy..
Don't fret, the brush you can see was unused. Good shot of the layers though, huh. So now gentle desker, it's up to you. I will take on board your tidy and organised spaces, but I cannot make any promises...

Tuesday 15 August 2023

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 741

The work that caused a scheduled post last week has come to fruition and is causing a second scheduled post. I'm doing a lot of helping aren't I? We're off in the van to do the fitting of the windows that were In manufacturing progress last week. The lack of stew on a caused by not working very much over the last two years totally caught me out and my desk visiting did not happen. Epic fail, for which I'm sorry, because that may well be the case this week too, real work and possibly sketchy internet because of the location. Time will tell. 
Anyway, to make y'all grateful that you don't have to visit in person, I thought I'd show you the non-panoramic, panoramic view of the way I left my little workroom..
This is the 'centre' shot, the actual desk, although it's getting hard to tell apart from any other piled up space. There's a few cards waiting to go into cellophane bags and the mustaches and glasses are a NBUS set that I fancied trying whilst putting off something or other. Oh I remember, I was having a face-time with my Sissy because she felt the need to show off her high temperature, blue sky, swimming pool type holiday location, so I felt the need to treat myself to doing something for fun. Ha. Joke's on her, don't you agree?!
So, swing left..literally . My swively tractor seat means that this is at my immediate left, don't need to leave my seat...
A basket of card blanks in various sizes and a new scrapbook album, some empty 12x12 acrylic boxes and GKW else sit on top of a RUB set of drawers. The drawers hold all my clear and unmounted stamps with the exception of the top right one which is where I keep cards that I've made. Stock. Not for selling, for me to use or give away. I used to think that I could whip up a card that was personal to a recipient the day before their birthday/anniversary/cheer up need, but that was just naive. If I don't have a stock I can't cope. Actually, I can't cope anyway, but the chances are much improved by having a stash of made cards!
So, swing right. This is far enough away to require me to stand up and take a step to this worktop. But you can see, I just dump stuff on it until I can't use the die cutter anymore and it makes me want to yell at myself.
Apart from being the owner of all this lovely, gloriously disorganised stash, the really best thing about this little room is tan at one of its 3 doors leas into the rest of the house, so I can close it and no one can see what lies beyond. And out of sight means I don't have to tidy up if I don't want to! And I never do want to. Even when I tidy up.
Hope you've had a good week, please join in and link as usual. See you at yours!

Wednesday 9 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 740

I'm on a roll. Well, a stuttering one. Well, a week of doing a couple of hours at my desk nearly every day. Is that a roll? I think it qualifies.
The Versafine Clair ink pad is positively perfect for the sketchy detailed Art Impressions stamp of the teapot, they cards are spread out because it's a pigment ink and so, however fast, it needs drying time. The pink of the background stamping is a Distress Oxide called Spun Sugar which is very pale and I really wondered how anyone would use it. That is until Sally Patterson did something gorgeous and then I had to rush out and buy it! Still don't use it a lot, but love it against the white with the blue. I finished these cards after I'd taken the photo yesterday...they are not as I planned. But things morph and change when you don't actually take size and shape into account. a bit gung-ho, but it was ever thus! There's no sign of it today, but lots of you asked what the egg cup was for....well, I water colour using a water brush and a distress inks or felt tips scribbled on glass as the paint. The egg cup holds the water in which I wash the brush, so as not to run out of water in the barrel. Bit crackers, but works for me. Also scattered on the working part of the desk is a new black pigment ink pad and four new stamps, freshly tipped from their envelope. Including the Kate Crane balloon dog. It's really quite small, but will appear relatively soon, I hope! Brilliant service from Stampers Grove, a company I would not know about if it weren't for several of you WOYWW enablers!
This is a scheduled post, I may be slow to get to you (and the kettle) today, am actually working for a living today! Please link as usual for a bit of show and tell; see you later!

Wednesday 2 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 739

In order to avoid talking about a portion of photo that you can't actually see, I've focussed the camera over the *cough* most interesting section of my desk.
At left, where it looks as if it could be tidy, there's a basket of pens, so not so much of a miss if you don't see them. Of course, balanced on the basket is a bunch of cards made and finished yesterday. I used a Brayer to make a casual inky background. I almost couldn't believe it myself, even as I was actually doing it! You can just see the edges of the inking on my scrap paper, under the crabs. The crabs are waiting to be finished...slightly boy/male variety birthday cards I hope! Some of the stamps I've used in the last couple of days qualify as NBUS; I do hope Darlene will be proud! No doubt that I'm incapable of working in any way other than a mess,  but I am actually clearing up between card sets. Yesterday I had the french doors open and a gust of wind just as I was shaking embossing powder onto an image caused me to have to clear up and actually sweep the desk off with a dustpan and brush - working on a gritty surface would make my teeth itch! Made me a bit sweary for a minute too, lost quite a lot of embossing power! Please show and tell then, weather 💨 stories and all! 

Wednesday 26 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 738

Whoa, I'm obviously out of practice. 
This much mess and I've only made five cards! I did stick to the rule of scrap which is something. But I need to be more productive, this sort of mess should really not happen for a measly five cards! I shall tidy up a bit and start again later, I want to make a selection pack of maybe three each of five designs, so need to exert some discipline! On the far right you can see my medium guillotine. Seriously, medium. It's smaller than the 12" one that I use for scrapbooking, and bigger than the A5 one that I use for little cutting. I know, I can't explain it, but little cutting is a thing. When it's a scrap but use-able enough not to be thrown out, or a mount that just needs trimming. Little cutting. You can't see it, but little cutter is on the desk, under the medium cutter. Both of which are balanced badly on top the the erm, big cutter. Bet you're admiring my imagination for naming equipment, huh! There's a new pair of glasses too, readers in a stronger number. Lordy. I bought them thinking that they would just send me a random colour choice. Turned out that I didn't have to choose, the price was for five pairs in five colours. I didn't see that in the description, so clearly needed the new strength! 
Give me real strength please, show me your works and work desks, always good to see what I'm not doing! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Everything, including the untidiness, is normal!

Wednesday 19 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 737

The Jumbo jet version, eh? (737). I know, but someone was going to say it! 
Lookie lookie right here
Rather a mess, but that's not news is it; I've actually made three cards (on the right near the pink tray) and spent a happy hour yesterday doing some classic stamping and colouring in. I'm trying to always work in multiples, and also to only use scraps. It isn't laborious, but sometimes challenging to make patterns and colours work. But when I can make it work, I'm disproportionately delighted. That is entirely because if I stopped producing scraps today, I reckon I could could continue to make cards from them for at least another year. It's not a challenge I'm about to take on to be honest...every time I make a scrapbook page it produces some amount of scrap, so it's a bit of a cyclical problem. As I'm typing, I wonder if I ought to make a LLJ strip quilt style mega masterboard.  I may actually have to walk around that idea, it's not a bad one for a change! The lovely African gal and her pots are waiting to be cut out and stuck onto as yet undetermined backgrounds. I love her and her colourfulness, she cheers me.  You can't quite see my felt tips in two baskets balanced on top of one another at left, but you can I think quite clearly see the layers at right, the cards and powder tray are on top of the stamps I used, and so it goes. Probably by the time I get to the desk this afternoon, I'll be fed up and horrified by the mess and will be forced to tidy. Another cycle. Ah well, it's not hurting anyone. Although that now very flat coke might cause you to grimace. Sorry!
Share and tell then, it's high time!

Wednesday 12 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 736

Good golly Miss Desker, there's been some genuine action!
Admittedly, this scene is a few days old, but the photo is fresh! I haven't got back to my desk since making a start on a couple of ATCS to swap. (And one to replace- Helen, I've assembled the parts...) I was having a chat with LLJ which is a great way to force me to sit still and do a bit of multi tasking. Obviously Jan was doing something with yarn, she never misses an opportunity to have busy hands. We touched briefly on the fact that I have cut up a Union Jack postcard to make the ATC background for my British bulldog. Is it treason? I hope not. I shall claim it's all in the name of art. And hope theres WiFi in the Tower! I'm not being a craft slacker, I'm working away from my desk, largely in the evenings, doing the thread journal and another time waster - the NYTimes mini and full size daily crosswords. My sister and her husband do the mini everyday and we now compete over the time it takes. On days where none of the answers rely on real American knowledge, I'm pretty reasonable, but where brands, politicians and different spellings are needed...epic fails! Nice bit of brain training though. To be honest, if you wanted to help me get back to my desk, you could consider a face time conversation!
All that aside though, really enjoying your summer desks, carry on with the showing and the telling please!

Wednesday 5 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 735

Well, it's not looking overly productive because I've staged it a bit...but it has at least been prepped for use....

I cleared it of rubbish and GKW whilst cooking some supper yesterday, which revealed theses anniversary ATCs that arrived from all corners, Kelly, Neet, Susan and Elizabeth. Despite my tardiness at acknowledging, I am truly grateful that you took the time and effort...honestly June has just been such a flurry of a month that I'm still revelling in it rather than catching up. I still blame my Sissy; coming over here and requiring a stringent re-Anglicising - it was a punishing schedule! Very far left is the Order of Service from the family wedding which was one of the reasons my sister was here. Of course it's on the desk now waiting to be cut up to accompany the bazillion photos that we have amassed. So now there's cards and lovely current up-to-date scrapbooking to do....all I need is time! 
Please share and tell, help me ground myself in good crafty stuff that I can relax and enjoy!

Wednesday 28 June 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 734

In the blink of an eye my American sister is on her way home and some administrative work is suddenly in order. Thing is, I can't bring myself to do it at the desk..I was outside, trying to make the most of the weather which is clearly starting to break. It got too windy, I couldn't deal with the floating and flying paperwork, so moved to a spot in the lounge where I could keep the garden doors open. 
So, you can see the sofa and the 'fire proof' file that we keep the important stuff in, the wrinkled up tablecloth where I dropped it in a heap last night, (it's a lot of material to scrunch up) and at left you can see the basket that houses my rather neglected thread journal. We've done so much and been to so many places this month that I just haven't been able to keep up! What a great reason, huh! Then there's the box of embroidery threads, a small collection of colours by any account, I think it speaks volumes about my luke warm commitment to this particular expression of creativity! My footstool is piled up with the immediate 'to do' and a notebook for the inevitable lists, and there on the sofa is my Ma In Law's Kindle waiting for me to refill with library books. She didn't read for pleasure before we gave her a kindle and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear her talking about this change in her life, and how she sometimes can't put the book down to do chores! Wonderful things, words,  when put in a good order! 
So, now that you've seen the splendour in which I wallow for rush admin work, show me what you're working on will you may point me back to the relative sanity of my desk. Also, my Sis cleaned me out of cards that were left blank, so I have some re-stocking to do and you can be the inspiration driver!

Wednesday 21 June 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 733

Well, the lack of actual sit-at-the-desk type crafting continues here, but I am slightly, on and off-ly, employed in a crafty vein. 
In January when I was flushed with the idea of new beginnings and the thread journal and how amazing it will be to maximise my leisure time to craft in ways other than cutting and sticking, I got carried away. Surprise! I bought a big red cotton (prolly) tablecloth in the January sale at IKEA and declared that every time a guest ate at our table, they should sign the cloth with a sharpie and I would embroider over it for the posterity of 2023. 
Well, I'm delighted to tell you that after completely forgetting from January to mid May, it's now in use and operation! There will have to be some retrospective signing, but hey, nobody's perfect. I've made a wobbly start as you can see. It's a big tablecloth and boy, it's warm to sit under, so I might actually consign it to the 'winter projects' basket. *cough* (There is no basket, and if there was it would be the  'basket of procrastination' and I can't consign it to anywhere because it needs to be on the dining table for people to about about a millstone badly conceived plan!
So there we are gentle Deskers, that's me again. Still enjoying the company of my American Sissy and therefore enhanced visits to and from other fam; it's been fab and so far it's only rained at night....her re-anglicising continues apace and at this rate she'll go home with the idea that English summers are warm, bright and long! On that basis please forgive my sporadic attendance last week. I know a few of you are on holiday, hope you're having the best time! Join in if you can, show us where or what, that will be lovely.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 732

This week has been taken up with glorious weather and visits to family with family; my big sister and her husband are here from Idaho and we have done a lot of visiting!
The desk isn't quite as same old as I thought actually...look at these

Some' old' looking ephemera (freshly printed, for sure,) and facsimiles of account books printed on A5, I have no idea where they fit within my craft needs or style, but I had to have them because they were extraordinarily cheap. Likewise the roll of handmade stickers; the other roll is Washi tape postage stamps. Really nice. I got them with a very slow delivery off a website called Temu that kept bugging me on Facebook! One of those where they offer you stuff for a penny for your first purchase. It seems to sell everything, put me in mind of a dollar store or something like it. Happy with these bits and pieces....and at least while I'm too busy to be at the desk, I can be thinking about what on earth I can use them for! If you can force yourself into the house to blog, we'd love to see what you're doing and what shape your Workdesk takes in theses summer months!
Put WOYWW in your title please, makes finding the right post easier if someone's running behind (cough) and link here. Sending you ice cream and flip flop vibes...

Tuesday 6 June 2023

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 731

Gentle desker, it’s not that my desk is empty; that won’t happen unless we move. It’s just that it is completely unchanged, I haven’t so much as moved stuff a single centimetre until now. So I’m not showing you the work desk per se. Some of you will have seen on Facebook that I spent a couple of hours on Sunday sitting in the sun, catching up with my thread journal. As it’s now June and we’re half way through the year, I’m thinking this size of hoop will accommodate two yeqrs if not a third!
My not-much-younger sister is my judge on this one…every now and then she goes through it and if she can ‘see’ what the icon is meant to be, I tell her the story attached to it (by looking in the little diary I keep for this purpose.) At the beginning, I was putting the little pictures very close together for fear of not having enough room, but now they are reasonably spaced. Perspective is a huge issue, but I’m not going to consider it. My attempt at Salisbury Cathedral is almost the same size as the pair of little chicks above it. Thirty years ago when I had 20-20 vision this might have vexed me. Now, not at all!
Also this week, the happy Mail keeps me smiling, big thanks; these are from Susan and Neet, my word the ideas are just amazing. Truly, it’s not just on a Wednesday when thoughts of this community make me happy.
Now don’t faint, but this is a three-fer! I actually remembered, so am quickly going to tell you about the acrylic words that I had on my desk last week. Still there, but I have a pic of some of them by way of explanation. They’re about 4mm thick and laser cut. I buy them principally from two sources, Bramble Fox and Peartree Cutfiles. I use them for titles or additions to my scrapbook pages. Largely because I can’t bring myself to give them away on a card, but also because they aren’t always the right size for my kind of card making. In the picture, the ‘30’ set are actually mirror silver but have a protective film over them. They need a wet glue or silicone to attach, I find the silicone is better because it grabs the smooth backs better. The complicated cuts or thin, serif fonts are quite snappy, so they need reasonable storage if you end up hoarding them. Ask me how I know. I am however, over the innovation, and can use them with ease now, so you will see them on pages that I post here if you haven’t already. 
I could prolly ramble on some more, but I believe it was actually me that asked for a modicum of brevity for WOYWW posts, so that’ll be it for now. This is scheduled for reasons of ridiculously early appointments again, but it’s OK, I’m just the driver for this one, so I’ll try to log on whilst I’m waiting. Meanwhile, post and inspire please!