Wednesday 25 June 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 264

Well, in truth it's not my desk.  Its the table-cum-storage box next to my armchair in the Lounge room.  
It's seen a lot more action than my work desk this week, for sure! I am still in that phase of thinking about doing stuff, and then not having the energy to actually do it.  It's an incredible waste of time, but what can ya do?!
So there's the notepad from real work with the 'to do' list on it.  There are 25 entries and 4 ticks, so all is not quite lost!  There's the home-made crochet hook roll and inevitably, some cheerful crochet work.  Fab yarn for a simple project, very cheering.  You can just see, bottom right, where I store my scrapbooks under the wooden unit.  The barely visible white envelope is a gathering of really old photos that I go through now and then. I'm definitely in the 'scrapbooking the now' club!
Inspire, inform and fill me with beans please - show your desk, or wherever it is that you're crafting this week. It will be so nice to be at your place instead of mine!

Friday 20 June 2014

Busy doing nothing....

When you've been a bit poorly, and you're told to take it very easy for a while, do you rub your hands together in glee and think about all the blog reading, book reading, crocheting, stitching and general catching up you can do? I did.  And then I woke up in my armchair; the world is a week older and I've done absolutely nothing.  
A pre-prepared workshop card - for next week, actually.
I've done some thinking though, and I thought I'd share my thought waves.  They come in short bursts, really.

  • I should take this time to change all of our access passwords. Even though 'heartbleed' is no longer new, I kinda haven't done it yet.  And I still haven't.
  • I really need to get the window cleaner to do the insides as well. Well, he called on Wednesday and I couldn't even be bothered to open up the garage doors so he could clean the back windows, never mind talk about insides!
  • This would be a great time to prepare some workshops. I haven't thought any more about them.
  • I should really get the long list onto my desk were I can sit and work at it. Hmmmm.
  • I should blog a lot. Or at least put some articles 'in the bank' for emergencies. Well, I'm writing this.
  • I should clear out my wardrobe. I know this would really give me a buzz. No buzz yet, perhaps next week?
  • I want to consolidate and clear my craft cupboards too. Actually, I don't think I'll ever get to this.
  • I would quite like a pair of the sandal style diamante laden jellies that all the Spanish girls were wearing.  Just gotta search for 'em.
  • Doing nothing isn't so boring after all. When you really feel that nothing is the best you can do.
  • Getting back to 'normal' is the most attractive idea I've had all week.
And as it's Friday, and today was my deadline for feeling better, I'm pleased to say that I'm extending the deadline to allow for one other thing - feeling better combined with a bit of 'get up and go'.  And I can feel it, it's there - within reach.  Brace yourself!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 263

A new, improved edition that includes a photo, a short article and a Link list.  If you missed last week, well so did I.  Sorry about that.  Still, we're all still living and breathing and this is meant to be a bit of fun right? 
My desk seems to show an appropriate amount of my reflective mood.
The late Tuesday sunshine is reflecting very nicely thank you - lots of warmth into my room.  Which also means that at least to my eye, it shows how badly the windows need a good clean.  Sigh.  It also shows that even when I'm away for an extended period, my scissors are still used by someone.  See. I'm not the only one that doesn't put stuff away! The real reflection is  going on in the notebook..there are a lot of lists to be made so that some very genuine prioritising can be done.  Grown up.  Certainly.  But not as scarey grown up as the thought that one of those lists will involve Christmas Card Marathon preparations! There. I said it.
So join in with your far more exciting workspace revelations will ya?  Some of us (OK, me) need a real and vital injection of enthusiasm and inspiration...and its usually to be found at your place.

Monday 16 June 2014

Speak in Hemispheres

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, please cast your mind back...say, to mid April.  Early mornings were just - just- becoming discernibly lighter and in my neck of the woods, we were just -just-  starting to mention the pleasure of hearing the Dawn Chorus.  The wonder of Nature making the birdies happy to see in each new day that little by little was lighter, warmer and helpful to them for the raising of the sweet little ones. I should add that here in Southern England, this bucolic scene was often punctured by the sound of pouring rain. well, it would be wouldn't it, it was Spring.
Now roll forward a little to the end of May, when Spring really is required to turn into June and therefore Summer.  Hmm, by now, I'm slightly (terribly) annoyed by the birds at 4am, and even more annoyed at the rain, maybe not so persistent, but still too regular for my summer liking. 

So, in my characteristically calm and quiet way, I start to long for our break in the sun.  Where mornings are so quiet that you could sleep through them and our European neighbours are so polite that they don't mention the time of day when we finally stagger onto the patio to inspect the day.

Ah. Well, there's a problem with that. See this monumental palm?  

Planted ten years ago, the weediest in the street and the source of many poor taste jokes from drunken patio parties. Yeah, turns out that it's the noisiest tree EVER. Really. It's not an alarm clock, it isn't a disguised music speaker.  It is a real palm tree. The spikey leaf things seem to rub together and creak. And the sound they make is of....POURING rain.
And there are long hangy down seedy bits that eventually the gardens maintenance guys will cut down.  Covered in pollen enjoying Spanish bees.  Great for everyone, no doubt.  Also no doubt, they are the NOISIEST little hummers you have ever heard.
I've had my share of holidays that include repetitions of 'Una Paloma Blanca' from the hotel bar until four in the morning, I wear ear defenders when I'm erm, being helpful in the workshop...I know what real noise is.  I just didn't expect to be persued by the sound of rain. Is it my age, global warming, nature...all of the above? Do I need to permanently change hemispheres? I may give it serious consideration.  So another note for my poor Executor: absolutely under no circumstances will music at my funeral include or consist of anything that could be misconstrued as a rain maker. I will not have my guests dancing to the sound of the rain!  

Friday 13 June 2014

I'm breaking the web silence.....BOO!

*tap tap tap tap tapping*
It's me. Tapping politely on the inside of your screen. Promise not to knock any important words or silvery bits off if you let me back on.......
*tap tap tap tap tapping*
Oh, you're there. Thanks.  I've bit of an explanation to make, which if you're an erstwhile reader, you'll be quite ready for.
I'm on me holidays. Me and Mr Dunnit are in know that because I wrote about it last was intended to be a warning because for once, my posts would be light...a holiday for yourself too, gentle reader, in a way. 

Yeah well, the world had another plan. After a languorous two days of sunshine and sand, I took to feeling poorly and have spent the last five days in a really marvellous Spanish hospital, culminating in a short surgery to remove my gall bladder. Bloody thing.  You see these sort of nasty holiday realities on TV.  Believe me, I suffered the English abroad stereotype momentarily.  I'm reasonably sure that the Emergency admissions guy thought that I was your average 'sick on the beach because of alcohol and sun' type.  Fortunately, my status as a member of the European Community meant that he had to give me access to someone who knew better and from that moment, the treatment was marvellous.  Ah, Mi Dios. I'm home now...well, in my Spanish home where I was scheduled to be, and have instructions to do nothing for 48 hours...oh, OK then.  Mr Dunnit and I are happy to have a couple days of quiet together before getting on a flight home, but home will be marvellous of course. 
And......oh, don't worry, there are still stories to tell.  But there aren't many pictures of mud bathing or beautiful architecture...but there will be body parts.  Boredom when feeling better may have caused photographs of bruises.  I am still considering the implications of exposure. 

Friday 6 June 2014

I'm the 'Half-Term Whisperer'. Ahem...

A little back story...Baker Ross periodically send me some goodies from their Art and Crafts range for me to use and report on, and generally to include in my crafting stash. Nice. 

When this 'clay' arrived, I did actually think of something I could do with it, but of course, time and talent became an issue. My friend Mumof15 happened to be around and we were bemoaning the rainy half term.  And then PING! I thought of the clay and her 15 (OK, read three) boys. Perfect for a road test.

Loads to note in the packaging.. a bag full of individual colours of clay, all zip-locked for re-useability.  And absolutely no mess or filth.  21st Century,  parent approved clay!

Mumof15 said
'I am sending through some pictures of the clay.  It's fabulous, feels like foam but the texture of chewing gum!! The boys have sat for hours this afternoon playing.'
Which is why I'm the half term Whisperer, even if it is by default from Baker Ross.  If the Mumof15 hasnt squashed that rose back into a packet shaped ball, I've got some lovely gems and pearls from them too, we could bling it up a treat!

Doncha just love little hands!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 261

 Edited....prolly way too late. I'm in Southern Spain and I can see the Linky from here!  re-posting it now.  Sorry, and thank you!

Now then gentle Deskers, this photo is to be made the most of.  It is unusual, from any angle.  That is - if you are a new Desker, you should not be fooled by it, if you are a pop in and out Desker, you will have a pleasant surprise and if you are a regular Desker, you'll know something is up.  Yep, this is a staged and scheduled post from me. For today, I am traversing the continent, seeking sun and sangria.

A clear and tidy desk.  You can see the Giraffe Ribbon Storage that I've been road testing - more on that to come.  Can you just see the iPad at rest, keeping me company in my tidying tasks, and a set of Hero Arts stamps that I thought I might use...and then changed my mind because my desk was already tidy! Amuse me do, whilst I work hard in a bar trying to piggy back other people's WiFi.  Show us your workdesk will ya, and marvel that we're entering a sixth year of this blog hop!