Wednesday 30 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 704

hey and welcome. Join in with this desk viewing stuff, it’s great to see you!
Well will you look at that, a daylight photo! Yep, taken on Tuesday afternoon whilst I was applying gentle colour to a sheet of reindeer. The green strips are actually unfolded cards that I stamped with a swirly pattern in white and decided it would be prudent to let the ink dry thoroughly before folding them again. Love the SU! White ink pad but oh boy, it needs drying time and I invariably forget. That lovely orange glow n my room is caused by the orange light on a plug in heater, I don’t think the light contributes anything to the actual heat being produced, but it gives a good impression! After I’d coloured and cut out these 8mages, I stuck them on the stamped cards and they  are now drying because I added a big blob of red perfect pearls and then holographic glitter to a certain reindeer nose. Then, because I didn’t have time to start anything else, and clearing up was out of the question, I spent a few minutes cutting up foam pads. Huh?
I bought a huge roll of them and turns out that even though the backing paper is cut, the actual foam isn’t. So now and then, I take five minutes to cut a few up…much more convenient than cutting to order, that roll really gets in the way!
And then 4pm rolled around and I had to down scissors and move onto something else. This morning, I’m out and about a bit too, so please bear with, I’ll be noseying as soon as I can!

Wednesday 23 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 703

It’s not quite a ‘back to normal’ for me. You can see a tidy-ish desk, pulled forward. Yep. Later this morning, a ‘team’ are coming to fit a new patio style door.
So I’ve had to decant lots of stuff to allow the desk to be freely moved. This is the start of the end of work in this room. Proper architrave, skirting and a bit of decorating will soon be all that’s needed and I’ll be like a pig in poo! There’s also a front door going on today too, so I’m going to squirrel myself away upstairs with ironing and chores that involve checking the Christmas pressie box and bringing the list up to date and generally anything that involves staying as far from cold open doorways as possible! 
The desk shows a few more cards and a couple of packs of blanks that I was going to work with next. And a pack of gel pens that I bought whilst in York…a great souvenir! On the right on the cutter is a pot of hologram embossing powder. It’s there to remind me to order some more. It’s from Hobby Art and I just love the holographic-ness of it, so am hoping that they still do it, I think I’ve had this pot a good five years!  No other action just yet, it all depends how quickly the door is done…I’m going to ask them to do this one first, but they may have their own plan! 
Encourage me do, I’ve been away from the desk for what seems like an age. No doubt yours is in a far better state of use!

Wednesday 16 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 702

Don’t tell anyone, but Me and Mr Dunnit have run away for a few days, so I don’t have my usual Workdesk to show you. Instead, at the weekend, I kept himself company at the Joinery by making myself useful. We bought some teak patio furniture at the end of the summer (of course in an end of season sale, that’s how we roll!) and I said that before we christen it and put it on our newly completed patio, we ought to brush it with teak oil. So we had it delivered to the paint shop and I pretty much forgot about it! Colour me surprised when I suggested that I’d come and help and he mentioned the teak oil job!
Just made a start, traditional brush painting in the spray section of the shed. Another couple of years of spraying every window he makes  white and we could open a winter wonderland! This is what calendar photos for Joiners should really look like! I’m dressed carefully too, very old gear, that oil is sticky. It’s not difficult, you can tell that, but boy it got boring. I did three chairs in just over two hours. Didn’t occur to me it would take that long and was sort of wishing that I’d suggested we spray it with a shiny lacquer! Only five more chairs and a table to do. As it was cooler inside the shed than the fabulous autumn day going on outside, I think I’ll save the next session for bad weather. I know we’ll reap the benefit next spring and I’m really happy to have a table to work, eat, craft at in the outdoors, and I’m not complaining. I think what I’m really saying is that when I suggested that we coat it all in oil, I really meant ‘he’. Epic backfire!
Come on then, inspire me to tidy up and get back to my favourite desk, it’s not as if I haven’t things to be done in the Christmas department!
Show and tell please!

Wednesday 9 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 701

Well, here we go Gentle Deskers, into the seven hundreds! 
I’m doing the five minutes here and there thing, the use up odd card sizes thing, the use up odd numbers of card thing, and the use stamps you really like thing. It’s not hard but oh boy, it makes a mess! 
I stamped the folksy Christmas tree on to the last 6 of the skinny pearly cream cards whilst I was waiting for my very s l o w PC to gather itself this morning. I did PC work, a couple of chores and went out for some exercise. Coloured the trees whilst munching my lunch and stamped the images on the purple card. I’ve had to think hard about these images, I stamped some in black on white card at the weekend and spent quite some time colouring a few of them. They didn’t work for me, ended up looking like 3 Kings dressed in patchwork quilts, so am keeping it relatively simple at the mo. Whilst waiting for our supper to cook last night, I coloured them despite thinking initially that I wouldn’t. I hope all of this gives you a slight understanding of how my desk gets so untidy and how my mind is erm, working! The coffee is going down nicely this morning, but it’s still too cold and dark to sit about colouring, so I’ll just look forward to seeing your desks for now!

Wednesday 2 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 700

700! I mean really, seven hundred! Congratulations to you dear Desker friends, you are amazing.I know that there are times when you have to come and go, that Wednesdays aren’t always convenient, that sometimes you (think) you’ve nothing to talk about (you always have, by the way) or that you’re simply sick of this blog. No blame, no fault, this is an entirely flexible place. It has always been and remains a meeting of minds, a safe place for connection and I’m delighted to say, somewhere where friendships are forged. I’ll carry on if you will.
I mean, look at the desk, there’s always something silly to say….
Taken yesterday after a couple of hours of colouring in. I found some unfinished Christmas cards whilst clearing up a bit at the weekend and so set to. I had also finished a bunch of inserts for some other Christmas cards I made last week. Finished off the tape in the ATG gun whilst doing so, so I switched immediately to the roll of double sided tape. Not because I don’t have another ATG roll, but because I know that the battle of re-loading would cause me to waste time and I wanted creative production, not using my time for maintenance. It has a logic, however skewed! See my faded desk bin has become a notice board  - LLJ will laugh but it holds the first of many lists that are likely to be needed as ‘the season’ intensifies on my desk! These dark afternoons are already getting on my nerves, I shall switch my day about a bit and may not comment till afternoons now…because I can’t work at the desk in false light, my eyesight just isn’t up to it! I don’t blame 13.46 years of WOYWW particularly, but am pretty sure my Mama would blame reading under the covers by torchlight and crafting into the small hours when my eyes were up to it. Don’t we take youth for granted! 
Set me a fine example then, share your desk on this 700th week please!