Wednesday 31 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 691

Last Wednesday, I spent the day at a Stampin Up! a summer party. It was fun, made cards designed and kitted by other attendees, went to a pub for lunch, bought some retired stuff and saw some new stuff. The stack of cards on the left are all packs of Hero Arts blanks - some beautiful textures and colours. The teacups are resting on one such blank. Not sure if you can see the texture of the card, it’s so pretty. This card was going to be for a Ruby wedding anniversary, but I couldn’t make it go anywhere. So I made something else, on top of all this paraphernalia. So much for that. I needed it for last weekend so you can see why it’s still there, I need a fresh start with it but am not ready to part with the original idea. Can you imagine being so craft stubborn with YOURSELF? Argh. Above that, in navy and white is a folded/collapsed pyramid card which I didn’t finish the other day. I intend to, especially as those that have since finished theirs have posted them and they are really lovely. No pressure there then. 
No pressure here, please report in, show us your Workdesk and what you’re doing. School re-starts here this week, I hope it’s not stressful or germ ridden for those of you that have to go in!  

Wednesday 24 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 690

I found a pack of crown shaped cards and immediately felt the need for some bright colours and Janet Klein. So I actually tidied my desk, put stuff away and gave myself a clean Workdesk to start on. I haven’t finished with this pack of cards so I haven’t tidied up yet. Of course. The blending brushes are out in force and for a change, so far, only one pair of scissors! The mug is nearly empty, it was coffee. Can you see a pattern in the bottom right of the window? I was looking at the desk trying to work out which stencil was reflected in the glass. But it’s actually not a reflection, stupid woman that I am…it’s the bottom of a screen leaning against the fence! Good grief. 
Join me do, in the great show and tell, it may take a while to get round but hey, it’s lovely to be allowed to gaze at your desk, thank you!

A Desker friend, Jo Pritchard, has died. She had been very poorly and receiving palliative care for some weeks. Her blog, JozArt (no longer accessible) was a treasure trove of paper and mixed media crafting. Her style was unique and eclectic. We met at a Crop and she was exactly as you thought she’d be - warm, generous and fun. She managed to get WOYWW a mention on local BBC radio once, by ringing in to talk about hobbies! At some point she gave up paper crafting and went back to her first love, fabrics, quilting and soft media. What a skilled woman she was. I didn’t know her terribly well, but no doubt that my life is the richer for her having passed through it, I’m grateful for that. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Let’s talk about THE CROP

Cindy and I are retired. But it’s taken nearly two weeks of texting ‘is now a good time’ to return her call. Don’t ever let it be said that retirement is any sort of a soft option, although I do admit that because there’s tomorrow, it has improved my procrastination techniques for things like housework and weeding. Anyway, I digress enormously. Surprise.
Cindy wanted to chat a bit about THE CROP. Aha, can’t wait. What else can I tell you? Well, at this point, I need to tell you that we certainly could do with hearing from you if you intend to come. I hate to say that you have to commit, but of course, there is a minimum number of Deskers required to make the hall hire and lunch costs viable. I’m sure you understand. 
It’s on Saturday October 1st in Radbrook, Shrewsbury. There’s a page about it, click on the link just below this blog’s header. 
Not quite a diversionary picture. 
These acrylic 12 x 12 paper racks, (ex Shopkeeper Gal’s).
£10 each, Icould probably get three in the car to bring to Crop if anyone would like one? 

Here’s some housekeeping…..
We really need to know about food allergies and vegetarian and vegan preferences. This isn’t a thrown together event you know! If there is anyone who is Gluten free, would you consider bringing a cake to share please? Thanks!

I will be staying overnight on Friday and will have my car, so can collect from Shrewsbury station if that will help you. If the train is part of your plan, let me know the time of your arrival once you’ve booked. 

At the last crop, for the tenth anniversary, Twiglet came up with a quiz…it was hilarious. Would anyone like to try to produce another?

Standby also, there’s a couple of challenges to make you visit your desk too, we’ll give info when we know how many are coming. There will be time, don’t worry!

Wednesday 17 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 689

Well, someone broke the weather! It rained, as if it was trying to be epic. But, the dust settled, the smell was lovely and while I was out and about not one person has complained about being too hot, so it’s all good! As you can see from the picture, I’m finding a use for my desk….
There’s so much going on that even I’ve forgotten which layer is for which ‘project’! I was making ladybird cards last week, and on top of that layer and at centre front is a sort of shiny ATC that is also a work in progress. It involved using an alphabet set which it turns out, I hadn’t used before and so you can see the little wooden pegs strewn about whilst I sat and stuck the rubbery letters onto the pegs. At first, I did think of only doing the letters I needed for this particular job, but really, that is a step too far, even for me! At the back of the desk is a bag of badge fixings and next to that my lovely box what Debbie made for me to store blank ATCs. Blooming lovely useful thing that. You get a good view of the tools used on the patio too, now finished but for ‘grouting’ which I have to say, is tedious and fiddly, just as it is in regular sized tiling. And of course, needs to be done in dry weather. So we’ll see how long that has to take now! 
I’m off to see a Grayson Perry exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral this morning, so please bear with on the visiting front. Please don’t use it as a reason not to join in though, I need to see you’re finding stuff to do!

Wednesday 10 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 688

I’ve moved on from cherries. Now I’m playing with Ladybirds. Also new stash, the ladybird punch.
I confess that when it arrived, I’d forgotten why I ordered it. Yes it’s cute, but generally I don’t do much cute. However, it may well have been as part of an attempt to use up scrap. I like to think so. Although, like the cherries, my goodness, they don’t use up a lot per punching! It doesn’t matter, it’s all useful making. As you can see, I’m back in the kitchen, and the not tidying up of the desk top persists. I was in Costco on Sunday (the air con was rather nice) and the box of pastel felt tips fell into the huge trolley. Everything else I bought was on the list. Call it a pay off for doing a shopping run on a day when I think half of the population of Southampton had decided to go there too. Mind you, the longest and most persistent queues were for the petrol….20p PER LITRE cheaper than the high street. That’s quite significant isn’t it.  Anyway, I haven’t tried the felt tips, nor have I seen them before. But like a lot of things, once you’ve seen something, then you see them everywhere don’t you….I looked them in the eye in Tesco yesterday. I took it as a sign that I was meant to have them. Obv. 
The summer temperatures will probably mean I don’t sit at my desk for a couple of days now; I’ll probably be back to gentle stitching of the embroidery while I chase shade around mine or some one else’s garden. I know it’s hot and a lot of people can’t cope and it’s causing a lot of problems, but ah, I do love it. Just please take care of yourselves! Go on then, before you check out the ice tray in the freezer, link up so we can see how cool you are!

Wednesday 3 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 687

I spent some time last week tidying including de-gritting the workroom. As I’ve mentioned, we’re now laying a new patio and my goodness, I did not account for quite how much grit and sand and general filth it would cause. The workroom has a door from house-to-garage and a door from house-to-garden and so we use it as the route for anything that needs to go from front to back because otherwise it has to come through the lounge and dining room! Anyway, I cleaned and tidied and moved the desk back into the workroom. 
I’m using new stash. Just playing positively at the mo, (which means that I’m making stuff so that I don’t feel I’m wasting valuable time…it’s a curse.)  I’ll make multiples of the designs I like and squirrel them away. I like to give a bunch of useful cards at Christmas to people who I seek regular services from during the year and as hostess gifts if we are invited…I don’t know if they are ever used, but it avoids awkwardness when it’s just a bunch of cards that can be used or passed on! 
Loved seeing everything last week, please carry on, or join us for the first time, or dip in and out as you wish!