Wednesday 29 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday (69)

Oh my giddy's not getting any better chez Dunnit! Wipso and Twiglet will be having the vapours and Elizabeth will be trying hard to think of any positive to excuse my mess!

I photographed this on Tuesday as soon as I got home from work. Then I went to my sweet in-laws for a lovely tea, and since then, I've moved the box of Copics - and thereby created loads more space *cough* and made another card or two. It's all good.
See I've re-loaded the ATG monster? well, for the curious amongst you - I weighed it. Fully loaded it weighs 480 grams...just a wisp shy of 1lb. It's kinda top heavy so the weight isn't in the grip and because it works by pulling the trigger it's no harder or easier to use at this newly loaded heavier weight than it is at any other stage really. Anyone else agree?
See I've also progressed to storing my cut'n'dry foams in a separate pot - I tell you, I am seriously joining the big girl crafters! I think the other only interesting thing about this shot is that it really gives away my right handed gene! I'm going to award myself a 9/10 on the scale that Kate keeps - because I think there's still a bit of room to trash!

Right then - show off a bit - upload a photo of your desk to your blog and come on and link it here. It is a great opportunity to 'pimp' your blog, and we all love visitors and comments - well I do! The only membership card is the button you can pick off here and you don't get a might pick up some customers but mostly and more importantly, you're likely to stumble on a friend. This blogging thing. Shocking good!

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Long Autumnal shadows and crisp air and a Michaelmas Fair in the best tradition - doing what we English are pretty good at really. This was a great photo op and I took some terrible ones...especially as Miss Dunnit and her Godbrother weren't happy about being photographed on the rides. Sometimes your kids just can't get over being grown up can they!

I've found the colours on these lovely gaudy horses a great kick off point actually, and am feeling happily autumnal. Isn't funny how you do and don't notice things, and how some things influence you. I pointed a an Acer or Maple (I dunno) to a friend of mine yesterday that is already a stunning red gold. It's young, but been on 'our route' for a few years. She'd never noticed it, but is revelling in her discovery. She pointed out to me that since Autumn arrived, I've been wearing more red. I hadn't noticed. But I like the idea that even subliminally, I'm copying a greater force. Gold and yellow don't suit me, otherwise I'd probably be looking even more like the hedge that I usually drag myself through! I have to examine my winter wardrobe - this work thing means that jeans and sweatshirts won't really cut it - eight years of comfort clothes people - aaagh to that change! One thing for sure though, I'm going to try and build in some other colours - they cheer me and hey - if the horses can look gaudy for autumn....!

Sunday 26 September 2010

Here's another couple from the TH style workshop. Do you know that in the evening's repeat workshop it went so smoothly and people were so complimentary about the cards that I ended up keeping my head down and being quiet, humble and behaving entirely uncharacteristically. You see, it suddenly occurred to me whilst I was bathing in Tim Holtz's reflection, that they might ask me to come up with another workshop along the same lines.

And some people know how hard I made this workshop. Ah, so it's all over now; the new schedule is filled with autumn and Christmas and things that I thought at the time would be safe for me to do and you, dear interweb, to read about. No doubt that time will tell.

Friday 24 September 2010

Click heavy!

This is one of the Holtzian cards I talked about yesterday. And several times in the preceeding weeks!!

I have an online friend (yes I do) who works for a charity called The Project Group. They support and offer all the know how for people with mental illnesses or challenges. Their income comes from the crafts they do - almost entirely by recycling other materials. Felted goods, jewellery, cards, handbags - you name it. They are currently in a public competition and the prize of £10,000 will be awarded by public vote. Yep, this is where you guys come in.

Given that we all acknowledge the 'therapy' that our crafting brings us, I feel we who are well enough to make and do on a daily basis without fear or strain have an affinity with groups that promote this sort of work for the good of our mental health. I wonder if you'd join me and vote for The Project Group? Here's how:
- click on Future Friendly Awards
- the 5 shortlisted projects will appear. The Project Group is right at the bottom
- click on "view more info" next to the Project Group
- click on vote
There is no doubt that the other charities are equally worthy - but The Project Group is the one in this instance, and I hope you agree.

Meanwhile, back at my desk, I had an email from 3M about some stuff on sale and the ATG monster gun is among them....worth a look if you've had ATG envy.....

Y'all have a nice weekend.

Thursday 23 September 2010

The lid goes back on that box of about 10 o,clock tonight. Remind me at some stage huh - like every time I mention some workshop plans! This morning was the erm, *cough* 'unveiling' of the Holtz style workshop that I cheekily called Jul!a Holtz on the schedule. I can't show you pictures yet because the cards are at the shop, waiting for tonight's repeat workshop. However, I can already report the following

* I ended up making the cards in a sort of 'poop or get off the pot' mood - I just did 'em after ages of agonising and thinking about 'em. You heard about that. Sorry. I cannot say they benefitted from this approach, but they were done. Just in time.
*This morning we launched ourselves at them and concluded that one of the reasons I'm not great on the overall style is that it's so messy! I know - I get the irony, it's coming at me in shovel loads.
*I'm also, it turns out, a bit impatient with sponging and layering of colours. I think in terms of card making, I'm a simple soul and I don't really get it.
*And that impatience only seems to occur with this style; for that's the other thing - it all takes too long!

So, if you're chuckling over my Holtzian inadequacies, don't worry, I'm alright with it - after all, you can't say I don't love it - I just don't seem to be able to do it. And if you should happen to be Tim Holtz and you're reading this (!) - don't worry chum, you're job and reputation are as safe as the safest thing in my box! It's a big old box, and before I put the lid on it, I'll rummage around and see if there's anything else for me to try.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 68!

TRACE DEE - read the post below this one!!
Every week since the 'anniversary' I've typed the week number into the title and shake my head in wonder...any time y'all start to get bored, just say the word...I'm sure there's another useless acronym type blog hop waiting around! For variety and some attempt at even-ness in commenting, the last two weeks I started looking at desks from the highest number back. But because of oh,I don't know, everything else, there are about a dozen people in the middle 80s I didn't get to. Sorry! Please please don't let me have missed anything though, I will be kicking

So, as I may have warned in yesterday's post, my desk is a bit of a shambles again. It is however, very , very much tidier than it was at about 10.30 last night. Then I had a hissy fit because stuff kept falling on the floor. So I gave in and tidied up. So what you see is the detritus of maybe the last hour of trying. And I mean trying! My die cutting section is a little improved..but nothing has yet been put away...but then I am raking through it every five minutes, so that would be a bit counter productive, eh?!

I thought Siobhan's idea worked well last week - make a mental note of your Mr Linky number and when you comment on other's desks, add your number to your comment and visits can be reciprocated. And also, a silent three cheers for Mr Linky...amazing the technology that strangers make available for free AND make it so simple that even I can use it. Loving the Linky meister!

So then - show off or confess, whatever your desk style; we'd love you to join this big old blog hop. Not many rules, no membership necessary, dip in and out as and when you can, but know that you'll make some friends; Wednesdays are a very inclusive day in this portion of the ether! Add your pics to your blog, link it here and we'll swing by to rummage and comment over what you've got and what you're doing. Doesn't have to be paper crafting....there's a lot of knitters and sewers out there, and wine makers and oh I don't know, just load up and share please!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Stop Press....Ally Pally tickets...

Shopkeeper Gal had to re-draw the 'prize' - the original recipient is unable to take up the offer; something even fabbier had come up in the meantime and of course, it was meant to be a surprise. Oops!

So if it's not too late - Trace Dee - if you want the Ally Pally tickets - they're yours. In view of the time involved, suggest you ring Shopkeeper Gal at Kraft Crazy 01980 844010 as soon as you can. I can't find a place via your blog to email you, so I hope you're browsing at some stage!

This brings to two the number of pictureless posts I've ever done I think. And both onthe same day. How very un- imaginative I am!

I think it's as far as Plan C....

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A plan is typically any procedure used to achieve an objective. It is a set of intended actions, through which one expects to achieve a goal.
Plans can be formal or informal:
In most cases, the absence of a well-laid plan can have adverse effects: for example, a non-robust project plan can cost the organization time and money.[1]
Informal or ad-hoc plans are created by individuals in all of their pursuits.

I've got a kerjillion things to do. My mind fizzes when I think about it all. It's all the fun stuff that happens in between work too, so that makes it a pleasant fizzy, at least. But I cannot deny that it's taking the sort of organisation and planning that I usually only apply to my real life. And that's why I'm already on Plan C. Plan A (last Friday's idea) - get home early from work on Friday, rush around and get a head start on the chores, including clearing up workroom ready for a major 'session' . Pieces started to fall off the plan when I left work late, and then Mr D voted for a movie and a take away and a beer. So you know....I spent Saturday on Plan A. Sunday was for executing the excellent Plan B. Rubbish weather and chores done - Plan B was to sit at desk and create a minimum number of cards towards workshops and Marathon. So you know....the weather wasn't so bad and I was enticed to the Farmer's Market. And then a large bacon butty and a domestic planning meeting that needed internet browsing and costings. That was it then. Monday dawns; so does Plan C - this time a week long plan - to make up for lost time and not panic. Stay focused, stay at home and stay on target. So last night I made ONE (count 1, uno, un, one 1) card and this morning over my muesli, I remade it because it was pants. Colour is such an issue in the dark, even with a daylight bulb or two! So I'm off now, and will create, just as soon as the shopping and tea is sorted. Stand by. I think this whole post may just be a warning. About the danger of making plans. And the possibility of a really shocking desk tomorrow morning. You might want to get some rose tinted glasses.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Picture heavy!

Take a sketch that speaks to you from Kathy's amazing blog sketch file - this is from April.
Gawd that's a big copy! Anyway, choose the sketch and make four cards from it, to demonstrate at a workshop just how versatile sketches can be and how they just give you a jump off point and often, masses of inspiration for making a handful of cards. I find Kathy's stuff particularly amazing because the gals that she picked to demonstrate her sketches are so different in styles, a real bunch of skills at work. Again anyway, here are the cards I made. I promised Kathy, so if you're bored rigid, you can skip to the text!

Now, they're very different but they all have elements of the original sketch - 2 main focus points, the strawberries have a scalloped edge instead of ribbon, the bird has a branch instead of an actual backing get it. Hope you like them Kathy. And Heidi - the bird is foiled too - am loving the stuff - how're you getting on?

I must also say that I've asked Shopkeeper Gal to decide about the AlPalace tickets, so will let you know as soon as she has done that. Neither of us can go ourselves, although honestly, we don't do too badly for perusing and scrutinising products etc together...honestly it took us over 3 hours last Thursday between magazines and catalogues to come up with 8 or 9 workshop subjects!
And very lastly, it was Kate, fellow WOYWWer and fellow Wiltshire dweller who I met on Wednesday last. It was lovely - we had lunch and a long chat; Kate and I even managed to talk about Distress Inks without sending her sister to sleep. She agrees with me about them, and I shall compose a post about that subject one day.
But this is not that day. This is the day that I cave in and consider the whole internet grocery shopping experience in terms of convenience - anyone got any horror stories?!

Friday 17 September 2010

Always time for a quickie

This is going to be a relatively short post. A quickie. Yep, that's what the title refers to...did you rush over to see?!!
Recognise this pic? - it's an aerial view of Alexandra Palace. Next weekend (25th and 26th) is the big old stamping and scrapbook show there and I understand it's fab. Well, how's this for fab - a customer won a pair of weekend pass tickets. She cannot go, and so gave the tickets to Shopkeeper Gal, who suggested that rather than see them languish unused, she could give them away with a bit of help from this blog. Oh certainly. So, if you'd like to be in with a chance to win a pair of weekend passes, get your name on the comments list a bit quick. Oh, and answer this question: why doesn't Shopkeeper Gal do more of her own wonderful style card workshops? No, I dunno either.
She'll pick or draw, I dunno, but I'll let you know and put you in touch with each other.
Nota Bene: this is a sort of sponsored give away, but not a dating service. I thank you.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

67 What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Considering it doesn't look so bad, I must say it's felt as though I've been working in a real jumble this week. You will see for modesty's sake I've draped some lace over the phallic symbol - or ATG tape gun, whichever occurs to you first! My notebook has been doubly employed a stamping surface for reasons I cannot really account for, and I think the rest of the stuff is self explanatory. And just in case you think I am actually working tidy - get an eyeful of my cuttlebug 'section' - immediately to the left of my desk. S H A M BL E S. Can't find a thing, die storage driving me loopy. But it's OK. I'm finishing work at lunch time today so I can whip over to Tidworth to meet a fellow WOYWWer - how fab is that! And then when I get home, I'll spend a little tidy up time on this section so I can start again as soon as!

Please show your work space and what you're up to....we love seeing it. Post a pic on your blog, come back here and add your link to the ever helpful Mr Linky. Lots of people visit lots of people, some people will visit everyone, some in one day, others over a bunch of days. No matter - this is about the showing, the sharing and the visiting. Because of the numbers involved, a lot of you return the visits that others make to you. Piddawinkle suggests that it would be so much easier to do this if you include your Linky number with the comment as you leave one. Make it a lot easier to track down those of you who use a blog name and have divulged your 'real' name. Good idea huh. Now all you have to do is to remember to do it!

Monday 13 September 2010

Learning something new...

This picture shows Mr Dunnit using his phone to capture the view from the board walk part of of our recent long weekend destination. Until we returned and he uploaded his pics, I had no idea that he had started to take so many - it's usually left to me, or probably more likely, I take 'em so I don't have to be in them. Alarmingly, he seems to have taken several shots of me in moments of unguarded, non-photogenic candid-ness. Nothing saucy or naughty, more grim and ghastly. Half asleep by the pool, standing in the only breezy spot so the wind could billow my dress and make me look twice as know the ones. And more alarming still - he likes them. He says they're 'me'. So of course, I've learned that I perceive myself as looking very different from the middle aged, quite wrinkly eyed blob with bad holiday hair that he captured. Shocker.
I have another. Shocker, that is. I picked up some new bits and pieces from the shop on Saturday, including some gorgeous pearlescent cardstock in a 12" pad. Some ribbon. And maybe a stamp or two because I can't help myself. This new stuff has been on my desk since I had free time yesterday and I've used, or broken into all of it already. I am totally inspired by new stuff. I do return to old faves, because I can't have a bunch of new stamps every week, really. I mean, the kid still need shoes, so I have to be a little bit disciplined with the housekeeping money! I've just finished my tour of the record number of WOYWWs and am driven green by the number of neat and tidy desks showing off new stuff. Indeed, am off to do some shopping after this because I have a sudden yearning. Funny isn't it, that I delude myself about the way I look (until someone shows me a picture), but I'm under no such delusions about my crafting life and habits. It's a very singular habit (ok, selfish) and of course, it satisfies the shopping gene, but the part I've learned is that I don't share it at it because I can share here in the bosom of people who actually get it? Something Mr D will learn at the end of our long and successful marriage - ignorance truly was bliss. And that will be another day not wasted!

Saturday 11 September 2010

An explanation.

A quick post to satisfy a few interested questions about the card I posted on Thursday. I made it with this dotted stem stamp, by Magenta. I believe that it's available through Artemio too.
I used a 1.5" diameter circle punch too - to punch a disk to use as a mask for the centre of the wreath. Then you just fiddle about with colours for about ten minutes, settle on one and go for it! It is SO much easier if you can temporarily stick the mask down. Also as you can see, vary the height of the image as you stamp it, don't overlap them too much, re-ink the stamp each time, move the card around and stamp each image vertically too - this way you don't end up with a swirl effect. Then lift the mask off and blob glitter glue around the inside circle to hide the stem edges. Then add the ribbon - after the glitter glue has dried! Easier to do than type about!
One of my most used and beloved stamps this, so am very happy that a few of you liked the card. Would look great in autumnal thanksgiving colours too, huh. If you have trouble getting it and can't live without it, I know Shopkeeper Gal will mail order it to you - give her a ring - 01980 844010.

Friday 10 September 2010

It's all about proportion!

This is my kinda proportion! Miss Dunnit gets a Diet Coke thinking of a nice long glass with a whole bottle full poured over ice; and indeed, that is how it was. Lovely. But just look at my half finished gin and tonic - it's in a goldfish bowl on a stem! Oh my, the thought of that dry and slightly fizzy concoction is making my mouth water - and it's not even lunchtime! Does the photo look as though Diet Coke comes as a clear drink in southern Europe? Would that in any way help my reputationat this point? Too late, I hear you cry. There's no problem with my planned proportion of crafting this weekend. My old mojo is defintely paper focussed. I'm going to bunk off work early and make a horrendous mess on my desk. While Mr D is at work tomorrow morning, I'll whizz round and do essential housework. This is definately a matter of proportion - free time is not for housekeeping. One thing for sure, this weekend will include a gin and tonic, and its size or number will be considered in reasonable proportion to the sort of day we've had. It won't be in a stemmed goldfish bowl. But only because I haven't got one. Have a nice weekend yourself.

Thursday 9 September 2010

A Marathon, without running.

*Self promotion post* - look away if you're bored rigid by such stuff!
Me and my good chum Scrap Lady Ally have announced the date and blah for our annual Christmas Card Marathon. It's on Saturday October 30th and will take place in Tidworth, Hampshire, in a very accessible community hall with a large free car park and better yet, a big kitchen for Lunch Lady Jan to create in.

The format remains simple..Scrap Lady Ally and I each make a large number of Christmas cards featuring techniques and products from across this big old craft - styles differ, for sure. You turn up and make the cards from instructions and materials supplied. The day starts at 10am, includes lunch and finishes after lots of tea and cake at 4pm. By which time you will have worked your way through a satisfying number of cards for your Christmas stash. The Librarian was really full of snot and heavy with cold last year, but went away happy with eleven cards. New baby Mummy did well over twenty, even allowing for glue drying.

So there's no pressure and plenty of fun, for sure. See, me and Ally set it all up and then wonder around all day, serving drinks and forcing you to chat. It's tough.

Our official 2 Scrap Ladies blog carries all the official announcements and sneak peeks, but I thought I'd pimp it a bit before the book is closed - we need names and numbers by the end of next week really, see. There's lots of counting and cutting to do in advance, as you can imagine! We have a handful of gals who make a two hour-ish journey - and they come alone, so as daunting as that may sound, honest, you'll only be alone for the time it takes you to get out of the car and into the hall! The day costs £40, includes lunch and teas and the materials. If you're interested, visit 2 Scrap Ladies for more, or email me via the button in the right margin here. And just in case you think I've lost it and posted a sample card - this was from last year's bunch. Aha, I'm wising up!

Wednesday 8 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 66

Or, as a subtitle you could call it - 'A Stunning Return to Form'! My word, you gotta admit that it's a miracle that the actual cutting mat area is clear. Actually, it's because the angle of the photo doesn't show you the stuff pushed back against the window. Because you can't see it yet, it's a mix of workshop samples to come and stuff for the Card Marathon. Hmm, so let me entertain you some other way....see at the back behind the ATG monster? Papers. Yep, actually only two sheets, one a sketch for a crop challenge and the other that you can just see is a sketch from Miss Kathy who's really kindly let me use it for a 1 Sketch 4 Cards workshop. I'll show those off when Kathy's had a chance to be alarmed by my erm,' interpretation' of her work! But more entertainment to come -lift those two randomly slung pieces of paper and BEHOLD! :
my used-and-waiting-to
-be-cleaned-stamp-basket is empty! Ta Na! Note the date people, this could potentially signal a new leaf turning. Truly I got sick of em, just sitting there waiting for me. So I gave 'em a cursory baby wipe and put them away. The clear stamps have to be washed though, or they lose their cling-ability and that makes me impolite and cross.

Today this is a scheduled post.....I have to pop to work much earlier than I'd like to in order to get home early enough to take Miss Dunnit to Salisbury for last minute fabric purchasing for a costume for another convention....gotta love last minute!

So there we are, my desk, in a nutshell. Well, a few more words than necessary, but it's to encourage you to show us yours..please do - photo -upload to your blog and link it here, we'll be round for a butcher's at some time over the next five days!

Monday 6 September 2010

Wanna chat about the Stazon?

A lot of notice was paid to my desk a couple of WOYWW's ago - I was using my newest investment - a metallic Stazon ink pad. It was what I would call a 'considered' purchase. I have longed for a metallic fast drying ink and this seemed to be the answer. Of course, the Brilliance ink pad range is well, brilliant, but they don't have the depth of colour that a true metallic pigment ink has, and so the Stazon seemed to be the only way to go. The most considered part of the purchase is the price, it retails at a price that makes you think you can live without it - just under a tenner, which is a lot of money. I don't mind telling you that I've approached the shelf several times and then 'changed' my mind because I wanted more to show for my money. Anyway I realised no-one was going to buy it for me, so I plunged. And I'm glad I did. It comes with an ink bottle as part of the package. This isn't a re-inker per se, the pad is dry and you need to add a couple of drops and use the included spatula to spread it across the sponge. It drags, it is definitely thicker and stickier than a glycerine based pigment ink, and without the plastic guard and some attention, it evaporates fairly quickly. I've been pretty mean and learned quickly when the pad needs re-inking. The bottle needs a really good shake. The stamp becomes 'sticky' and ink doesn't adhere to the card if the pad is allowed to become too dry. I had trouble with a direct to paper technique - in as much as I felt it was a huge waste of ink, specially if I decided to use a 'third party' - the sponge.
Having said all of that - it is permanent, and it is a great colour - as good as a metallic pigment for shine. I'm pleased with it, and will definitely be buying the gold too. But I think for me, it's a stamping tool and not an inking thing.
The toppest tip I can extend though - and I know you'll remember it because this is unusual coming from me: clean your stamps as you go. Doesn't need Stazon cleaner if it's immediate, a baby wipe or such will do. If you're using clear stamps, clean the blocks immediately. I have a small block soaking in stazon cleaner - we used it at a workshop on Thursday and I didn't unpack and put away until Friday evening - I think it's a silver block now - scraping with a knife and scrubbing with Cif hasn't helped! It may flake off in further use - I will report back!

Friday 3 September 2010

See this picture of our hot and swollen pudgies? Well OK, mine were hot and swollen.Taken by Mr Dunnit; he's got a bit snap happy and likes to take the less usual pics for me to work into LOs. It's not pretty, but I love that it's we 3, from yet another angle! I wonder what our shoes say about us? Anyway - we're sitting in the shade of large umbrella, large ice-cream sundaes on order and a view of the sea front. It's busy with people enjoying the Sunday 'paseo' - a nice long leisurely walk in the sea air. You can spot the Spanish in the crowds, even at high summer temperatures, they are immaculately dressed and beautifully groomed. An awful lot of the Senoras are carrying awfully small and very indulged teeny dogs. You can spot the rest of us Europeans too - largely a selection of shorts and football shirts - but also some (sadly) very red skin. Ouch. Now and then, Miss Dunnit remarks on a cute baby or a (ahem) guapo, or the lookie-lookie guys trying to sell you a pair of sunglasses you don't need because you're already wearing a pair. This day, she comments upon a family of 4. Two boys and a Mum and Dad. All three boys are clambering over the rocks and looking for crabs and stinky things like that. Mum is enjoying a fresh coffee at the table nearest them. Miss Dunnit: "how cute that the two boys have chosen the same colour t shirts as their Dad - they must secretly want to be like him." Whilst we're cooing and watching the boys, Mr Dunnit leans towards us and crushes the moment: "More likely that the Mum is a scrap-booker and she wanted them to match her papers". I did not dignify this with a comment.......for once, I knew not what to say - to the man that had just photographed our feet!

Thursday 2 September 2010

Self expression - make mine aaarrgh!

Where on earth did I get the idea from? And if it wasn't my idea, (I fear it was), why did I speak it - let alone commit to it? Hand me a gun someone, I need to shoot my foot. Learn me a lesson. Perhaps a big gaping hole in my foot will make it more obvious to me when I'm about to shove my foot into my mouth. For goodness sake - you don't have to page far through this blog to see that I'm hopeless at grunge, altered and anything vaguely in the Tim Holtz school. I can't even call him Sir Tim. It's silly. Don't misunderstand - I like the products and love love love the look of the style, but I cannot reproduce it unless I copy copy copy. Not so good!
The point of this whinge-fest is becoming an urgent difficulty. I've got a workshop to do - we've (OK, I've) facetiously called it Jul!a Holtz - four cards in THAT style. Do you get it? Wish I did - how did I manage to delude myself so!! I own 5 DI pads, 2 TH dies and 2 Stamper's Anonymous stamps. And no desire to do anything vaguely grungy, and don't start on Steampunk, I surely don't know what it is, and I don't want my attempts showing up somewhere like the fabulous Regretsy site!
So, this is short because interweb, I have some time to invest......I promise I'll show you, they may come out reasonably well, who knows - but just bear in mind the foolish pain I will be going through. And remind me about this post, next time you see me hovering at the Ranger product stand. Indeed, you can shoot my other foot if you like!

Wednesday 1 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 65

Not a lot, and clearly I need more coffee - the photo seems very shakey! I just tidied (but not cleaned of course - witness the basket of stamps at the side - now featuring two tidy trays! Yes Wipso and come on over and clean to your heart's content. I'll make coffee, tea, gin slings, you name it!
The stripey tape you can just see is stuck to the non-cutting side of my Cuttlebug B plate. I needed a slight shim and this is the perfect answer. This cheerful tape also features, as a lot of you noticed, around my Copic pens. Two reasons for that - in a workshop environment they're easily identifiable as mine (although I do share!) and more cunningly, the tape is stuck at the end with the brush nib - my most commonly used. I know there's a built in way to tell the nibs apart when lidded - but oh boy - it's pretty subtle!
Here's a pic of the left end of my desk too, just in case you're interested! My coloured scraps box, and thankfully, a nearly finished packet of Johnson's Baby Wipes. Next time they're on offer; even if it's buy one get 20 free, will you please remind me that I loathe the smell. And that I don't really use them often enough to need to buy in bulk! The Spanish postcard you can see is one of three....I don't know where they're destined to end up - someone's mailbox or a mini album or a regular LO...but probably you ought to get used to them - they'll be shuffled around my desk till I do use them!!

So come on then - show us your desk and what you're doing today....or yesterday...or tomorrow...I'm absolutely hopeless at this time line thing! Upload a pic to your blog, link it here using Mr Linky and a few of us will pop round for a visit over the next few days. Easy. No strings, no membership - drop in and out as you teeny request though - no blatant advertising, huh!