Wednesday 30 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 330

Hello and welcome. Last day of month nine already! It hasn't stopped my Christmas card making (I'm saying that word a lot now!), but I have been a bit side-tracked, it's probably temporary.
I'm having some fun with some Autumnal naturals. Working in three dimensions is very challenging so I'm expecting y'all to be very kind when you see what I'm making. Aren't the skellington leaves lovely, such beautiful colours. You can just see the first fix of a Bah humbug card too...still walking around it, certainly don't think it's a finished card yet. I haven't actually been using those pieces of sponge (Cut n Dry foam) that you see littering and loitering in front of their tin. Slovenly. The blue burlap, pegs and wax paper are all together too - pegs holding a sheet into a shape whilst glue sets, the wax paper was to protect the 'mould' from all the glue. No idea if it will work yet.
Show us what sensible things are going on at your work desk will ya? Link your WOYWW post here and wait for takes time!

Monday 28 September 2015

Hallowe'en..or the next WOYWW Crop as we call it

 October 31st is conveniently falling on a Saturday this year, and it is the day and date of 
WOYWW CROP2 BPD. Like it? Like it? It's another bloody silly acronym and came about after some very silly conversation between three of us Deskers who know no better. Obviously it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday Crop2 By Popular Demand. But you got that straight away, I know. 

What it actually means is that those of you that can and would like to, tip up at the village hall in Burbage with a shed load of craft stuff to do. You meet other deskers, you eat Jan's lunch and various people's cakes and then go home. If you manage a bit of crafting, well, that's great. We don't all know each other. We certainly don't recognise each other, this online stuff is very anonymous! But we have the workdesk thing in common and our crafting, and that is more than enough!

There are real details on a separate page HERE.

The earlier (April/May) Crop has, for two years, coincided with the WOYWW Anniversary, and we've taken advantage of the meet to exchange anniversary ATCS. I don't want to make the ATCS two a penny, the anniversary is extraordinary after all! So, for the CROP2 meet, we're going to exchange themed tags. Of course the theme is Hallowe'en and that's about the extent of the a teeny tag or do a huge tag. Make one, or make a dozen, it doesn't matter. You can attempt to exchange with all the deskers that attend, or just the person that approaches you first. Up to you. You can make them in advance, or on the day...
At this point you would expect a picture of a themed tag
really, wouldn't you. Hmmmm, somebody's a slacker.
Best decoy photo ever!
I think that's sufficient notice of our intent. Certainly sufficient notice to induce panic among the tag giving proportion of attendees. It doesn't matter if here or on the other page, but it would be a great help if you could indicate your intention to come before 15th October. Thank you!

Friday 25 September 2015

There is no Onion

I went to a Crop a couple of weeks ago and actually did some scrapbooking. I took photos of the pages and then filed them in another growing album. That actually, is part of the pleasure for me - the satisfaction of the filling album.
Deskers will recognise' Stamping by H' Helen..trying my desk out for
size and then a year later, opting to work on the floor!
It's a strange thing scrapbooking. I love it. I'm never going to use all the photos we have in 'archive' or indeed all the digital photos we've taken since digital became the reality (don't ask me to remember when!). I don't feel any pressure at all to use certain photos or chronologically record our lives, and I don't apply any order at all to the use of photos or indeed the filing of layouts.

I haven't experienced a sense of competition over the number of pages completed at a crop. We all want to do more, we sometimes jest and even complain about how little we do against how much we talk and eat, but that's part of the Crop experience and isn't genuine!
So how come,  every time a page is finished, I feel relief - as if that's 'anther one out of the way'? I don't know. Perhaps it's the actual 'making' of the page that makes a bit tentative - I do sit next to people with awesome scrapbooking skills. Perhaps I have a sense of guilt over the photos sitting around unscrapped? I don't think so! I don't know.
But there's a genuine sense of relief. If you would like to analyse this, please do. I won't, because I can't be bothered. I will just live with it and enjoy the little surprise I get when I realise that instead of being the usual, not-very-grown-up smug at the completion point, I'm relieved!

Wednesday 23 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 329

Well Deskers of the world, yesterday I managed to go to work late (got there about 10.30) and then through hard work and diligence, I managed to come home early. OK. So the need for my unskilled labour was over, whatever! It means you get a picture of my desk in semi decent light showing my next move...
Reading glasses which are now letting me down; must get around to another eye test. Only one pair of scissors which is most can tell that I'm not sure yet where I'm going with these images. The BAH and Humbug are a a single stamp so I've separated them with a scalpel (and the use of better glasses!). I think they're of more use to me this way. Mr Dunnit came in from work whilst I was playing with the stamps and had a look at my desk while kissing me hello (he's nothing if not a multi tasking romantic). He then announced that my trial run was the best Christmas card ever. I think a lot of blokes would agree! There's also a grim cup of instant soup. Grim, but I love it. And an empty glass from more than 24 hours ago. Sorry! And a small pile of new Woodware stamps to get my mojo going. I hope!
So share and tell will you? You've got to be doing stuff more interesting than I am!
PLEASE put WOYWW in your post title and then link here. It makes it easier if we know what we're looking for! See you later!

Saturday 19 September 2015

It's genetic...

On Thursday, I conducted my second Christmas Card workshops for this year. The low September sun graced us with a well lit table and the talk was of everything, almost to the exclusion of Christmas. Even though we were making cards for the occasion. I like to think that this is because we are practical and sensible crafters who recognise the need to make time for all of the quality hand made greetings we want to send. Others, I've noted, think we're nutters. And they resist hard and usually very vocally. 
Sizzix dies, Hobby Art stamp
I was trying to rationalise our position to a protestor; if we can only carve out time for a workshop once a week where we make 4 cards, then starting now is a must, really. One needs the opportunity to pick and choose over workshops so that the cards you make are actually cards that you like! And..getting the cards made sooner leaves time to enjoy the season and have time for other things.
a slightly doctored stamp...I had to snip the nose to make it less cartoony
lovely stamp from Chloe Stamps
But these rationales fall on deaf ears, and to be honest, I'm a bit sick of hearing the 'not till at least the end of October' and such. For me certainly it's true..the sooner I do them, the better. No, I don't feel Christmassy, no I don't feel it brings on the winter too fast, I'm just trying some time management. I don't want Christmas to last 4 months, nor do I want the stress of trying to squash it all into a week. I think it's called balance. 
Marianne die mittens (I think) and the snowflake is from a Spellbinder set
No doubt that the people who 'accuse' me of contributing to the super extending of 'the Season' are the ones who 'don't get' the paper crafting thing anyway. And in some cases, are the ones who were surprised last year because they didn't receive a hand made greeting from us. Because I was super busy and hadn't made them early enough. But they don't get that. Let's face it - I'm relatively impatient and can't get involved with the wonderful cards and techniques that take ages to set up, layer, dry. Its all about fairly instant gratification for me. And even when I have a plan and know exactly what I'm doing, one of my average makes takes about 20 minutes on a good day.  
Woodware stamps - the robins are a set and the holly die is erm.....a green one
Understandably, if you don't make 'em, you have no idea how long it takes. And on that basis, their argument isn't really going to stand up in a logical and technical way to us who do the making.  But that's not a good counter argument because time spent on something is very much measured in 'worth' to us crafters. The pleasure of using the stash, playing with paper and colour, making something to give away is worth far more than the minutes spent. Each side of this opinion has different genes, frankly, and never will understand the others need or lack of need to play with paper and ink. So I give in; I'm not going to make the case any more. When people pop in to the shop to see what we're up to and exclaim that it's too early for Christmas, I'm going to agree. And get back to the glittering.  

Wednesday 16 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 328

You can find out a little more about this by clicking HERE. Or you can just jump in and discover that it's absolutely what it looks like and no more, no less!
My desk is a nightmare of indecision. I've got layers. Not painful but definitely needing a good seeing to! The gloomy light of Tuesday evening reveals that my five minutes here and there is working. Although I'm utterly distracted from matching photos to scrapbook papers. Now, I've decided to archive my least used wood mount stamps. This box is but a portion and I'm not getting rid of them. Merely clearing them away in anticipation of having to do this before the building work starts and because they are rarely used, bless them, and I really could use the space. To be untidy in.

You can see from the shelf that my action hasn't made much of a dent. I shall do some more while supper's cooking. It's about the only way to clear my desk off now! So please, after you've recovered from the horror, join us and show what your desk is tolerating! Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. Thank you!

Monday 14 September 2015

A little preparation..

I think it was a WOYWW post where I explained that I was trying to do some advance planning for scrapbook layouts. A five minute gap here and there means that I can at least try to match a photo to a piece of paper. On the whole, this approach has worked. The small amounts of time and effort totally paid off. I'd been too tied up on Friday to even think about Saturday's Artful Angels Crop, and so I had to get up early to pack. It was so easy, because I didn't have to spend ages finding pages and photos and sketches....the part that takes the longest.
I don't plan further than paper and photo, although I take my tablet with some screen shot Layout ideas. Titles and embellishments are decided as I'm gluing stuff down; if I went as far as choosing the title and embellies in the planning stages, it would not only take twice as long....and I might as well stay at home ! 
We were talking about our scrapbooking formats. I cant remember the last time I did a double page Layout - even a page with more than one photo on it these days seems unusual to me. So formulaic! Lisa Jane had me agreeing with her over paper choices, she referred to herself as a 'B side girl'. I couldnt agree more - I so often buy a sheet because I like the 'back' more. 'Specially if its got lines and margins! 

I did more than three Layouts (incidentally all on the B sides), but I won't bore you with the others just now. It's enough that you can read the smug in my tone of writing. I've spent a good hour today ordering more photos, and this time I've gone to the trouble of sizing some of them so I can actually move away from one photo per page. It might make me more interesting at the next crop. I'm also going on with this five minutes here and there to plan pages, as it's worked so well. That might me unbearably smug at the next crop. Lawks, won't I be a pleasure to sit next to!

Friday 11 September 2015

What's seldom is wonderful.

No gentle reader, I don't mean this blog! I mean unfettered internet access and a proper keyboard. I've been away for 6 days and had use of a tablet every now and then. In 'our' part of Spain, they advertise 6MBP of broadband as high speed..I couldn't even get a comment to publish! Mr Dunnit stayed at home and worked really hard whilst I accompanied my parents to our place in Spain. Some of you will have seen on Facebook that it wasn't easy. Not living with your parents for thirty years and then being with them and 'in charge' and very much depended upon is really challenging!
Moody huh? One minute lovely bright skies, and then all went Indigo and thundery. Amazing!
The first three days were cool and rainy which was really difficult, of course, we'd planned to sit around all day on a beach, just watching the world go by! Ah well, they did in the end, get a chance to soak up some sun and we had a paddle in the beautiful warm Mediterranean, which to this day, is the greatest part of any visit for me. I love the sea. 
But look what happens when you run away at the beginning of September - the sun is lower and the mornings are quite distinctly on the turn towards Autumn; children are back at school and hey, an untidy desk and some  real Christmas seasonal craft plans need to be made. Don't count on me to lead, but as usual, I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Wednesday 9 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 327

Some of you will know already that I'm away. I don't want WOYWW to be the test for how well my new tablet performs with Blogger, so I've scheduled this. Other posts (if there are any) will be live. Well, subject to the whims of the tablet and the broadband available! 
So my desk is really in a mess and it will most certainly stay like this until I return. Mr Dunnit is home, but I don't think he'll even notice it, it's so USUAL! And also...where on earth would he put it all?  For fear of a logical answer to this, I have not even suggested that if it bothers him, he can tidy it!
I was mid way through organising clear stamps into categories and then had another idea and then found myself busy doing real things, so that's where I've left it. So, now you know that I'm even prepared to be slovenly in absentia, share your doings will ya? 
Please put WOYWW in your post title, it helps in the long run, as does adding your link number when you comment at other people's desks. Link here and enjoy!

Friday 4 September 2015

Well I'm smiling..

This is a very indulgent post. I have of course, got a kerjillion things to smile about, all the time. Particularly today though, you might wanna a join me in the ooh and the aaah over this lot....

I really scored with these. I got them in the Sizzix Mega Sale which as far as I can tell is a permanent thing to get rid of the 'older' stuff. Suits me. This collection of dies and stamps came to a combined total of less than £20 and is certainly worth twice that for sure. The real 'score' though is that I actually wanted them - they've all been at some point on my wish list. Cool.
But, there's always something that will wipe the smug smile off my face. And this time it's this:

'Bliss' is a word I use quite a lot. especially to comment on holiday photos, fabulous views, happiness, etc. So I jumped at the chance of owning the die for £2.48. I noted that it was a Bigz die, which means it's one of the thick ones. What I didn't take in is the 'XL' bit. And of course..there ain't no card I ever make that needs a 12" wide word on it. Or scrapbook page, come to think of it. Definitely the mistake purchase of the year.It goes a long way to quashing the hubris, huh!
Joining Annie at her weekly Smile, in spirit if not reality - will be travelling today so no chance of linking or visiting!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 326

If you have a mind to join us, there are links at the top of this page which will tell you the why and the how. If you don't understand my frantic gabble, do say so. You won't be the first.
You can see that I've managed to keep the left side of my actual working area free of clutter. I do not know how, I can only assume that because I'm right handed, it's all buried under the tablet! The sharpies are there because I was 'touching up' some scuffed heels on a pair of shoes that Miss Dunnit wants me to sell. The tablet of course was keeping me company whilst I erm, create. The Indigo Blu tree stamp that you can see on my clipboard is there because when I go to see Shopkeeper Gal, the plan is to leave it there for someone who wants to buy if from me. I have been over to the shop three times in the last week and each time have forgotten the stamp - indeed, the whole clipboard, which is inconvenient to say the least. There are bits of card and patterned paper glued onto my shopping list so that I can match colours or procure further sheets. I can't remember without the clipboard and it seems now that remembering the clipboard is a feat too much! I love that star bunting die. I bought it last year for Christmas and didn't use it. But this year, I think it may well feature two or three times in workshops - it's there to remind me to check that it's still available. 
So, you're inside my head, you've seen my's about time you showed us yours then...please put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Easy. Harmless. Free. Friendly.