Wednesday 30 May 2012

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday. 156

Here it is gentle WOYWWers, the third anniversary of this most ridiculous of ideas! And for a change, I've decided that because I can't post a picture of my real desk, I'm going to spare you pictures of hot sun, sea, swimming pools and the holidaying idle. You won't like it. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow! So, let me not get too sentimental about this, but there's no WOYWW without you lot joining in, so please pat yourself on the back, and to celebrate the friends that we've all become, let's swap an ATC or two. If you don't want to swap, just take part in WOYWW as a photo of your desk and visit some too. Easy. But if you want to join an ATC swapping blog hop, then here's what you do. Photo your desk, write your blog post and link here as you would any other Wednesday....BUT, add an asterisk after your name in the link maker if it was me, it would read 'Julia Dunnit*' . That asterisk indicates that I want to send an ATC to the next person BELOW me on the list who is showing an asterisk. email or leave a comment asking for address details when you know who it is, and then post your ATC. Easy, fun, harmless....I hope! If you have more than one ATC to send, say so in your WOYWW post...others can 'apply' to you OR you can contact your chosen recipients privately...but remember this is in addition to the one you'll send as a result of your asterisk in the link list. Clear as mud huh. Now know from my constant bragging and whining that I've been and am still away from home. Internet connectivity comes at the price of having to sit in a bar surrounded by alcohol, in the if you need to email me for any reason, please: a) don't expect an immediate response and b) don't be surprised by lack ofan immediate response. Any idea how anti social this iPad-in-a-bar makes me? Rude, I can tell ya. So please, go on enjoying WOYWW,I've got so much out of it that if you stop, I'll just haunt you anyway. I thank you.

Monday 28 May 2012

At the risk of boring you...

Elizabeth said I was the Queen of understatement with the photos from Turkey.  Well, I've friends who would laugh until snot came out to hear that about me.  So I give you, if only you, dear Elizabeth, a few more shots of Antalya.  If Elizabeth weren't a culture vulture, I wouldn't be boring this is kind of her fault!
Obviously, taken from a rooftop restaurant.  No lift, just stairs.  It was tough.

A cup of coffee came with a bowl of pebbles.  Really. Tea was unaccompanied.

Rooftop view from city wall...

We quickly stopped using the minarets as landmarks....too many!

Lunch in a secret garden shaded by citrus trees.  Oh, OK then...

Maybe a little tidied up for your liking, but parts of the old town were...well, OLD...

50 steps from a busy town centre, the view from our hotel room.  This house was  occupied.
Use of lovely public space is a part of daily life.  The glare in the lower background is the sea.  
Last thing..again, wanna thank you for your support and well wished for my lovely Parents.    They are safe and sound and have honestly been looked after so well.  Recuperation is the order of their week, Dad was incredibly buoyed up to hear your comments.  I think he's a bit staggered by the power of the internet community.  Thanks for your power.

Sunday 27 May 2012

A postcard from....

I am an international jet setter.  International?  Mr Dunnit and I got home from Turkey at 3am.  And despite what everyone thinks, Turkey is not in Europe.  Or so the Turkish tell me.  So that takes care of the International bit.  
Turkey, see, was not on the cards.  We left in a hurry last Tuesday to help out my parents who were there on holiday when my father became so ill that he's been in hospital for the last ten days.  Mum has been living in hospital with him because the hotel is too far away, they wanted the room back, blah blah, and  Mum is of an age where confusion and panic are very real.  So while Dad sucked up the IV drugs and slept, Mr Dunnit, Penny and I forced ourselves to take in ancient Antalya.  If you ever get the chance to go to Turkey, do not turn it down.  Beautiful.  Ancient.  Warm. Welcoming. Friendly.  And the Turkish people have a collective sweet tooth - oh, and a thing for ice cream...there's plenty of world wide brands to eat, but try the local stuff...honestly can't put my finger on it, but it was like a sorbet made with condensed milk.  Dipped in chocolate. And fresh pistachios.  So why wouldn't you go?  The people we mumbled appalling phrase book words at were warm, welcoming and utterly, utterly helpful.  You can have sunshine, sea and ancient history... sit within walls of 9th century architecture to have coffee...but don't be fooled..this is the 21st century...yes, the waiters were using PDA and blue tooth to place our orders!  Delightful contrasts were everywhere.  
Happily the greatest contrast we found in Turkey between Wednesday and Saturday was my father's health.  They are being flown home today, Dad needs to recuperate and Penny very badly needs to sleep and be in familiar surroundings.  A great ending.We have to be back at the airport for 3o'clock tomorrow morning to go to Spain.  Well, we don't HAVE to be, but it's been booked and paid for,  a holiday for Mr D, Miss D and myself and his lovely parents.  So that's a lot of holidays to be missed just because we're tired! 
I haven't visited a single, not one, workdesk. Not even the desks belonging to new WOYWWers and for that, I apologise.  It's going to continue...for now that my Sissy can help out, we're off again!  See you on Wednesday.  Hasta Lluego!

Wednesday 23 May 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 155

Here's a just turned into evening time shot...and there's progress afoot.I've been stencilling, inking, squirting, rubbing, stamping, word, all that to make a handful of ATCs!  so you can see the detritus and just about the ATCs actually, but hey, can't move them now, picture's been taken!  That empty plastic bag used to contain the magazines that Mary Anne gave they are in my aircraft carry- on, so they will be read!  The labels with the pink ribbons were attached to clothes that I was saving for my holiday.  They are also squashed into my carry-on.  We are making a very sudden journey to Turkey to help my blessed parents who are meant to be there on holiday; Papa finds himself in hospital with Pneumonia and Mama finds herself struggling, of course.  Hey, it's not all bad, he's being wonderfully treated,  and Mum, Mr D and I will enjoy some quality sunshine together! Did I mention how lucky I am to have a Mr D?  I know it.  
So next week is the anniversary of WOYWW.  The third for goodness sake.  I'm not sure where I'll be, but that won't matter, you don't need me to make the planned ATC swap work.  Instructions for the ATC swap can be found HERE.  I think this may be the point at which to say that I may not answer emails promptly, so ask questions amongst yourselves if there are any, huh?!! 

Monday 21 May 2012

Can you help?

Does anybody have English speaking friends or family living in Antalya, Turkey who might be able to perform a good samaritan mission to visit one of the hospitals? Or, can anyone recommend a BandB or 'pension' in the city?  If you can (or do) I'd be grateful if you'd email me - thanks!

Saturday 19 May 2012

Gettin' a theme going...

So, the house was quiet, everything that could wait was waiting and I arrived at my desk for the first time this week.  And tidied a bit.  Filed my nails with the stray emery board.  Wrote a couple of notes.  Tested a couple of ink pads that have been in question and ruthlessly tossed them in the bin.  And realised that I was completely wasting my time.  Didn't want to do anything inky.  Possibly because there's other stuff waiting.  So I was very grown up and moved away from my desk, so as not to waste time.   Got out my sewing machine (second time in ten days) and used scraps of fabric and scraps of foam to make a suitcase for my iPad. 
I lost the will to live after I'd done the actual 'folio' - which is a big pocket with 1" foam in it, then a stitched 'spine' and then another pocket with foam.  Simple.  So instead of a proper closure, I just made a couple of belly bands.  
I'm not terribly precious about the iPad at home - it has a 'cover' that snaps on the back much like a phone because it makes it a bit thicker and therefore easier for my pudgies to hold it.  Generally it's on the deckchair on my desk or on the coffee table in front of my armchair. It could do with a 'sleeve' type cover really, but of course, I didn't factor that.... But as summer approaches (please, please let it turn up), so we will be going away, and anything that involves an airport, suitcases or a car journey will require some careful packing to protect the screen.  Mr Dunnit suggested I leave it behind. I tried to explain, really I did.  The fabric and foam were left over from another job that I've been attempting, and don't worry, I'll force that on you too at a moment when you think I've forgotten!
Have a great weekend.  

Wednesday 16 May 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 154

Susnhine in between big blobs of showers late on Tuesday afternoon.  And not a lot of progress as you can see.  I honestly haven't been at my desk for more than about 10 minutes in the last week.  The ipad is in position because as I type I'm listening to something.  In front of that there's a small pile of ATC blanks...yep, I'm officially getting my act together. The emery board suggests that I might at least have indulged in some personal grooming - not so.  I have no idea why or by whom it was flung on my desk.  Typical, though! So at the risk of boring your pants off, that's it really.  Here's a couple of links that may be of interest:
ATCs and the WOYWW Anniversary swap: an infopost to enlighten/frighten
A 'review' of the yellow tape gun that I now wouldn't be without: the tape gun thingy

Now it's your turn. Photo your workspace, show us what your creative juices are driving you to do this week.  Post on your blog, with WOYWW in the title.  Link here.  I thank you.  In fact, loads of us thank you!

Saturday 12 May 2012

Getting Our British On...

Here's another layout from last week's crop.  'Crop', by the way, is the name given to the meeting of crafters in a hall for the purpose of scrapbooking.  Or paper crafting.  Because scrapbooking often used to involve the 'cropping' of photos to fit page or to remove unseemly bits, so the crafters became croppers...and the meeting became a Crop.  I believe. Anyway, I decided to let the paper do the talking and not over do anything. I know!  I like this executive decision because it means the whole LO took about 10 minutes and for once, knowing when to stop wasn't in question.  
Here in the United Kingdom, we've really dumped the 'quiet reserve' and are going all out with our national pride. Well, the manufacturers and retailers are anyway. Never seen so many products carrying the Union flag.  I'm loving it!  We have Englebert Humperdinck doing Eurovision, a long weekend to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and then the Olympics.   I think it's difficult to avoid two of the three (!).  I find a lot of cynicism about some of this when I'm out and about -  the Olympic Flame is passing through our village in July.  When I express excitement, others are quick to remind me that it will be in the back of a van for security and will involve a road closure and blah.  My response is the same each time.  So what? The event is being brought to us, make the won't happen again, particularly if we all moan about it before it's even happened!   And if it's an opportunity to stand up, wave a flag and be counted a Brit, I'm in. I think, on the whole, I'm patriotic.  I think I'm realistic about it. I wouldn't dream of arguing over anyone's patriotism. But..probably could argue a storm about nationalism.   Mr Dunnit says it's all about recognising a scrapbook opportunity.  Can't argue with that. 

Wednesday 9 May 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 153

Ooh look, a genuine night time shot, and a calm looking desk.  Two reasons for this...the gessoed comic annual pages you see are drying having had a jolly good squirting with cosmic shimmer mists, or equivalent products.  All of which are now in the kitchen awaiting patient hot water type squirter unblocking.  I hate that.  Every last bottle that I have (five) won't squirt.  Argh.  You can see one of 3 Scrap 365 mags that Mary Anne has shared with me...waiting to be read.  The free cover stamp from Craft Stamper is one of Jennie's at the Artistic Stamper...and is poised, ready to commit me to something.  I know not what.  The calm is because I haven't been at my desk all weekend.  Since the Crop, the head cold has got worse and I feel really bloody.  So am saving my energy for whining.  I'm so much better at that anyway! The good thing though, is that this sitting around feeling horrid means I'll probably actually make it to more desks than last week, so link up do, and save me from my blocked up whining self!
CLICK THIS for an infopost about the ATC swap planned for the third anniversary of WOYWW. Which is Week 156. I've scheduled this..will be up relatively early to see if it works! your work area..desk/floor/deck, show us what you're up to and where.  Post on to your blog, include WOYWW in the title and link here. Easy.  We'll visit.   It's fun.  

Monday 7 May 2012

View from ....the WOYWW window

This is for Judy...a view from a window!!
It was a Crop weekend.  I spent a day of hilarity and food at Ludgershall Scout Hut with a bunch of my friends, basically.  Chuck in all the packing of craft stuff that my car can hold and the mix is pretty damn perfect.  I managed an admirable four whole finished and journalled LOs.  It probably would have been more, but a story arose and I have to share it with you.  Brace! Brace!  No really, it's important.  Not all of my friends read my blog, and certainly even if they do, they don't all take part in WOYWW.  I mean, they know they wanna be sucked in any deeper? Anyway, four of the girls who come to crop are WOYWWers.  And just before we stopped for lunch on Saturday, Mary Anne presented me with a gift that they'd collaborated to make for me, to celebrate the WOYWW anniversary. (which is at the end of the month).  Diane (Morti to you), took photos...which is alarming really, because I was so utterly surprised and at a loss for words that I can't bear to think how awful they will was not a 'shut your mouth and keep your eyes wide open' moment I can tell you...more a 'can't speak and might cry moment'.  

Here they are, dollies designed to be strung like bunting across my workroom...each one says something about the artist..I will elaborate, and do them real photographic justice I promise, when I've determined the display.  I'm still sort of taking them out of their envelope and just gawping at them...I KNOW how much time and effort and stress is involved in making something particular for someone in particular.  Ally was up half the night and Laura was awake at 5.30am to finish their contributions...I totally get it.  You can see why I am still a bit overwhelmed, huh.  Can you imagine how how much stressing I'll be doing over the 'thank you' cards! 
Anyway, with or without WOYWW, I wanna recommend you go to a Crop.  Take knitting.  Take scrapbook stuff...take whatever you're working on,  but go.  Make some new will not regret it.

Friday 4 May 2012

Me and my iPad.

As you know, to make up for the appalling misunderstanding over the Christmas present of 2010, (a short post about which can be found in Jan, 2011 archive) this time, Mr Dunnit out did himself and utterly insisted that I choose and order myself an iPad. Well, guilt was finally over-ridden by need, obviously, and so I honoured my wedding vow to 'obey' and ordered one.
I love it. I do. I am frustrated by the some of the things that Apple doesn't support on this gadget (Flash for example), and I'm even more frustrated by the apparent lack of cooperation between Apple and Google/Blogger. Commenting on a blog post where the the comment box is embedded at the foot of the post is almost impossible.. The keypad freezes and I can't correct anything, backspace or 'submit' without leaving the blog and coming back to it for each correction. A double argh! I took it into the Apple store and received admirable attention. But no solution.
But the plus side of course, is everything you think it will be. I under-use the capability without a doubt. On account of my lack of capability. I love that I can screen shot ideas when I'm browsing; at the crop tomorrow for example, I have LO sketches to hand without having to print them. Likewise directions, receipts etc.
I like the iBook thing that turns it into a Kindle. But bigger. And heavier. But you see what I mean.
I'm not keen, but I use the Facebook App rather than direct through the browser - cunning really, the App
hasn't forced me to use Timeline. I have a whole page full of Apps now, some I actually use! I still play Tetris, and now it's on iPad, it's actually big enough for my distinctly middle aged eyesight and fat fingers!
I love the Camera, the way it can turn around and photo the photographer..alarming but clever.
My biggest love though, about this well designed tablet thingy, is this: I can sit in my armchair and use it. Which means that I can sit in the same room as my lovelies....even if I am ever so slightly not engaged! Now, is that logical-ised bone idleness or a really good point?

Have a lovely weekend. If soggy. Again.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 152

I am attempting to schedule this post....if it doesn't appear much before 8am...the scheduling thingy hasn't been fixed yet.  Sorry. Or YAY, depending on your time zone!

First of all, understand gentle WOYWWer, that the grass is too long and so green and all looks sun drenched and lovely because it hasn't stopped raining for the last oh, sixteen weeks or something.  Serioulsy....I have, for reasons I cannot share, an 8" deep plastic tub on my patio and it is overflowing.  Because I work *cough* at home, I simply snap a pic of the old desk top as soon as there's any decent light...and this afternoon was dry for over 3 hours - so unusual that it caused my neighbour to speak to me.  And look - the rain has shrunk my ipad! You can see a couple of cards in preparation for a 'Cards for Men' workshop.  Argh.  You can see an A4 sheet which is actually the workshop schedule with my name on it more than once.  Argh.  Glasses..of course.  Lidded gesso..(under the ATG tape runner thingy baby, tool of my trade, apple of my eye). Now the temperature is a bit better, the gesso will be unlidded: to answer a few Q's...yeah, it does get a skin if you dont stir it now and's acrylic based gesso see....but it is evaporating some water, but taking an age.  But be careful, if your gesso is genuine plaster based, it won't need to be lid-less for long (maybe a couple of hours) before you get a result. 
So there's a basket at the right edge which once was full of dirty stamps.  Well I had a fit of OCD and cleaned and put away and now the basket is full of acrylic blocks and tidy tray.  And workshop notebook.  Deeply interesting, huh.  
So, the WOYWW third anniversary is week 156.  If you want to join the ACT-it-forward thingy, details can be found at this post.  If you missed out on a WOYWW badge and are feeling deprived, email me: and I'll send you one.  But I will need your postal address.   If you don't wanna do any of that nonsense, just show us what you're working on and where you're doing it.  Upload a pic of your desk to your blog.  Put WOYWW in the title.  Link here.  When you visit others and comment, tell them what number you are on the link list.  Easy. Unless you don't know how.  Help is at hand. If I don't know, there's a kerjillion who do and will share the knowledge, that I do know.