Wednesday 25 May 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 677

Last week’s  anniversary was lovely wasn’t it, thank you for all the back patting and virtual hugging, sure makes for some lovely connecting, huh. Just the excuse you need to want to continue it all, I hope! I have to say too that quite unexpectedly, I’ve had a few postal deliveries that were utterly a pleasure to receive. I usually do a mental air punch when I find there is no post because it’s less to be dealing with, but the past week has made me eager all over again!
Thank you, thank you if you sent me an ATC, you certainly didn’t have to and I really enjoyed your gift. I mean, given such a difficult theme, how well did everyone interpret it? Amazing! I know there are a couple coming from across the pond that may well take their time to arrive, but be in no doubt that opening this sort of mail never gets old and I will show and tell as they show themselves.
Sorry about the blue lIght - that’s early morning and a rubbish photographer for you! So my actual working area is empty and relatively clean which is remarkable, to be honest.that great big Stampin’ Up butterfly was used to stamp an ATC for my friend Karen, we swap on a chosen theme each month and this month was Wings. Well of course that stamp is so big I had to make two ATCs on a fold, otherwise it would have been only one wing. You can just see the yellow pearly background of my initial idea under the stamp box. The blue shrivelled pieces are gloves  that I use when using sparkle paints…it’s quite long lasting as a stain on your hands and not exactly easy to get off your face either. Ask me how I know. It’s all waiting to be tidied away of course, but I have to. I’ve had the go ahead on a design idea for the commissioned invitations and so everything needs to be clear and spotless before I start on those. Probably goes a long way to explaining why I don’t really take commissions!

So then, please keep calm and carry on, link absolutely as normal. I can’t guarantee the same response if you leave the asterisk * on your name this week, but if it doesn’t come off, don’t worry, we’ll admire its prettiness!

Wednesday 18 May 2022

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 676. That’s 13 Years.

Welcome; week 676 means that 13 years worth of What’s On Your Workdesk is in the bag. If you have contributed to it by reading, commenting, or joining in, then we’ve connected. We may have nothing in common but our work desks, but they connect us, and any connection forms the basis for friendship. Pretty sure that’s why this desk sharing has some longevity, it’s really about so much more. Numbers have been crazy high and very low, it doesn’t matter. It won’t change the connections already made. If blogging and adding your desk on a Wednesday is something that you can remember to do and brings you five minutes of pleasure, then keep doing it! Despite Google and Blogger attempts, we’ll keep visiting and commenting for as long as we’re invited. 

So, this fine morning, you find me sliding under the wire in terms of ATC readiness for today’s swap. I have been commissioned to make some invitations and the mock ups and trials took me an age because I haven’t done work like this for blooming ages. Anyway, my desk is largely covered in WOYWW13 paraphernalia and that’s fitting, which makes a change. If you’d like one of my ATCs, please ask!

There’s other news too……Twiglet has done the paperwork and we are ON  for a WOYWW Crop on October 1st in Shrewsbury. SAVE THE DATE! We’ll talk a lot more about this very soon, promise. Just had to share the news, too exciting!

If you want to trade an ATC to mark this big fat 13th anniversary, don’t forget to add an *asterisk to your name as you put it into the Linky thing. Don’t worry if you have to do it more than once, I should be on hand to delete double (or more) link entries etc, it doesn’t matter! 

Wednesday 11 May 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 675

Well, you may actually want to look away. 
This shot is taken from the door to the garage again. Apart from the mess, it shows the table has been moved away from the door…work on the patio (or bl**dy huge dig) has begun. Caught me out, actually. I was mid clear out of a cupboard, had dumped it all on a slightly messy desk because on a Sunday morning, that’s a nice thing to do, huh, clear up a bit, make some space, set to on the anniversary ATCs secure in the knowledge that when I’ve made some, I’ll get a better idea. 
And Mr Dunnit announces the need for access to the garden and it’s all systems go. Oh my heart. Actually, never mind my heart…my arms! The wheelbarrow, when full weighs about three tonnes and I tried so hard to help by wheeling it across the patio, up the plank, through the door, then through the garage door, then take a run up the plank into the back of the van to empty it. I managed one whole, spilt the second and then had to stop. It was very hard! Later today we have a man, a mini digger and a barrow ‘assistant’ coming to look at the situation. Can’t let MeBart work 6 days and spend his seventh doing that kind of toiling, it’s not on. And a younger man’s game, frankly. 
Meanwhile, I’m going to very bravely tidy the floor area I can access, get the desk out of the way and at least sort that one cupboard out so that the desk surface can be used. Baby steps. So much better for the dignity than the staggering, huffing and out of control steps of the weekend! 
Share and show please, you will as always be a welcome distraction. Don’t forget to check out the ‘how to’ page at the top of this blog for joining in on the anniversary ATC swap day. Even if you don’t have a blog but would like to join in, we can work it out, let me know!

Wednesday 4 May 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 674

This week has been a battle royal between me and Google. Or Blogger. Not sure which, but I’m guessing it’s the lag between Google updating stuff on their side and the boffins in charge at iPad trying to resist. Embedded comments on blogs are really difficult if not impossible to comment on, please don’t think you’re being ignored. 

Blogger has also given me a couple of heart stoppers too, but I finally have uploaded instructions for how to do the Anniversary ATC swap, it’s a page, accessible by clicking the link ‘WOYWW ATCs’ in the top line of this ‘ere blog. 
Right, to business.
A  clean sheet! I’d just finished an ATC featuring the Magnolia stamp (Hero Arts) at left and the ink pads, pots of embossing powder, scissors, cutter and rubbish at the right are accumulated detritus from several makes. So a clean sheet yes, but untidy as reassuringly always! 
Thought you might like to see this pull back shot….
What do you mean, you don’t have a mower in your craft space? I have to admit that I don’t now, it was moved straight after the photo was taken. And I was surprised to see it there. It arrived in a box and needed some putting together, which Mr Dunnit did on Sunday morning. He’d barely had time to stand up straight when the doorbell announced the arrival of a furniture delivery (new sofa, ordered in January). I went to the door whilst, I assumed, he put the mower in the garage. Not so, as you can see. Funny. Especially as I took the photo standing in the door way to the garage from my room, so it wouldn’t have been difficult to put it in there. Maybe it doesn’t deserve to be relegated to the garage until it’s no longer new? Who knows. Perhaps I won’t mention it’s in there until it’s time to use it….!

As always, please link your desk so we can all have a look see. Especially if you’re working on an ATC for the anniversary. Who’s idiot idea was it to come up with a theme? Yikes.