Wednesday 31 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 116

OK, the work desk looks pretty calm, I think.  The ever present and now it's on the narrow tape - totally indispensible- ATG tape gun, a couple of samples for the Paper Engineering workshop on Thursday, new glasses - I'm loving their colour,  and a couple of ink pads I've been trying out.  I'm going to review them, actually.  Don't hold your breath though, you know what I'm like.  Well, I guess calm is probably not what you'd describe it as, I suppose it is a bit of a mess. Ah well, you never expected different, huh?

Can I say to the many of you who were sweet and fretful about the mass of computer wires in the photo a couple of posts ago - I found the pic on one of those copyright free photo websites.  My cable area doesn't look like that.  My cables are all different colours.

I also want to use my own blog to publicise and promote without shame.  I know this is contrary to the rule of WOYWW, but know....if I didn't exercise a double standard now and then, you'd think it was someone else writing these posts.
Over at 2 Scrap Ladies, we've announced another Magnetic Year in a Day event. That's it, plug over!

So now.  Please share your work desk/surface/lap tray/ironing board/piano lid with us.  Whatever you're doing, upload a photo to your blog, link here and let us enjoy it too.  And expect us to be looking to see what you've got...we do, so hide it if it's a secret!!

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Yeah, but how long is TOO long?

See this lovely card what was made by Shopkeeper Gal?  I was there when it was started, fiddled about with and finally finished.  See, The Gal takes a lot of commissions, especially from the other business people up and down the strip. (OK, that was a novelist type way of describing Station Road, Tidworth.) And why wouldn't you commission a card, Shopkeeper Gal makes gorgeous stuff I can tell you.  Anyway, she was delivered a rather difficult brief for this card and after we'd all laughed and come up with some incredibly stupid ideas, she set about this colour combo, based on some quick Google type research.  She picked the background paper first. For the record, I got to the shop, to conduct a workshop, at ten.  At about second coffee time, say 11.30,  the Gal had got as far as deciding that she would go with a 'clump' of elements - which is something I do a lot on scrapbook pages and vintage style stuff because it often works.  She did actually say it was in my style, and for about half an hour, I was quite flattered!  The cluster was hearts, paper flowers, the little card of text, the ribbon, and the die cut trail of brown frond at the top, behind the other elements.  It looked lovely we thought.  I did suggest edging the hearts with some brown ink just to pull 'em off the background a bit more...and voila.  It was gorgeous, dimensional and very chic on the 'less Is more' scale.  And Shopkeeper Gal didn't like it.  No - too much white space, and for her, an unusual mild panic about lack of words.  Ah.  Well.  I suggested another die cut frond.  And by half past twelve it had the frond, the skeleton leaves, the die cut labels and the text.  So there we are.  It's still lovely, although not my design (!), and I don't doubt for a minute that the person who commissioned it will be really pleased.  But really.  Two and a half hours.  Now when I'm fiddling about at home, even in 'play' mode, I want more to show for my time than one card - however lovely.  But I don't often achieve that.  It doesn't make me angry, it's just a bit bewildering.    Admittedly, if I can't get it from idea-in-head to card easily, I tend to re-do and re-do which is time wasting/consuming.  I should learn to step away.  But I enjoy the time I spend at my work desk, so I guess it doesn't matter.  Shopkeeper Gal on the other hand, probably only charged about £3 for that lovely card.  Now we all know that isn't enough, so sweep that aside and tell me - how long is long enough for a card or a layout?  Is there such a measure? Do you have to leave your desk with at least something finished to show for your time..or is that me and a deeply embedded need to kinda justify the time spent?  And while you're at it - when did one of your friends last describe your attempt at even having a style as a 'clump'?

Saturday 27 August 2011

What I did to the Geek.....

Y'all know I've been offline for a handful of days because I was experiencing computer problems that required proper repair.  Lots of you know too that I've had/got shingles, and it puts you out, I can tell you.  And for me, it makes a lot of everyday things an effort, which has made me a bit short tempered.  I know it's hard to get your head around that failing in me, but I admit it, I'm sure eventually, I'll grow out of it. Now you may also know that I dread a computer failure because as good as he is, the Geek is not user friendly.  I took the PC tower in, he unscrewed the large panel and suggested that the fan was probably clogged with dust because I don't have the tower somewhere well ventilated and dust free.  He's right.  It's on a tower stand in my house.  Not a nuclear laboratory.  I don't empty the hoover bag into it every week, mostly because it would mean visiting him more often.   He noted too that one of the USB ports is mangled..and said he recognised  a common accident  - a memory stick was in the port and I must have hoovered up to it at an oblique angle and broken it off, goodbye memory stick, hello mangled port.  It didn't happen that way...mostly on account of the fact that the USB port is about 2 feet off the floor, but hey, he didn't hear me the first time after all - too busy talking over me.
I left the PC with him for diagnosis, mending and a RAM upgrade.  It's ready and perfect when I collect and I'm a happy bunny.  Until he starts about the grime that he cleaned out and the implication that I don't keep house in the computer department too well.  I was obliged to point out that a lot of his customers would be very upset about his inference and may not come back - and added, for the sake of friendly banter that luckily, I was less sensitive than that.  Ha Ha.  He was offended, actually, which I do give him credit for!  And then he lifted the keyboard from under the counter to tap in some details for an invoice.  And I damn nearly fainted.  It was so, so filthy that I couldn't keep quiet.  Some of the keys - the shift in particular, had a ridge - A RIDGE of gunk around the swiped area that the thumb continually hits. It may be that I went over the top when I said I dread to think what their staff loo was like.  But I was in mild shock.  Honest, I ain't house proud, but I know clean from dirty!  So he gets the hump and says if he spent all his time cleaning up, he wouldn't be able to mend computers so quickly.  I pointed out that if he cleaned once, it would take all of 10 minutes a day to keep his shabby premises clean.  It was all banter, but we both meant it.  I paid, remarked that he'd probably put a curse on me now, and left.
This is getting rather long..but I need you to have a feel for it.  Really I do.
At home, Mr D sets it all back up because I'm off for a nap and he has an urgent need to access dome business stuff.  When I surface and try to use it, the keyboard won't work.  And nor does the sound.  Argh.  Pull tower out, get glasses, get phone, sit on floor and stare hard at the back of the tower.  It's all colour coded these days - did you know?  The purple end of the keyboard wire plugs into the purple port, the blue end of the mouse into the blue port -----and so on.  So I'm completely baffled because it's all plugged and ported correctly.  I note that the purple (keyboard) plug isn't as far in as it should be.  Ease it out, compare pins in plug to holes in port.  (OK, I had to use my glasses and a magnifying glass).  Ring the Geek - to ask about the sound problem and check it's ok to erm..'ease' a couple of pins apart - they've been pushed together and don't now match the socket. 
Naturally, I get a lecture about closing everything down first..fine.  He gets really cross when I accidentally out of habit close down but allow it to install updates.  He was incredulous; you know - when someone's being really stupid and you say something like 'you mean to tell me...' , so I talked him around -  while we're waiting for that, talk to me about the lack of sound.  He explained at great l e n g t h and in words of simple syllable construction about the 3 pastel coloured plugs...mauve light blue and pink.  And that to achieve sound, the speaker wire needs to be plugged into its corresponding colour. OK light blue to light blue.   Re-start computer.  Still not working.  Close down again.  I did the same thing again with the update button -just to annoy him.  Use lovely fine perfect craft tweezers to ease the pins apart so that the keyboard plug re-fits perfectly.  Score, Julia.  Start computer...keyboard works fine.  Spend half an hour going through instructions - click this, click that..blah discover sound isn't that easy to achieve.  He suggests with a sigh,  bring the tower back tomorrow, I really can't do any more by phone because you don't know enough to follow my further instructions properly. Oh really.  Well, I'll have to see. I'm busy.  Being cross.
Anyway....long story huh.  Want a punchline?  I was so utterly peeved this morning that I can't catch up with iPlayer that I decided to just try another colour of plug for my light blue speaker cable. So then I had to ring again.  He answered 'Hello Julia, love'  and explained we were on speaker phone because he and a couple of customers were 'busy' - with their hands, presumably.  So I told them and him that I'd sussed the sound problem out on my own.  I'd plugged the light blue cable into the pink port and it works a treat.  Thanks for all your help. Perhaps it's better not to call me 'love' when we've been arguing!

Tap tap tapping on your screen...hello..?

Ah there you are.  It's only me.  The geek has fixed my PC and I only had to take the blame for about half an hour when I collected it.  And I got my own back.  But let me not be petty, it's not in my nature. *cough*.  Fact is, it's an all whirring all working PC again.  

Enjoy these pics will ya, if they load properly, you will be seeing the lovely PiF from Susan and the bags that Sarah sent me. This is a bit of a test post in terms of the photos, and I must say, in terms of what Blogger will's really jiggering me about a bit this morning. Bearing in mind I started this at 10.45 and it's now 12.17!
So if it's all worked, do tap the screen to let me know.  Meanwhile, I think I'll go and do the composition part of the next post on paper.  It's got to be easier.  And the paper never ever blames the user.  Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday 24 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 116

Well, there's nothing to brag about, and no picture to show. Depsite having 2 laptops and a PC, I can't find a way to upload from my camera card and email from my phone...none of us are configured properly...dysfunctional or what!  
I am in the middle of folding and creasing various cards and papers as preparation for a Paper Engineering workshop, so far, so many folds, not so many finished samples!  Ah, but when the PC is fixed I will show and tell of my creaseless pain.

So go on, even from a room that you can't see,imagine my mess and put me to shame - show  your desk by uploading a pic to your blog and link here - it's fun, free and surprisingly interesting.  Now you can't say that about eveything you have to do on a Wednesday, huh!

Monday 22 August 2011

Maybe a cupcake will help?

This beauty donated to me by Jan.  Because she saw it and thought of me.  I'm saying nothing .
I am struggling this morning, with a computer that won't let me do's very scarey and extremely,incredibly frustrating.  Scarey because I'm clearly going to be without it for a handful of days.  Frustrating because I'm clearly going to be without it for a handful of days. And because as respectful as I am of the geek to whom I shall turn for repair, I'm frustrated by him to the point of stamping my feet .  He runs a perfectly good, reliable PC supply and fixing business.  But he has to spend at least 30 minutes gently berating you for daring to buy a product that he doesn't like (a laptop for example - any make.. and he makes a point of gently correcting you EVERY TIME you say it - 'it's a notebook',) and worse,  for actually using it.  If ever a chap unknowingly puts off his customers...argh.  Well, today I have the upper hand.  Because he built and supplied this PC.  So I'm hoping for a quicker exit than usual, and the chance to leave without grinding my teeth.  Mr Dunnit supports me by suggesting that the best thing I can do is to go in there unarmed. He may have a point!
Anyway, I have received gifts and cannot show you the photos just now because uploading them makes the PC crash. But I wanted to acknowledge the unnecessary generosity of Susan and Sarah.  Susan sent me a bookmark from waaay down under, a PiF gift.  I didn't realise she'd take the trouble to make it from scratch so as to add my name to it.  Thanks gal, it's already in use..marking the page in the diary.  So much more successful than that bit of ribbony stuff they bind into the spine....that was unravelled and grim by March!  The second of this weekend's surprise postal receipts were fab holdall type bags from Sarah.  Woven Polypropylene (I know more about this material than you think...another weird fact about me) - when you see the pics, you'll know instantly what it is.  Bright bold colours and so useful Sarah, as you said.  One has already been pressed into service for the drinks and bottles and blah that need to go to Crop every month..perfect.  Thanks to both of you, a slightly more organised woman is leaving the house to face the PC foe today.  I may be some time.

Friday 19 August 2011

Re-acquainting myself

Ages ago, before I made space in this lovely little room of mine for business files etc,  my Cricut sat on the worktop behind me, thus:

You can just see it.  Buried under stuff - this photo is from the June 2010 file, so I've no memory as to the excuse for the clutter, but you can see, it's pretty well buried and ignored.  And so it has been; until today.  I wanted bunting for a LO and oh boy if you think you're bad at cutting straight lined squares - try a decent triangle...eventually you'll swear, throw your scissors on the table, and decide on a proper course of action.  The space above is now given over to business stuff, so the un-used Cricut went onto a bottom shelf, behind cartridges and other less used stuff.  This of course, has rendered it unattractive in ease of use terms.  Ah well.  It's now set up and running like a dream, on the dining table.  I'd forgotten what a good tool it is.  How useful it is.  How easy it is to use.  So why did I fall out of love with it?  Wellllllllll, it's a bit of a story I think, but ultimately has to do with keeping up with the latest trends again.  I got bogged down in the array of cartridges that were being released...several were exclusive to new model machines only and that really bothered me.  Still does.  As in all product lines, cartridges started to hold less images and indeed, 'spread' the better images across more than one...which made the cost of them an even bigger issue. I was a bit tired of the few cartridges I'd got too. And then there was the whole get-of-your-butt-plug-it-in-and-make-magic-with-it thing.  I got lazy I guess.   So, me and the machine have had an 18 month hiatus.  And today I cut a whole Alpha, some numbers, some triangles and some sign posts.  Nothing major.  But very useful, which is all a good tool should be, huh.  Techniques I've discovered in the last 18 months mean that the stock I used to cut the shapes has since been embossed, inked and added to in other ways, so now truly the Cricut is a good foundation tool.  Rather than say 2 years ago when the cut out images would have been the first thing you'd have noticed on my LO.  So the moral of this story - if you're tired with it..put it away a while, just like Dr Spock recommends about children's toys.  Re-acquaint yourself after a decent period of time and re-assess.  It might be worthwhile.  I wonder if this theory can be applied to housework?
Can't show you a pic of the has crashed every time I tried to introduce new files...guess where it's going on Monday!  
Meanwhile, have a great weekend.  If you're looking for a crop - we're meeting at Ludgershall tomorrow.  

Wednesday 17 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 115

As usual I have plans, and that is why seeing the card samples from this year's workshops to date strewn across the desk is a bit of a surprise.  Remember that trapped nerve in my shoulder?  Turned out to be Shingles.  (So much for self diagnosis - put up with it for way longer than I needed to!) Am pumped full of something or other that look like horse pills and I must confess that they leave me listless.  As I was a bit 'off' anyway, this isn't good!  So instead of sitting for ages on what is for now, the most uncomfortable of stools,  I'm standing in intervals and doing some sorting. (How does the most comfortable stool in the world make your shoulder blade hurt?  No I don't know either!)  These cards are destined for the Hospice to sell - if anyone has a charity to which they give cards, let me know, will happily post you/them a bunch.  Good view of the overgrowing garden this week!  
Join us  for this week's WOYWW - show us what is on your Workdesk this Wednesday - upload a pic to your blog and link it here. We'll visit eventually!

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Many a true word..

This card came from Jan......of course.....
Last Saturday evening, me, Mr Dunnit and LLJan, her gorgeous Mr and a Master went to a field in the Pewsey Vale.  Like you do.  And there, alongside the fast flowing stream that is the Avon, we spotted Morti, Mr B and L'il Miss B.  They were not difficult to spot you understand.  Their tent is a mini marquee in the style of a big top.  It was stripey and wonderful.  We gals had met, but the boys hadn't really, and so they had to take it on trust that with the crafty/blogging thing between us women, there would be enough in common for a nice evening.  As nobody got roaring drunk and misbehaved to the point of not being allowed back, I think it fair to say that we had enough in common.  Well, we laughed - a lot and talked until it was so dark even the bats wouldn't come out to play, so presumably that qualifies as a successful get together!  I think (crass generalisation coming up...) women can most often find something that can create a conversation even if it's only out of good manners, but men are less good at that, they don't have the old 'noblesse oblige' gene - and then there are awkward silences. Well, there were none on Saturday, glad to say. I learned loads about Morti and Mr B (nothing, so far, that could be used against them) - really on paper we do have little in common, but it's also the paper that brought us to meeting - scrapbook paper of course.  Which means we have everything in common, huh.  Oh and I've just remembered there was one brief moment when I was silent...watching Mr B prepare to juggle with glow sticks...honestly the anticipation was quite marvellous.  As indeed, was the sight of three glow sticks travelling through the dark to land with accomplished grace at his feet, on the table and even on top of a dog!  Delighted to report that Mr B was laughing as hard as we were.  Friends.  How cool. 

Friday 12 August 2011

The Christmas thing...

Text: Hero Arts, Background: Stampers Anonymous and Spellbinder dies. I think that's  all...see, I'm trying to remember to give you don't think I can draw and write eight million different fonts by hand - well you might have!

I'm still visiting WOYWW desks, but as you know this isn't unusual.  There's no science to any of this of course, but I gather from WOYWW comments and posts that it seems we roughly fall into four categories. Those of us who cannot or will not face Christmas until the seasons change and the time is right.  I must say that this group of people includes Jo of Jozarty.  And it's easy to tell why.  They are prolific non-procrastinating crafters.  They do, and talk about it afterwards - no prior blog whingeing about how much has to be done, or how difficult it is to make time or how un-christmassy the mojo feels.  So when Autumn turns its face toward Christmas, such crafters will allocate some time and create their cards.
Then there are the crafters who are organised through fear.  They love Christmas and all that it means and brings to their doorsteps, but are afraid of being bogged down by all the work that it inevitably involves.  And let's face it, you can't enjoy anything if you're constantly under pressure about it.  And so, for fear of not having time and ruining their own holidays by being behind, these crafters make a few Christmas cards here and there throughout the year.  Or to a set pattern of monthly/weekly.  The trick with this plan is  not to beat yourself up if you can't do this week/month's allocation for some reason, and catch up if possible.  Although I think in the case of such organised beings, it may well take a broken hand to prevent the card box being topped up!
And there's the majority, who move with the Seasons and can tell that Christmas Day is the same date every year and know how long they need to make their cards.  And enjoy doing them within the context of the approaching season.   Probably by the end of November they'll be considering their stock and making a few, calmly accepting that not all things are possible so handmade cards go to the appropriate people. 
 I can't tell you how much I dislike the part that I play in making Christmas last 4 months by producing card workshops in August.  But these are not 'thank you cards'  to be sent after an event.  And so people want ideas and er, inspiration 'up front'.  And if you send the cards you make at a workshop then you probably need to come to a handful of workshops to make enough, huh!   The Christmas cards I make now will be recognisably different from any cards I make in December...after all, the 'spirit of the Season' is far easier to lock into when you're actually in the Season!    
And then of course, comes the panic driven crafter.  Amongst my favourites, they are frantically crafting till the small hours, often in bad light, to meet a last posting date or create something particular the night before the get-together or the big day itself.  I have learned that panic is not a good thing for blocks me instantly and causes me to make 15 rubbish cards in an attempt to get one simple idea from brain to card stock.  I like a deadline sure, indeed a deadline is motivating.  
Just not motivating enough for me if it's more than about 3 weeks away!  Then it becomes a procrastinator's dream and the whole cycle is fulfilled.  Again!

Wednesday 10 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 114

Well, a twofor from me today:  Monday's desk..after quite a lot of tidying and removing of stuff that had been dumped over the weekend, and after workshop preparations and even some birthday wrapping which took place on top of all the stuff for the want of any other surface to move anything to. Yep, I was at the stage of needing a clean plate.

And here is Tuesday afternoon's desk, which will be this morning's too - I just prefer the afternoon light.  I've finished some (only 4) Christmas cards for a workshop on Thursday.  Honestly, it was like pulling teeth.  I'm definitely not good out of season!  
You can see, I worked in a smallish space having pulled my basket and bag of Christmas stamps onto the desk to inspire me.  Hmm.  Best thing is those small tubs of glitter in assorted shapes and colours - chunky, its called.  Fun.  And frankly, to get glitter on a card from me in August isn't just fun.  It's a total miracle.  

So show us what you're up to, we'd like to see.  Gardening, crafting indoors, whatever the summer causes you to do..unless you're chasing children around the house with malicious intent - that's probably not one to photograph!  Upload a pic to your blog, link it here and we'll trot round for a visit.  

Monday 8 August 2011

Getting my Grunge On

I'm not fiercely good at this whole untidy, inky, grungy thing.  I think that's why I sort of spells loads of time inking and blah, and not a lot of productive time.  But like most things I start out resisting, I'm a weak willed woman and I've slowly slowly started trying various techniques and products.  Now mostly, these products have been of Holtz extraction.  My initial resistance was, as many will already know, the seven shades of wee wee that the grungy look required.  So of course then all the Distress Inks in real colours arrived and since then I've been a dabblin'.  However, until recently, I haven't bought or played with grunge paper.  I know.  Loads of you use it so effectively and wax lyrical about it.  Well, so far, I'm surprised to say that I like it.  I haven't made and monumental discoveries of course - that's your job - I'm the follower here.  I haven't made any flowers or exercised it's 3d properties yet.  But I have inked a couple of pieces to death, stamped on it, embossed it and die cut word it stands a beating.  Jennie said in passing how well it responds to the Distress Stains - she's never wrong of course, what she doesn't know about this stuff isn't worth knowing.  But she's right!  It works gorgeously.  Is that a word?  I cynically expected it to mop up and use more ink than I wanted it to, just so I had to rush out to buy more. But it didn't.  Or doesn't seem too.  So, instead, I need to buy every bright colour of Distress Stain to fully explore my grunge-ability. Here's a call to the producers... lots and lots more grunge paper pre-die cut in nice shapes please.  Then I don't have to buy 5 intimidating large plain grey sheets.  That's a bit of a beef for me - large amount..because at the price, I'm being a bit mean with it.  No doubt I'll get over it.  Meanwhile...I have fingernails that will not do for hand modelling work. Oh and why haven't I shown you all my grungey but bright works?  Posted 'em without thinking of the photo requirement.  Don't worry, there'll be plenty more to bore you  with.

Friday 5 August 2011

So I've been doing some more of that sponging, inking , messy's still not entirely a natural thing...and  I offer you this card from a workshop a week or so ago as an antidote to Christmas Trees recently seen sprouting on my desk!
I thought that the beginnings of a Christmas card on my WOYWW post would result in my needing to be a little flame resistant, so thank you for not shooting the messenger.  Honestly, (and I'm saying nothing that I haven't threatened to say) - Shopkeeper Gal made me do it.  I am - and I think you can tell from my desk - not an organised and planned crafter.  The Christmas cards are for a workshop next week.  I will probably not actually use them to send.  It happens.  Last year (I think; maybe the year before..) I saved all the Christmas cards I'd made for workshops etc and gave them away.  And then made some fresh ones for giving. Or didn't bother, I can't remember!   That's the thing see, I like to think I'm perfectly normal and don't usually start real Christmas preparations of any sort until it's way too late to be organised and effective.  If that's not perfectly normal, please do not tell me.  Life here in Julia World is ticking along well enough without home truths.  I thank you.
Have a lovely weekend.  And thanks for asking about the shoulder.  I have shouldered on (did you see what I did there?!) with the help of my friend the Pharmacist and a short stay in Herefordshire to trample all over Jan's birthday week.  I think it's on the wane.  Ask me again when I've had to go one night without a  view of a sunset and a large glass of something.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 113

Bad light for this one, but taken at the hour it was, no surprise really!  There is actually evidence that between blog posts, I sometimes do what I say I'm going to!  Signs of a Christmas card on my desk. It's mid afternoon my desk will be covered in gorgeous sunshine, so I'm going to try to work hard and fast in the shade of the morning.  Ha!  
Surrounded as usual by detritus of other stuff, finished or in can't tell and I can't remember!

Do share then - upload a pic onto your blog of whatever you're working on, wherever you're working ; we want to see what you've got and what you're doing - altogether to interesting to deny us!  Link your blog here  with Mr Linky and we'll trot round and have a looksee.   Forgive my absence last week, I have a shoulder thing and was unable to wield so much as a mouse for while there.

Monday 1 August 2011

On birthdays and calendars...

Crikey - that's large! It sure shows up the imperfections! 
It's a wish my friend what you all know as Lunch Lady Jan, a really tremendously Happy Birthday.  She's achieving the big Hawaii today.  Five Oh.  Wow, and still she's a bad influence.  Do you know that only a week ago she was in my back garden holding a cherry stone spitting competition.  Man, she can spit.  Although I think I won. Nice cherries Missus!
I was in the habit of posting a picture of my calendar layout on the first of each month,  but I've lost momentum and haven't done one for August.  Yet.   Indeed, July actually replaced the March page on my wall this year. Shocking, huh!  It's weird.  Since I've been in charge of the business diary, I haven't referred to the wall calendar.  I need to correct that - it's usefulness encouraged others to write on it and enabled me to keep track (sometimes) of where I and my little car was expected to be on any given day.  And there's a rumour going around that me and ScrapLady Ally are doing another Year In A Day Calendar I should jolly well get some practice in.  Meanwhile, another example of quite how all over the place this year is...yep - I'm basking in sunshine and digging out Christmas stamps for a workshop a week on Thursday.  I've been whingeing all over WOYWWers desks about starting too early, and now I find myself hoist by my own petard!  My word, if only that were unusual!  

A quick word : huge thanks for all your advice about my taking most of it, so will not bang'll pass.