Wednesday 23 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 664

Another late posting, sorry! I’m out of routine - came home yesterday after 2 days of cropping and felt secure that it was Sunday! 
Anyway… here’s a desk shot from our sojourn in the country:
Really not too bad. This is largely because over the course of the five days we had planned, there were only ever 3 of us scrapping. Work and family stuff kept one or other of us away for some of the time and oh, it got complicated! 
This was my space yesterday after we’d had a cooked brunch. We packed up and vacated at about five, so this was my penultimate LO. It was a slow process getting back into it, but I have at least for now, rediscovered the pleasure in scrapping. Even though we’ve had two daytime crops this year, I felt as though I’d completely forgotten how to, or if I even wanted to! We all agreed that  we’re better at social scrapping, so because we’ve all got far more kit than is decent, we will just have to go on having twice yearly weekends away! 
I hope you’re all safe and relatively undamaged from the chain of storms that have crossed Britain, I was unaware of the flooding until I was at home watching the news last night. I feel deeply for those affected - again. 
Tell us all then, let’s see what you’ve been up to whilst our backs were turned! Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Thanks!

Wednesday 16 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 663

This is late in the publishing, sorry. No reason specifically; well, the usual I typed the post, and then went to get a coffee, doodled about the kitchen, did a test so that I can report a negative result this morning and visit my Mama. Then came back to see who I could visit from the list…only to discover that I hadn’t actually posted. Argh! Too busy thinking about the next thing, must remain present!

I’m looking forward to a weekend away with The Coven. That means scrapbooking. And that means getting my stuff together. I’d like to take as much as possible to satisfy lots of ideas and use lots of lovely stuff, but I want to be economic with the space I take up…after all there will be five of us and that amounts to a lot of stuff!
I’ve already sorted two boxes of ‘stuff’ and chucked out some odd die cuts, marked, creased and damaged tags and such, and decanted bits and pieces, so now only have one box of ‘stuff’. Isn’t it amazing what you keep for years and will never use. I also have a small( and getting bigger) bag of bits to give to a local MIND group who often make cards, so it’s been a worthwhile effort. This photo shows part of my basic scrapping-away-from-home method. I loosely match photos to papers…sometimes three or four sheets, to give me some er, artistic license when I finally stop chatting and eating long enough to make up a LO!
And on my right…a very busy worktop that will pay off when I finally commit and pack the car up…bits and pieces on there that I MUST take with me. They need to stay in my line of vision, you probably understand by now quite how forgetful I am! What with rushing about sorting this lot, making sure my favourite comfort clothes are clean and ready to pack, cooking a few treats and shopping for ingredients for supper when it’s my turn to cook, it’s all added real flavour to my week! The forecast from today in the UK is pretty hideous, high high winds and lots of wet. Take care. Take my advice..stay in and create! But please show off last weeks desk work first, I would offer to remind you to do it later, but I’ll forget.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 662

I think because I have tons of stuff to do, on and off the desk, I’m allowing myself to be easily distracted! Procrastination comes in many forms, doesn’t it. You’d think wouldn’t you, that I might procrastinate by tidying up or unpacking after crop. Neither. I’ve been searching through my clear stamps and deciding that the storage is fine for me, but not very ordered, so that’s to go on a to do list.
I don’t know if you can tell but there are two pairs of glasses visible, almost entwined, and there’s another pair in the fabric holder at left. And there’s another pair in my scrapbooking kit to be unpacked. So many! Proof though, that I return to my desk a lot and that I take a pair of readers with me, just in case I sit down and do something!  You can see too that I’ve rummaged sufficiently to find the clear stamp set that matches the die that’s been lurking on the desk for months.I assumed it would be the same size as the stamps and therefore be really useful. Alas it’s not and will have to be a stand-alone asset. That’s the problem with me and impulse purchasing….!
The big die cut at the back of the desk is from a rack of postcards at Paperchase…no idea for it’s use, but couldn’t leave it in the shop. 
I’m sorry I didn’t get around to every desk last week, it usually takes me a few days but last week just got away from me….must put time management on my to do list too.
Join me then  please, in the show and tell of the week! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Easy innit.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 661

Argh! And Ouch! No, don’t worry gentle Desker, there hasn’t been a break in. It’s just me being last minute, untidy and not able to get back to it in good time. And I’m nothing if not honest about it all, although I don’t imagine that’s actually doing your eyes any good!
There are layers to be excavated that sort of tell the story of my week. Sort of. The wrapping paper at left was for a new home present for a friend who I went to see yesterday. So that is pretty much the last thing I did at my desk; despairing at the mess, I just wrapped on top of it all!
Under the paper is a real pile of clear stamps that I am planning to play with. Amongst them is a set that includes the image you can see that I’ve been colouring in, just trying it out as it’s a new set for me. Gifted by another stamper friend. I love them all, but so far am not sure what I’m doing with them! The brush pens are from Arteza and to be completely honest, I’m not actually getting on very well with them. The brush tips are really fine and my eyesight seems to miss the really fine end until it’s over the line or mixing with another coloured area. Ugh. Believe it or not, I think they may be too good a brush for me! I’ve invested in a different strength pair of readers - my prescription lenses aren’t up to it, I need magnifiers! So I’ll try again, am incredibly averse to giving up on this set of pens! 
So what's on your desk or your craft mind this week? I’m going to a crop this weekend and could do with your crafty inspirations! Show and tell, please!