Wednesday 26 October 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 386

Shocking isn't it, how fast that week went by. For me it's because by Wednesday I was already planning Friday and my weekend of Crop Retreat. And I didn't get home till Monday lunchtime, which is as good a chunk of the week a I usually take to blog and do things to blog about! So my desk today, der Desker, is a transfer to the floor. Where my weekend waits to be unpacked and transferred back to my desk. This will be later this morning when I get sick of tripping over stuff.
I should add that this is not all I took. There's a rolling tote full of stuff too, I'm not exactly sure where that is at the moment. I suspect it was moved by Mr Dunnit to make some room for real work! And of course I took a weekend bag filled with too many clothes, I was equipped for all weathers. I didn't take any will power though, and have had an incredibly indulgent weekend. And so to pay for that...a fight with the newly washed jeans tomorrow, I bet!
I'll show you the fruits of my labours just as soon as I unpack 'em. Meanwhile, please show me yours. Post on your blog, with WOYWW in your title and link here for maximum exposure to those who love to see what you're doing!

Wednesday 19 October 2016

What's On Your workdesk? Wednesday 385

I'm in shock myself gentle Desker, this is really looking out of control! See, I've had a LOAD of drawers and boxes to clear from my Mama's collection. It all got a bit desperate yesterday when I had to try and do more than one thing at once, and so inevitably, I used my desk to just dump the bits I  intend to keep. I see my after lunch drink can which is very lazy. It's a blood orange fizzy, I'm really enjoying them at the mo. The empty box at right was to be saved because it's a useful size. But there's quite a lot to find room for now, so I suspect it will be a gonner. And then I'll need it, huh!
On the ipad stand is my first serious Christmas card of the year. I was hoping to be quite prolific about them this week, but time is against me. For now. Once this lot is tidied I'm going to be making some more.
Let's see your tidy and ordered work spaces then, you know you want to set the example! Put WOYWW in your blog title and link the post here, as usual. Great!

Monday 17 October 2016

Polishing the memories

This brass standard lamp was bought by my parents during their tour in Hong Kong, between 1964 and 1967. It's been used in all of the houses they've lived in ever since. It has been the light under which I read countless books, it was probably part of the scenery as I learned to read.
We girls (there were four of us) would, now and then, be required to clean it. Either as an attempt by my father to make us help and learn the value of chores, or as punishment for some misdemeanour or other. Cleaning it involved a tin of Brasso, a cloth to apply it and another soft cloth to rub it off and burnish the clean metal. It really was a chore. It took ages. My father used to get cross at the time it took us, and one of the expressions I heard more than once was 'you've only got two speeds - dead slow and stop'. It wasn't helpful. Probably more infuriating for him because of all the delaying and sighing that went into us doing any chore, because he was the overseer. As an adult, I get it and ask myself - punishment for whom?!
This weekend, the lamp stand came to live at my house. It's caused no end of shifting and changing and trying of existing lampshades. And, it needed cleaning. Well, Mr Dunnit was busy knocking holes in the plaster and brick work in preparation for building work. I felt that sitting at my desk and having a bit of craft time was probably an inappropriate way to spend the afternoon whilst he was working so hard on my future comfort. I faffed about and took some photos, I tidied another room, I swept the kitchen floor. And finally realised that I might as well just get the Brasso out and clean the damn lamp. So I did. It took less than twenty minutes. Wilb would have dined out for another lifetime on all the learned lessons in that!

Wednesday 12 October 2016

What's On Your workdesk? Wednesday 384

Well, gentle Desker, you've seen all this before.
And you've read all of my excuses. Well everybody, I'm over it. I've done the convalescing and the 'can't be bothereds' and I've done the lack of mojo. Now I'm at that point where you get ideas for cards because you're too busy to actually make them - you know that, right? So that's what I'm working towards...see one arm of my glasses behind the sellotape that to make them easier to find or an inanimate plea to be picked from all the rubbish? I've been wrapping and posting stuff see, so my desk has been my toy post office. Good enough, for now!
Show and tell your workspaces will you, you are a fascinating contributor.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 383

The beauty on my desk was a birthday gift from Jan and I've decided I need to do something to the frame. I've only had it hanging for two years, so this is a bit of a rush decision. I'm probably going to just give it a wax polish, so a major alteration isn't on the cards. And it's on my desk because it's a thing I plan to do this very day.  The corner of the box at left is filled with some more wood mounted stamps from my Mum's collection - waiting to be photographed and put up for sale. The wrapping paper is there because I have several birthday presents to may look a mess, but it's all a sensible mess! The pink thing underneath the picture is a file, filled with print outs of card ideas that my mum has collected. I thought it would be nice to browse her library of cuttings and clippings before just consigning them to the bin - it might prove really inspiring!
And talking of inspiring...drag yourselves away from the glory of autumn for a mo will you - make a nice blog post about what's on your work desk, and link it here, we do want to see.

Monday 3 October 2016

Turns out, it really isnt my fault...

Yesterday and today have been the most beautiful autumnal days. A hint of chill, for sure, but glorious sunshine Because this is Britain, there were people walking around the shops in t shirts and sundresses. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. The concession to the glory of the sunshine is a pair of sunglasses and no coat. I'm definitely middle aged. This weather report is brought to you by way of an explanation for my thoughtfulness. See, I was walking through the village, getting some exercise (and a loaf of bread) and enjoying the sunshine. Walking alone gives you thinking time doesn't it.
Autumnal readiness....somebody's fabulous wood store!

I was thinking about the next handful of days and the things I need to do. And the things I'd like to do. I was musing on the fact that I used to manage quite a lot of leisure activities in the evening, and how these days, I seem to spend every evening stuck in my armchair gazing at the tv or my iPad. And then it dawned on me. It's my iPad. It has connected me to the world, and made my backside take root. I'm so busy looking at ideas and reading about other people's amazing creations and lives, that mine is being spent on a gently padded chair. Well, here's to a teeny tiny resolution. I won't be out in the yard crating sculpture by moonlight, but I might turn the iPad off and at least pick up the embroidery or crochet once in a while. But mostly, I just think I need to put the technology down and engage a little. Ask me if its working in a couple of days. It'll  only take that long before Mr Dunnit wonders why on earth I'm being needy for conversation over his tv programmes! Hey, I could use the time to do so many things....I'll have to make a list on my list -making App......