Wednesday 29 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 682

A slightly staged edition at this desk. Not to cover the indecent mess, but to show that I’ve been doing something! Hurrah!

There’s a story, of course. A customer of my shop (closed at least 15 years ago) and I would bump into each other occasionally at craft events or in local coffee shops. We lost touch gradually, and of course, lockdown sealed it good and proper. Fast forward to this May and I bumped into her at Salisbury Cathedral’s Festival of Flowers. Our diaries are silly and we aren’t geographic neighbours anymore, so in order to see her and catch up, she suggested I go to one of her Stampin Up! Workshops. It was last weekend, and the cards you see there are what I made whilst chatting, swigging coffee and being very smiley. Great morning; had forgotten what a tonic a workshop really can be! So the cards are spread out to cheer me whilst I do other stuff. There’s a square blue card from my small stash of cards for men, waiting to be written and posted. There’s also a couple of tags in bags…they explain the teeny photo gifts that are contained with them and are waiting to be sent too. I enjoyed making them, an oasis of just a few minutes in a rather lovely weekend.
I have some (more) new stash to play with and so have every intention of doing that. Wish me luck whilst showing me yours!

Wednesday 22 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 681

So sorry to have messed up the number last week, I took the decision not to correct it after I’d read your comments because then the post and the comments don’t make sense, and they need to, because this blog will be my reading material in my dotage - can you imagine how much more confused I’ll be about numbers by then!
Now then, here’s my desk. 
Still not back in it’s proper home, but at least it’s genuinely in use. I’m following a grand example from Caro and have a mug of tea right in front of me, and as you can see, am paper piecing some fun birds. It’s one of the rather large handful of new stamps that I’ve brought from Shopkeeper Gal. Sadly, she’s in the the throes of a closing down sale and it’s caused me to panic! Anyway, this stack of pieced birdies are my response to sitting down on Saturday with a list of cards that I’d like to produce. Two birthday, one wedding. I didn’t use the birds in the end. But I did enjoy the cutting and sticking. 

The post before this one is about the Workdesk crop. Please read and commit! I’ll add to the top of the blog as a page in a while so you don’t have to keep hunting for it. 
Meanwhile, please show and tell of your desks and work thereon. It’s important. And it turns out, you’ll be contributing to my reading material for the years to come!

Friday 17 June 2022

The Overdue Crop

 Before I get carried away, let me give you the facts:-

CROP! Saturday October 1st 2022

Radbrook Community Centre
Calverton Way,
Radbrook Green

If you've been to a WOYWW Crop, you already know that there are no qualifying criteria - if you read this blog and want to meet some of the Wednesday Work Deskers, come and join us. There's a small danger of some short face time meetings with Deskers abroad too...just so we don't miss smiley faces that want to come but are overcome by geography!

  • Bring something to work on - colouring in, cutting out, stitching, knitting, scrapping...whatever. Don't plan to do a lot of it, but its nice to sit and chat whilst doing a little of something isn't it!
  • We'll set up a table for swaps and RAK offerings. (If they are still there at clear up time, please take them home with you!)
  • There will be a raffle, proceeds of which will be donated to a Charity. If you'd like to donate a prize, that would be lovely. 
  • We will charge you, for hall hire and lunch...some of our lovely menfolk opt to spend the day with us too, and they are very welcome; but this year we must formally count them and charge per head. 
There's stuff to do before you arrive, (a little, optional challenge) but we'll talk about that a little later. For now, please check your diary, make your arrangements and indicate that you're going to come...of course we need to achieve a minimum number for viability, so it really will help if you can commit early.'s a pay on the day thing. It's fifteen weeks away, (from the date I posted this article!) so you could start a little pot and dump a £ or two in it every week till you get there and *pouf*, subs paid!

The entire day and all the work before hand is being brought to you by the big hearts and busy hands of the Sisters of Stitch again. Twiglet and Wipso. Jo and Annie. We are in their debt again, these things aren't just thrown together.

I cant tell you how exciting it is to be thinking about a get together again. So overdue, huh. 
There will be hugs all around, or not, depending on your preferences. We'll talk COVID safety etc as we get closer to being able to assess conditions.

Meanwhile, please...consider your options and say you'll come!

Wednesday 15 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? wednesday 679

I’m not posting a photo of my desk this Wednesday; it’s a dumping ground for quite a lot of new stash I’ve just bought. Haven’t even taken it out of the bag. So much going on! The slabs for the patio have finally arrived, and so we decided to model all the ideas we’d had before committing. It’s been rather like doing a jigsaw without colour!
So all those pieces represent the slabs at whatever scale the board needs them to be. The house is the big chunk of space extending from the bottom of the pic. So the patio shape is bizarre.
Mr Dunnit wants it to look random. But random just doesn’t work, and after wasting his lunch hour on it, we agreed it needed to have a regular patttern, so I turned his head by looking at Pinterest.
And in full sight of the real thing, we laid out our plan. Turns out we’re going to have do quite a lot of cutting, and we’ve got a lot of genuine labouring to do before we break out the new slabs, but it’s all starting to happen. Which is more than can be said about desk activity, huh! 

Please show and tell about your desk week, it’s a welcome diversion from concrete and paving slabs!

Wednesday 8 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 679

Sorry. Twice. Posted late last week….scheduled the post because I had to be away early and of course, made a mess of the scheduling. And then….haven’t visited anyone. My b*****y iPad broke-  and worse, the child I needed to help me put it right was away on a holiday. Cheek. Turns out that a (presumed) power cut may have made iPad stop doing the software update I left it to do and throw a fit, but it wasn’t fatal. caused massive waste of time and a bit of stressy childish bad behaviour, is all!
The desk is still in the dining room, facing the kitchen. Given the recent ATC swap and the wonderful happy Mail I’ve received, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m arranging those ATC gifts into storage. But I’m not, I store those differently, oddly. Those card holder pages are all about Mr Dunnit’s childhood collection that I found in the cardboard box in one of the sheds at his Mum’s place when I was looking for a garden sieve. Seriously. Is it serendipity? I dunno, but he wants to keep them, so I’m sorting and filing every now and then.
Football cards! He has happy memories of collecting and trading and given the number of albums that my scrapbook hobby runs to, it won’t hurt to have an album of cards for him to gloat over when he’s in reminisce mode will it!

We celebrated Her Majesty’s Jubilee and celebrated her achievement and our luck at being English this weekend, it was lovely. I hope you enjoyed some of the spectacle even if you live outside GREAT Britain. Enough. Please show and tell of your Workdesk this week, it will finally be a pleasure to catch up with you!

Wednesday 1 June 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 678

Welcome to June! Already! This is scheduled, I’m off to the dentist and then to make up for that rude start, I’m going to meet a second cousin for coffee. We’ve met two or three times in our lifetimes and always at some sort of function, so it will be nice to just sit with coffee and chat. Meanwhile, life has turned my work room into a through route for landscape gardening equipment, and so I’ve moved my desk. 
It’s move is temporary but will be for a week or two I expect. Facing the kitchen this time, I did think that I might sit and play whilst cooking etc, but not as yet!  I regret to say that I haven’t spent a minute actually sitting at the desk, but I will rectify that just as soon as I can. I wasn’t aware until I moved the desk quite how reliant I’m becoming on the clip on parts of the desk…I have been using the phone/tablet holder since we were first locked down so I hardly notice it anymore, and of course, my angle poise lamp with a daylight bulb is almost an essential. Latest acquisition is the magnifying lamp. I bought a beading kit in the January sale from Etsy and then naturally, had to spend the same again on this lamp in order to see the work properly. I have resisted using it for anything else, but it’s marvellous and will I think, transform my winter colouring activities. Probably won’t use it for beading after I’ve finished using up the kit…I’m not patient enough for that amount of fiddly, however easy or pretty the outcome. I will do a show and tell at some point, but it’s a Christmas themed kit, so will show you later in the year when it’s much more appropriate - and it’ll give me a chance for a small gloat over being ‘prepared’. Ha!

Meanwhile, keep showing and telling your current desks please. I really can now only focus as far forward as October 1st for the crop; anyone planning to come and travelling solo? If you want or need to stay overnight (or two) to make it happen, let me know if you’d like to consider sharing a place with me and probably Helen for sure.