Wednesday 30 November 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 130

Ah, mine is a double work in progress today.  See the bright red letter and number?  (Really, if you can't, you may wanna get an eye test, seriously.)  They are for a Christmas present.  They are freshly painted and dry, but sitting on scraps of paper that I've used to cover another project I'm working on...that's not a huge secret, more that I needed to discuss the G3 with Miss Dunnit, so that went on top.  That's how it is in Julia world.  No need to tidy until the thing on top falls off.  And that's why there appears to be nothing on the table that actually could 'go' with the G3...mostly it's stuff I was using for the scrapbook LO underneath. See the ATG gun - reloaded and in constant re-use....I may accuse it of being fiddly (and it is), but that won't change my love for it.  You can see at right my tidy basket of stamps waiting to be put is starting to behave badly - that is, driving me mad.  I wish I could manage without acrylic stamps I really do.
Share with us your workdesk won't you?  Paper crafts, any crafts, work, home, floor, desk, dedicated space or not...we'd like to see what you're up to.  Upload to your blog and link it here.  Please don't link if you aren't showing a workspace or work in progress, and put WOYWW in the title.  Please don't link if all you have for us to read is an advertisement for another site or a litany of product links.  No fair.  It's the Season of Goodwill - something that we WOYWWers have shared for 130 weeks non-stop - please don't make it need rules, it's meant to be fun!

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Dithering nicely, thanks

Made mostly with DO's new Urban stamps..a Paper Artsy and a Magenta image too
I had a brainwave on Sunday afternoon, that I would switch around the way I do stuff at home during the day. Make the most of the daylight so that I can fulfill my manifesto pledges and get my Christmas crafting done...and even save my poor declining eyesight!  No biggie huh.   I like a routine, and although I don't do the same jobs on the same day of week or anything quite so well organised, I do always do household stuff and work stuff before I set foot in front of my crafty desk, or before I park my bottom in front of this 'ere computer. Which means that on an average day, I get to play at my craft desk by about 2.30, 3 o,clock-ish.  I know this represents a lot of time and I know how lucky I am...let's not dwell there.  Mostly because my output doesn't reflect these hours! But in the Northern Hemisphere, it means the light's getting bad and by about 4pm there's no natural light at all.  The brainwave seems long overdue then, huh?  Hold on though.  Yesterday was day one and it wasn't as easy as it sounds.  As every day, my family had left the house by 8am,  and as everyday, they had left the kitchen in the standard whirlwind someone-else-will-clear-this-up state, and as usual, it was combined with the evening's detritus.  I'm a bit of a slut about cleaning up after an evening meal if I'm going to be at home the next day...see how bad habits form if you don't go out to work!  Now I don't know about you, but I can't turn my back on the has to be clean and tidy before I can do anything else.  And yesterday turned into recycling, empty the bin and therefore clean the floor day.  Not because it was Monday, but because every job you do knocks onto another, doesn't it.... the washing machine had finished so then upstairs to sort out laundry and while I was there, emptied bins and straightened up the know.   So it was after eleven before I got to my desk, but the daylight was great and I must say, it does make a difference.  Mr Dunnit came home for lunch about an hour later which involves lunch, tidying and business talk...maybe even some business work...that's OK.  It's what I'm here for really.  But it uses up daylight!  It was about 3pm before I got back to my work desk..and nearly dark.  And because I had been at my desk during the morning, when it did get dark, I sort of felt obliged to leave it in favour of the ironing - after all I did say I'd do the chores when the daylight faded.  So I sat at my desk all evening instead, making up for not managing to do very much at it yesterday.  And here I am, blogging in daylight...any minute now I'm going to turn my chair to face the desk and get on.  I hope.  Gosh, isn't it complicated, this hobby!

Friday 25 November 2011

Living a life worth scrapbooking....

foam bananas and technology..a great afternoon!

I'm a bit fickle about scrapbooking; I recognise it's to capture for all time the memories of our lives and to create some sort of sentimental legacy for my only child and blahdy blahdy blah.  But I don't like using the photos that pre-date my arriving at the scrapbook hobby. I'm a bit of a here and now scrapper and particularly like to record everyday stuff that might otherwise be forgotten. I use the 'old' photos when I'm completely out of mojo or new stuff.   I know, it doesn't make me  a 'different' scrapbooker, or earn me a title as some sort of renegade, but as I don't have my own style (I faithfully reproduce every lovely idea I ever see), it's a sort of comfort to me to know that I fit into some category or genre.  I like to conform.  So here's this week's scrapbooking moment.  Be patient, I need to set the scene.
Miss Dunnit, our only child, our beloved daughter, is 18 and a half.  We live in fear that her ambition is to be a perpetual student.  'We' being her parents.  Anyway.  She's currently enjoying a third year at sixth form College.  She didn't want a year out, but didn't want to go to Uni.  We're OK with that.  We love having her at home, when she's here. You know.  And...I'm digressing again.  So, yesterday.  She volunteered to help with the  Tesco Grand Prix.  She's a lovely gal.  She helped and I rewarded her with some hooch for a party. It may have been her motive, but I don't suspect that and actually I don't care...she was a help and great company. Once home and sorted, I started on a laundry related chore upstairs.  She joined me; throwing herself on my freshly changed, newly made bed.  Argh.....after years of not being allowed to sit on our made beds at boarding school, it makes me freak out a little to get my own back, I did a running jump type of move to throw myself on HER. Lots of screaming and groaning, huge dramatics and possibly some tickling.  Then some chatting and begging, and even a little threatening.  The I gave in.  As I 'climbed' off her, I noticed that she still had her teeny earphones around her neck and was a bit concerned that they may have been tugged and broken.  But for the life of me, I couldn't could not remember what they were called.  And I ended up asking if her 'micro ear defenders for music thingies' were OK.  She looked me in the eye and said :  'Yes mama, they're fine.  And it's OK, I understood, because I can speak old.'
And that's what will make it onto a scrapbook page in her album.  See, my memory may be troubling me, but I never forget an insult, however loving! Just off to fashion another blue tack effigy...
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 23 November 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 129

Oh look - a real return to form!  I'm ploughing my way through the second calendar and although it's the same, it's different.  Of course - doing the same thing twice is tedious.  Housework. I rest my case. You can see the ATG gun awaiting refill - I was mid-flow so didn't want to bother fiddling with it (and IT IS a fiddle), so I've resorted to the pink Herma. Not my fave, but needs must when you're looking for loaded adhesive dispensers!  You can just see my collection of printed sellotapes too - they are not Washi tapes or anything so sophisticated, just cheapos from Tiger, or wherever else I happen to see them!
 So I'm gently moving forward with the Christmas plans..there was a lot of evidence of it on WOYWW last week.  Have y'all finished and moved on now?
( LLJan has decided to force me into Salisbury EARLY today, so have photographed Tuesday's mess.  It remains just the same now.  Of course, it's enough to stagger round with coffee in hand at this time of day, huh!!)
Show us what your work surface is minding for you won't you? Put a pic on your blog and link up here.  Lovely.

Monday 21 November 2011

I couldn't be a politician....

See that text ? Miss Dunnit's age 7 best handwriting.....committed forever to rubber for her mama
Actually, I typed the title and between there and here I realise that a politician is EXACTLY what I could be.  Wanna know why?  Because my Manifesto is not being fulfilled.  You may remember from a post in October, when the going looked pretty good:
1. Make, whilst in the mood, whilst the going is good.  
2. Make and finish one thing at a time..midnight on the 24th December is not a time reserved for frantic finishing and crappy wrapping.  No, it ISN'T.
3.  Set a reasonable, seasonal deadline to finish the makes.  Mine is December 15. Then, I shall gracefully (!) accept if I've failed to finish and trot out to buy gifts where needed, and still have time to wrap them.  
4.  Do not get silly about this.  Do not make loads of stuff and then lose your nerve and decide against giving any of it away.  To this end, I recommend wrapping as soon as possible after finishing!
It's looking a bit wobbly at the moment; my inability to multi task is causing a bit of a problem.  So is my need to spend evenings on my butt in a big comfy chair with Mr Dunnit and the TV for company.  Ah winter, I blame you.  I have preparations underway, I have unfinisheds on 'set aside' and unstarteds on 'don't panic' piles, so I am still full of good intention. Which makes me horribly like a politician!  Except, and I say this in my best, professional defence barrister type voice (imagine the wig, will ya) - I've been honest about it, my lord, and not all politicians can boast that.  

Still how goes it for you?  Better, I'm sure.

Friday 18 November 2011

That Maze book....

I love making them because they come together fairly quickly, and I love that it can be made pretty much up out of 1 sheet of 12 x 12 and leftovers from other projects.  But I cannot and do not claim any credit for's a well known pattern!  It's made from one sheet of 12x 12" paper, folded and cut cleverly, the finished book is just under 10cm (4") square - the covers; the pages are smaller.  There are a couple of really good, easy to see and follow tutorials on You Tube - search for Maze Book.  On that basis I won't make you suffer a step by step here, my photography's not up to it!! 
And to prove that point - here's another card from our Card Marathon day - photographed at an extraordinary angle, it looks very odd in the dimension department!  Stamps by Hero Arts and Inkadinkado.  Simple but fun.  I wonder if my teeny obsession with Kraft material will change any time soon!
WOYWW note:  I know a lot of people scan the texts of WOYWW posts because there's so much to get through...but the numbers thing has kicked up a lot of comments.  As I said, the numbers on Mr Linky automatically change if I have to or am asked to remove a link for reasons of correction or you may find your number changes by one or two, but it won't be so drastic a change as to make you difficult to find on the list!  The suggestion of signing your name and turning that into an html link in the comment box has been made.  You could, of course...depends on your time and patience ratios!
I'm still working through the list, started at the bottom of column 3 on Weds, so I may be some time yet and I can't explain this in every comment.  My patience and time ratios would be seriously at risk!

Wednesday 16 November 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 128

A two-fer from me this week!  I took these at about 4.30pm yesterday; I was just about to finish two sets of calendar pages by adding tweaks and extras to the second set.  You can see that I'm incapable of doing even two pages the same, but that's OK.  Turns out though, I hadn't quite got as far as I thought when I set these aside to concentrate on other stuff, so these may well end up in 'set aside' again!  They are for presents, but as you well know, I'm not allowing myself to panic.  So my desk looks pretty tidy but for the pages, huh!  Usual suspects, including on the right, my Wipso and Twiglet tidy basket which is full of stamps.  All clean, just waiting to be filed away.  But they're clear stamps and I hate putting them away.  Ugh, what a slacker!
Before I make way for Mr Linky, I need to do a bit of housekeeping.  Angela pointed out that using your link list number where you leave a comment is unreliable because they change.  They don't always.  If I'm asked to remove a link (and very very occasionally if I remove a link because it's a bit over the top in terms of non-compliance!) then the numbers do automatically re-jig.  But if you comment and add your original list number, you won't be too hard to find, within one or two numbers at keep doing it please!
So be compliant and please show us your busy (or chilled) workspace this blatant advertising and please make sure your post title includes the WOYWW acronym....for the ease of those of us that visit way after Wednesday!    I thank you.

Monday 14 November 2011

Wrap Up!

This is the one labelled 'Wild & Sweet' you can see why!
Well the Card Marathon is over and I thank you for your putting up with all my preparations if you have.  Here are a couple of cards from the event.  The rest will appear when I have no more interesting photos to use.  You know how I avoid a photo-less post.  It helps keep my focus on being sharp and pithy in the text department.  (really? Even I'm laughing now!). Scrap Lady Ally also had to succumb to the 'make 12 cards for the Marathon' pain, so if you wanna see others,do swing by her blog at some stage.
And this is the one that has the Mary Anne digi design tree on - love it!!
I thank Mary Anne from the bottom of my crafty heart for her real genuine patient help and generosity over the reproduction of this wonderful digi image.  I think I need say no more - except if you want some of it, check out her pdf printables..available FREE and all she asks is that you show her what you make now and then.  How hard is that!
So that's it.  And I have Christmas presents to wrap too, so in all, this weekend has been a wrap up success.  Man, I love that!

Friday 11 November 2011

It's behind you...and creeping up fast!!

I sort of bragged on WOYWW about being nearly organised for the Card Marathon tomorrow and I am.  I think.  You know how at the back of your mind you're aware that there are other commitments to be kept up with...but for as long as you don't double check and actually name the  'thing', it sort of just lingers behind you while you're busy.  Do you get that? Are you vaguely familiar with that or have I described it so badly that you now feel that I should be seeking treatment?
Well...I was forced to turn around and face the creeping commitment on Thursday morning. And do you know, I had the WRONG commitment in my head. In Juliaworld, I had in mind that the Maze Book workshop was scheduled for the beginning of December.  So imagine my badly concealed surprise when I find myself discussing with Shopkeeper Gal the number of people that are coming to do the workshop. Next week.

So in the grand tradition of 'push back' techniques, (which also involved a bin bag, such was the enormity of the situation), I cleared my desk and made a Maze Book.  I did enjoy it I must say.  I fell foul:  'familiarity breeds contempt' - oh yeah.  Ruined the piece of 12 x 12 I was going to use because I cut it wrongly.  How many of these have I made?!!  Ah well, it's not the vintage Christmas ensemble I'd planned, but at least the Workshopeers will be able to see what they're making!  And don't tell Shopkeeper Gal, I'm pretty sure I fooled her, so she doesn't need to know.  Note to self: just check the diary before it sneaks up and bites you on the butt. Seriously good advice.  Take, it.  I'm clearly not using it. 

Wednesday 9 November 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 127

I've moved to the floor.  As I get things ready for Saturday, I need to lay them out in a place where I can see what's been done and am not falling over them.  So a corner of the lounge floor is doing the job.  Because I'm too lazy to light the fire and warm the conservatory up....or it would of course, be a table - less bending!
You can see, each basket contains the supplies (ink,stamps, die cuts) needed to make each card.  The large envelopes contain the pre-scored cards, envelopes and bigger pieces of paper or card needed as mounts.  Everything is cut to size and any die cutting is done.  This cuts down on queueing at the tool table and means that the makers can just sit down and make their cards...there's some embossing to be done here and there, but nothing overly taxing - this is about getting as many Christmas cards made as possible!  So there you have it, my workroom is a hive of organisation and the lounge floor is the proof.  Feels kinda good to be productive to be honest.  This is a scheduled post.  I'm scared that Mr D will let me lie in, and more scared that the chores I have to do before going out for the day won't get done if I'm as big a behind as I was last week.  It was yesterday before I finished desk visiting!  
Show us your work area, show us what you're working on; it's very easy - upload to your blog and then come back and link here...please include WOYWW in your title - those of us that visit late often have to page through and can't find the relevant post....especially if the pic is buried at the end of a long post about other stuff.  Thanks, it helps.  Also, Neet reminded us that once you've linked, it's really helpful to include your number on the list when you leave a comment....makes a reciprocal visit much easier!

Tuesday 8 November 2011

One I made earlier

Here's the march part of the 2012 Calendar; I used big fat snotty glue dots to embed the flowers...but still have visions of them falling off in someone else's house next year. If it happens, I shall play the 'home-made' card!
Mary Anne has got so sick of me whingeing about how hard it is to make a card at the moment that she turned up at the crop on Saturday armed with an idea, and knowing my complete inability to understand the computer part of crafting, she even stood ready and offered to email pdf images for me.  Ya see, it pays to have a whinge.  Thanks MA.  I'll show it here, of course, but not till after the Card Marathon.  Which is erm, this weekend.  So  this week my focus is on counting and cutting.  There are a couple of advantages to this.  The first and most obvious is that I had to tidy up thoroughly - when you're pulling supplies to make a dozen or so cards, you need everything where it should be; saves time and panic! The second is that I'm not sitting at my desk spending four hours on a single card idea.  I just know that as soon as Christmas is over, I'll be buzzing with ideas for Christmas cards.  It goes that way, huh.

Friday 4 November 2011

There's a large wall that holds back a few gardens and houses on Kennet Road in Tidworth.  
It's plain and relatively uninteresting...until some very naughty person with a can of spray paint did this.  It really makes me smile, and I've found myself taking this route on purpose (which is currently an A338 diversion - the worst signposted diversion IN THE WORLD).  I could so easily go another, less round-the-houses way. 
I realise that it's naughty because it's defacing the wall, but it could so easily have been a rude word or a rude picture, so it's not entirely mindless!  Is it there because the erm, 'artist' wants a short-cut around that wall - it's a good 500 metres from the bus stop to the first house...and uphill.  Or is it a sprayed by an idealist who thinks that the slightly smiley door can be a helpful reminder to those stepping off the bus that there's always another door to open?  I can't accept that it's just mindless grafitti - after all, why a door?! I want to think it's Narnia-esque - a nice reminder that even a brick wall has something worth investigating behind it.  It's telling us to take the time.  
No wonder it makes me smile, I'm so busy looking for inspiration that I'm trying to read brick walls!

Wednesday 2 November 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 126

Thanks for all your concerns...nothing wrong with me at all (!!), just running a big behind...So this is what it looks like when I get a block on.  My friends (you lot) have told me, indeed, reassured me that it will pass.  I'm not fretting or stressing about it, although I admit to a bit of deadline panic.  But I'm not tidying up much either!  After today, I might well need to sort it out, but meanwhile, I'm busy doing other things, so it has to wait. Tough attitude, huh!  So anything new in that lot?  Not especially, but isn't it uncanny how much  that EK Success punch lying on its side looks like a stapler?  The square of pink and the square of orange are little plastic boxes that I decant embossing powders into.  The Distress Inks are out after an attempt at sponging some colour onto an embossed image.  It worked out just fine, I just didn't like the idea in the end.  I rarely stamp with the DInks, they have other, better skills! I can see matte accents, foam pads, a glue pen, glue dots and sellotape, so the usual choices for sticking and of course there's evidence of two pairs of scissors...a bit of a rummage at left will reveal two more! 

So - are you working in calm or in chaos?  Show us what you're up to and what your surface looks like won't you?  Upload a pic to your blog, link it here and join us.  Not judgemental, but very nosey is an accurate summation!