Thursday 31 March 2011

Look here, doubters....

So here's the underside of my desk. It's way tidy. It's how it always looks. Because I am too lazy to get off my big old high up tractor seat stool and retrieve things from the floor.Believe me, if it isn't within arm's reach, I either don't use it, or I walk a couple steps to get it. I rarely bend....even in front of my cupboards I tend to kneel. Even my spray box (on the door mat) is precision placed - I kneel in front of that too...clearly my knees are not one of my weak points! For the record, I am of course, (even in this shape and at this age) remarkably bendy. There were a few questions after WOYWW...I will endeavour to answer them tomorrow. And brace yourselves, you know how I need to whinge the day before a crop!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 95

Ok, so call me slightly better organised, and I reiterate - slightly - I've been making my WOYWW anniversary PiF thingy, so have had to clear up a bit in order to keep the secret, well, at least not divulge my rubbish idea too soon! So you see the desk as uncluttered as it needs to be before I start the next thing. And there's a lot of that.... Ludgershall Crop on that's Friday on my hands and knees in front of the paper shelf again. Workshop on Thursday, so that's some cutting and shaping and preparing to do, the summer Card Marathon which is starting to make me panic, and of course, there's a new Workshop list out for my local shop Kraft Crazy, and my name appears more times than it should which means I have samples to come up with on various themes which means of course that my mojo and my courage have shacked up together and taken flight. The light is enhanced by overhead lighting here, but I cannot account for the shakey shot..maybe I should have coffee first!
So are you up for taking part in our second anniverary WOYWW celebration? It's a PiF and you can find details and how to at this post. I can't stress enough that this is a bit of fun and there is no obligation to join in the PiF, you can still join in the WOYWW madness on that day - and any other Wednesday!
Meanwhile, show us what you're up to this week - photo your desk/lap tray/floor (Helen - you have a buddy!!) and post it to your blog. Link here and we'll pop by. We'd love to. Don't mind if some of us are astonishingly late, though, huh.

Monday 28 March 2011

More basics..

I have broad anonymous shoulders, so you can blame me, and I won't mind really. Blame me for what, you ask? For mildly suggesting that you might wanna include some old stash and under-used techniques in your weekend crafting. Well, Sandra took me at my word! And it caused her stress - she was playing with a brayer, folks. Brayers are the Marmite or the Opera of inky crafting if you ask me - you either love or loathe, no in-between. Well, Sandra actually did a great job, and just for the record, the Back to Basics workshop that prompted Friday's post will feature a brayer, so that proves I didn't chicken out!
The card shown here features another stamp that I've had for yonks - the Penny Black brush flower called 'Blush'. I really like solid stamps anyway, so this is a great multi purpose one for me. For this card I've used felt tips to ink the flower head - blended on the stamp, and then stamped a head three times in a vague circle to get the rosette flower you see here. It's a classic technique and a classic case of old stash, so I hope the workshopeers like it - you never know, it might be such an old technique that someone will discover it as new for them - which makes the whole thing of going back to basics a really good idea. Now if I could just apply that to most of the rest of my life....

Friday 25 March 2011

Back to basics..

I'm charged with this as a title for a workshop. That's fine; there's always someone who could refresh their basic techniques (me) or back pedal a bit and appreciate some of the products that we used to use a lot. (me). Here's one: Vellum. I have about a ream of it, in plain and coloured and it's lovely. Using it this week felt like I was tripping back to shoulder pads and big hair. It's been ages, and I cannot imagine why. Could it be that there are soooooooo many other paper products crowding my attention zone? And most of them printed to save me the trouble of big and multiple stamping. Lazy tart.One of my 'collections' is Cuttlebug embossing folders. At the time of the Cuttlebug launch, I was a demonstrator for the wholesaler and the demo team were given a bug and a bunch of folders. I'm pretty sure that they are now my least used folders. You kinda use them to death really, huh! Well, in this workshop sample making mode and revelling in the reminiscing through my stash, I found the folder shown on the card. Seriously, I've had it for at least 4 years and after I stopped being a demonstrator, I didn't need to use it, so I didn't. But isn't it gorgeous! And run it through with a piece of vellum clamped into it's little plastic fold; it's just lovely! Well, I like it.
And don't you wish I could photograph just one card straight for a change!
So this weekend, when the beautiful British weather turns back to being entirely March like and seasonally sensible, how about looking out some of your neglected stuff....after all it's not far away - probably just buried under all the 'new' stuff of the last 3 years!
Have a lovely weekend. And if you're reading this Sissy - happy happy birthday. I did post it, but I'm confident that you won't receive it today - but you already knew that really!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 94

OEMMGEEEEE: I just completely forgot to add Mr Linky - canyou imagine how my life is with such a useless memory?! Sorry all, have rectified....! If you're returning to link - check the list, I've already done some!!

A dramatic and very satisfying return to form....oh yeah desk is cluttered, filthy and I am loving it! OK, maybe by lunchtime I'll be very fed up with it because I have to move on and kit thursdays workshop, but just now, I'm in my groove. Late into my groove though - I'm working on something for my sweet Sissy; it's her birthday on Friday. Yep, I am late because I have to get it in the post. And first class isn't going to cut it - she's in California. Gulp.

Anyway, enough of my postal timing dilemmas, show us your workdesk will ya? Doesn't have to be paper crafting, put a photo on your blog and link here, we'll pop in to see what you're up to.

Record numbers of desks last week - all of them massively is really now impossible to visit and comment on every one. So, please continue to share your desk, revel in the comments and enjoy the hits you do get, but don't be feeling neglected, huh! Over the last week I did visit every desk, but spent no time at all browsing other daily blogs and posts..which I really miss - so I need to strike a balance...and I KNOW I have more time than you do.

And don't forget - week 104 is the second anniversary of WOYWW and we're having a teeny party by exchanging gifts with a linky neighbour - please read THIS post for details. OK then, onwards, and happy Wednesday!

Sunday 20 March 2011

Ribbon envy

Go ahead, be envious, I know I have a large selection of ribbon. This photo is actually over a year old....but things don't change much really - because of course, when one uses a piece of ribbon, it has to be replaced, mais non?! So over a long series of discussions with crafting bloggers, noseying around blogs on WOYWWednesdays and generally putting off making a decision, I've spent some time re-organising. And by 'some time', I mean bloomin' ages! It took at least five nights to separate the ribbons into colour groups, decide on how long a length was a real length and not a scrap and then loop them all. Put me off organising I can tell you. Mind you, that's not exactly news. So now the majority of my collection is on book rings, in colour groups, hanging on the does seem a bit precarious at the mo. I need to get a couple more hooks, and of course, they have to be nice ones, so I can't just rush out and make do - that's what the old Julia used to do...the new, organised Julia *cough* doesn't compromise good looks for practicality - oh no, the two must work together. *Still coughing*. BUT..this is the back of the door to the garage and oooh how it swirls about and looks pretty when the door is in use. It has the potential to drive Mr Dunnit mad as he comes in and goes out. I haven't anywhere else to hang it, so we both stay silent about the not-so-good part of this organisation!! Oh and BUT...I somehow still have a jar full on the worktop - now it's lengths of ribbon that are too short to hang and odd pieces of lace and baker's twine in nice packets and so on. So now I'm organised. Oh I have two places for ribbon and an extra place to keep tidy. Help me, anybody.

Thursday 17 March 2011

On being the delivery driver..

A handful of you wanna know why I'm making deliveries to building sites. And to be honest, It's no secret - rather mundane actually, although the site where Diet Coke Man really works may well become a secret, when I find it! Because of an act of fate and a recession, late last year, Mr Dunnit found himself without a business partner and closing down the company that they had built up over 20 years. It was hard, it was horrible. Long dark days for us. Enough said. Newly unemployed and frankly terrified, he decided to work small and work for himself. So we've set to (I say 'we' and for once, I don't mean a royal 'we' - truly I am working with him). Our international headquarters are here at home and his workshop is a large shed on his parents large garden. It's fine, and working. We don't have a van yet, so we use a really nice chap called Steve to make the bigger deliveries - and believe me, there are some...a flight of stairs deconstructed fills a big van! But the odd bits and pieces - one window, one panel or short lengths of skirting, dado, whatever...go in the car with me. I've been to what amounts to a stately home that's being refurbished (with a window for the gardener's building) to a lovely primary school in a rural Wiltshire village with new window boards (cills are on the outside and boards are on the inside...public learning curve!) then to Wilton with a pair of windows for a Sure Start Centre (still looking like an abandoned high street shop) and yesterday I collected the smelliest wood primer coating you ever experienced. Ugh. I have not experienced a single site wolf whistle. I think, when I pull up in my Yaris, they feel sorry for me. At least I haven't had to actually unload anything myself which kinda makes up for it.

The pictures show Mr D working in our conservatory (which he built) a couple of weeks ago. The architect that designed these lovely Oak windows had specified they be treated with an oil based coating that could only be stored and dried above 12 degrees C. Despite the sunshine, it was only 3 degrees in the real shed, so some transportation and fire lighting was needed! He coated, it dried and then he sanded and re-coated. The windows have been delivered and we move on. Except of course I don't. You can, literally, write your name on the windows in the fine wood dust from the sanding down. I know it's nobody's fault and it means eventually that the mortgage payment will be made...but oh the cleaning!! I just hate could slide across the floor on this fine sanding. I've done the surfaces and floor..just have to tackle the windows now. Am a bit scared that I'll finish them and he'll announce the need for a repeat performance. So thanks for asking. It gave me an opportunity to share the housework with you!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 93

Wey hey, first of all there's some space - you can see my cutting mat (under which I have a sheet of paper to help my poor eyes with folding measurements). I'd just finished playing with Mary Anne's recipe for a cute folded wallet for snaps or receipts or tickets or's a nice one; on her blog if you want to have a go, she has a section of pdf downloads - clever, huh!
There's a teeny envelope album next to the instructions, a repeat of a lesson from Ally at last week's crop. And some house shapes I'm currently having fun with. And some eco paint. Part of a plan, but not started yet. And a lovely pad of Prima papers, they're so sweet. So that's what was on my desk in real daylight on Tuesday. This is a
scheduled post - am off to deliver another glamorous building site location. Honestly, web designers may be getting younger, but builders aren't, yesterday's delivery was received by a chap as old as me. Nice, but not the cheap thrill I was after when I volunteered! But more exciting news - the portion of my desk that you can't see is the dirty stamp basket. Well, it's empty AND clean. Wipso sent me one of her and Twiglet's crafty creations to test drive - it's the desk tidy. Made with a wipe clean surface's the bees bumbles I can tell you. Which is why it's clean and empty. It's a bit like having the Sisters on my desk, reminding me to be tidy!!
So now it's your turn - show us do...what are y'all up to this Wednesday? Your desk, work surface, floor, tray, chair - wherever, we'd very much like a look at what you're working on. Put a picture on your blog and link it here. We'll stop by as soon as we can!

If you're interested in the second anniversary PiF idea, details can be found HERE. Ignore the reference to the 102nd week. Of course the anniversary is on week 104!

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Well, colour me surprised!

I did not think that there would be time today, to sit at my desk and erm, fiddle about. And I'm fine with that, because I hadn't mentally allocated myself any such time, knowing that real life would have to be a priority. I find it's only when I have to be flexible and understanding and sacrifice my desk time that I get a) great ideas, and b) childish and resentful.
So to my surprise, despite a rather time consuming and stressful start to the morning (not for me, for Mr Dunnit) my day allowed for some fun! See, he needed my signature and I had to find a fax we could use for 3 pages of forms. Well, 7 actually, by the time I'd got back to the car, taken the phone call telling me the form was incorrect, returned to car park, gone back to Shopkeeper Gal for more use of her fax machine and then re-sent the same form twice, got half way back to the car get it. Anyway, that cost him half an hour and then at lunch time we had a meeting with the boys who will be designing our new company logo and website and blahdy blah. And I mean boys - And Mr Dunnit had to be here for that too. He feels as though he's wasted half a day! well, it must have motivated me - I got the chores done, welcomed and cheerioed 'the boys' and settled to the book-keeping. Didn't take nearly as long as I thought.
So I decided not to be at a lazy loose end, but to start on a workshop idea. And then I made the card. It's one layer and off the page, so I think it'll do for the Less is More challenge this week; I'll await the verdict! The bird is from a set of stamps by Kanban and the paints are my lovely and under used H20s. The little text stamp is by Hero Arts. Of course.

Monday 14 March 2011

Free time makes me impatient.

Whilst I haven't stayed away from the computer, or indeed, entirely off the interweb, I have stayed away from my blog for the whole of the weekend. Because I firmly believe that if you've nothing interesting to say, you shouldn't bother. Obviously, most of my posts are the exception to my own rule.
I spent 3 hours on Saturday, crafting for nothing except the fun of it. Of course, 3 of the 4 things I played with are unfinished....that's the trouble with crafting for the fun of it in Julia world. It makes me start things that have indefinite drying times; generally, in workshop mode I have to avoid over gluing, glittering, painting because a two hour midweek workshop doesn't allow for too much drying! Or is it because I'm just plain horribly impatient. Hmm. That's more likely I must say. Because the drying time means I have to find something else to do and then I get absorbed by the something else and lose interest in the newly dried. I think. I can't completely own up to that because I haven't had a chance to sit down at last nights painted stuff yet. I watched TV once I'd painted last night. In between coming back to see how it was doing. Which meant that my last waking moments were spent touching up because it had finger prints on it from being jabbed to see if it was dry, and then cleaning my hands (and teeth, of course!). Honestly, how childishly impatient. Ah well. I'll show you at some stage. Don't hold your breath or be impatient with me, I can't bear it.

My heart is heavy over the horrifying natural destruction wrought on Japan. If you are affected in any way at all, please know that I hold you in my thoughts and hope that my small actions of contribution and fraternity will help you to understand that whatever else, you are not alone.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Ok, so this may be a bit...suggestive..shocking...

If you read this recent post, you will be familiar with the idea of me turning to crochet. Miss Dunnit and I set about making the same thing at the same time to see how cute these little amigurumi (now I know the real name!) would look in different yarns. I drew the mutlicoloured straw, so to speak. So , you can see from the picture that the elephant is worked in body parts and the body and head are one piece. It's an american pattern, so the stitches and stitch shorthand differ a bit, but I think I'm working it along alright!). Anyway, the point here is that the body is worked and then you have to increase the stitches to start the 'swell' for the head,
and as you get to decreasing, so you stuff it, that way when you cast off, the job is finished. Then you start on the little cylinders for trunk, legs and tail. Cute. Well, my good friend and confidante and chum and all round supporter, Lunch lady Jan did visit. With a lemon drizzle cake. (And no, you can't have her, she's MY friend.) We had chatted about this new 'project' and she was keen to see. And when she saw, she fell about laughing. She roared, giggled, cried and almost put her back out. Now, is it the choice of multicoloured yarn? My rubbishy stitches? I have no idea. But this is what caused her the biggest laugh of the year so far. And nearly caused a back strain. It's on the hook the correct way around...if you want a different angle, you'll have to turn your screen around. Mr Dunnit called it 'porn for crocheters'. Personally, I'm offended.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 92

It's a bit of a mess, but my defence is that from this view, it's just showing that I'm actually doing some card making! The little blue lidded box that seems to feature quite a lot on my desk is one of about 4 containing either brads or eyelets. I was trying to find some nice brads to match this card but failed; honestly, you can own 8 million of anything and still not have the right one!
From this angle, you can see that I have an overflowing scraps box again. I will be doing something about this. Just as soon as I get motivated. Stamps to be cleaned are overflowing from the basket, and there's a workshop to kit up, so that will be seen to later today. If you're in the Northern hemisphere, isn't it great that the nights and mornings are a bit lighter!

Now then, record numbers last week - took me till yesterday to see them all, but what a grand trip! So do it again why don't you - upload to your blog and leave a link here - a picture of what you're currently up to and how your desk is coping.
And whilst you're hopping, consider a trip to Sisters Crafty Creations, Wipso and Twiglet are busy filling their shelves with pieces useful for crafters, some fab ideas from readers have been turned into reality - and they're having a large give away....go see.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

That was the Crop that was

So we managed a 12 hour crop. I had in the end, packed carefully and in daylight. Such diligence paid off because I found myself awake very early in the morning thinking about bits and bobs I could add to my kits. Usually I'm awake half the night in a sort of paralysed panic. Weird, for a day that I look forward to, huh. We had a well planned and frankly, brilliantly executed Pot Luck lunch...there was little evidence of 'Pot Luck' but it was great. And it continued to be so, for we had supper too!
So when I finally unpacked yesterday, I decided to photograph the LOs that I'd made. I don't like a post without a picture, so I use them to dot about with random posts.
As I took the photos, I noticed a couple of things that I hadn't previously; this LO of Miss D and chums for example....I loved the mixed fonts and the randomness of it all, and then noticed that I'd laid it out along a right hand edge..which means it's not central on the page. Normally this wouldn't have occurred to me, so no idea why I saw it through the lens...
So I went back to my desk and added some more stuff. Margins are equal now, and the random word text stickers at the bottom please me because they aren't overly neat. This is finished now I feel, and so it gets filed in the album. I know it's not a great change, but it feels better, even if at first glance you can't really tell.
I must be honest and say that I have never re-visited a LO. Good Lord, if I were to go back and try to correct balance or composition on my existing 'collection' of LOs, I'd probably never get anything new done! Like most, my albums tell the story of my evolving sketch dependence, call it what you will. But I'm not tempted to change them - they are after all, as much a part of the story of my scrapping as they're about the photos and story I was capturing. And they please me - despite my yearning to be like others in terms of skill and composition, I love the whole process and so I guess the outcome is only as important as the input, and the whole thing is just plain fun. Except the packing. Really.

Monday 7 March 2011

Shameless self publicity...

My name is Julia, and I am the one on the left. Although my hair is changed and Scrap Lady Ally, logo designer extraordinaire wasn't too happy about that!!

Midsummer Madness Card Marathon

Saturday 4th June 2011

Tidworth, Hants

Midday to 8pm

£40 per person

We’re happy to announce another Marathon card making session in our usual format: we’ll supply everything you need - sample to copy, instructions, papers, glitters, stamps, inks, blah - to make a bunch of year round useful cards (one of each – about 25 if you do them all!). We’ll give you written instructions and be lurking to provide commentary and beverages, and because of some bright spark and demand, we’re doing supper; weather permitting, it can be outside and we can take it more leisurely because you’ll have finished your card marathon!

Booking is essential. There is an upper limit too, so don’t delay if you want to come with friends. We'd like a £10 deposit per person with your booking; if you want to, you can make an interim payment. Either way, any balance will be payable on the day, at the door. Payments can be made via Paypal or by cheque or cash of course. Once you've booked your spot, we'll confirm, and by email provide you with further details - route directions, what to bring. To book a spot, please email me - there's a link in the left column of this blog.

Please read the small print:

- your deposit is not automatically refundable. If we know in advance that you can't come, we will do our best to fill your space and therefore return your deposit. (7 days in advance, minimum)

- Your deposit can be transferred if you give us notice that you aren't coming. (7 days notice, minimum)

- Your deposit is entirely safe and 'ring-fenced'. We will not be using it to buy resources or pay costs in advance. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the day, your deposit will be refunded within 48 hours of our cancellation announcement.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Another (entirely sponsored) review. Crochet, anyone?

Sometime last month, Miss Dunnit and I had a lot of fun at Hobbycraft picking a couple balls of wool and a crochet hook each and a 'how to' book. She wanted to make Animeguru. These are the teeny versions of soft toy animals. I agreed, because well, how hard can it be - and we can do it together! So when the young man at New Holland Publishers asked me if I'd like a couple of books to review, I picked 'Love......Crochet' as one of them. It's part of a run of 'Love......' craft related books.
As with the card making book, it's very handle-able and stays open at the prescribed page - which for a rank beginner is very helpful. The photography is lovely, especially important for the 'how to' section of the book. Each stitch technique is explained step by step and different coloured yarn (note that I now say yarn and not wool - it's part of the learning!) clearly denotes the different stitches where they are combined. Very helpful. So the book is split into two really - a great 'teach me' section and then a whole bunch of projects, ranging from beginner easy to frighteningly almost professional, with a quick guide star rating. And they're likely projects too; you know, no loo roll holders or anti-macassars!
I stumbled hard at the very first hurdle though - I didn't understand the instructions or photos for casting on! After Miss Dunnit's eye rolling and (quite useful) demonstration, I was off - I made a chain, followed it with a row of doubles and then a staggering number of trebles. And then I rolled it up and sewed it across the bottom and ta na, I had a flower! Teresa said I should have started with a square, but you know me - dive in, semi-drown, stagger back and start again, properly!
Approaching a new craft has made me very aware
of my memory skills, and I had to keep turning to the
glossary at the back to check that I understood all the abbreviations; frustrating for two reasons - one or two aren't in the glossary and that means a level of understanding is pre-supposed. Dangerous! The second frustration was having to stop and turn to a page elsewhere; I'm perfectly sure that the balance of the page design wouldn't be spoiled by having the abbreviation glossary running along the foot or top of the pages of the projects that are categorised for beginners. I found that the counting and
learning to 'read' the stitches I'd already done required concentration anew. A good trial for the old brain!
Now I need to buy some appropriate yarn and set off on something useful. I enjoyed the book - and to think, if Miss D hadn't wanted to learn, I'd have missed this completely!

Love… Crochet is published by New Holland Publishers, price £12.99.
Enter the discount code Stamping at the checkout to receive 20% discount and free P&P.
(Free P&P to UK residents only!)
Offer valid until 1st September 2011

Friday 4 March 2011

Less is More from me is SO much more!

Chrissie, Mandi - how do you do it - I needed a thank you card, I needed it to go in this morning's post and I needed to do it atop the crisis piles of scrapbook supplies that are strewn about waiting to be considered, decided on and packed or *cough* put away before tomorrow's crop. See, I need daylight these days. So I checked my facts, thought about it for about 30 seconds and set about the card you see here. I only have this one Tsmugi card left so thought it would be put to good use. An I was pleased with it, and as you can see, I thought I had the shades of blue without a problem and the three squares - well, not perfect matches but they show off the image well, and so it was a good five minute card considering the circs.
And then I decided to photograph it and enter your Less is More challenge. And I picked it up, put it on the table in the (sun filled, rather lovely - expect that the windows very obviously need cleaning now) conservatory. And lo and behold, I had transferred an ugly great thumb print to the left edge. Which is why I'm not showing it - you'd be able to identify me in a jiffy. Did I mention it was my last Tsmugi card? (By which I mean Hero Arts 'crinkly' fine cardstock). I did? Hmmm. Or Grrrr. So, luckily, I had right justified (!) the text to the square, so there is just enough room to cut off the offensive print...although from the photo you'd think not - the angles are at play again. The recipient will not know because she never reads my blog , and despite my clumsy efforts, I've just made it onto this week's challenge; so really, why am I whingeing? Because I can, I suppose. So back to the real challenge at hand - tidying and packing.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 3 March 2011

Oh Buddy!

I received a parcel from Kathleen's faithful companion Buddy, this afternoon. My lovely postman Gordon actually laughed; he saw my eyes light up at the parcel for me - over the last few weeks parcels and deliveries have been for Mr Dunnit as he sets up his new business, so this was a real treat for me - and Gordon - 'spect he's very fed up with my pouty face!
The photo of course, does no justice to Buddys generosity. I'm a bit scared to get in on the detail in case Kathleen realises quite what he sent and wants me to give it back! A lovely load of embellishments and papers and even Kath's December 25th wall tile - she threatened to give it away, but to be honest, I didn't believe she's be able to! Am really chuffed with this win - just goes to show that leaving a comment is a treasure in more ways than one! Thanks Buddy, and Kath, I'm truly going to enjoy using these pieces.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 91

Oh good grief it's a shambles. And oh good grief, I'm right in the middle of all sorts of things - which just goes to show that multi-tasking at one desk just doesn't work for me! You can't see the actual working area because I've ended up leaning on a magazine that I was flicking through, which you can't see because of the book.....
No better from this angle either! Make up your mind about creativity or downright sluttishness, I don't mind. I probably won't tidy till tomorrow either - when I need masses of tidy space to get ready for Ludgershall Crop. We're having a 12 hour crop on Saturday, which means I have to get a lot of stuff together! There's news on the ribbon storage front too, but it's taking waaaaay longer to do than I allowed. Story of my life!

Join us do - show us your work desk and what you're doing currently. That would be great. Visit as few or as many as you like - but do comment! Upload a pic to your blog and then link here. Don't panic about mis-links or wrong names, I can fix 'em!
If you're interested in the second Anniversary of WOYWW 'celebration' and would like details, go read this post; of course reminders will pop up on Wednesdays between now and then!