Wednesday 26 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 738

Whoa, I'm obviously out of practice. 
This much mess and I've only made five cards! I did stick to the rule of scrap which is something. But I need to be more productive, this sort of mess should really not happen for a measly five cards! I shall tidy up a bit and start again later, I want to make a selection pack of maybe three each of five designs, so need to exert some discipline! On the far right you can see my medium guillotine. Seriously, medium. It's smaller than the 12" one that I use for scrapbooking, and bigger than the A5 one that I use for little cutting. I know, I can't explain it, but little cutting is a thing. When it's a scrap but use-able enough not to be thrown out, or a mount that just needs trimming. Little cutting. You can't see it, but little cutter is on the desk, under the medium cutter. Both of which are balanced badly on top the the erm, big cutter. Bet you're admiring my imagination for naming equipment, huh! There's a new pair of glasses too, readers in a stronger number. Lordy. I bought them thinking that they would just send me a random colour choice. Turned out that I didn't have to choose, the price was for five pairs in five colours. I didn't see that in the description, so clearly needed the new strength! 
Give me real strength please, show me your works and work desks, always good to see what I'm not doing! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Everything, including the untidiness, is normal!

Wednesday 19 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 737

The Jumbo jet version, eh? (737). I know, but someone was going to say it! 
Lookie lookie right here
Rather a mess, but that's not news is it; I've actually made three cards (on the right near the pink tray) and spent a happy hour yesterday doing some classic stamping and colouring in. I'm trying to always work in multiples, and also to only use scraps. It isn't laborious, but sometimes challenging to make patterns and colours work. But when I can make it work, I'm disproportionately delighted. That is entirely because if I stopped producing scraps today, I reckon I could could continue to make cards from them for at least another year. It's not a challenge I'm about to take on to be honest...every time I make a scrapbook page it produces some amount of scrap, so it's a bit of a cyclical problem. As I'm typing, I wonder if I ought to make a LLJ strip quilt style mega masterboard.  I may actually have to walk around that idea, it's not a bad one for a change! The lovely African gal and her pots are waiting to be cut out and stuck onto as yet undetermined backgrounds. I love her and her colourfulness, she cheers me.  You can't quite see my felt tips in two baskets balanced on top of one another at left, but you can I think quite clearly see the layers at right, the cards and powder tray are on top of the stamps I used, and so it goes. Probably by the time I get to the desk this afternoon, I'll be fed up and horrified by the mess and will be forced to tidy. Another cycle. Ah well, it's not hurting anyone. Although that now very flat coke might cause you to grimace. Sorry!
Share and tell then, it's high time!

Wednesday 12 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 736

Good golly Miss Desker, there's been some genuine action!
Admittedly, this scene is a few days old, but the photo is fresh! I haven't got back to my desk since making a start on a couple of ATCS to swap. (And one to replace- Helen, I've assembled the parts...) I was having a chat with LLJ which is a great way to force me to sit still and do a bit of multi tasking. Obviously Jan was doing something with yarn, she never misses an opportunity to have busy hands. We touched briefly on the fact that I have cut up a Union Jack postcard to make the ATC background for my British bulldog. Is it treason? I hope not. I shall claim it's all in the name of art. And hope theres WiFi in the Tower! I'm not being a craft slacker, I'm working away from my desk, largely in the evenings, doing the thread journal and another time waster - the NYTimes mini and full size daily crosswords. My sister and her husband do the mini everyday and we now compete over the time it takes. On days where none of the answers rely on real American knowledge, I'm pretty reasonable, but where brands, politicians and different spellings are needed...epic fails! Nice bit of brain training though. To be honest, if you wanted to help me get back to my desk, you could consider a face time conversation!
All that aside though, really enjoying your summer desks, carry on with the showing and the telling please!

Wednesday 5 July 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 735

Well, it's not looking overly productive because I've staged it a bit...but it has at least been prepped for use....

I cleared it of rubbish and GKW whilst cooking some supper yesterday, which revealed theses anniversary ATCs that arrived from all corners, Kelly, Neet, Susan and Elizabeth. Despite my tardiness at acknowledging, I am truly grateful that you took the time and effort...honestly June has just been such a flurry of a month that I'm still revelling in it rather than catching up. I still blame my Sissy; coming over here and requiring a stringent re-Anglicising - it was a punishing schedule! Very far left is the Order of Service from the family wedding which was one of the reasons my sister was here. Of course it's on the desk now waiting to be cut up to accompany the bazillion photos that we have amassed. So now there's cards and lovely current up-to-date scrapbooking to do....all I need is time! 
Please share and tell, help me ground myself in good crafty stuff that I can relax and enjoy!