Friday 7 April 2023

Egging fail

If you read the post ‘She’s Getting Eggy , now is the moment to hold your breath and await the beauty of my Easter branch, decorated with eggs in rather lovely Easter, spring like colours. Now is the moment, after all, not a moment too soon as it’s Good Friday today. 
Not happening, gentle reader. Unsurprised reader, no doubt! 
I totally lost my patience with the thin and mean acrylic paints but couldn’t find my others. (See this week’s  WOYWW post, a bit of tidying and hey, I’ve found them. Too late, obvs.)
I totally lost my patience with decorating them as planned because it wasn’t as easy as I thought and the silver leaf was just messy.
I totally lost my patience because even before I started decorating them, they were too big and not what I wanted. 
So what to do? I scoured a different website and found some smaller ones for a really good price. Ordered them to come by post in two days.
Meanwhile, finished the big ovals that aren’t eggs. Unscrewed the little hooks and yep, chucked them in a bowl.
They are a mess and I don’t like them. They are slightly saved by the beautiful crystal bowl which is on a semi-permanent loan from my Lunch Lady Jan. I would show you how the sun bounces off the faceted sides and makes the ‘eggs’ look much better. But I can’t because the sun just won’t shine, and it’s all made me petulant and childish. You could hold a party on my bottom lip it sticks out so far when I look at these eggs.

Still, never mind gentle reader. It’s been month-end and tax return information gathering week, so I’ve been distracted from looking at the bad oval eggs. So distracted in fact, that I’d forgotten that the other, smaller eggs were late to arrive. They came today. And they really are smaller. Talk about sublime to ridiculous. And too late. I’ve lost the will to have an eggy branch. I’m also a bit scared that if I don’t paint them and put them away somewhere appropriate, I’ll never find them again. Why? the size….
Ah well, I’ll be ahead of the curve for next year, and using decent acrylics, and repainting the big ‘uns and doing a proper job, I might actually have learned from my comeuppance. Hmm, do ya think?
Happy Easter!


Helen said...

Oh Julia, you go from non oval eggs to small eggs and not twiggy decoration... do like how you decorated the non eggs though and in LLJ's bowl they do look great. It's been glorious here, sunny for hours and Kew (extra trip, going again tomorrow,too) was bee-you-tiful. (sorry!)

Annie said...

It’s one day sunny and next rainy here for us. Today has been sunny but I spent the morning baking cakes for Louie’s birthday celebrations and then the afternoon teaching Phoebe and Lulu to crochet so not really looked out the window. I rather love your painted eggs in the bowl and can imagine the little ones dec’d up ready for next year...if you can remember where you put them.
Hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend.
Annie x

Darnell said...

Oh, heavens, that is ridic! Also, in your beloved way, totally funny!! I think you'd better put those (so-called) tiny eggs in something clearly marked because I'd be trying to eat them ... thinking, "Why is there no opening on these pistachios?!" In all honesty, Julia, your bowl of painted eggs turned out beautifully and perfectly wonderfully Easterly! Happy Easter to you and yours!🐰Hugs, Darnell

BJ said...

Bit late, just seen this. made me chuckle. I have mini hanging eggs but they didn't even make it out of the loft this year! Did the fabric covering instead on some polystyrene ones, really liked that effect. There's always next year. To be honest I think my wreath needs some work! Check it out tomorrow. LOL BJ