Wednesday, 2 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 661

Argh! And Ouch! No, don’t worry gentle Desker, there hasn’t been a break in. It’s just me being last minute, untidy and not able to get back to it in good time. And I’m nothing if not honest about it all, although I don’t imagine that’s actually doing your eyes any good!
There are layers to be excavated that sort of tell the story of my week. Sort of. The wrapping paper at left was for a new home present for a friend who I went to see yesterday. So that is pretty much the last thing I did at my desk; despairing at the mess, I just wrapped on top of it all!
Under the paper is a real pile of clear stamps that I am planning to play with. Amongst them is a set that includes the image you can see that I’ve been colouring in, just trying it out as it’s a new set for me. Gifted by another stamper friend. I love them all, but so far am not sure what I’m doing with them! The brush pens are from Arteza and to be completely honest, I’m not actually getting on very well with them. The brush tips are really fine and my eyesight seems to miss the really fine end until it’s over the line or mixing with another coloured area. Ugh. Believe it or not, I think they may be too good a brush for me! I’ve invested in a different strength pair of readers - my prescription lenses aren’t up to it, I need magnifiers! So I’ll try again, am incredibly averse to giving up on this set of pens! 
So what's on your desk or your craft mind this week? I’m going to a crop this weekend and could do with your crafty inspirations! Show and tell, please! 


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

NOW that's a 1st....#1, but I was going to schedule a post as lots to do in the morning. We've a funeral, and he'll be working with cattle later, needing shots and will be taken to a new home to fatten up. I need desk time to complete so many projects. I too got new readers, close up is bothering me a lot and I think lack of humidity in the house is giving me dry eye, so got some drops and moved the humidifier to help more in living area. SPRING is what I need. Have fun with the brushes, each brand seem to work differently. Have fun at your crop. It will be fun to chit chat, eat/drink and be merry!! I miss time with friends/family. Stay Safe.

Neet said...

You know what? I have that same problem with the Arteza Brush pens. Well, similar. Mine is that there might be the odd bristle(?) sticking out and it gives an extra line. I am sure you know what I mean.
Love Art by Marlene and would love some of those stamps but I cannot spend any more money on collecting some other images.
Funnily enough I think I talked about the cost of pens in my blogpost. Gosh it's early o'clock and I can't remember.
Back to bed.
Hugs, Neet (a surprised no 2) xx

Helen said...

That is a lot of pens - I hope you don't have to give up on them! I've not used that brand so have no useful tips. I hope the stronger glasses help! I've been splurging again but am still on the pattern play this week. Enjoy the crop at the weekend. Helen #5

Sarah Brennan said...

Don't worry about a messy desk Julia, a workshop at the weekend sounds far more exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about it next week. Hope the new magnifiers help with the pens. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

glitterandglue said...

Morning Julia. Never fear, dear girl. That's a desk full of busyness! Lots going on. Enjoy the crop at the weekend -good that you can have such an event after so long.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Annie said...

Now that’s what I call a desk in action. You can’t be busy and tidy. I love my Arteza pens (when I’ve got time when I’m not too tired to use them lol ). Enjoy your weekend.
Annie x

BJ said...

Well at least you do some crafting on your desk which is more than can be said of me! Pretty wrapping paper and sure that stamp was modelled on me! Enjoy the crop BJ#13

Lynn Holland said...

Morning Julia, sorry there’s no crop inspiration on my desk for you on a take of black puddings and a frock that cost more than a weeks holiday abroad. There’s some stitching and water magic, but that’s no good to you either heehee
Lynn xx 14

Diana Taylor said...

Your desk looks delightfully busy and inspiring! I love the pen sets - it wouldn't matter to me that they are tricky to work with, I just love the fact they are in sets of ordered colours - heavenly to sit and look at!
Have a great week and enjoy your crop,
Diana xx #16

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, sometimes there just isn't time in the day to move stuff before starting something else so it just gets moved to the side or piled up on the floor. My desk looks relatively tidy but then you can't actually see what surrounds it Lol! Have a great woyww. Hugs, Angela x15x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

There’s stratigraphy on your desk today, you could do a dig revealing the layers! I like the Srteza pens but I don’t use them for careful colouring, more for splotchy abstract stuff or for adding high/lowlights on my watercolours. Hope you find a suitable alternative!
Hugs LLJ 3 xx

Kyla said...

Ooh not tried those brush pens so sadly cant advise. I was really impressed with a wrapped pressie i got the other year which was in a bag made from newspaper! Genius i thought but still havent looked into how to make them!! On my To Do list!!
Hope the crop goes well at the weekend

Kyla 17

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Julia, if you add to your pen collection, one to try is the Kuretake zig clean colour watercolour pens. I’ve found them excellent.
The irony of a stratified desk for me is that I know where everything is in the layers. Once I tidy it up I can’t find anything! It does make present wrapping diffothough!
I hope the new reading glasses help. Enjoy your crop
Lynnecrafts 6

Christine said...

So sorry to let you down, I know how you depend on us . . . . no crafting on my desk today . . .
I will admit that my desk may have had similarities to yours on 31st but that was actually tidied not pushed back . . .
Good luck with your new glasses.
Take care
Christine #18

Mary Anne said...

Crikey. Somehow I dived right in, anxious to make up for my rubbish showing last week, and totally missed you! What am I like? I keep looking at your stamps for sale, as I have a few from the WOYWW crop sale table and still use them, but I expect the ones I like may already be gone. Like I need more stamps... And yeah, with you on the tiny brush tips. Mine are Chromatek and I do love them but my goodness the tips are teeny weeny!

Back on track :D
Mary Anne (8)

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. Enjoy the crop. It is definitely more fun to be crafting with the company of other crafters. I do spend a lot of time alone (but never lonely, as I am happy with my own company and also being online so much - but I do need to make the effort to be more social as I get older), and it is easy to get distracted or just decide that housework etc is more urgent. Not tried those pens (but thinking about I may have some in my pen 'cube'). Ali x #19

Lindart said...

I have some kind of pens like that, don't know the name at the moment, but for me the trouble I have is that the colours leak out at the connection and get all over my hands. Not a lot, just enough to make my hands colorful. I too am having troubles with my eyes, it's very hard for me to do any details without taking my glasses off and getting right up close. I must look a sight! Have fun at your crop, it must be so nice to be socializing again! Lindart #20

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness! Look at all those markers! I have to say I don't really get along with any markers. Everyone is so crazy about coloring, but I am not good with any of them. But I still try. Julia, I joined in for the first time in years. I hope it is okay. I was posting a Second on the 2nd at Altered Book Lover *Bleubeard & Elizabeh), and it was WOYWW, so thought I would start back. Is that okay? :) Happy Groundhog Day.

Crafting With Jack said...

You must be looking forward to your crop. How do you decide what to take? I always think I can accomplish far more than I can in reality. I have yet to open my new Arteza pens as I am trying to use my watercolour pencils and not finding them particularly easy. In fact I am thinking of buying a set of little containers and turning my watercolour pencils into liquid paint! Possibly a silly idea! Apologies for leaving you till last today x Angela #9

Elizabeth said...

Oh, your going to a crop, Julia. How lovely! It's been so long. Your desk looks like a markeraholic's idea of paradise. I'd be crossing the line too. My eyesight, never perfect, is now increasingly worse. Hope the new glasses do the trick. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #21

Spyder said...

Sorry! very late this week! I see you've found my orange scissors! Been hunting for them everywhere! I do a lot of 'on top of it all' crafting as well, there's never anywhere flat to wrap, draw, put a tea cup on, or sometimes sit, in this house! I've still got a full set Whispers, remember, the case could be stood up in a triangle, by DoCraft I think, a bit dusty on the top shelf...but I've now got an over whelming feeling to get them out and see if they still work! But, Promarkers were half price a few weeks back, so I got some more of them. (At lease the new ones have coloured dots on the end) I really do need to tidy up! Happy WOYWW!? Stay Safe and keep On Crafting! ((Lyn)) #23...last!

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