Tuesday 28 December 2021

Waaa waaaa waaa washi!

What is it about Washi Tape?  Or is it actually me? I fell into the trap when it first came out. I can’t remember when that was, obviously. I acquired several rolls before I realised that I didn’t have the faintest idea what I could use it for, and applied it in a vague sort of way to a few scrapbook pages. But this slightly non-commital method uses about a foot in total from about a dozen rolls of probably 20 feet, so I’m not getting through it.
It’s not a massive collection compared to some, or other products that I have multiples of,is it. But it is a massive collection if you don’t use it. I’ve started to employ it in other parts of my life. There’s a roll in the cupboard where I keep spare batteries. I use it to tape the various sizes together, upright. Before they were just in a jumbled pot, but that is a fire hazard apparently. Never gave it any thought till he said so, but sort of makes sense!
There’s also a roll in the ‘office’ drawer of the sideboard. It’s where I keep the hole punch, the tippex, the calculator etc. It is very handy
actually, lets me stick random bits of paper and till receipt type stuff into the diary or onto an invoice to remind me that I’ve paid it or that there’s a guarantee involved in the purchase, you know the sort of thing.
So all is not wasted but at this rate, it is totally fair to say that I’ve got enough Washi to last me till I die. And I’m not convinced that it’ll appear on new scrapbook pages made between now and that tragic day. 


Kathyk said...

I was the same but ..... shortly before Christmas I happened across a fab way to use some up and am happy to share, in the hope you can too! I laid strips on to white card ... used several metres of several rolls of tape (including some glittery tapes). I had a tree die which was a little shorter than 3" tall so I cut my card in to 3" strips before laying down the washi tape. I then die cut multiple trees out of the strip of taped card. Running it through the die cutter ensured the low tack washi tape didn't come up. I then used dimensional foam pads to attach to gift tags in Christmas colours and ..... Voila! Loads of Christmas tags and loads of washi tape used! GOOD LUCK

Wishing you, your family and everyone at WOYWW a very Happy New Year


Helen said...

I don't have masses, but like you I don't really use what I have... I like Kathy's idea of the trees though.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Julia, I read your post, saw a small tray of Washi and went to count mine!! I have 246 different rolls, some thin, some thick, I do use it They are neatly arranged on a thread holder which revolves and very handy. BUT I'd say I've way too many. Wishing my stamps were as organized and displayed as handy. My wood ones are pretty good but the cling not so much. I do like Kathy's idea of a tree. Mostly use them for Collage or Envelopes.

Robyn said...

yes! to all of the above- I'm attempting to use it to seal envelopes, make backgrounds and diecuts, and hold dies in place while cutting etc.
I can attest that it does not improve with age! and with great angst , some that has lost its stick has been tossed! NY's tying a toss is coming (hold me to that!)

Ali Wade Designs said...

I use my small collection mainly for sealing up envelopes. Makes them look pretty/festive whatever without much effot.