Friday 11 December 2020

More 600ness

I tried to photograph this splendid card yesterday, last night and earlier this morning. Obviously, it didn’t work well last night because the light just reflected off the acetate overlay. It didn’t work well during the day time because it’s so so dull and grey here that the light bounced off the acetate overlay. I am wrestling with Christmas Tree decorating this morning. Well, actually, shifting furniture and being disdainful of the number of sockets we need to use on a normal day, never mind a Christmas decorated day. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, I noticed that it had stopped raining and there is the slightest break through of sunlight in the cloud cover; so I’ve made a coffee, taken a photo and at last can show you. Although, you can see the light bouncing off the acetate overlay. Real photographers will despair. Sorry.
This is the photo that proves I have it on display. I have others too, but they’re actually on my desk. For me, this is quite an arty shot. My Ma in Law bought me some hyacinths to nurture, so they are very busy making me nervous. Please let them survive till she’s seen them on Christmas Day! Would you look at the card though, a photographic collage of photos taken at crops. Obviously, that means that a lot of you aren’t on it, but by gum, an awful lot of you are, and it’s just so nice to look at you all. Brilliant card, and huge big up to Shaz Silverwolf for making it. Coming up with idea and wrangling the photos would have been too hard for me, so I want you to know just how much I appreciate it.
Here’s an even bigger version. I’d just like to say that despite my self absorption and all about me-ness, at least I’m not vain. This is proven by the fact that I know I’m no oil painting, yet I still manage to be good natured about the horrible photographs that are taken of me at crops and in fact, anywhere. I think that’s a positive on my list of good and bad. Hope Santa’s reading this.


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, glad to see it arrived safely, and happy you like it. Had fun finding pics of people from a few years ago- these pictures go back to Crop 3 or 4! Lots of happy memories for everyone, I'm sure. Love & hugs, Shaz XxXxXx

Annie said...

Oh how you I hate my photo but I'm glad to be part of the gang.
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an incredible way to look back at previous crops. A beautiful tribute from Shaz, too.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You’re beautiful inside and out! Shaz did a brilliant job doing the card, I knew she was the right person to delegate the job to xx. Hope you sorted out the sockets, lol!
Hugs LLJ xxx

Helen said...

What a wonderful idea - Shaz, well done, it is perfect! Great bit of delegating!!

Sue said...

Hi Julia, That is a smashing memory of the crops.

Hope your Hyacinths flower ok.

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Spyder said...

This is fabulous! A lovely keepsake!

Spyder said...

Lovely momentos of the Big Day. I guess I do have a lot of stuff...still a few things in the attic! So its called a dolly, my wheeled trolley? Hubby is good, its much better with the bigger wheels...The first ones were tiny and I feared they would buckle so he got the ones in the picture. Did ssk if I needed a brake, I said no, as I wasn't likely to take it outside and go whizzing down any hills. But now I think it could do with one. Jinx the cat is usually hogging my chair. Sorry for my late show..I actually didn't get to bed til after 4 in the mornning, woke at I'm almost back to my old bloggy 24/7 self, (going to bed five minutes before I get up) Your work space looks as exciting as ever. Yes...I'm wrapping pressies on my bench too...only its not really wide enough and at one time had wrapped the selotape, it being stuck to the bottom of the box I was trying to wrap. Please excuse smelling mistakes. My loverly new laptop, is silver with tiny lights under the letters...and I can't see them! (and I haven't found the spell check yet!) Thank you for your visit!