Thursday 3 December 2020

Cropping and chatting.

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to sitting at my desk for more than five minutes this week! So far it’s been tidied, photographed and then used for addressing envelopes and wrapping birthday gifts for December people. I did manage some die cutting for half an hour today, in preparation for what I’m going to make whilst we’re all chatting on Saturday. I know! I have a plan! I also have to be thankful for the wheels on the desk, for they shall go round and order to have decent light, the two zoom sessions will see the desk in different locations! And talking of locations, here’s what you need to get into the zoom meeting. For the morning session, from half past nine, access by using the Meeting ID 946 581 8171 and the pass code is 783819. Don’t forget to enable camera/video and audio once prompted! Join us again or for the first time later in the day, from half past five, the Meeting ID is the same 946 581 8171, and the pass code is 675339. in both cases, the time zone is London GMT, so a quick google will tell you what time to erm, tune in. There are URLs available for the meetings if you’d like to join without downloading the App. They are long and complicated and I think it would be wise if I were to email them to you on request. I’m sorry this post seems long winded, I’m just trying to give it a familiar format to avoid over exposure. For once in my life!


Helen said...

I'm thinking of joining in by url as I will be using the computer rather than a tiny phone screen, so can you email me? you should have my email address (hotmail)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just sent you an e-mail. I hope there's a way I can join in on Saturday.

Susan Renshaw said...

Please could you send me the URL?

Annie Claxton said...

ok I THINK I'm all set up to go, but there's every chance that it's not as straightforward as it looks, so if I don't turn up, it's not because I'm not trying :D xx

LuLu said...

Howdy Julia,

I'm with Helen.

I'm thinking of joining in by url as I will be using the computer rather than a phone , so can you email me the url?

Also, I'll research in - my preferred search engine (I don't use Google) to find out what your GMT time frames are in the US.


LuLu said...
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Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I did a trial run - it accepted the id but not the passcode - perhaps because it's not live yet? If I get into trouble tomorrow I'll PM Jan on Facebook. See you then - probably in my pyjamas at 9.30 am LOL! xx

Diana Taylor said...

Hi Julia, I'll be joining in by computer and not phone so it looks like I'll need the URL please.

If I don't see you tomorrow it won't be for the want of trying!!
Many thanks xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I believe I have everything set up on my laptop but busy in the morning so probably see you in the evening all being well. The set up seemed easy enough so fingers crossed. Hugs, Angela xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

Looking forward to it! Won't be in the shed though as my old laptop plus slow internet in there means it doesn't work will be in hubby's office instead.

Ali Wade Designs said...

I am testing my camera now and getting my stash together for some Christmas card making. See you soon! Ali x

LuLu said...

Howdy Julia,

Thanks for hosting a wonderful virtual crop! I enjoyed it so much - the tech/sign in was easy for me. Great job. It was nice meeting deskers from everywhere. Listening to so many different accents was fascinating plus seeing all the different craft projects.

So glad I attended - plus I got a LOT of fussy cutting done for my art journals and glue books.

Happy Holidays!


Spyder said...

Didn't quite get my new lap top zoom ready :(
but then the cat was stick and ...I forgot to charge my phone! (well, there's always the next 600th!) Hope it wll went well!