Monday, 2 September 2019


This. This. THIS is what happens when I tidy up.
All I wanted to do is create some space for the next splurge of inspiration. (!).
Cue a lot of sighing and eye rolling and some wishing that there was someone else to blame, stamp my feet at and generally be childish. These silly candy things have lain unused in a draw for I don’t know how long, but long enough for me to have forgotten that the bag was open. Even more annoying, I wasn't looking for those, I just picked them up to move them! Fret not though, gentle reader, I really have sifted them from the rest of the dustpan contents and put them in a ziplock and they now nestle nicely in a box marked ‘donate’. And clearly I was in a bad mood, because I then made this Layout, and it appears that I shouted on it.
But you really can see why, huh. I would have shouted at the time, but I didn’t have the breath. 
It’s OK though, that was then and everything’s fine now. Really. 


Helen said...

at least the candy things were big enough to see to pick up... when you do it with beads...I have tons of them too....
Love your shouty layout what a gorgeous blue sky!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your hill and mountain scrapbook page. It is beautiful. Most impressive

You remind me of my foodie friend Sally. I called her the other day just to talk and she was still upset. She told me she spilled her purchased coffee as she opened her door that morning. She said she'd been throwing things since then. She is so laid back, I found it hard to imagine. Had to laugh that your tale reminded me of her. Stomp away, we know you were calm after you made that fabulous layout. However, poor Sally didn't have that option.

Sarah Brennan said...

An appropriate layout to take your frustrations out on Julia. Did you actually make it to the top?

Kyla said...

Love card candy but yes its a pain to pick up (and DONT sneeze with glitter etc)!
Love the LAYOUT :-)