Saturday 18 August 2018

LA Again

The thing about a WOYWW Crop day is that it's immensely sociable. I was lying in bed this morning wondering what I should take with me to do. Then I remembered that I don't ever actually get anything done. I trade ATCs, make a few cups of tea and coffee, try to help in the kitchen, introduce Deskers to each other and spend the rest of the time talking. 

Last year, I sat with Annie and did some dumfing. It's fair to say that I concentrated long enough to make a nice basic flower, and I was thrilled to do it. But I chatted more than I worked and Annie soon had a queue, so I moved to the seat next to Elizabeth and chatted. I also spent quite a while sitting opposite Sarah and Eva. They worked and told me what I wanted to know about them. It was chatting, combining what we knew about each other from our online presence with our new, 'in real life' meeting.

I like to help in the kitchen if I'm allowed.I find it's a very useful way of eyeing up the grub and making sure that there's enough left for me. I enjoy the tidy up part of lunch because it's very often an opportunity to chat with the partners of the Deskers. Interesting lot indeed, intrepid, even! They drive, carry the bags, spend the day with us all and then cheerfully wash up.  And LLJ's Gordon takes the photos...Important to us all in so many ways!

The venue always involves tables put into a horseshoe shape so that we can all see each other. I can then sit opposite people, block their view and force them to let me get to know them. Chatting. Chat is what I will bring. However, if you are planning to come, bring something to work on. Anything you can do whilst chatting. I promise, you'll be more exhausted from chatting than crafting, but in true WOYWW tradition, we would very much like to see what you're working on, and hear about how you do it. 

This year's Crop in LA (Llandudno, again) is for a very specific reason. For other completely non specific reasons, we'd like to plan next year's crop in another location. Fancy using your local hall? All we need you to do is suss out a hall and parking and we can talk. You don't have to do catering, we can organise a Pot Luck or lunch truly is all about the get-together! 


Annie said...

LA here I come and I’m just sorting out what I’m bringing to have something to pretend to do while not chatting, drinking or eating 😂😂😂😂 Can’t wait.
Annie x

Helen said...

I wish I could come... sometimes not having a car does have drawbacks and the trains just don't seem to make it feasible for LA. I know you will all have fun though

Sue said...

So wish the crop wasn't so far away. Other side of the country for me. Still I will enjoy hearing about it and seeing the photos.

shazsilverwolf said...

Looking forward to it, even more so as I missed last years. Are we doing ATC's to trade? If so, I need to get my thinking cap on pronto, lol.Love & Hugs, Shaz XxX

Christine said...

We will be there but I have to say that we have been sorting out a venue, transport etc and hoped to come to the Crop with a package where just dates need to be confirmed.
That's what we're hoping.....and why I haven't said anything.

Twiglet said...

I am definitely coming and will bring something to play with - maybe Annie and I will bring some hand dumfers!!

Sharon Madson said...

Sounds so fun! So envious! That is what I would do, chat! LOL

Neet said...

Roll on! Can't wait.

Shoshi said...

Oooh it all sounds SO much fun, Julia. I do wish I could come! I think I would be like you and spend all the time chatting and not actually making anything!!


My name is Cindy said...

Sadly not gonna make it this year, but I have been thinking seriously about hosting - got a few local venues in mind (being 'London' we have quite a selection) but yes parking and transport are uppermost in my mind together with kitchen facilities. How does NW London sound? If you think it has legs and you'd like to float the idea I can do some more serious enquiring if people are interested. xx