Friday, 25 May 2018

WOYWW 9 - the after party

Well it was a lovely day. The sun shone and we all enjoyed congratulating ourselves on the anniversary of this blog hop. It was fun and unless you take part, I don't think you'll quite be able to understand the atmosphere. Join in and find out!
Like all good events, there were memorable things.
This year, there was no Mr Linky when y'all wanted to link. Entirely my fault. Having composed and edited and re-composed and edited and then thought that I'd underdone my post, then overdone it, I walked away from the PC and went to bed. Totally forgot to use the link tool! Still, all's well that ends well. It did shake up the order of things, so I reckon all PIF postings will have gone to very unexpected recipients. Nice.

Our Nikki made up these cyber badges for us to display on blogs - if you want to! Nikki is a very clever gal. Her designs are available through her website and she is incredibly generous with her time...based on my ability, I am assuming these badges have taken her all of the last year and caused grey hair to create and get online. I do not know how she does it, and reports in with a tidy desk!

Quite a few asked about the blue mouse mat on my desk. Actually, it's one of two circles of scrapbook paper that I'd cut out to use the outsidey bits as a frame. These two pieces were left on my desk ready to be sacrificed to the cutter and the patterned scraps pile. And it has happened. It's the only desk action that's taken place since Wednesday I can tell you!
 And then..happy post! My word it's lovely to have real post and for me, that's the nicest thing about our ATC swap...opening the mail box and finding unexpected treasure! Look already -

Honestly, the inspiration that falls of these little ATCs is mind blowing, thanks to Margaret, Heather, Sarah, Twiglet, Annie, Diana, Kim, Elizabeth and Helen. I don't know how you do it. And that little smiley face on Elizabeth's ATC...yep it's me! At a very tender age, don't be jealous of my youth, it's not real!
I can 'see' each of you in your WOYWW spaces making these and it really makes me smile!

And a genuine and sappy note of thanks to the best BFF. Jan. She kept it all together whilst I was recuperating from the big brain op (now nearly 2 years ago) and was the one who erm, pushed me into WOYWW Crop. She was right. And there it is in writing!


Sue said...

Julia, Thank you for starting WOYWW. I love seeing what the other deskers have been up to and it's great inspiration.

I was very lucky to receive three ATCs, despite not doing any myself.
You never know I may even join in with the ATCs one year.

You take care. Sue

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you started this wonderful blog hop nine years ago. I'm simply thrilled when you told me I didn't have to be a stamper (STILL not very good), a scrapbooker (still don't make them), or have all the latest products to show on my blog. You assured me I would STILL be welcome, and it didn't take long for me to feel a real part of the WOYWW family (which it definitely is). Even after taking time off last year because of my new duties as co-administrator of Art Journal Journey (something else I never made before), coming back still felt like coming home.

Thankfully, I managed to visit everyone, even with my gimpy keyboard, except Sarah, my PIF, and Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith who are both only on G+. I was delighted that thoughtful deskers reached out to Sarah to let her know I was trying to find a way to contact her. Thankfully, her ATC is now working its way to England.

I simply couldn't believe how quickly you received yours, though. I'm glad you weren't mad that I "stole" your lovely childhood image because at any age, you are still our Desker Queen. Long live WOYWW and you, dear friend.

Lynn Holland said...

I know I’ve not been around much lately but it’s so nice to know that you are here every Wednesday and I can pop in and out to see you all.
Well done and thank you Julia
LYNN xxx

Helen said...

oh fabulous atcs you've received - all down to you, we wouldn't be here without you. I have had quite a few as well which I will share next week.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Awww, thanks....I love being part of WOYWW, the fun and friendship are wonderful 💖 Even my menfolk are always on the lookout for blog shots! Long may it continue 😊
Hugs LLJ xxxx

Heather M said...

Hi Julia, I'm so pleased to have joined in with WOYWW ... It really is tremendous fun, and so wonderful to 'meet' so many new crafty friends! To keep it going for 9 years is fantastic and I love that everyone is so friendly and caring. I was a bit hesitant about joining in the ATC swap, as I haven't made them before (Well I made 1), but I am so pleased I did. It's been great fun receiving all my envelopes! The ATCs you have received look great ... so many different styles and colours. As Jan said ... long may it continue! Hugs, Heather xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a lovely post Julia, so happy I took the plunge after watching over you all for a while. Your ATC is now in the post hope the BH doesn't hold up you receiving it. I still have people to visit this week so glad there is an extra day to play catch up.
Take Care & THANK YOU... Look forward to seeing WOYWW next Wednesday.
Hugs Tracey xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, you don't know this but it was Anne Redfern that introduced me to your blog and I have to thank you both as when I started blogging I wasn't getting anyone visiting or leaving any comments and started feeling that the whole thing was a waste of time. It's very frustrating when you are visiting other people's blogs, leaving comments and getting nothing in return which is why every week, even if it takes me a bit longer, I try to visit and comment everyone at least most of the time. Any way, Anne told me about the Stamping Ground and the rest is history. I still find building up followers difficult but I do get more comments and I have certainly more friends who visit me regularly and normally have something to say Lol!. It's likely that if I hadn't found you Julia I would have given up with the blogging though not the crafting obviously it would just have remained unseen. So many thanks for this lovely place where we can all get together to appreciate each others art work and long may it continue. Angela xXx