Monday, 30 April 2018

Necessity is still the mother of invention

Some couple weeks ago, Angie at Creative Inkspirations posted her desk shot and said that she was intending to re-visit a couple of the Creative Chemistry lessons that Tim Holtz had published. Her reasons were sound - at the time, she didn't own what was needed from the enormous TH inventory, and now in some of those cases, she does, and would like to re-visit. Fab. Love a woman with a plan! It made me think hard about my stash, which has been the subject of lots of thought recently. Back in the days when my entire collection including card blanks and heat gun, fitted in a shoe box, I think I was definitely more creative. I used waste cardboard for mounts, I cut up coke cans for soft metal embossing. I didn't assume there was a product (as I do now) to ease my making of the next great idea, because even if there was a product, I simply didn't have access to it.
Don't freak...I actually made a card without putting words on the front....!
This card is a great example. It's made entirely from die cuts. Well, back then, I'd have drawn a template and hand cut the pennants. But the floral corners used...hmm. I'd have come up with something else, probably small buttons as they seemed to have a large  place in my stash at some point! Nowadays, without access to a die and cutter, I'm not sure I'd bother to make a card like this: it seems a lot of work for the apparently simple effect. Even the old crank handle die cutters are being usurped now - as you know, I'm a recent Scan'n'Cut owner and so it takes even less time to churn out a handful of pennant shapes. My stash would need to be housed in very many shoe boxes these days and I am grateful for the range and beauty of it all. Since I've been involved in helping to break up my late friend Mary's collection, I have realised that I won far too much and that I need to reign myself in. Having said that, it turns out that I won't win a prize for having the most stash, and that makes me comfortable! What I think I really need is to use enough up (without replacing it) to drop me into the category of not quite having enough again. That will make me more inventive. Or whiney. 


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Great card Julia and a good reflection on how crafting life used to be before it got a hold of us all. I too am trying to use up a never ending supply before it envelops me, even donating some to charity.
It's very easy to think a new product or invention can make the task it's intended for easier but frustrating when it gets lost or buried in our craft mountain. I've lost count of the amount of times i've said "now I know I have one of those somewhere!!"
Happy Crafting Tracey x

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Loving the card.

You can bet your life if someone says they need something for crafting, someone will come along who will make it and then make money off it.

I like the idea of using non crafting things for crafting. Good to recycle.

Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I still cut up soda cans for metal, use cracker boxes instead of chipboard, and wish I had a die cutter with more than one die. But I'm not known as the Queen of Free for nothing.

I like your awesome card and lust for a scan-n-cut. Your cards are phenomenal, your stamping skills unbelievable, and your generosity out of this world. I know, since I'm a recipient! I have a TON of stash, none of it worth a dime, or current. If I can't figure a way to make something without spending money for it, I'm not doing my job saving our planet. I applaud you and your current efforts to use your stash.

Linby said...

Love the card. You summed up how I feel perfectly - and I am going to try and get back to that - I can do that when I see an idea - not buy the product.