Monday 20 November 2017

Spoke too soon....again.

Saying that I had finished with Christmas crafting is, it turns out, just a rush to get bragging rights. After a conversation with Shopkeeper Gal about next year, workshops, expectations, bookings and blah, we talked about the December workshops. Because bookings are traditionally low in December, and because we workshop conductors are as busy as the workshopeers, we've taken the decision to cancel December workshops. How does this affect my bragging about having finished my Christmas crafting? Well, in two ways. The first would be obvious. Clearly I hadn't planned to do Christmas cards for a mid-December workshop. Too late, I must have thought. I know at some point I had thought about doing some thank you or New Year cards. So now I don't have to think too hard.
According to the number of kits used, this was the most popular of the cards I made for the Marython. 
The second way is more roundabout even, than the first. See, like all of you, I have presents that need to be posted, and/or taken with me on visits prior to the big 25, and that means wrapping quite a lot of stuff sooner rather than in the middle of December. Let me set the scene - a glass of wine, perhaps a little bowl of olives or a mince pie, some wonderful festive melodies on the gramophone, a large flat uncluttered space to work on and all the twinkle and sparkle you can summon to give you an all round perfect wrapping environment and experience. All your presents are either perfectly shaped or already in a box so that wrapping is a pleasure. You never run out of tape, ribbon, curly stuff or tags. 

Wait, what? 

Is it like that for you? For me it's a slog, a job to be completed and completed wonderful Mr Dunnit will not get involved. I don't blame him really. Despite resenting the time it takes, I still want it to be done my way. Which isn't always his way, and certainly could cause, well, toe and ribbon curling language.

And then there's the supplies. I haven't made the tags yet. And I certainly cannot, can not, no way, buy tags. Because all year the state of my scraps box has been semi-excused by the 'I'll use it for tag making' line.
And this, for reasons of erm, disclosure, was the made the least.

So that clearly is what the December workshop would have been - a free for all with scraps, embellishments and tag shapes. It would have been fun, inspiring and jovial. Now I have to do them on my own, and like all these things, I need some jolly soon. It seems the desk will be forced back into festive mode. Hope forcing the festivity means excellent production, after all, there's already a deadline, and despite hating the truth here, deadlines are inspiring! Watch this space, as I've said so many times!


Annie said...

Oh I am sat here chuckling now Julia. I cut my tags up from last year Christmas cards before I put Christmas stuff away in January so that’s the one thing I have done but listen to know last week I said I hadn’t even thought about my cards? Well I’ve now made just short of 40!! Impressed? I hope you are but of course that means I’ve not had much Sewing this week so I guess some you win and some you lose eh?
Annie x

Anonymous said...

everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me, lol,, beautiful work!!
I do the very same thing every year a well, it just never ends,, I enjoy every minute of it and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sue said...

Hi Julia, You did make me smile:) Hope everything get's sorted in time.

Love the card. Sue

Helen said...

laughing here too... the cards for the Marython are fabulous - my favourite is the first one too... stylish much! I am laughing at the tag thing. I do often buy them (need some new ones, just remembered I ran out last year) but do also make some.. very speedy, very basic (they're going in the bin, after all) whilst I do the wrapping... in the cramped bit of floor space that is left. it's shrinking, doncha know! good job my present list is shrinking too! Niece and nephews being of an age to prefer cash, makes it so much easier.
Hope you raised lots at the Marython (am sure there will be a full post about it sometime.. you're bound to have got lots of pics (ahem) during the day! )

Sande said...

I can not claim to be a organized person or when I do attempted to organize anything then I can't find it.

Reading your chores to get the wrapping completed made me laugh. My mother was a very organized person in addition to being a Martha Stewart clone. She never started shopping until the Wednesday after Thanksgiving as was the norm back then nor did she decorate. Wednesday was her day off and she had the best system. Our family was is small so she would shop for father and his mother one Wednesday, my sister the next and then me. All by public transportation but armed with shopping bags. As soon as she got home, she would pile the gifts on the dining room table. Put them in boxes with tissue paper, tape them shut (so me and my sister wouldn't peak) and put a initial on the bottom of the box. Stacked them on the floor and on Sunday she would wrap that person gifts. I am very unlike her but I have used that system for 50 years. Super cards.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

It just gets to be such a busy time for everyone. My DH will help if I need the BIG tree brought up, boxes down from the storage area etc., but that's where it ends. Even that last year I did myself, paid physically for it but wanted to get started. No BIG tree this year my sons are taking Florida vacations so won't be here. If I entertain family they are all fine with a few of my small trees and time together. Love your layers on the 25th card so rich looking. Deadlines inspiring, now that is one true statement. My niece was nice enough to send out invites to her 40th birthday 2 months before. so guess what Saturday we travel to attend and I am just making her card. WHY do I wait? Retired and think I've lots of time, but it just isn't there.

Neet said...

I love your wit. I settled into a Narnia state with the candlelight, mulled wine and mince pies, even had tree lights casting a rosy glow - and then WHAM you brought me back to earth.
Oh Julia, I have not made one card yet! Woe is me!
Hugs, Neet xx

Monica said...

Put on a GRAMAPHONE. Do you have a time-machine in the garden or are you holding Dr. No hostage there maybe too many sips of sherry and mince pies while deciding on your plan now you have some extra time.
I just never decorate for Christmas as the cats would demolish it. Much wiser to invest in bottled Christmas Cheer!
Hugs Monica

Anonymous said...

Loving both the cards. Making tags?! I struggle to even get any cards made now - and tags definitely would not be appreciated by any of my family (paper is ripped off, so I only get the cheap stuff). We are off to Spain in December, arriving back on the 23rd, so going to have to put tree up etc earlier than I would like, so I don't have that big job on the 24th. Already got turkey, roast potatoes etc in the freezer, in case I do not have the energy to get to a supermarket on Christmas Eve to get fresh veggies. The things that men never think about! Ali x

Cara said...

Your post really made me giggle! Glad to know it's not just me x

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