Wednesday 12 July 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 423

Well, this may  be a what's not....over here at my place, it's all going on, and I have only cleared my desk off in order to work at it. I have not tidied..the cleared 'stuff' is in a pile on a chair. But, now I have the workshop ready to roll, I can get to tidying and straightening. I need to. It's driving me crackers.
Look - early morning coffee, and ta na! In the basket, my first Christmas card of the season. I have to say Season, because in crafting retail world, it IS the Season. Demand is there for those that are hugely well organised, and of the cards in this weeks workshop is for Christmas. The lovely stars and stripes pencils were part of a gift from my American Sissy, and there you see the real book of 'Me'. It's not in the same place with dust on it, like so many features on my desk - it's in the same place because it's actually a convenient place to keep it and write in it! It has some very pertinent questions in it...I may have to leave it for publication with my will!
Share what you're up to, will you, we need to see, especially if you're one of the hugely Seasonally prepared! I'll be late to visit, I have an appointment with the neuro rehab team at Southampton hospital. They've been amazing in helping me work off the worst of the facial palsy and I think this will be the last visit!


Helen said...

Eeek.... C cards!!!! I know some people have been working on them already... No, no.. Hope the workshop is fun!
Wishing you all the best for the neuro appointment too, I am sure they will be pleased with your progress.

Bubbles said...

Yay! For Christmas lol
I've done half of my present buying already, and on my desk this week, I am also crafting for Christmas.... after all, I've done my Halloween crafting already lol
Have a great Wednes-YAY! Julia,
Bubbles #3

Neet said...

Last visit? Shows just how much you have recovered.Well done you. I say "you" because I don't doubt there has been a lot of strong will power to do those exercises even when you didn't feel up to them. Good on ya girl!
Love the desk in all its 'coral-ness'. It struck me as soon as I saw it that you have some lovely coral coloured things out there. Hope it is not just the colours that are thrown up by the photo - it looks so lovely.
Have a great week - a great workshop when it comes around - and enjoy th early Christmas making marathon that is surely beginning in various corners of the world.
Lots of hugs (gentle of course) coming your way
Neet xx (was no 1, doubt it stayed that way) xxx

Claire said...

Oh dear, not the C-word, already??? I'm back off to my Sindy-land make-believe... We'll talk about C-word after Halloween, ok?
Happy WOYWW, dear Julia :)
Claire no. 4

sandra de said...

I truly cannot do the seasonal thing until about 2-3 weeks before the event and that is pretty good for me. But I do admire those who are organised.
sandra de @8

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hope the appointment goes brilliantly today, let's catch up soon 😊
Love the pencils!
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Kyla said...

Ooh you mentioned the C word!! I have bought a few smaller gifts already but have NO idea what to make people this year! Good luck with your appointment.
Kyla #9

Lynn Holland said...

Last appointment it's a milestone, well done Julia, on everything. The miles you travelled recently and how far you've come since the start of your treatment. You are one hell of a fighter.
Lynn xx 10

Annie said...

Hoping everything goes well at the hospital and well done you for working so hard to gain the wonderful improvement that you have. I'm sure they will give you a gold star today.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, I have a pile of Last years Christmas cards somewhere close by in the hope they would get me inspired to start early but it's not worked yet oh dear! Hope the hospital visit goes well and have a great crafty woyww, Angela x12x

May said...

O No not even thought of the C word... Now you've got me thinking yikes!!! Best get started on that one... I hope everything goes well at the hospital visit x x Have a great week ahead... May#13 x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I am the complete opposite of "seasonally prepared" LOL! I'm seasonally challenged, more like! Good luck with your appointment - it will be good to put all that behind you! xx

Carmen said...

I can't believe you said the C word. Although, having said that - I have now added your journal to my list of gift ideas for said C word. So really I should thank you ;)

Good luck with the appointment today x x x

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, I hope the appointment went well, and was indeed the last. My desk is the cleanest it'll be all year, lol. Liking the C card, haven't got into doing as many as I did last year, mainly because I probably made enough for this year too. Coffee- sounds like a fine plan, I need to go make one now. Love and Hugs, Shaz ~6 XxX

lisa said...

This is the first year in many when I have not had to do C. cards in June/ July having left my DT earlier in the year and I can honestly say I don't miss it. My C cards will be made in November this year!!!!
Good Luck with your appointment and fingers crossed that they will sign you off.
Hugs Lisax #17

Cheetarah said...

Oh wow, maybe I'm also Seasonally Challenged (love that comment from Zsuzsa) and I always thought "christmas in July" was a joke! I want to enjoy summer vacation, the change of season to fall, halloweeen...and well maybe I am too Bah Humbug for Christmas anyaway, haha!

Hope the appointment goes well!
Hugs, Cheetarah #19

Twiglet said...

Oh well done on the physio. Hope your last appointment goes well. I think I need a few exercises to get my mouth back to normal after my surgery - I go back to the consultant on Friday. xx Jo

Sarah Brennan said...

I know it's peak season retail wise but I just can't start with 'C' until the end of September at the earliest. Glad the physio has been going well and that you had a good break in the US. Sarah #23

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, hope all goes as well as anticipated at the hospital. You certainly sound upbeat about it and that's good. When I read the bit about having put the cleared stuff on a pile on a chair I almost chocked on my tea. I have a pile on a chair too - it's been there since I got back from holiday and it doesn't look as though it's going anywhere anytime soon. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #25

Sharon Madson said...

So glad you had fun in USA, and got to meet a blogger! Your desk looks better, and a Christmas card! Yay! :) I am glad your PT is going well, and hope today's does too. I just wondered, did you get an ATC from me? I think I mailed it! LOL It was late I know. Anyway, I am here today! #28

Lindart said...

Good for you for keeping up with the rehab - it really does work! The only people I know who says rehab doesn't work are the ones who don't continue the exercises at home. Your desk looks nice and busy, but Christmas? Not for me, nope, I tend to wait until the bitter last minute! It has to be cold for me to make a Christmas card! Thanks for sharing, good luck with your (hopefully last) visit to rehab! Lindart #31

Neesie said...

Well some Australian's celebrate C*****mas in July, so you at right on point Julia. I myself won't give it a thought until 1st December and then no doubt be like a demented banshee trying to fit everything in as usual!
It appears since my last visit that you've had some health issues and I personally had to say goodbye to my gorgeous wee fur baby Muffy.
I hope that your hospital goes well and your health fully recovers.
Thanks for hosting and I wish you and all the WOYWW gang a great week and weekend ahead :D
Neesie #32 (just my age! ...cough)

Suzanne Alexis said...

Sorry to hear about your facial palsy, though I'm glad you've been able to get help. Your desk looks nice and busy, and gives me some ideas about organization and storage. I was going to try and hand make some Christmas cards this year, but it has been so crazy thus far that I think I may have to stick to storebought ones. Have a great week!

Suzanne #33

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Julia,

Welcome home! I bet it's nice to sleep in your own bed - even though your vacation sounded amazing and full of adventure.

Your desk looks much tidier than mine. I didn't join in today because nothing has changed (ugh). Waiting for retirement I guess.

It's great that the appointments have been helping with the palsy; I hope it continues to do so!!


StampinCarol said...

I'm teaching a Christmas card class the end of the month but I had to make my samples last month. Yep, it's time to start! LOL! Prayers for the palsy and glad you're home safe!
Carol N #24

Bernice said...

Oh no - I can't begin to think about Christmas on one of the warmest days of the year so far!! I know what you mean about tidying up - I seem to spend more time tidying up than actually crafting!
Bernice #20

Hazel said...

I thought it's about time to return to WOYWW after a long absence. I understand the 'driving you mad' bit ... same here, still trying to get sorted and properly organised after being here now for over 18 months ... but I'm getting there. I've just had fun seeing everyone else's workspaces and leaving comments, so I feel that I'm back again. Hope to keep visiting now that I've started back. Lovely to 'see you', Julia. xx

Dorlene Durham said...

I can't begin to think of the holidays right now although I know they are right around the corner. Good luck at your dr. appt. Dorlene #30

misteejay said...

Now that is one busy desk. I'm currently getting stuck into the Crimbo makes (although the hot weather has made this seem a bit strange LOL).
Toni xx

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I was away for a few days, so didn't take part in last Wednesdays WOYWW.

Looks like you are ready for the Christmas cards then. I will buy mine from the Greyhound Trust.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Sue