Wednesday 19 April 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 411

Gentle desker, we are 5 weeks away from the 8th anniversary of What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday.  It's hard to believe. It will be week number 416 which by my calculations is Wednesday 24th May. Wanna do the PIF ATC thing again or is that getting old?  When you comment, let me know...make any suggestions!

Meanwhile, look in horror at the dark desk:
It hasn't recovered from being moved out of the doorway at the weekend. As part of the renovations, it will change location anyway, but meantime, really that access to the garden - not good for my creativity! Still a great view of my perfect LLJ made craft tote and there may be a view of a couple of new dies that Shopkeeper Gal made me buy. At far right there's also a little tin of Sugru. Heard of it? I'm going to review it soon - the fact that it has a little tin is a major attraction for us storage junkies isn't it! Please share some genuine art and crafts, I will need it to keep my sanity!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

It is indeed a very nice little tin! Dunno what sugru is though, all will be revealed I guess! Found another nice place to take you to yesterday, The Ginhaus in Llandeilo, full of amazing gins but also amazing for lunch. Come down soon, I want to take you there 😊
Hugs, LLJ 1 xxx

Bernice said...

I love the patriotic tote bag and interested to see what you intend to do with the roll of hessian type stuff. I couldn't believe how I got to be almost no 1 today - 9am suits me much better than 6:30!!
Bernice #2

Diana Taylor said...

Love your Jan Tote - such a handy size too, and I've tried having a closer look at those gorgeous flower stamps - I haven't purchased a flower stamp for while, I feel an urge coming on!
Have a great week,
Diana x #6

Kathyk said...

YAY! I checked earlier and the post wasn't here .... but it IS now. Just five weeks away from a big anniversary - Congratulations.

Not sure what the PIF ATC thing is and I THINK I will be away but - like to hear more ...



Sue said...

Hi Julia, Thanks for contacting me. So sorry to hear about your sad day. Sending heaps of hugs (((Julia))).

I spotted the lovely tote and wondered if it was a LLJ one. Also saw the dies, so you'll have fun with those.

Just Googled the Sugru. Looks useful.

Well you have a happy WOYWW. Sue #4

sandra de said...

Hello Julia, lovely seeing a desk with interesting new things. Never heard of Sugru and can't wait to hear your review. I am all for PIF ATC ...probably the simplest way to acknowledge all the wonderful years of craft/web friendship and I have started a few ATC in anticipation. Let me know if it doesn't go ahead.
Sandra de @10

Sarah Brennan said...

I was worried for a while, when your post wasn't up. Glad nothing is wrong. I've never actually made an ATC (PIF?), but I'm willing to give it a go with instructions. Happy WOYWW Sarah #11

lisa said...

Hi Julia.
Looks like your renovations are starting in ernest now, poor ernest!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.
You are still teasing us with the sugru....still no wiser.
Love to make some ATC's
Hugs Lisax #12

Bethan said...

Ginhaus. ....near (ish) me .....and I've never heard of it!!!��

BJ said...

off to dentist, I'll have to catch up later.......... BJ#13

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I've heard of the Sugru stuff but not got any, it looks a bit like some other self hardening compounds I've seen before but not sure, I think it might be more rubbery when set. I'm happy to carry on with the ATCs this year, it's so nice when they come through the door Lol1 Have a crafty week and happy woyww, Angela x16x

Christine said...

Take joy in my desk lovely lady!
Happy to take part in the ATC Swap - will have to put on my thinking hat!
Have a good week
Christine #17

Annie said...

So glad to see you here. We are creatures of habit aren't we and when you weren't here earlier I wondered what was wrong. The disruption of alterations and affect Mr Mojo a bit so just go with the flow. I'm happy to get ATC making ready for the swap....was hoping it would coincide with the crop to save on postage.
Have a great week my friend.
Annie x

Anne said...

Hi Julia, long time no see :-) - life , you know. Anyway it's good to be back. Hope I don't miss joining in with the celebrations in five weeks time! Sadly though I have no new ideas for you- I'm not good at that sort of thing, but happy to join in with whatever is decided. No idea either what that 'stuff'is but look forward to your review :-) I almost made it to number 7 this morning and then couldn't link via my phone and DH was using the laptop :-) naughty man how very dare he. Anne x # 21

Neet said...

Cor, you had me sweating this morning.
Got some Sugru when you mentioned it and it has helped with our iPad charger cables- so far so good. Looked it up and it sounded ok so went ahead and bought - much better than the hit and miss with tape that we kept replenishing.
Gosh, your desk does look dark but no worries, at least you are here and ok.
Had a bit of a panic when I began reading your blog - 5 weeks off - head said for Llandudno and I thought I had booked the wrong date. Doh! Teach me to read on.
Have a good week
Hugs, Neet 22 xx
ps I will go along with anything for swaps - atc's, tags, open cards, anything.

Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW. Yes to ATC swap. Sugru - I checked it out last week and ordered one of their craft kits straightaway. Haven't had a play yet, but looks like I will be able to make stamps with it. Ali x #5

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, I'd find the garden view distracting too but then, as I keep saying, I'm easily distracted. Your Jan bag is fabulous - love the polka dots. Is that funky foam I see lying next to the jute/hessian - both look really useful items to have in your crafty stash. I'd say Shopkeeper Gal is cruel to force new dies on you but I know better :) Have no idea what Sugru is but looking forward to your review and, yes, that is a cute wee box it's in. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x (a miraculous) #23

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Julia, glad all is fine. I think we all started to panic a little! I'm up for an ATC swap,or whatever the majority want to do. Curious about this Sugru stuff now. Do I need it? Do I already have some and not realise?- it sounds similar to something I do have, from the other comments. Love & Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

RosA said...

Hi Julia
Happy to swap ATCs, one or more. Curious to know what the Sugro is :)
RosA # 24

BJ said...

BJ#13 back from the dentist, still numb and trying to fill time before being allowed lunch, but not until after 2pm!!

I really like the ATC thing each year, they are very special and easily stored.

As for Sugru - no idea what that it but YES to the tin, hinged or not???

Bubbles said...

Ooh... I have Sugru - my son gave it to me as he swears by it!
Your desk looks very ... productive :) ALWAYS a good thing in my book

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #27

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Now I have heard of Sugru. Maybe on Kyla's blog? It seems like her kind of thing! I'll look forward to your review. It's wedding fever here. So many people I know are involved with planning them, for themselves or their children, this year.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Julia .. sorry been MIA, had yo go away for a family funeral last week..
and really shouldn't be on here tonight but couldn't miss another week..
off to bed for me..
Mm no idea on sugaru.. love the tote bag, clever Jan, very nice, as are your shopkeeper gal dies ;) .. and I like ATC's light to post overseas...
Hope you're feeling well..
Shaz.x .. mm no idea of numbers.. ah, #28.

misteejay said...

Certainly a lot on your desk. I look forward to the review of Sugru.
Toni xx

Monica said...

A thank you to Kelly who noted I had titled this 311 not 411. My mind is as confused as Google. Today had to jump through hoops to get blog open.

NO ideas what sugru is but beware Julia tins accummulate as much as anything else and get harder to open

Kelly said...

Jan is such a talented lady. That's a pretty bag. And sugu? Hmmm can't wait to see the review. Creative Blessings on your week! Kelly #29

Stacy Sheldon said...

good morning Julia, when you change the location of your desk will you still have a garden view? I am sure that will be nice not to have to pick it up and move it whenever. but, in the mean time. fun tote, I had to laugh over the "made me buy" ;) ~Stacy #32

Kim said...

OK, I thought Sugru was a type of candy and do love tins...looked it up...disappointed! But I can't wait to see what you think of it.

I like the ATC Swap, and can't think of anything else as an option. But I'm up for anything that's decided! Have a great week.
-K #31

Lindart said...

I had to Google Sugru - it looks interesting! I will look forward to seeing how you used it and if it worked. Be sure to give it a good workout! Your desk looks lovely and piled with fun things. It's always hard during renovations to keep things "normal" but when it's all over you will be so happy! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

Twiglet said...

Late again - been on Ben duty - fab fun! Happy to go with ATCs - but happy to do anything else too if someone has a great idea. xx Jo

FLR said...

8 years?! WOW!! That is a loooong time! Wish you will have your workplace back very soon,
Hope you have a nice week anyway,

Sharon Madson said...

Yes, I am a organization junky! I want to see what is in the tin. I have saved several tins from mints, but don't know what I am doing with them yet! LOL
I vote for ATCs or anything anyone else comes up with. I have only done an ATC once and it was for one of your anniversary swaps. I didn't last year, but I would do it again. :) #38

okienurse said...

Great looking desk all told...always takes a while to get things back into perspective. I am game to make ATC this year...haven't played the past couple. Hope you have a great week! Vickie #39

Cara said...

Glad to see that it's not just me that seems to acquire new dies. I think I've got some sugru lurking in the drawer in the bottom of the fridge now you mention it....LOL. Cara x

Helen said...

thanks to LLJ for linking me as I had to leave for work before your post went up.. another anniversary already, lol time flies! hope you get your window back soon! Love the LLJ tote. Helen #3

Melissa said...

Oh goodness, moving then workdesk and then back does sound like a job!

Shoshi said...

I bought a very small pack of Sugru a while back to repair something and haven't got round to using it yet. The little tin is cool! Like the mess, too. Makes me feel at home. I signed up for WOYWW yesterday but forgot to click the "Enter" button so I've just done it lol! Nothing on my desk that's any different, but impressive work done in the kitchen so I thought I'd report on that instead!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #44

Marit said...

Oh sweet Julia, I hope you manage getting something creative done in that small dark place... but how nice it will be when everything is back to 'normal'... hang in there, enjoy your week. I send you some sunshine from the Netherlands! Big hug, Marit #20

Robyn said...

desk come and go- anywhere I leave my craft supplies is home! I'm fine with the ATC swap the way it is, and could be open to something else if you had something in mind.